A bear attacks his trainer in the middle of a circus act under the horrified eyes of the children (video)

“Animals are not made for circuses”. This is a phrase that we hear often and that we can hardly contradict. Because animals, whether they are educated or not, whether they are tamed or not, remain living beings that react on instinct.

We had further proof of this a few days ago, in Berezovsky, Russia, when a brown bear turned on its trainer, in the middle of a circus act.

The animal has indeed attacked the lady several times during the number. Each time, she was able to count on the reaction of her colleagues, who managed to contain the beast.

She suffered a leg injury but insisted on finishing her act. According to a spokesperson for the circus, “there was no incident”, and the bear was just attracted to its mistress because “it is the season of love”.


How do you discover that your child suffers from psychological disorders? .. The Ministry of Health answers

The Ministry of Health and Population revealed a set of indicators that reveal that children suffer from psychological disorders, including what appears in a psychological form and includes sadness most of the time, stress and introversion.

The Ministry of Health and Population said, there are some organic indicators, including chronic headaches and body aches, adding that there are indications that include returning to wet the bed after waking up to enter the bathroom alone, and that he is usually afraid and suffers from sleep and eating disorders, as he avoids certain people and situations that he was not For that to happen before.

The Ministry of Health and Population added that psychiatric services are provided free of charge to adults and children.


Albert masters Papi role without her

Princess Charlène of Monaco is stuck in South Africa. Prince Albert is now solely responsible for raising children.

the essentials in brief

  • Prince Albert looks alone at Gabriella and Jacques in Monaco.
  • His wife Charlène is in South Africa due to illness.

Not an easy time for Prince Albert of Monaco (63). While his wife Charlène (43) is stuck in South Africa, he looks alone at the twins Jacques and Gabriella (6).

The princess cannot return to Monaco because of an alleged “ENT infection”. Bitter: At the moment she only gets to see her kids via video chat.

In a statement, the ex-athlete complained: “My daily conversations with Albert and my children help me immensely to keep myself happy. But I miss being with them. “

The 43-year-old spent her 10th wedding anniversary alone in South Africa without her husband.

Prince Albert takes his kids everywhere with him

During Charlène’s absence, the Monaco-Royal often takes his two offspring to appearances. In May 2021, the kids were invited to the Monaco Grand Prix for the first time, as reported by the “Gala”.

On June 3rd they celebrated Corpus Christi with Papa Albert on the palace balcony. Shortly afterwards, the trio attended a rugby game and on July 9, the twins accompanied the prince to the IAAF Diamond League meeting in the Louis II Stadium.

Are you amazed that Charlène doesn’t go to Monaco?

Charlène finds twins “exhausting”

Balancing his duties and bringing up children is anything but easy for the father of the country. Charlène once called the upbringing of twins in the magazine “Point de Vue” as “exhausting”.

The little ones should keep the father on the go, because the mini-royals have already become two real personalities.

Albert enthused about People Royals: “Jacques is a bit more shy and calm (…) He is a great observer and loves to take a closer look at the situation. And then he starts. “

His daughter Gabriella, on the other hand, is more extroverted and has “a quick mouth” and no problem with “standing in front of people”.

When Princess Charlène will be able to hug her children again is in the stars. Until then, the children are in good hands with Papa Albert …

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Sarah Ferguson: “Diana and I both had mental health issues”

The Duchess of York opened up about the psychological challenges she has faced in the past. Trials she says she went through with her sister-in-law, Lady Di.

“In the 80s, there was Diana the beautiful and Fergie the fat and frumpy”, she remembers. Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and ex-wife of Prince Andrew, spoke to the magazine People about mental health issues she has encountered in the past. In the interview published on July 15, she remembers in particular the conversations exchanged on this subject with Princess Diana, whom she says she was close to.

