Why does mathematics also make its cinema?

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Why does mathematics also make its cinema? From Shadow Figures to Imitation Game via Cube stop on the image of maths in cinema and in series: how to find the right formula?

We are taking you to the cinema today for a special screening on large and small screens: why does math also make its cinema? Of Shadow figures at Imitation Game Passing by Cube, private screening of films where maths takes the lead!

With Jerome Cottenceau, math teacher, blogger and videographer on Youtube for his work published by Dunod Math is the movie, from Will Hunting to Imitation Game.

And Randal Douc, actor and mathematician, professor at Télécom Paris and at Polytechnique.


BOLA – Portugal has the worst day ever and records more than 200 deaths (COVID-19)

Portugal passed, for the first time, the 200 dead in 24 hours due to Covid-19. Another 218 people died from the disease, according to Tuesday’s bulletin, with data for Monday.

This Tuesday’s bulletin also reports that 10,455 more cases of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection were detected, for a total of 9246 deaths and 566,958 infected cases.

There are still 10,282 more cases to be recovered in a single day, increasing the total to 421,871, which means that there are 45 fewer active cases – there are now 135,841 cases.

As for hospitalizations, there are 5,291 patients in hospital units (126 more), of which 670 (six more) are in Intensive Care Units.


the death of Jean-Pierre Bacri blues the world of cinema

Jean-Michel Ribes, Philippe Muyl, Gilles Jacob … The disappearance of the actor provoked a concert of emotional reactions from his many friends.

He made people laugh by his grumpy expression and his bad temper. Her death will finally have drawn tears. The announcement of the death, at 69, of the actor, screenwriter and theater artist Jean-Pierre Bacri sparked a large number of reactions on social networks, this Monday, January 18 at the end of the afternoon.

Actress and director Michèle Laroque expressed on Twitter : «Exceptional Jean-Pierre Bacri. He will be in my heart forever. I find it hard to imagine cinema without him. Thoughts for loved ones. #RIPJeanPierreBacri Nicolas Bedos paid a simple and silent tribute to this figure of French cinema.

On BFMTV, the director Jean-Michel Ribes who had directed Jean-Pierre Bacri on stage greeted the man with “big mouth», «one of the strongest personalities of recent years“, And an actor”engaged” without being “lesson giver». «He was above all someone with whom I had an incredible bondHe recalled, referring to their common hilarities. “The most wonderful thing is that we had giggles together. About him, I have our giggles. When you have a giggle with someone, it’s to know them better than anyone“. And to conclude: “He was someone, in truth, extremely funny but it was the reverse of a sneer».

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Same power of memory with Christian Clavier who shared the poster with Jean-Pierre Bacri in 1989, in Jean-Marie Poiré’s film My best friends. He wanted to pay tribute to “great culture and great intelligenceFrom the actor.

On France Info, Philippe Muyl – who in 1993 adapted the play by Jean-Pierre Bacri and Agnès Jaoui for the cinema Kitchen and Outbuildings – was also moved by the disappearance of his friend. “It’s really a blow that we take on the head“, He reacted, while paying homage to a work of tone”bitter sweet, lucid, whole, intelligent“. The director recalled the crucial place of Agnès Jaoui in the life and work of Jean-Pierre Bacri, welcoming “their way of looking at the world with a critical and somewhat uncompromising eye».

Richard Berry, who performed with him in 1982 in The Great Forgiveness Alexandre Arcady, recalled the integrity of Jean-Pierre Bacri: “He was a great writer and actor, a good guy, honest, there was no concession with him, he was true, both in his choices and in his statements and very funny. He was tender. »

Jean-Paul Rouve made a point of recalling the perfection of Jean-Pierre Bacri’s acting. “It’s perfect, Jean-Pierre. It’s perfect in the rhythm, it’s perfect in the way of playing. Everything is perfect. He is above. When you are an actor, you admire it. For me, it’s the pantheon of actors, it’s above everything»Declared the actor and director on BFMTV. “It is cike a musician with perfect pitch, he had absolute accuracy in playing.»

The disappearance of Jean-Pierre Bacri also inspired a very strong tribute from Gilles Jacob. The director and former president of the Cannes festival compared, on Twitter, the late actor to François Truffaut, Ingmar Bergman, or to the Portuguese Nobel Prize for Literature, José Saramago.

