Tribute to Maradona in Chivas-America with mythical Napoli video

Akron Stadium, Guadalajara /

Minutes before starting the National Classic of the Quarter finals, there was a moment when Akron Stadium to pay tribute to Diego Armando Maradona, who shook the world this Wednesday with his death in Argentina.

The tributes did not wait, the house of Chivas was not the exception since the famous song of Live is Life of Opus, with Diego images during his time at Napoli, a video more than known by football lovers. All this during the warm-up of Guadalajara and America.

This video has been played in various stadiums on this day, such as Ajax’s match against FC Midtjylland, corresponding to the Champions League.

When the projection of the Maradona’s unforgettable warm-up In the 80s inside the San Paolo, the 5,800 attendees at the Casa del Rebaño applauded, to later respect the minute of silence before kickoff.

Maradona warming up with ‘Live is Life’ at Napoli


BR-Sinfoniker study on aerosol emissions – culture

Classical musicians are the most pragmatic people in the world. On every tour, unforeseen problems have to be solved spontaneously, a wrong hotel booking, a bulky instrument that gets stuck in customs control – everyone has to back off. Musicians are also curious, they want to know everything exactly. And so the Berliner Philharmoniker had research carried out months ago to find out where the sources of danger for infection lie at a concert, what role the active musicians play in this, and how high the risk of infection is among one another. The result? At least the audience can feel safe if the safety distances are observed. Safer than in the subway, even safer than at home.

Now the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation has followed suit. A research group from the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich and the University of Erlangen, together with the BR Symphony Orchestra (BRSO), had an even more detailed investigation than the Berliners, which instrument is specifically the most dangerous when it comes to the spread of Corona. Of course, it’s mainly about wind instruments, the other musicians can protect themselves and others with masks.

It is hardly disputed that aerosols, i.e. the invisible mist from the tiny droplets of the air we breathe, are the decisive factor for infection. This is denied, however, by researchers at Harvard Medical School. They point out that measles is transmitted by aerosols much more often than Sars-CoV-2.

The experimental set-up for the BR Symphony Orchestra looked like this: The wind musicians went into a dark room, took a deep drag from a nicotine-free e-cigarette and then blew into their instrument. In the light beam of the measuring devices it was now possible to determine with centimeter precision how far the aerosols were distributed around the musician. The surprise winner was the gentle transverse flute, which in the past 400 years has never been trusted to do anything bad. But now it turns out to be the main virus thrower, far ahead of the trumpet, which was actually suspected.

The flute sends a tsunami of droplets unhindered into the room

Because while most wind players direct the air flow into their instrument, the flutist directs the canalized breathing air into the room just through the opening in the mouthpiece. It’s like blowing on an empty bottle. So hardly a droplet of aerosol gets into the instrument, while a droplet tsunami rushes unhindered into the room. With brass players, on the other hand, the viruses have a long way to travel from the mouthpiece through all sorts of windings, where they sometimes remain condensed, and finally through the horn.

That is why almost all distribution values ​​are below the currently valid specifications of the professional association. Just the flute, it has to be three meters away from the person in front and two meters to the side. All other musicians can snuggle up to a distance of one meter and fifty. Cooperatives and accident insurance companies will now take a closer look; it is about claims and liability claims, that is, a lot of money and responsibilities.

The BR-Symphoniker have now calculated the dangerous situation down to the last detail and can be satisfied. Of course, you will not be able to bring large symphonic works to the stage in the near and medium future. You may even have to adjust to a repertoire that tends to be chamber music in the long term. And there is nothing against it, the repertoire from the baroque to the modern is huge.


Chivas, with time limit to send permission to Liga MX – Sniper


What a surprise they gave us when they announced that in Guadalajara the Liguilla will be played with fans in the stands. Nobody saw it coming, not for the Classic and less in Jalisco, where the government had already warned the Flock that the stands would not open. But they agreed for the ‘pilot game’ with six thousand peeled at Akron. In the final balance, it seems to me an appropriate measure, because if they do it with the protocol already established, it is one more step to enter the new normal that the global pandemic has left us.

Now, I anticipate that also in Puebla they are about to notify that they will open in Fiesta Grande to face León, it is also expected to be at 15 percent and it only remains for the state government to finish giving them the green light.

But I put an issue on the table that should not be passed: they must send the corresponding letter with the permission of the state authorities no later than this Tuesday so that the Liga MX let them bring fans to their stadium. Until this Monday, when I touched down at the Toluca offices, no team had sent the documents. So let’s see today.