Welded with Diana

“Diana and I both had our own mental health issues, and she and I used to talk about it together,” says the Duchess. She remembers the words that Lady Di had addressed to her: “Fergie, remember one thing: when you are at the top of the pedestal, it is very easy to fall from it. And you are downstairs. You just have to climb. ” “One was labeled a saint, the other a sinner,” Sarah Ferguson also epxlizes. The most important thing was to stick together, and we did it no matter what you read in the press. ”

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In video, Diana, a tragic fate

The Duchess of the Pig

The couple formed by Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, third child of Queen Elizabeth II, caused much ink to flow in the 90s. First because of their separation in 1992, then their divorce, in 1996. The tabloids of the time nicknamed Sarah Ferguson “The Duchess of the Pig”, which caused her anxiety disorder. “I had major mental health problems because of this trauma,” explains the 61-year-old. I must have worked on myself a lot, because I believed every word written about me in the front pages of magazines. I was ashamed of myself. I am stratospheric sensitive. ”


The one also nicknamed Fergie remembers the striking words she also addressed to her daughters, Princess Eugenie, now 31, and Princess Beatrice, 32. “I will never forget that day when I went to see my daughters and when I said to them: ‘I am so sorry my darlings, because I really think that I have destroyed myself” “. Words that she describes today as “really dark”. “I had to work hard on the self-sabotage I practiced to explain these words,” she adds.

Having become a grandmother for the first time on February 9, her daughter Eugenie having given birth to a little boy, August, Sarah Ferguson is preparing to welcome her second grandchild in the fall of 2021. Prince Beatrice is indeed pregnant of her first child. Before this happy event, Sarah Ferguson will see her first novel published, Her Heart for a Compass (His heart as a compass, in French), which is scheduled for release on August 3.

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Extreme violence and abused bodies: with “Titane”, Julia Ducournau and Agathe Rousselle shake up the Cannes Film Festival

This is the shock of this 74th Cannes Film Festival. After Grave, her first film screened at the Critics’ Week in 2016, Julia Ducournau presents this year Titanium, in official selection. The story of Alexia, shattered by a car accident when she was a child, an iron plate in her head, a (fatal) spike in her hair, and skin that heats up on contact with sheet metal, engines rumbling and gasoline vapors. Without forgetting a great void inside, which only love, whether it takes the form of a strange entity or a bodybuilder Vincent Lindon, can fill.

When it was screened on July 13 at the Palais des Festivals, some in the room were expected to leave their seats in front of the scenes of violence or sex (both in and with cars), at the like a Crash by David Cronenberg, presented in the same venues 25 years earlier. But it is rather the astonishment of a public fascinated by the extreme power of the images, and laughing (to compensate?) In front of the most gory sequences, that we have observed. An atmosphere that did not escape Julia Ducournau, met the next day: “My eyes were scanning the images but I was only ears, while also being in something very skinny: I felt in the room a great attention to the screen, as well as a tension that was extremely centered, direct. That pleased me.”

In video, Cannes 2021: the red carpet on July 13

Transformed bodies

Tension: the key element in Julia Ducournau’s films, which you never know how far the heroines, cannibals or serial killers, will go. We speak of his feature films as “shock films”. She corrects: “I am looking for a reaction rather than a provocation. And above all, I’m looking for a look. ” A look that she directs on flesh which transforms and characters which tame them. As if it was absolutely necessary to metamorphose to finally accept yourself, inTitanium, Alexia’s body mutates, cracks, evolves. Just like that of Vincent Lindon, firefighter on steroids who would have made a temple of his despite his ruin. “I don’t think you have to actively transform your body to love it,” says Julia Ducournau. But I think we definitely have to accept that he is transforming. And even that you have to love it precisely because it is transformed. ”

A psychopath and a firefighter

This path, it is with two perfect actors that Julia Ducournau has taken it. Vincent Lindon, whose character she describes as a “colossus with feet of clay”, leader of a pack devastated by the loss of a missing child: “It is someone who becomes almost” transhuman “to escape the humanity and death, ”explains the director. “Vincent is someone who makes extremes coincide in a constant way: one can find in him a form of darkness, close to the anguishes of childhood, as well as a roundness that tenderly touches me a lot. I wanted to show it as I see it: fragile and solid at the same time. “