Francis Lombrail, director of the Hébertot theater in Paris, spoke about the extraordinary human qualities of Jean-Pierre Bacri: “ He had a lot of seduction and never had anything to sell, independent from the environment, to notoriety, overflowing with humanity, his grumpy side, it was humanity to spare, a true man, a fantastic actor , wonderful and unforgettable. He was very impressive, I had a little apprehension and admiration before meeting him, but he put you at ease, he immediately perceived the person he had in front of him. There was color and spirit, Bacri. Bacri was Bacri, irreplaceable. »

On Instagram, Nicolas Bedos praised the great freedom of the actor: “His frankness, his high standards, his annoyances, his dialogues, his Agnès … Another free artist who takes the trunk … Making him smile was a great pride …»

On the side of political reactions, Emmanuel Macron wished to underline the humanity and the tenderness of the actor, under the features of the character: “He had a sense of celebration and a taste for others. Jean-Pierre Bacri, the most tender of our moaners is gone. Like an image, her laconic and sensitive humanity will continue to populate our lives».

The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo paid tribute to the character. “Jean-Pierre Bacri was a tone, a voice, a character in the service of an exceptional acting, in the cinema as in the theater. Popular actor, talented screenwriter and committed man, he will be sorely missed. Thoughts of his family and loved ones.»She said on his social networks.

On Facebook, the director of the Arab World Institute and former Minister of Culture Jack Lang spoke about “the legendary profanity“And”lively intelligence“From the actor:”Tonight, we are losing a brilliant and irresistible anti-hero, but his interpretations will remain engraved forever as immense and indelible pieces of anthology of French theater and cinema.»

The strong character of the roles that fell to Jean-Pierre Bacri was regularly invoked among the emotional messages broadcast on Twitter. Xavier Bertrand, President of the Hauts de France Region paid tribute to “French grumpy and grumpy that exists in all of us».

Ian Brossat, PCF spokesperson and deputy mayor of Paris in charge of housing, praised the “gorgeous moan».

Alexis Corbière, deputy La France Insoumise, also bowed to the “magnificent moaner and committed citizen».

The deputy and socialist spokesperson Boris Vallaud was moved by the disappearance of “her favorite moan».

Several other political figures have finally especially wanted to remember some memorable quotes forever linked to Jean-Pierre Bacri. Starting with the ecological mayor of Grenoble, Éric Piolle.

For the deputy En Marche Aurélien Taché, it is rather the quotes of the man to “caustic humorWhich outweigh the memory of his roles.

France Insoumise du Nord MP Ugo Bernalicis, meanwhile, set out to share a whole scene with Jean-Pierre Bacri.

Finally, the sports magazine So Foot He also went there with his little emotional tribute in reference to Didier, Alain Chabat’s film released in 1997, in which Jean-Pierre Bacri played, a somewhat disillusioned football coach.

Jean-Pierre Bacri occupied a prominent place with the public for his roles of grieving and disillusioned but deeply human anti-heroes. He had written several plays and films with Agnès Jaoui, who was also his companion, and had been awarded five times at the César, including four times the trophy for best screenplay.


Swiss police dance on Jerusalema to bring back a smile

In Zug, in the north of the country, the police unveiled a choreography on the hit by Master KG for “show that police officers are perfectly normal people.Looping on social networks, the video crosses borders.

Alone or accompanied, in civilian clothes or in uniform, dancers of genius or shy amateurs, the police officers of Zug, a Swiss city in the north of the country, wanted to convey a little good humor in this world of brutes. A delayed Christmas present, on video, four good minutes during which the “chickens” waved their wings.

Get as many smiles as possible

Customs officers, dog handlers, CRS … All the professions of the trade have given themselves to offer a show on Jerusalem, the title of the South African Master KG, chosen to punctuate this seduction operation. And we can say that the smile comes quite naturally when we see the hips moving harmoniously with the weapons of service. A successful initiative, taking into account the six million views since the video’s publication on January 13.

“The objective of our video is to extract as many smiles as possible from the population, just for the time of a song”, said Frank Kleiner, spokesperson for the Zug police, to The Geneva Tribune . «It is obvious to us that the current situation, with the coronavirus pandemic, is proving difficult for many people. And we want to show that the police officers are quite normal people.In Switzerland, 8,000 people have died from Covid.

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Death of actor Jean-Pierre Bacri, at the age of 69

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Very appreciated by the French public, he left his mark on French theater and cinema as an actor, screenwriter and playwright. Jean-Pierre Bacri died on Monday January 18 from cancer. Born in 1951, in Castiglione, Algeria, he was 69 years old.

There is this scene where a character is in charge of leading a deceased to his last resting place, but the cemetery cannot be found… Today, after a long illness, the actor takes death differently and in a way joins his satirical character embodied in the road movie by Gérard Pautonnier, Extreme cold.

A postman and cinephile father

Born May 24, 1951 into a Jewish family in Algeria, Jean-Pierre Bacri is the son of a postman father. As the latter is also active on weekends as an opener in a movie theater, City star, Jean-Pierre discovered his fascination with the big screen at an early age. After the independence of Algeria, the family landed in Cannes before Jean-Pierre chose to go to Paris, at 23, to become an advertiser. Like his father, he also makes a living as an usher at the Olympia, and finally decides to realize his dream and to train in parallel at the Cours Simon to become the actor full of empathy that we know.

