In the suburbs – mass poisoning of schoolchildren. The food was supplied by a company associated with “Putin’s chef”

More than 90 students and employees of two schools in the city of Krasnoarmeysk near Moscow have applied for medical help with complaints of poisoning, Interfax reports. The prosecutor’s office of the Moscow region began checking the organization that supplied breakfasts and lunches to educational institutions, and the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under the article “provision of services that do not meet consumer health safety requirements.”

According to MBKh Media, the food supplier to Krasnoarmeysk schools is the ProdFutService company, which is associated with the St. Petersburg businessman and “Putin’s chef” Yevgeny Prigozhin. In December 2020, the administration of the city near Moscow concluded an agreement with ProdFutService until the end of May of this year. The cost of the state contract is 14 million rubles. It is alleged that for this money, the company associated with Prigozhin was supposed to deliver over 140 thousand breakfasts and 63 thousand dinners.

Companies of businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is called “Putin’s chef” in the media, have been supplying food to educational, medical and government institutions throughout Russia since 2011. For ten years, they have concluded about six thousand government contracts for a total amount of almost 250 billion rubles.

Last year, food suppliers associated with Prigozhin received government contracts totaling over 40 billion rubles, winning 809 tenders.

  • In addition, Yevgeny Prigozhin is associated with the organization of a group of pro-government bloggers in St. Petersburg – the so-called “troll factory”, as well as with the creation of the “Wagner private military company”, which took part in military operations in eastern Ukraine, Syria and Africa. Several independent investigative groups accuse Prigozhin and his structures of involvement in the murder of three Russian journalists – Orkhan Dzhemal, Alexander Rastorguev and Kirill Radchenko, who filmed an investigation film about the activities of Putin’s chef companies in Africa.
  • In the United States, the businessman is accused of attempting to interfere in the presidential election, he is included in the sanctions list.
  • In October last year, “Putin’s chefs” were added to the sanctions list by the EU authorities, accusing the businessman of supporting arms supplies to Libya. Prigozhin himself denies all charges against him.
  • Prigozhin is also known for having filed dozens of lawsuits against the Anti-Corruption Foundation, Alexei Navalny and his supporters. The courts ordered to pay “Putin’s chef” and his companies tens of millions of rubles, considering that FBK’s investigations hurt the businessman’s honor and dignity.


Jill Biden, the president’s secret weapon

It was in chabadabada mode that it all started. A love story with a surprisingly French moment. In 1975, in Wilmington, the capital of the small state of Delaware, a student model apprentice, Jill Jacobs, was invited to the cinema by Joe Biden, her eldest nine years. Biden, 33, is an ambitious Democratic senator. She, at the top of her 24 years, has just divorced her football player she met in high school. She wants to work, to be independent and hesitates between a career as a model, a stylist or a teacher. Two ambitions and two energies. A man and a woman. It is also the film of Claude Lelouch chosen by Joe for their first meeting!

Biden is going through a difficult time. Three years earlier, he lost his wife, Neilia, and their baby daughter, Naomi, in a car accident. He has to raise alone his two young boys, Beau and Hunter. Her brother shows her in the local newspaper the photo of a pretty blonde… an apprentice model. Jill Jacobs is a carefree student. Since her divorce, she likes to go out and will confide years later to Vogue : “When I opened the door and saw Joe, at first glance he didn’t stand a chance with his nice leather shoes and his raincoat… He was so classic compared to the guys I saw!” But when she comes back from that first night, Jill calls her mother at one in the morning to say, “I finally met a gentleman.” She especially likes the intelligence, the charm and the ambition of Joe.

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In video, the arrival of Melania Trump and Jill Biden at the first televised debate

“A lifelong commitment”

As with everything she does, Jill Jacobs takes her time to make up her mind. His father, Donald, manager of a savings bank in the suburbs of Philadelphia, taught him, along with his mother, a baker, the values ​​of work, tolerance, savings and commitment. Raised in these affluent suburbs of Democratic America, Jill has a sense of duty. Before becoming again housewife, she doesn’t want to get involved too quickly. This widower with his two children, who already call him “Mom” a few weeks after they met, scares him. She does not want to disappoint this family so affected by the tragedy. Joe Biden will ask for his hand four times. At the fifth, he will tell her: “It will be the last”, so that she finally gives in, two years after their meeting. It was “a lifelong commitment”, she confided years later. He, in his memoirs, will write simply that “Jill saved his life”.