At his side, Agathe Rousselle, in which it is the first role, slipped into the bruised skin of the cold-blooded killer: “At the beginning, Alexia is a psychopath, it is a character who is not likeable. , not very human, a little hybrid with his piece of metal in his head, analyzes the actress. But she’s a character that you want to love when little by little she finds emotion again. The power of this girl is that she knows how to reinvent herself. He’s also a very lonely person, who doesn’t belong anywhere: something I can find myself in. ”

Also a photographer and model, the 32-year-old Frenchwoman espoused the questions that Titanium raises on the genre, and its fluctuations: “It has always happened that I am taken for a boy. I experienced it very badly when I was younger, until my twenties: I shaved my head, and I didn’t care. It was also the time when my feminism was awakened. I identify as a woman, but it is very liberating to get out of the gaze of others, and especially that of men. ”

6 hours of makeup

Lascivious choreography in prostheses sometimes requiring up to 6 hours of makeup, through superbly filmed nude scenes, the actress threw herself (almost) lost in the role. : “In my wildest dreams, I wanted a role like that, very physical. Seeing my body transform, I thought I was going to live it well: I have already shaved my head, or bleached my eyebrows. I just had a little dark moment when we were shooting the scenes where I wore a maximum of prostheses, even though I was extremely well surrounded, pampered. I started very early in the morning, half asleep, while I was getting my makeup done. I woke up, it wasn’t my face anymore, until late at night. I experienced a kind of dissociation which shocked me a bit, I did not expect it. But it didn’t last. ”

In video, “06400 Cannes”: the postcard of the 2021 Cannes film festival

As for the scenes which expose her the most, Agathe Rousselle lent herself to it like a performance, and in complete safety: “From the beginning of the film, Julia made me a promise that she kept: that we would run as a small team when we wanted, and everything would be extremely protected. For the more difficult sequences, like the sex scene in the car, which I dreaded, I thought I was going to do a little show. It’s play, in the most fun sense of the word. ”

A feminine look?

The body, love, sex and motherhood filmed by a woman, who at no time reduces her character to an object: on the Croisette, we could hear, the day after the screening of Titanium, how much Julia Ducournau’s work reflected the “female gaze”, that famous “female gaze” too rare in cinema.

A notion in which the director does not recognize herself: “I work on the question of gender in my films, but that of mine has no interest. I’m not making a film from a woman’s point of view. I’m making a film from Julia Ducournau’s point of view. And what is it, Julia Ducournau? Everyone can have their answer. Me, I know that I will spend my life looking for it. ” And us, looking at her.

Titanium, by Julia Ducournau, indoors.

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Sandrine Kiberlain: “I wanted to talk about anti-Semitism, because it’s part of my personal history”

It was in Cannes, at Critics’ Week, that she presented her first feature film as a director, A young girl who is doing well. A character, and a story that resembles him, in more than one way.

It is a story from another time and in which, however, we will necessarily recognize ourselves. In A young girl who is doing well, her first feature film, Sandrine Kiberlain portrays Irene (played by Rebecca Marder), apprentice actress, debutante lover, daughter, granddaughter and loving sister, driven by the momentum of her 19 years. And who, in an increasingly anti-Semitic France, during World War II, does not see the threat that is brewing. The director, whose four grandparents were Polish Jews, put a lot of herself into her film. And could not hold back her tears when, at the end of her very first screening in Cannes, she was greeted by a standing ovation, in the middle of the film crew, who accompanied her.

In video, Cannes 2021: the red carpet on July 10

An intense projection

Madame Figaro.- We saw you very moved after the screening of A young girl who is doing well at Cannes. What did you feel?
Sandrine Kiberlain.- It was the first time that I had shown the film and, moreover, in this context, a reborn Cannes Film Festival. And with people in the room who participated in the making of the film. I felt something that passed me, it’s true. And I am in love with my actors: having them with me was very emotional, it’s true. Finally, it feels good to see people who seem to be touched by what touches you. I thought it was as an actress that we were the most exposed. But I am now.

Did you pay attention to the reactions of the audience during the screening?
Not really, I just wished people weren’t bored. And I have the impression that there was a great listening. But without revealing the end of the film, when I heard someone, in the dark, breathe a sigh of surprise at the last image, it moved me.