The Classic does not start and it is already burning. Knowing that in Guadalajara they were going to have a liking to face the Quarterfinals was bombshell news for America, because in the morning at the meeting with the classified teams to define days and times of the clashes, at no time did the Herd’s board to collation the intention of access to his hobby for the great duel that paralyzes the country.

It is no secret that the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, is a fervent Chivas fan, and my ears assure me that between him and the board headed by Amaury Vergara they planned underwater to open the doors of their stadium from the same Sunday as Rayados he made a fool of himself against Puebla and the Clásico was created in Liguilla.

Later, the Eagles tried to do the same, they touched base with the Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, who sharply answered them with a no, that they did not even think there was any possibility of opening the Azteca for the Vuelta on Saturday, because the epidemiological traffic light is orange with shades of scarlet, grains and crimson, that is to say, nothing of red. The doctor reminded them as an example that today they closed the doors of the Basilica of Guadalupe located to the north of CDMX.

So right from the start, Chiverío already took advantage however you want to see it, legal or not, but those in long red-and-white pants have already done so.


Already in sports, I tell you that in El Nido, my good Nico Benedetti has shown improvement in his rehabilitation of menisci in his right knee, but his foray into the Liguilla is not yet assured, especially because he is a player prone to injuries .

The coaching staff has already sent him a clear message: if he is not 100 percent ready, they will not risk it, that is, they do not see the need to force him before Chivas, because they prefer to have it in full for the phases ahead. Injuries have been a nemesis for the Poet, but he is already training better and better and they tell me that his fervent desire is to reappear in the final stretch of the Guard1anes. Hopefully it is not counterproductive. As they say: slowly I’m going fast.


If you are auriazul, better read only the following Franco, but skip the next two, because I think you will not like what I am going to explain next. Among all the good things that have happened to the University this semester, with its great tournament and the fact of betting on a technician who gave them back their heart and essence, the first casualties are already beginning to be seen for the contest that begins the following year .

From the outset I will tell you the things that were discussed in the Club Assembly the previous week, where the members voted to ratify Polo Silva as president of the Auriazul board with a large majority, although I must tell you that there were two votes that did not go to favor; Asking questions, they told me that the one of a member whose family is very close to previous rectors was especially surprised and it was thought that they would support the Rector’s decision, because you already know that actually putting the head honcho of Pumas is still the main responsibility of the Rectory.

In other topics of the Assembly, they told me that one of the most recurrent themes among some members was the request to the board of directors to keep the majority of the squad for the next tournament, so it is assumed that they would not make many movements. But let’s move on to the next Franco.


I had already advanced something to you last week, but these days, as the Liguilla progressed, they confirmed it to me, so I don’t think about it: Carlos González already has his suitcases packed to emigrate, he is going to the North, with the Ti-gue- beef. As you read it, there is already an arrangement and it will be made official until the end of the Big Party. In the end, they came to the price at Pumas, that although they have a wonderful sports present, in finances they are not doing so well and that wool will fall like a drop from heaven.

Taking the Paraguayan goalscorer was the express wish of Tuca Ferretti, who after leaving Valencia and now Edu Vargas, needed another companion or relief from Gignac. I don’t know why, but the coach asked for it. And in Cantera, Carlitos is no longer seen as indispensable, because they believe that with Dinenno they will be able to survive in the following tournaments. Now that if another bidder comes to buy from the Argentine, do not doubt that they can also put a price that suits him. But it is not the case, I do not anticipate. For now, say goodbye to González, who will continue to roar, but now in San Nicolás de los Garza.


And I had also told you that it was Espinosa de los Monteros, the representative with whom he carried out all the auriazules operations in the past Ares de Parga, the one who is about to close this transfer. Several have asked me: If it is not González’s promoter, why do you say that he is negotiating it? Well, because precisely when my ex-friend was as president of the University, he gave him power over the footballers who arrived, and now that his friend Sancho asked him to take Carlitos, he put a spoon back in. Even if it is not your head agent.

Here is also another clarification of the subject: Many believe that the success of taking Carlos to Cantera was Ares de Parga, but I can get you out of the error. It turns out that who saw Charly in Necaxa and asked him to reinforce Pumas was my dear Leandro Augusto, he even had to convince the former university president to take him away, because Rodrigo did not want to and did not want to, they tell me that he even said that González had “a low profile” to play for Pedregal. Fortunately, the instinct of the former auriazul champion prevailed and Carlitos roared, although of course his medal was hung by my ex-friend.