Jill Biden, unwavering support of her husband

Joseph Biden, then US Senator from Delaware, announces that he is stepping down from the Democratic Party nomination contest for President of the United States. Behind him, his wife, Jill Biden. (Washington DC September 23, 1987.)

Arnie Sachs/CNP/ABACA

He is an ambitious senator who stands out in the political world of Washington. In the 1980s, when dinners in town were important for weaving his network of influence, Joe was absent from the elegant tables of Georgetown, where politics were made and unmade: every evening, he returned to his family in Wilmington. For over fifteen years, Joe Biden will travel an average of five hours a day to find Jill and the children. The young woman does not want to live in the capital and prefers the simple life in this America of small, middle-class towns, which she appreciates.

The teacher

Jill doesn’t want to give up her job as a public school teacher. She doesn’t look like a classic politician’s wife. She remains a recognized English teacher and even obtained a doctorate, at over 55 years old! Michelle Obama said she had never seen Jill Biden without a bunch of copies to correct. When her husband was appointed vice-president of Barack Obama, Jill forced her to continue teaching three to four times a week at a university in Virginia. To the students who sometimes asked her questions, she replied that she was “a close friend of Biden, but above all their teacher” and, to be discreet, she always asked the Secret Service who protected her from entering the classroom with her. And when she went on an official trip with the Obama team, Jill wrote to the principal asking for permission to be absent!

Jill Biden has already warned that even in the White House, she will remain a professor. She will therefore become the first First Lady to have a profession in civil society. This summer, during the Democratic convention, she gave her speech as the future First Lady from her small classroom at Delaware College. In her speech, Jill spoke of the need to unite America. “How do you reconcile a broken family? In the same way as for a country… With love, understanding, small gestures of kindness, and courage. ”

The ally

The courage, she has had in recent years. And, each time, she faces trials in the same way, quietly, but effectively. When she learned that four of her friends had breast cancer in the same year, in 1993 she created the association Biden Breast Health Initiative, to inform young women of the lowest income on the prevention of breast disease. And, with her tiny organization Book Buddies, she also collects and distributes books to those who can no longer afford to buy them because of the crisis.

But Jill Biden is also an important ally of her husband. In 2001, she arrived at a meeting wearing a black jersey printed with the word NO, to say publicly in front of his advisers that she did not want him to appear at the White House. After the re-election of George Bush in 2004, she then dressed for several weeks all in black. “In mourning,” she said, in memory of the soldiers who died in the war in Iraq. In 2007, discovering the fervor of meetings, she understood that the America of 2008 would be that of Barack Obama. She then advises her husband to join this young senator who is rising. Obama appreciates; he takes advantage of Biden’s years of experience in the halls of Congress. Joe knows the town of House of Cards : Barack Obama can no longer do without his contacts and advice.

The engaged

Jill Biden, ally of Michel Obama

Senator Barack Obama, then Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Joe Biden, whom he chose as vice president, on the right. On the left, their wives Michelle Obama and Jill Biden take the stage. (In Springfield, Illinois, August 23, 2008.)

Chicago Tribune/MCT/ABACA

During the 2008 campaign, Michelle Obama was the victim of racist attacks: she will never forget Jill Biden’s early rallying. The latter will also very quickly convince Michelle to follow her on the roads to comfort America of the mothers and wives of soldiers, affected since 2002 by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Once a week, without a journalist, they will meet those who have a child in the service of the Nation. Two chief comforters who will rally the hearts and voices of military families for the Democrats.

Jill is very committed to this cause. One of Joe’s sons, Beau, whom she raised, served in Iraq. She will even write a book for the latter’s daughter, Don’t Forget : God Bless Our Troops. The book earned him more than $ 700,000 in copyright and lectures on the subject. Her salary as a professor is $ 90,000 per year. And, for her speeches, she is paid between $ 25,000 and $ 46,000, according to her tax return. Since the disappearance of Beau, who died in 2015, at the age of 46, of a brain tumor, Joe Biden has embodied America which survives family tragedies, but which continues, in the name of a certain idea of ​​democracy, the battles policies.

The protector

Le couple Biden

Joe Biden, then Vice President, and his wife Jill dance at the Commander-In-Chief Ball. (Washington, January 20, 2009.)