Why did you choose to set your film during World War II?
I wanted to talk about this war without showing it. And anti-Semitism, because that is part of my personal history even though I am of foreign Jewish origin, and the characters in the film are French. I wanted to talk about myself without really talking about my own. But I wanted the film not to be marked as a historical reconstruction, so that we could unconsciously transfer it to what we are experiencing today. And on this question that torments me and to which I have never had the answer: why does anti-Semitism still exist? Why is this still debated? I wanted to put myself in the shoes of those who wondered at the time, when it was sneakily happening in their lives. I asked myself what was the daily life of a family: in what position do we put ourselves? Are we rebellious, like the character of the grandmother? Are we conscientious, respectful of the laws, like the father? Limit influenced, like the brother? Or in the desire to see nothing, like the heroine? It is through her own prism that we advance in the film. Sometimes she falls for it, because it goes beyond her, it slips away. But she gets up, she goes to her appointments, she is 19 years old. The period was almost a pretext: showing the greatest happiness is the best way to denounce the greatest violence.

A film as a gift

How does Irene resemble you?
I wrote this story. In inventing it, I used what I know best. I was also inspired a lot by myself at that age, who wanted to be an actress, to pass the Conservatory, who was “born” at that time: that’s where I started to live my life. This moment when we are torn between the idea of ​​not wanting to leave a loving family, but that we have a whole world to discover. And the film shows actors who are just starting out: there was like a transmission, I wanted to give to others what I was given to me.

As an actress, do you film your performers in a different way? How would you like to be filmed?
Yes, a bit like when we give a gift to those we love: we give what we ourselves would like to receive. And I was very inspired by the face of Rebecca Marder. I wanted to film it very closely, at specific times. Because there are very strong films, in which I remember tight shots, which take the whole screen. For me, it’s the magic of cinema, the very symbol of being an actress: the entire face, which we look at in a superhuman dimension.

Have you, yourself, been filmed like this?
It’s more difficult to look at yourself. There are close-ups that I like less, but there is one, in To have or not (by Laetitia Masson, in 1995, Editor’s note), where we see all these freckles that I was criticized but that I liked. But what we like are not really the close-ups. It is a global way of being understood. Close-ups failed, there are some too! But there are plenty of directors who loved me, by whom I loved being filmed. The idea was to try to do the same with the actors. And with Rebecca in particular.

In video, 06400 Cannes: the postcard of the 2021 festival

Know what you want

On a set, which director are you?
I’m a newbie director, but one who feels like I’m in her place, not to have stolen her. Bosseuse: I worked a lot upstream. A little oblivious, I think, because I had to adapt to unexpected situations. Kindergarten with my actors. And then very precise, very energetic. But being a director is ultimately being quite alone: ​​we are surrounded by people, the team gives you the best of itself, you have to know how to listen to what you are told, but also come back to what you are. wants. I really learned that: to focus on what I felt deeply.

You are a regular at the Cannes Film Festival: what is the first thing you do when you arrive on the Croisette?
I unpack my things and put things on the hangers that shouldn’t be crumpled at all.

And when you get home?
I try not to forget anything, I take a bath, and I return the clothes.

What have you already done in Cannes and will never do again?
I won’t force myself to do anything.

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a woman, holed up in her house, threatened to shoot at children!

An 82-year-old woman took refuge in her home in Arleux this late Sunday afternoon, announces La Voix du Nord.

She had exhibited her weapon in front of children and the gendarmes without however targeting them. It is a deputy mayor of Arleux who was warned this Sunday around 5 p.m.

The gendarmes of Arleux, the PSIG (surveillance and intervention platoon of the gendarmerie) of Baisieux as well as the firefighters of Sin-le-Noble intervened on the spot.

The rue André-Joseph-Leglay, at the intersection with the rue Simone-Veil, was blocked to all traffic, vehicles and pedestrians, as well as at the height of the towpath bridge that borders the Sensée.

At 6:30 p.m., a first negotiator arrived on the scene. The social worker for Arleux town hall was also on site. Negotiations with the entrenched woman began three quarters of an hour later. There were two negotiating gendarmes, a man and a woman, who discussed with the octogenarian using a megaphone. She agreed to open her door to them. She was examined by a doctor and had to be hospitalized automatically. A weapon was found on the first floor of his home. The device was lifted and circulation re-established at 8:30 p.m.