To close with Pumas, I will only tell you that next Thursday against Pachuca there will not be the best man of the University Club, my Tala de oro, and they tell me from within the feline team that they do not trust that I can return within the Liguilla. So the substitute goalkeeper, Julito González, has already received the message that he can be the goalkeeper of the entire Fiesta Grande and they hope that he will take advantage of the opportunity. Alfredo’s recovery is on the right track, but they are not optimistic that he could be in these finals.


Last week we heard of a case in the Expansion League, of a boy of just 13 years of age who went to the bank with Mineros. Only 13 years old! It is irresponsible to have the intention of debuting a creature before the players who are in the division, which is true that it has a lower average of years, but even so, against one of 21 or 22 there is a lot of difference in the physical and the mental . So I began to investigate what had happened there.

It turns out that taking Yaro Martínez Moctezuma was the product of the public relations of the Zacatecas team, since he is the son of a businessman of good wool in the state, and they never thought of him to get into the field. What’s more, he doesn’t even train with the Expansión MX team, but they needed someone to fill the bench, and as this boy was the only one who could pay for the PCR test to meet the requirement and had already been enrolled in other categories Well, they decided to take it. So the things that happen in our football.



Berliner Philharmoniker: Forced Silence – Culture

Wagner with a full sheet? Not a good idea these days. About the enforced silence with the Berliner Philharmoniker, the power of music and aerosols that do what they want.


Renate Meinhof

Mozart, examined for aerosols: Dominik Wollenweber, English horn player with the Berliner Philharmoniker, here with his oboe as a test subject in an operating room of the accident clinic in Berlin-Marzahn.

(Photo: Renate Meinhof)

Doctor Firle, who is standing right behind the door on the first floor of building K, first measures the temperature. A lamp shines bright red. It beeps. Carl Firle smiles, a happy, slim man of thirty who has something urgent about him. “No fever. Great. Well then.” The door closes. At the last moment the wind smuggles a few leathery leaves into the hallway. “Please come on, then.”


An immature Barça in the classic and without Coutinho in Turin

Barça seems to have understood that they are going through a moment of transition in which they must arm themselves with patience. Reconstruction cannot be done overnight and setbacks can arise in the process, such as losing 1-3 a classic against Real Madrid. The key to success, more immediate or long-term, will be in how the team, the club and the environment deal with such a blow.

Ronald Koeman’s team still lacks many things to function in the ideal way and in the classic he paid immaturity, although, curiously, the most naive was not Ansu Fati, who scored another goal at 17, or Pedri, a starter in the midfielder also 17 years old, somewhat shy on his first big date. Neither Sergiño Dest, who left great sensations on the right side at 19 years old. The ‘pardillo’ was Lenglet, more struggling, 25 years old now, who could not think of anything else than to grab a Sergio Ramos by the shirt who was pushing him in the typical struggle inside the area.

He put it on a tray to the Madrid central defender, who dropped in a comical way so that the referee and the VAR would keep that catch in mind: an arm and a stretched shirt. All very absurd, but it is today’s football. The action decided the game because it was 1-2 and the Dutch coach did not read well how to react and rather complicated everything with the changes.

Despite Koeman’s confusion during the game, the Barça coach was successful in the classic even losing. First for his young and brave line-up, also sitting Griezmann because he certainly did not deserve to be a starter for his last performances. Then because before the 1-2 penalty, the Barça team had very good minutes and chances to get ahead. And finally, because it exploded against the operation of the VAR and the attitude of the referees who do not have any criteria in the controversial plays that they must review or not. He even listed a list of errors against Barça in the purest Mourinho style, something that always connects with the most radical fans, although it bothers purists who believe that this should not be the style of a FC Barcelona coach. But Koeman is not the type to turn the other cheek after a slap. Journalistically, much better too.

Barça has no time for lamentations and on Wednesday they visit Juventus on the second day of the group stage of the Champions League. It will be without Coutinho, who suffered a muscle injury against Madrid, although he played the full game. Griezmann is called to play from the beginning to replace him. His environment has filtered his anger at his substitution in the classic. Well, nothing, to claim, for that they pay very well.


Absurd theater in absurd times

UNPOP – the ensemble for unpopular leisure activities – took Beckett’s “Endspiel” literally and thus gave the theater in the head building (TiK) in Dornbirn shine and flair.

“Endgame” by Samuel Beckett

Since 2016, director Stephan Kasimir and outfitter Caro Stark have been bringing topics beyond the banality to the stage and plays by contemporary authors to Vorarlberg. She is particularly interested in absurd theater and has already staged “Some Messages to Space” by Wolfram Lotz as well as classics such as “The Chairs” by Eugène Ionesco. In the Corona year 2020 her choice fell on “Endgame”, for which Samuel Beckett wished “that there would be a lot of laughter in this piece.”

