New corona lockdown in Hesse unsettles families

BIn the new lockdown, the federal government argues with the families. So that they can celebrate Christmas together, the citizens should limit contacts in November. The narrative targets the heart. Anyone who suspects calculation is probably not wrong.

The second wave can also be felt in families. Children, parents and grandparents are unsure what is right now and there are no clear rules for doing this. In the spring they kept their distance, the little ones no longer met the old ones. Grown-up children went shopping for their parents, who hardly dared to leave the apartment. Schools and daycare centers were closed; There was no mask requirement yet. It didn’t come until the end of April. Now the numbers are similarly worrying, but grandmas and grandpas are on the go, some even by bus and train. And they no longer fearfully shrink back from their grandchildren.

The pandemic is stealing time and love

What’s different from spring? It’s not just the masks. It is also considered refuted that children are “virus spreaders”. Politicians insist: schools and daycare centers should remain open. It has to do with education – and with care. A second closure including homeschooling drove many parents to despair or to the barricades.

And so children and young people continue to come together every day, often without a mask. Regular operation gives the appearance of security and normalcy. But even if children apparently pass the virus on less often than feared in spring, families should not be careless. All generations have to weigh the risk of infection against the dangers to the soul and family peace. Old people ask: Could this Christmas be the last that everyone celebrates together? For many, the same worry logic does not follow to limit themselves to face time again in November without necessity, instead of cuddling with the grandson who was regained after the first lockdown. The pandemic is stealing time. And love even more.

That is also different: the families have now learned how unnatural it feels to keep a distance from one another. They don’t want that again. Nevertheless, everyone should discuss what they can do better now. Perhaps they are reducing contact less radically this time, but still sensible. Masks and fresh air help; listening, responding to each other, not patronizing anyone either. It is worth thinking about hybrid models between family lockdown and normalcy. But no family should make their own rules.


Conte, with measures we hope to arrive calmly at Christmas – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 25 – “With this framework of measures we are confident that we will be able to face the month of December more extensively. We would like to arrive at Christmas with a calm disposition”. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said this at a press conference from Palazzo Chigi.

If the measures are enough? “I hope so but it is certainly not that at Christmas, even if the first doses of vaccines arrive, we will all be able to hug each other and have parties and parties. But the important thing is to get there calmly”, he adds. (HANDLE).