Lexington Herald-Leader/TNS/ABACA

In this funny election period under Covid, Jill also protected her husband. She managed her schedule, her appearances, and avoided the candidate, now 78, from taking too many risks. During a meeting in Los Angeles, when a protester rushed on stage to interrupt Joe Biden, it was Jill who intervened to protect her husband. “You always have to protect your loved ones, right?” She explained to ABC News. She is Biden’s indispensable shadow. His nurse and his counselor. In Washington, the good souls of the city are already comparing her to Nancy Reagan, a “head healer,” with an aging president who, under her smiles, managed with an iron fist every decision of the Oval Office.

Regardless of the critics, the love story of this years-long couple continues. The new president keeps repeating that he is “Jill’s husband to death”. Last February, on Valentine’s Day, after more than forty years of marriage, Joe Biden posted a photo on Instagram with these words: “ ou’re the love of my life, Jilly(You are the love of my life, Jilly). Ron Klain, Joe Biden’s future White House chief of staff, has already confirmed to the Washington Post that “Jill will be an essential part of the administration and his most important advisor, the one he trusts the most.”

On November 7, 2020, in his first speech to the Nation, the newly elected President Biden again thanked his wife for “her tireless work by his side,” and with his eyes on the cameras, said: “I am Jill’s husband: a mom, a military mom and an educator. ”

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How Harry and Meghan could become Kate and William’s worst nightmare

Royal correspondent Duncan Larcombe believes that the juicy contracts signed by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could make the more traditional activities of the royal family outdated, including those of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

“It was the biggest royal betrayal in the history of this family.” Guest of the program “The Royal Beat”, broadcast on True Royalty TV on Friday January 15, the journalist Duncan Larcombe spoke about the “Megxit” and its consequences – according to him harmful – on the work of Windsor. “A year ago Meghan and Harry were saying they wanted to preserve their privacy and raise their child in peace,” he said. These are canards! ” Prince Harry’s biographer also felt that the new activities of the Sussexes risked overshadowing the Cambridge, and more generally the royal family.

“When 50 million people watch Harry’s speech, 5,000 watch Prince William’s speech”

“Over the past twelve months, Harry and Meghan have sown the seeds of a potential disaster for the royal family,” he continued. Before adding: “When 50 million people listen to Harry’s speech on organic yogurts, or on what he wants to promote, 5,000 people watch his brother – Prince William, future king – inaugurate a supermarket in Hemel Hempstead or whatever, it’s becoming a problem. ”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have indeed signed multi-million contracts with Netflix, in September 2020, and Spotify, in December 2020, to produce committed documentaries and podcasts via their Archewell foundation. The couple also unveiled their first 30-minute podcast, at the end of December 2020, in which their son Archie briefly gives voice. Among their future guests are also Elton John, James Corden, Matt Haig and Naomi Osaka. These new activities could indeed make the more “traditional” Cambridge activities out of date.

In video, Prince Harry talks about institutional racism

Lady Diana’s legacy

Duncan Larcombe also argued that Prince William would “have a problem with Harry’s attempts to appropriate Lady Diana’s legacy”. In December 2020, the Duke of Sussex had indeed launched the website of his foundation with a snapshot of him and his mother, as well as a letter entitled: “I am my mother’s son.” Duncan Larcombe said Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should not be able to use Lady Diana’s legacy without asking the royal family for permission. “Because there is money at stake, it is not something charitable,” he said. The royalty expert Katie Nicholl, for her part, added that the company of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had “the potential to become a brand to a billion dollars”.

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The new way to serve soup

For a day after a party, a declaration of love or a tax, it is so comforting! This is also the opinion of Julien Ponceblanc who, in his Diary of a soup lover, tells through the menu his passion for veloutés, consommés and other soups.

With Julien Ponceblanc, soup is quite a story! Or rather stories. This ESSEC graduate has decided to dedicate his professional life to him, notably by creating Greenshoot, a brand of fresh soups. Better, today he devotes a passionate book to him, Diary of a Soup Lover (1). In these pages, he declares his love for soups and other broths. Far from conceiving yet another practical bible on the subject, he chose to link each recipe to an experience or a season, like a diary or an almanac. “I wanted to evoke slices of life, to spend our time milling through soup recipes. But I also wanted to show that soup is a fabulous product, which allows for endless combinations, depending on daily situations. It’s a bit like ice cream, my other love, ”he explains, blowing hot and cold.