Actors play actors who act

Beckett's final at the TiK in DornbirnAt the beginning, the actors find themselves on stage with a slip of paper with instructions on how to get into the game. Robert Kahr immediately chooses the role of gentleman and sits contentedly on Hamm’s armchair. His pleasure in the role dims as soon as he learns that Hamm is blind and paralyzed. Wolfgang Pevestorf reluctantly takes on the other three roles: Clov, the limping foster son and troubled servant, Nagg and Nell, the unloved producers of Hamm. So the actors play actors, the acting. A successful trick by director Kasimir to get the audience in the mood for the absurd.

Optical illusion

Caro Stark has enlarged the stage space into the absurd. She places the actors on a white surface, a kind of nothingness, which with simple lines and an extremely low set vanishing point becomes a hall that is full of emptiness, apart from a picture hanging upside down on the wall, which means in the absurd world that it’s upside down. Stark effectively masters the art of achieving a lot with little.

Elementary questions and empty phrases

Is it time for the sedative or the tonic? Has anything changed in the world or are Hamm, Clov, Nagg and Nell still alone and isolated? Stop or go? Is it coming to an end? Is something significant happening right now? Do they matter? Is the master of the pantry sole ruler? Can the servant simply no longer take the liberty of playing along? What about love Such elementary questions are asked clownishly and absurdly and of course left unanswered, preferably dismissed with an empty phrase.

Direction by Samuel Beckett

“Very white faces” is the direction Samuel Beckett directed for his characters in “Endgame”. With such make-up, Pevestorf and Kahr look like clowns, those characters who make you laugh by seriously engaging with the world. They mime their sad, touching roles convincingly with due seriousness, dry laughter and apt use of their distinctive voices.

More relevant than ever

“End, it’s over, it’s going to end, maybe it’s going to end” is the first sentence in Samuel Beckett’s “Endspiel”, published in three languages ​​in 1957 and premiered in Paris, reminding us of the impossibility of certainty in the time span between birth and death and a certain political speech that postulates security fails because of reality. Nothing is certain, is more topical than ever. So let’s laugh. //

Text: Ruth Kanamüller
Photos: Theater in the head building

Beckett's finalBrief info:
Play by Samuel Beckett
Director Stephan Kasimir
Furnishing Dear Stark
actor Robert Kahr, Wolfgang Pevestorf
Ensemble for unpopular leisure activities in cooperation with Theater Wagabunt
Review of the premiere on October 22nd, 2020 at TIK Dornbirn

Final game Gylaax banner


Controversy in the classic. Assistant referee Martnez Munuera: s Ramos fouls

It’s been three days since Real Madrid won at the Camp Nou (1-3) but the controversial penalty signaled in favor of the white team for an alleged foul by Lenglet on Ramos inside the area and then served to break the ‘tie that was on the scoreboard continues on the front page. The program What are you playing at of the chain SER explained yesterday that the assistant of the referee Martinez Munuera warned to the collegiate one of a previous lack of the center of Real Madrid in the play that would end up turning into penitentiary in favor of the targets. “It’s a lack of Ramos, it’s a lack of Ramos,” he warned. It remains to be seen whether or not Barça will submit any complaints to the Technical Committee of Referees.


Quarrel at Real Madrid: the clash between Isco and captain Sergio Ramos after the Clásico – Diez

Isco Alarcon was caught in the stands of the Camp Nou while complaining about the treatment he receives from Zidane in the Real Madrid. The midfielder when he starts as a starter is always replaced at minute 50 or 60 and if he enters from the bench it is when the game only needs a few minutes to finish.

The video of Isco complaining about Zidane during the Classic

The player complained in the presence of Jovic, Lucas Vázquez and Marcelo, causing laughter from the Brazilian, who would also be on the starting ramp due to his poor performance today.

After the images of Isco reproaching the decisions of his technician, Sergio Ramos He has had a ” run-in ” with his teammate and a ” strong exchange of words that the club has known about, ” as confirmed by the newspaper on Tuesday Sport.

The captain had a face to face with his compatriot due to his lack of attitude and poor performance, evidenced in the last game he played against Cádiz and that brought many consequences.

Eto’o recommends Mbappé not to sign for Real Madrid

It should be remembered that Isco did not play a single minute last Wednesday in the 2-3 loss to him Shaktar in Valdebebas and neither did it in the Spanish Classic.