Homosexual couples are allowed to hire surrogate mothers

A historically significant judgment has been passed in Israel: same-sex couples can fulfill a wish to have children with a surrogate mother. So far that has not been possible.

In the future, same-sex couples in Israel will also be able to have children with the help of surrogate mothers. According to a statement, Israel’s highest court ruled that the state must allow homosexual couples and single men to do so within six months.

Corresponding rules are to be established within six months. The previous requirements represented a violation of human rights, it said in the judgment.

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz spoke of a “historic day”. The discrimination against same-sex couples will now come to an end. His ministry will implement the court’s requirements.

The highest court had already ruled in February of last year that the surrogate mother procedure must also be available to same-sex couples and single men. The decision at the time stated that a corresponding change in the law would have to be passed within a year. Since this did not happen, the court has now issued a final judgment on the issue.

So far only for heterosexual couples

So far, surrogacy is only permitted for heterosexual couples in Israel, but subject to strict conditions. Homosexual men therefore often make do with surrogate motherhood abroad. However, this is expensive and complicated.

Israel has become significantly more tolerant of homosexuality in the past few decades. The coastal metropolis of Tel Aviv in particular is considered to be particularly liberal. Same-sex couples cannot marry, however, and there have been problems with adoption and surrogacy. Up until the change of government a month ago, strictly religious parties had great influence in politics. They oppose changes to the law in favor of gays and lesbians because they see it as a violation of Jewish religious commandments.

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Deneuve, Adjani, Cotillard, Paradis … We only saw them, Saturday evening, on the steps of Cannes

The Marches Planet.- Day 5. Three films, and a shower of stars: the greatest figures of French cinema followed one another on the steps, on July 10, during the 74th Cannes Film Festival. A memorable and unexpected casting.

It is perhaps one of the most memorable evenings of the 74th Film Festival, one of those which saw the biggest French stars on the steps of the Palais des Festivals. Three films presented almost at the same time, a dazzling red carpet.

First, This music doesn’t play for anyone, by Samuel Benchetrit, screened in a special screening under the Cannes Première label. It is accompanied by his wife Vanessa Paradis, present at the casting, that the director climbed the steps. Accomplice, the couple were accompanied by the other interpreters of the film, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Gustave Kervern, Ramzy Bedia and Joey Starr in a pink costume which was reminiscent of the one worn, during the opening ceremony, by Spike Lee (the hat of the American director here replaced, despite the heat, by a woolen cap of the most beautiful effect).

Bigger than us

A few minutes later, Marion Cotillard climbed the stairs with the documentary team Bigger Than Us, highlighting young activists working for the planet. The film, presented in the ephemeral selection “Cinema for the climate”, was co-produced by the one we saw, a few days earlier, open the festival with Annette. It is in particular alongside its director Flore Vasseur and two of the figures that the documentary highlights, the Indonesian Melati Wusen and the British Mary Finn, that the French actress greeted the audience at the palace.

Cannes 2021: the red carpet on July 10


Finally, it was the turn of Emmanuelle Bercot’s film crew, In his lifetime, presented out of competition, to come forward in the middle of the photographers: Benoît Magimel and Cécile de France surrounded Catherine Deneuve, greeted by a long standing ovation when she entered the room. Venues to watch the film, which tells the story of a man suffering from an incurable disease preparing for death: Camelia Jordana, Carla Bruni, Juliette Armanet, Adèle Exarchopoulos.

“06400 Cannes”, the postcard of the 2021 Cannes film festival

Models Taylor Hill and Anja Rubik; Christian Estrosi and his wife Laura Tenoudji, serene on the steps after a more tumultuous experience three years earlier. And, furtive appearance in a dress playing on transparencies: Isabelle Adjani, who marked the history of the festival in 1983 by causing a boycott of photographers after refusing to go to a photocall. Often returned since at the Cannes Film Festival, the star paused, quickly, in front of their goals. Before joining a palace more than ever filled with stars.

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