He therefore delivers insightful ideas, adapted to moments of grace and depression that are common to all. Hangover? For Julien Ponceblanc, that of Sunday February 6 is memorable… It is also the occasion of a text in the form of mea culpa – “I am so badly that I think I would prefer to die”, “I did not im -por-te-quoi ”-, which will lead to the creation of an antidote: the day after party soup, with cauliflower, coconut, cashew and turmeric. Marriage is so enticing that it is also recommended on migraine-free days. As for the “Love Breaking Soup”, a rhubarb, raspberry and Golden Syrup gazpacho, imagined on May 11, we feel that there is also a lot of experience in there.

“I want to create a bond, a communion with the reader, by sharing moments that touch us all, insists Julien Ponceblanc. The “Evening tax return soup”, a cold consomme made from pink radish, lamb’s lettuce and coriander, is therefore deliberately sour! ” Added to this desire for linking is a penchant for travel and a good dose of humor and subversion. Caroline Faccioli’s photos, both refined and unexpected, reflect this bias. But also, of course, some creations like the “Ronald” soup, born on Wednesday April 6, spring day on which floats the irrepressible desire for a good big hamburger. Rather than feel guilty, Julien Ponceblanc imagined his balanced and creamy version of the Big Mac, which combines tomatoes, sweet and sour pickles, onions, honey mustard… To be tasted without guilt and with a smile on your lips.

Offering a dish that makes sense is one thing. But no question of intellectualizing it. “Soup is basic, modest. Some would have us believe that it is a complex art. It is quite the reverse. In French cuisine, there are a lot of compulsory exercises. A lamb stew, for example, we can reinterpret it but not invent it. This is not the case with the soup that you can (re) create at will. It’s a blank canvas to play with tastes and textures. My book therefore offers a grammar of soup, so that everyone acquires a few rules, then adds their own poetry, ”continues Julien Ponceblanc.

It is up to everyone, therefore, to appropriate their journal, to add their extra soul. And this without moderation, because the soup, when it is homemade, rhymes with “eating well”. “My passion for this healthy dish is a matter of atavism! My great-grandmother only cooked vegetables grown in the garden. One of my grandfathers was a winegrower, the other a baker. I grew up respecting natural and seasonal products. And this education has not left me. ” It can be seen in these pages in which the author, flexitarian, has also chosen to ban sausages and other bits of fat that can put their eye in the broth. However, he allows himself some dairy products because, let’s face it, “even the richest soup will never be as high in calories as a portion of tiramisu”!

book cover

Photo Caroline Faccioli

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ABC starts a collection of World History for children to learn and have fun at the same time

ABC History



The work of teachers in times of mobile phones, video game consoles and social networks is a real chimera. Teaching children overstimulated by new technologies the socio-economic consequences of the trade policy of Alfonso X of Castile, to give an example of a leaden theme, it is to tempt the beasts and, if the right words are not chosen, preach in the desert. A picture is better than a thousand words, especially when your audience is wanting to go out and play ball or Fortnite …

The time of encyclopedic books with large blocks of words succeeding each other is a thing of the past. Starting next Sunday, January 24, ABC starts the series a Universal History for Children with the aim of teaching the episodes of the past in an attractive, fun and, above all, very visual way. The first installment, dedicated to Prehistory, is obtained for free with the newspaper, and the rest of the deliveries will have a price of € 7.99 every Sunday.

The great attraction of this collection of 35 illustrated stories lies in the fun of its drawings and in that the contents have been perfectly adapted for a reader as grateful as it is difficult to conquer in the first place. Through its pages, children can discover the great civilizations of the past, their VIP characters, from the ancestors of caves to the conquerors of space, through Imperial Rome or the french revolution. The content enters through the eyes and remains in the memory based on laughter and games.

Learn History in a big way

The collection is dedicated to children between 7 and 10 years old, and combines humor, adventure and rigor in its exact doses to take the little reader from Prehistory to the fall of the Berlin Wall. The narrative resources surprise on each page. Carmen and Marco They are the small protagonists who, at the hands of their grandfather, a wise man who keeps an authentic history museum in the basement, will act as Marty McFly in this particular return to the past.

The most remarkable discoveries, the inventions that changed the world, the customs of each period, art … everything has a place in the pages of World History, which includes extra sections for children to play while learning. Understanding the past in this way not only helps them to cope with the present, but also promotes critical thinking and other areas such as linguistic knowledge or geography. The collection pages include timelines to give children an overview. Because it is not just about memorizing, but about understanding.