Without prominence

This season, the man from Malaga has played in four games for a total of 147 minutes. In two of them he came out in the starting eleven: against Valladolid and in the defeat against Cádiz. In both he was substituted before the 60th minute.

But he was not the only one who received a reprimand. Marcelo also had to listen to Ramos, who demanded more commitment and return to his form to return to being a starter.


Real dominates Barça, Bayern impresses

Published on :

Real offered themselves the clasico on Saturday and pushed Barça a little more into the crisis. In France, the easy-going PSG winner of Dijon settled at the top of the championship, while in Germany, Bayern Munich once again made a very strong impression.

  • League : Real pushes Barça into crisis, Atletico displays its ambitions

At the end of the 7e day of the championship of Spain, the irresistible Basques of Real Sociedad keep in hand the first place of the standings thanks to a big victory against Huesca (4-1), with 14 points. But the flagship match of the weekend pitted Barça against Real Madrid in a highly anticipated clasico. It was Zinedine Zidane’s men who won the day by winning in Catalonia (1-3), to climb to second place (13 points with a game late). With seven points in five matches, synonymous with 12e instead, FC Barcelona is sinking into crisis. Finally, Atlético Madrid logically won at home against Betis Sevilla (2-0), thanks in particular to a new goal from Uruguayan Luis Suarez. The capital’s second club remains undefeated this season and is at 5e place in the standings behind Villarreal.

The surprise Premier League leader suffered his first defeat of the season at Southampton (2-0) on Sunday in the 6e championship day. The Toffees remain first in the standings ahead of their historic rivals Liverpool, on goal difference (+5 against +1). But with their 13 points, they are still within reach of Aston Villa (3e) which has 12 with one game less, but which was corrected at home on Friday by Leeds United (0-3), still spectacular. On the tenors’ side, the Reds were content with a narrow home victory against Sheffield United (2-1), while Manchester City, 13e with 8 points (and one game less) could not do better than a draw against West Ham (1-1). Leicester won on Arsenal’s lawn on Sunday and by the smallest of margins (0-1). With the victory, Brendan Rodgers’ team climbed to fourth place with 12 points, one behind the leader, while the Gunners remain tenth with nine units on the clock.

  • Bundesliga : insatiable Bayern, Leipzig keeps pace

Saturday, Bayern Munich humiliated Frankfurt (5-0) thanks to a hat-trick from its scorer in series Robert Lewandowski, already scorer of ten goals in five days. Second in the standings with 12 points, the Bavarians remain one point behind RB Leipzig, winner at home against Herta Berlin (2-1), including a goal from the French international Dayot Upamecano. For its part, Borussia Dortmund (3e) also garnered the 3 points by winning clearly against Schalke, in the hot derby of the Rhür (3-0). Finally, thanks to his first success at home for … eight months, Wolfsburg, scorer of promoted Bielefeld (2-1) on Sunday, moved back to the 10e ranking place with 7 points.

  • League 1 : PSG takes control, OM takes over

Lille, neutralized in Nice (1-1), left PSG, easy winner of the Dijon red lantern (4-0), first place in Ligue 1 while Lyon humiliated a disturbing Monaco team (4-1) , Sunday at the end of an 8e day. OM, for its part, continued its rise to the top of the ranking (4e) by beating without shining Lorient 1-0, Saturday. The Phocaeans return to Stade Rennais (3e with 15 points), beaten at home by Angers (1-2). Nothing goes on the side of Saint-Etienne, penalized by several absences, who recorded his fourth defeat in a row, losing on the field of Metz (2-0). The day that was cut off from Lens-Nantes, the first meeting postponed because of the Covid-19 since August, was also marked by the spectacular exit from the road in Montpellier at home, corrected by the Stade de Reims (0 -4).

  • A league : the Juve can’t do it, Napoli advance their pawns

Still deprived of Cristiano Ronaldo, absent from the last two Serie A matches because positive for Covid-19, Juventus is no longer moving forward. The defending champion conceded his second straight draw (1-1) against Hellas Verona in the league on Sunday in the 6e day. Andrea Pirlo’s men fall at 5e place in the standings and let their opponents take the lead like Naples who won at Benevento (2-1) to climb to second place. With a clear victory on the lawn of Genoa (0-2), Inter returned to fourth position in Calcio with ten points in five days. Fiorentina, despite the absence of Frank Ribéry, has returned to success by beating Udinese (3-2). Monday evening, at the end of this day, AC Milan, leader, receives AS Roma. In case of victory, synonymous with a fifth success in a row, the Lombards will take the lead in the standings.

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