Gilles Jacob, former president of the Cannes Film Festival: “Forever deprived of my shock and chic grumbler, I am not surprised to be sad tonight. “

Crowned later by five Césars, several Molières and even, with Agnès Jaoui, a Screenplay Prize at the Cannes Film Festival for Like a picture, he initially remained for a long time confined to supporting roles both disillusioned and deeply human, but still selected by the masters of French cinema: Claude Lelouch, Luc Besson, Tony Gatlif, Jean-Pierre Mocky, Yves Robert …

The Big Pardon

His real breakthrough with the general public comes with his role as a pimp in The Big Pardon, in 1981. It was from the 1980s that he also began to take the leading roles, at the cinema in Died on a rainy sunday, Summer on a gentle slope, at the theater in Harold Pinter’s flagship play, The birthday, in 1987. This staging by Jean-Michel Ribes also made him meet Agnès Jaoui with whom he soon composed “JaBac”, a legendary duo in life, on stage, on screen and also for scriptwriting .

It is with comedies that he enters the hearts of the public. For Smoking/No Smoking, by Alain Resnais, he ensures, with Agnès Jaoui, the writing of the screenplay and receives a César. Three years later, the couple did it again with A family resemblance, adapted by Cédric Klapisch for the cinema.

The best scenes with Jean-Pierre Bacri

The taste of Others

And he continues to populate the big screen with his stories or as an actor with colorful characters including his fetish role of great moan, for example in Didier, by Alain Chabat, We know the song, by Alain Resnais, The taste of Others, by Agnès Jaoui, before giving the reply to Catherine Deneuve in Place Vendôme, the drama directed by Nicole Garcia.

He is not afraid to tackle with Alain Chabat the script ofAsterix and Obelix : Mission Cleopatra»And also works alongside Jamel Debbouze to tell the story of ordinary racism in Tell me about the rain, directed by Agnès Jaoui with whom he remains very close, even after their separation in 2012.

Family photo, shot in 2018, among others with Vanessa Paradis, under the direction of Cécilia Rouad, remains one of his last films. And, the irony of the story is that he finds himself there again to take up the challenge of a funeral …


From the sidewalks to the Paris Olympics, the crazy rise of breakdance

DECRYPTION – Born in the Bronx in the 1970s, this discipline conquered the French suburbs then all layers of society, until it conquered the Opera. In 2024, it joined for the first time the Olympic Games organized in the capital.

It was a street culture, it has become a mass culture. The breakdance, this dance inseparable from hip-hop, born on a sidewalk in the Bronx fifty years ago, has become institutionalized. Brands have taken it up in their advertising, and the world of culture, the Paris Opera in the lead, thinks they have found a way to modernize themselves and attract a younger audience. A phenomenon much more sprawling than it seems since we will soon come to admire the freezes, footworks and other movements of breakdancing dancers during the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. How, then, this popular style, whose identity still hesitates between art and sport, has it been able to rise to the rank of Olympic discipline?

In the early 1970s, in the Bronx, New York’s black ghetto plagued by unemployment, a few young people tried to counter boredom by expressing themselves with the only weapons they had: body, mind, and children. city ​​walls. Hip-hop culture was born. The

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Oldest Roman armor in history discovered in Germany

ARCHEOLOGY – The breastplate of a soldier killed during the battle of Teutoburg, in 9 AD, is in an excellent state of preservation.

One of the victims of the battle of the Teutoburg Forest resurfaces 2000 years later. The armor of a Roman legionary who had been executed by the German enemy was found at the site of “Varus disaster”, Where three legions of the Empire had been demolished in the year 9. In 2018, archaeologists working in Kalkriese, Germany, found the Roman cuirass by probing the ground with a metal detector. When the machine was packed, the researchers had no idea that this was the oldest and most intact armor ever discovered. The armor belonged to a soldier who took part in this battle, one of the most scorching defeats in the history of the empire. More than 20,000 soldiers – 15,000 legionnaires and 5,000 auxiliaries – under the command of Publius Quinctilius Varus – had been massacred or enslaved.

Once the block of earth from which the signals from the metal detector had been extracted, the archaeologists X-rayed it. The objective was not to expose the metal parts that were potentially contained in the open air, thus taking the risk of seeing them oxidize. During this analysis, they discovered in the sediments the Roman armor, in excellent condition. “This is a model known as lorica segmentata, explains Yann Le Bohec, specialist in Roman armies, in Science and the Future . Representations of this articulated breastplate, worn by legionaries and Praetorian guards, can be seen on the bas-reliefs of Trajan’s Column in Rome. It consisted of a series of iron plates interconnected by hinges and leather straps which allowed adjustments and adaptation of the armor to the morphology of each person.