The first deliveries are:

-The prehistory. January 24.

-The Egypt of the pharaohs. January 31.

-Mesopotamia, the land between rivers. February 7th.

-The origins of the Greek world. February 14th.

-Classical Greece. February 21st.

-Alexander the Great. February 28th.

-Israel and the land of Canaan. 7 of March.

-The rise of Rome. March 14.

-Rome. From the Republic to the Empire. March 21st.

-The origin of Christianity. 28th March.

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El Marino finally launches Balbín: “We are like children with new shoes”


The day before resigning, Oli had complained bitterly about the lack of quality of training while Balbín looked brand new but could not be used. Hours later, the facility was available.

El Marino was not the first team from the Gozón council to enjoy the new synthetic grass terrain. Podes did it on Wednesday, another of the benefited clubs together with Gozón.

Manel emphasizes the importance of training daily in a place “that is new, it is of the latest generation. The dimensions are the same as those of Miramar, although the grass is synthetic. Later, when the weather improves, Miramar can also be used, but it’s nice to have a daily reference. And it will also be for the school children, it is like having a sports city ”.

For the president of Marino, we are facing a before and after in the club’s history. “We are crazy, no, crazy happy, no one knows the rest that this is for everyone, now it will be possible to work much better. We only need to make the prefabricated changing rooms where the canteen is ”. The six lower teams of the entity will start using Balbín next Monday.

Once the facilities issue has been solved, Manel can now concentrate on solving the sporting problem of Marino, bottom of Subgroup B of Group I of Second B. and there is quality in the staff. The players have to be the protagonists of turning this around, and they are trained ”.

The brand new sailor coach also remembers that “the influence of the points is very important this year, you cannot lower your arms, because there is another playoff afterwards. It worked the same at Mosconia: when you can’t win, draw. In another season the point gives you little, but now it can be decisive to ascend and even descend “.

The club has two free chips from over-23s, but Manuel guarantees that “he will not sign for signing.”


Studies on Corona in daycare centers and schools: On the trail of the virus

What role do daycare centers and schools play in the infection process? The federal government wants to know and is funding studies on this. An overview.

How can you play safely in the pandemic? Scene from a day care center in Schriesheim Photo: Uwe Anspach / dpa

BERLIN taz | Schools and daycare centers remain closed due to the high number of corona infections. But what role do children and adolescents play in the infection process? The federal government is funding six research projects that investigate this. What exactly the studies are researching and what results are already available:

1. „Corona-Kita-Studie”

What role do daycare centers play in the spread? To what extent do preschoolers transmit the virus? Under what conditions can day-care centers be gradually opened? The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the German Youth Institute (DJI) are researching these and other questions. The research project has been running since May 2020, funded by the Ministry of Family and Health.

The researchers analyze, among other things, the registration data of the health authorities and interview managers, educators and parents about what everyday day-care life looks like or what challenges they are facing. In addition, the scientists want to examine around 20 daycare centers in which the coronavirus has broken out by summer 2021.

To do this, they visit infected children and educators and their contacts at home and take mouth and nose swabs, saliva samples and a drop of blood from the fingertip to test for antibodies. The families then conduct self-tests for twelve days.

So far, five daycare centers in Berlin and Schleswig-Holstein have been examined. 78 children and 102 adults could be tested. “Since the participants take and send in samples over a longer period of time, all the findings are only available for a few day-care centers,” a RKI spokeswoman said on request. Well-founded statements are therefore not yet possible.

In December, the RKI and the DJI published a report with interim results. It states that the number of infected children under the age of six is ​​”many times higher” than in the first wave in spring, but that this is related to the general increase in infections in the general population.

The researchers emphasize that there are only a few meaningful studies on the infectivity of children and adolescents worldwide. “Overall, children seem less infectious than adults. A statement as to which of the age groups within the children is the most infectious cannot be made reliably, ”says the report. The reason: “Overall, the results are heterogeneous.”

2. “Modus Covid”

The project, in which scientists from the Technical University of Berlin, the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Konrad-Zuse-Institut Berlin are involved, researches, among other things, the effect of daycare and school closings on the dynamics of infection. It is funded by the Federal Ministry of Research.

