Manchester City FANS are FURIOUS against Pep Guardiola | Press review – Foot Mercato

Manchester City FANS are FURIOUS against Pep Guardiola | NewspaperFoot Market Guardiola brandishes threat of departure, tense situation at Manchester CityAfrica Sports The sad story behind Nathan Aké’s first Champions League goalLe Figaro Man City: Pep Guardiola will not apologize despite supporters’ angerFoot Market Tensions in City, Guardiola threatens to leaveFootball365 See full coverage on […]

He got caught!! …

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before the tragedy, five similar attacks had already been identified

Posted on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 at 2:54 p.m. The Australian city of Brisbane is battling what it calls “dangerous diving birds” after a magpie attack indirectly killed a five-month-old girl. Mia, a 5-month-old baby, died in early August from a fatal head injury after her mother tripped while trying to escape a plunging magpie […]

Venice, Franceschini: ‘No to tickets and turnstiles’ – Art

“Excessive crowding in the cities of art must be combated, but without any access contribution. Less invasive technologies must be exploited to control the flows, which exist, but when I think of turnstiles, an airport comes to mind, not a city. For the rest, everything is in the hands of the mayors, we are here […]

Real Madrid prepare their final sprint for Kylian Mbappé | Press review – Foot Mercato

Real Madrid prepare their final sprint for Kylian Mbappé | NewspaperFoot Market Coutinho, Depay, Griezmann, Aguero: Who will take the penalties at Barça?Africa Sports Barça: Coutinho already knows his next club – The bluff of Pep Guardiola in the Harry Kane file, the strong announcement of Ronald Koeman on the (…)Foot Market See full […]

Why it is easier for Corona in some US states

New York While Biden is experiencing his modern Saigon in terms of foreign policy in Kabul, he also has to suffer domestic failures on the Covid front. The delta variant is spreading rapidly. The 7-day incidence nationwide is now 284, which is seven times as high as in Germany after it had fallen to 30 […]

Kabul surrenders to the Taliban. ‘The Islamic Emirate is reborn’ – Specials

Kabul is in the hands of the Taliban who have announced the rebirth of the Islamic Emirate. After a frantic day, characterized by the de facto surrender of the capital to the unstoppable advance of the insurgents, Afghanistan is now dramatically back in the grip of the insurgents. After a bridgehead entered the city, ostensibly […]

Elon Musk in Florence: “Visit the city”

The founder of Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk, on a private visit to Florence met the mayor Dario Nardella and visited the Uffizi Gallery meeting the director of the museum Eike Schmidt. Musk had landed on Saturday at Peretola airport in his private plane for a few days of family vacation. Together today they […]

Australia: save friend from crocodile, injured but alive – Oceania

He saved his friend from a crocodile bite and now they are both in hospital in Cairns, a remote Queensland city, the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, injured but alive. The two, both military, were swimming off the Cape York Peninsula in Northeast Australia. when one of them was attacked by a saltwater crocodile […]