The armor found in Teutoburg. Photo Rebekka Kuiter (Kal-01) and Hermann Pentermann

A possible fugitive

Quoted by The Times, the director of the Kalkriese museum, Stefan Burmeister, believes that the armor belonged to a Roman soldier who was killed by German warriors after the battle of the Teutoburg Forest. Near the shoulders was indeed a shrew, an object used to restrain the wrists of a prisoner. “To avoid the dishonor of defeat and enslavement, a number of Roman soldiers committed suicide in Teutoburg. Of those who survived, some tried to escape, but all were caught.», Continues Yann Le Bohec to Science and the Future. The soldier in the armor may have been one of these fugitives.

Experts examining the breastplate concluded that the craftsmanship of the time was sharper than expected. Considering the value of this armor, however, they wonder why the German warriors would not have looted it. Stefan Burmeister puts forward a hypothesis: the execution of the soldier could have been a sacred ritual. “Perhaps there was a ritualistic context to this situation. In this case, the body and equipment would have been untouchable», Explains the director of the German museum, still in The Times.

The story of the Battle of Teutoburg Forest is one of an ambush. Caught between a forest and the hills from which the German fighters descended without stopping, the 25,000 Roman fighters were defeated in the forest. According to the Roman historian Dion Cassius (155-235), the legionaries in the rear were ignorant of the drama that was unfolding before them. They continued to advance, the trap set by the enemy closing in on them. Overwhelmed by this berezina, their leader Publius Quinctilius Varus chooses to kill himself rather than surrender.

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Slalom, a first film that tackles sexual harassment in sport without Manichaeism

Sexual harassment in sport has not yet been discussed in the cinema, and the first film by the French Charlène Favier, Slalom, makes a great contribution to the debate.

The semi-autobiographical story of a young sportswoman who will fall under the control of her trainer, who seeks to dominate her mentally and physically …

Frédéric Ponsard met the director for Euronews just before the second confinement at the end of 2020 …

The film had been selected in the Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival 2020, which did not take place.

The film has been in the making for 8 years, and does not want to ride the #MeToo wave. He first tries to put us in the shoes of an inexperienced teenager.

The film has been screened at numerous festivals and met with public and critical success., notably at the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival, and the Lumière Festival in Lyon, where the director gave us an interview for the preview of her film.

The film was to be theatrically released in early November in France, and in many European countries, but the second lockdown prevented its release. It was nominated in the Best First Film category by the Académie des Lumières, which brings together critics from the foreign press in France.

Slalom is presented at the end of January at the Göteborg International Film Festival, the most important in Scandinavia, it has just been sold in the United States, and will be released in Europe … as soon as the cinemas reopen.


Hayao Miyazaki’s entourage gives news of the master’s next film

How do you live?, Hayao Miyazaki’s next film for studio Ghibli is alive and well, but we’ll have to be patient.

It will be eight years since his last film The wind picks up is out. Announced at the time as his last film before a well-deserved and long-demanded retirement, Hayao Miyazaki was not originally to give a successor to his eleventh work. But it is as if he could not really help himself: after a short film, the master has once again taken to the task of what will probably be his final stone in an already imposing edifice. Problem: this time we will have to be much more patient than usual.

photoThe wind picks up

About four years separate each of the director’s productions, and knowing that he started working on How do you live? four years ago, his arrival should be imminent, right? Unfortunately no. According to son Goro Miyazaki, his father decided to work at a very leisurely pace this time around. Currently in promotion for his film Aya and the witch – scheduled for February 17 subject to reopening of theaters – he has indeed said this to Allocine :

“The first thing I can tell you is that we don’t know when the film will be finished. That remains the great mystery. My father turned 80 a few days ago and he works without hurrying, at his own pace . He avoids putting unnecessary pressure on himself. What I can tell you, from how little I have seen footage from the film, is that I am very struck by how much, even at that age, he retains a flamboyant imagination and richness. His creative energy remains as impressive as ever.”

SanPrincess mononoke

The site Buta-Connection also spotted on the site Nippon.com an interview with producer Toshio Suzuki, historical partner of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, who said the following: “The total length of the film will be about 125 minutes including credits. Initially the production rate was one minute per month and I thought it could take 10 years. But that rate has picked up. , it will take another three years to produce the other half “.

So don’t dream too much, you will have to wait until at least 2023 before seeing How do you live?. As a reminder, the film is inspired by the eponymous short story written in 1937 by the Japanese author Genzaburo Yoshino which tells the story of a boy forced to live with his uncle after the death of his father. A work that Hayao Miyazaki has already declared to want to dedicate to his grandson, in his own way.