According to the researchers’ calculations, schools make a significant contribution to the infection process. The reason for this is the cramped situation in classrooms. “We consider a reopening of schools without compulsory masking throughout the classroom as well as alternating lessons to be irresponsible,” said a report from mid-December. Project manager Kai Nagel told the taz that changing lessons while wearing FFP2 masks could reduce infections in schools to “almost zero”.

According to the report, the closure of kindergartens will probably have an impact on containing the pandemic, “but not a major one”. A reopening of the daycare centers is conceivable “as soon as the hospital numbers drop significantly”.

3. „B-Fast“

The project of the National Research Network of University Hospitals is also funded by the Ministry of Research. The scientists are investigating whether and to what extent regular corona tests would be possible in daycare centers and schools.

To this end, a team in 18 institutions across Germany carries out three-week tests. Children, adolescents and staff are screened for the virus several times a week in different ways. The aim of the study is to prevent the facilities from being closed and to enable those with negative tests to attend school or daycare. Results have not yet been published.

4. „Sars-CoV-2-Kids“

Twelve German children’s clinics are involved in the study, which has been running since May 2020 and is headed by virologist Christian Drosten. In order to find out how the virus circulates in children and adolescents, blood that has already been taken is also tested for corona antibodies, and more than 18,000 blood samples are to be analyzed by the end of October. The project is funded by the Ministry of Research, results are still pending.

5. „CorKid“

The project funded by the Ministry of Research is researching how many children, adolescents and parents in the Ruhr area have already contracted Corona. To do this, the researchers test the blood of over 3,000 participants for antibodies. Results are not yet known.

6. „Recast“

The study carried out at the Charité Berlin examines why infected children often only have mild symptoms compared to adults. The researchers analyze, for example, the mucous membrane of children, which protects against pathogens. The study is funded by the Ministry of Research and the findings are intended to help in decisions about school and daycare closings. No results are available yet.


What parents need to know now: More days of childhood illness – but not for everyone

Working parents are under particular pressure in the pandemic. Schools and daycare centers are closed in many places, the children at home. At the same time, everyday work should continue. Where that doesn’t work, additional days of childhood illness should bring relief. In the morning, the Bundestag decided to expand the existing regulation accordingly. But the law is not yet in force – and there are loopholes. clarifies the most important questions.

Who is eligible?

Child sickness benefits can only be applied for by legally insured, working parents. The regulation does not apply to privately insured persons and also not to legally insured persons whose children are privately insured. Parents of children up to the age of 12 or, in the case of children with disabilities, up to the age of 18 are entitled.

How many childhood illness days will there be in 2021?

The number of childhood illness days per parent and child has been doubled from 10 to 20 for the current year and from 20 to 40 for single parents. Couples and single parents with two children can apply for a maximum of 80 days. With more children, the entitlement increases to a maximum of 90 days per parent couple or single parent.

When can the childhood illness days be taken?

The entire number of days can not only be used in closed schools and daycare centers, but also if only the presence requirement is suspended or access to the daycare center has been restricted. According to the draft law, this also applies if parents have been officially recommended not to bring their children to school or daycare – i.e. also in federal states such as Hesse or Brandenburg, where the care facilities remain open. In addition, parents who could theoretically work from home can also apply for child sickness benefit. However, there must be no other person in the household who can look after the child.

Can I work in the home office and still receive child sickness benefit?

No. Anyone who works in the home office has no claim to compensation – because they receive their regular wages. In this case there is also no entitlement to child sickness benefit. The reason for the concession that parents should also be able to work from home was the insight that working from home and childcare cannot be managed at the same time. In addition, the following applies: Anyone who receives child sickness benefit cannot also apply for compensation claims via the Infection Protection Act.

Can I take the childhood illness days from now on?

This is not yet completely legally secure. Although the Bundestag passed the regulation today, the Bundesrat is not planning a special session until January 18, in which the law will be discussed and passed again. It can then come into force at the earliest. “If parents already take advantage of the planned new regulation, then they have to trust the word of the responsible politicians in the governing coalition that the legal situation will actually be adjusted retrospectively,” says the Munich constitutional expert Walther Michl when asked by “As long as there is no political controversy about this point – and I don’t see that, it is relatively harmless.” Once signed, the law will apply retrospectively from January 5, 2021. Children’s sick days can then also be requested retrospectively.

How should the need be proven?

If the child is sick, the pediatrician usually has to certify the need for care. According to the draft law, this is no longer necessary. Parents only need a certificate from the daycare center or school that the child should be cared for at home due to closure or suspension of attendance. Nobody has to fool the pediatrician into an alleged illness.

Where do I have to apply for children’s sick days?

With the statutory health insurance.

How much is the reimbursement?

The health insurance company reimburses 90 percent of net earnings. But there is a statutory maximum amount – this year it is 112.88 euros per day. Contributions for pension, long-term care and unemployment insurance are still deducted from this amount.

Do I get the money right away?

No. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, children’s sickness benefits can be applied for as soon as the loss of earnings is certain. However, the payment will only be made by the health insurance companies once the employer has billed for the month in question. Because only then would the health insurance companies have the data they need to calculate the reimbursement amount.

Why are privately insured not entitled?

Most private health insurers do not offer any regulation analogous to children’s sick days with statutory health insurers – with the exception of Signal Iduna or Arag. The approach of using such a regulation as a basis for expanding claims in the wake of the pandemic is therefore not effective. Both the SPD and the Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV) refer to the Infection Protection Act, which provides compensation in the event of loss of earnings for all employees. Parents who look after them together receive compensation for up to ten weeks, single parents up to 20 weeks. Self-employed people can apply for this for the full period. You will then receive 67 percent of the loss of earnings – but a maximum of 2016 euros per month.

What will it all cost?

Nobody really knows. When asked by, the Ministry of Health points out that the amount of the costs depends on how many parents will apply for child sickness benefits during the lockdown. Originally, a sum of 500 to 700 million euros was expected, but the draft law now only mentions 300 million euros, which are paid by the federal government as a subsidy to the health fund. If the health insurance companies incur higher costs, these should be settled retrospectively by July 2022.

Will that be enough?

The German Trade Union Federation (DGB) is already expressing doubts about this – and warns that the statutory health insurance companies could increase their contributions because they may have to make massive advance payments by 2022. “Even today, the statutory health insurances are recording enormous financial deficits due to the pandemic,” said DGB boss Reiner Hoffmann to the “editorial network Germany”. “The legislature digs deep into the pockets of the contributors without reimbursing the costs directly.”

Is there any other criticism?

Indeed. The PKV in particular complains that the compensation of parents who make a special sacrifice in the pandemic is a “nationwide service” and must therefore be regulated by the Infection Protection Act. Only that is fair, because then “all families would have the same entitlement”. The statutory health insurances also criticize that the “payment of children’s sickness benefits for the care of healthy children in the long term cannot be the responsibility of statutory health insurances”.


Why Gigi Hadid’s Mango Coat Is So Good

The young mother showed her talent for embracing the trends of the moment, with a large checked coat signed by the Spanish brand.

Gigi Hadid has remained very discreet since the birth of her child in September 2020, whose name she did not wish to reveal. However, the model in a relationship with singer Zayn Malik regularly takes walks with her baby, always accompanied by a fashion touch. The last dates back to January 10 in the streets of New York. That day, with her face hidden behind a pair of sunglasses and a black mask, the top chose to wear an oversized plaid coat, signed Mango.

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According to the Tagwalk site, which lists all the catwalks, the tile is in the top 10 trends for fall-winter 2020-2021. Like Kate Middleton who opted for a coat of the same style on October 6 at the University of Derby in England, Gigi Hadid succumbs to the pattern with a wool blend piece, XXL lines and a lapel collar. And finally at an affordable price: 69.99 euros. The opportunity to dress warmly without straining your budget.

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‘The fear of children’ by Antonio Muñoz Molina (Seix Barral)

Literary Reviews

'The fear of children' by Antonio Muñoz Molina (Seix Barral)

Illustrated with drawings of Maria Rosa Aránega and intended for the youngest readers, bequeaths to bookstores a luxurious edition of ‘Fear of children’, a story that Antonio Muñoz Molina published in 2011 and whose protagonists are two postwar boys, Bernardo and Esteban, who end up feeling authentic dread for the stories that they themselves invent. One of those dark stories is that of the consumptive, some subjects who supposedly live in clandestine sanatoriums and are dedicated to stealing blood from children. The story has a pedagogical character and a lesson in the value of feelings at the same time as it pays a nostalgic tribute to Spain and to the time when children spent most of the day on the street.

‘Fear of children’

Author Antonio Muñoz Molina
Editorial Seix Barral
pages 112
Price 17,50 €