In Yekaterinburg, 300 people were evacuated due to a fire in a university dormitory :: Society :: RBC

Photo: EMERCOM of Russia

In Yekaterinburg, 300 people were evacuated due to a fire in the student dormitory of the Mining University. This was reported to RBC by the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Sverdlovsk region.

Information about a fire in a building down the street on March 8 was received by the fire services at 16:40 local time (14:40 Moscow time), an automatic alarm and a fire warning system worked in the hostel, the department said.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, of the 300 evacuees, four were brought out by firefighters using self-rescuers; as a result of the incident, there were no casualties.

33 students were evacuated from the gymnasium in the Yaroslavl region due to fire

Photo: Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Yaroslavl Region

It is noted that the fire was on the first floor of the building, and the suspended ceiling in the corridor was on fire. At 17:29 (15:29 Moscow time), the open burning was eliminated, at the moment the fire has been completely extinguished.


Complaint of anti-surrogacy against the salon Désir d’enfant

They had announced it. Friday, October 2, three associations, the National Confederation of Catholic Family Associations (AFC), the Jurists for Children association and La Manif pour tous, filed a complaint with the Paris public prosecutor against the organizers of the Désir d ‘child, which took place in Paris on September 5 and 6 at Espace Champerret, in Paris. Four offenses are put forward, in the complaint that The cross was able to consult, the main one being the offense “Intervention in view of surrogacy”, an illegal practice punishable by the penal code, surrogacy remaining prohibited in France.

→ CONTEXT. At the salon Désir d’enfant, PMA and GPA instructions for use

This offense consists, according to the penal code, in relating “A person or a couple wishing to welcome a child and a woman agreeing to carry this child within herself with a view to handing it over to them “. When these acts were committed for profit, the penalties are doubled. Gold, “Far from being a simple information meeting, as announced at the time on the event’s website, the Désir d’enfant trade show openly offered to French visitors of surrogacy services abroad “, denounces Pascale Morinière, president of the national confederation of AFCs.

A commercial and not an informational event

The complaint against X lodged with the public prosecutor is thus supplemented by a file of around fifty documents, some collected by a bailiff, supposed to demonstrate the lucrative and commercial nature of the event: sales and price brochures provided by the companies present at the show. ; extract from conversations between salespeople and visitors who came to inquire about a stand; catalogs presenting the profiles of oocyte donors; quotes from the organizers in the press (in an interview with L’Express, one of the organizers confides, for example, “Of course I sell! “)

In addition to the offense of mediation with a view to surrogacy, the three associations also lodged a complaint for “offense of mediation to obtain human embryo against payment”, “offense of mediation to promote the obtaining of gametes against payment ”, or“ the offense of enslavement ”. “The woman whose body is used by others to carry a child suffers a form of exploitation”, Pascale Morinière argues.

For the three associations, this show was therefore an act of promotion “Insidious” of the GPA. “We are waiting for a firm response from justice”, asserts Pascale Morinière, deploring the “Complacency” demonstrated by the authorities in the face of surrogacy. “On the one hand, the legislator repeats that this is a red line not to be crossed, in the name of the non-commodification of human beings, and on the other, the authorities turn a blind eye and allow this type of event. “

Not a serious violation of fundamental freedoms

In September, the administrative court rejected the request to ban the show, filed by the AFC and Lawyers for Children. For associations, holding the show, because it could lead to surrogacy, represented an attack on fundamental freedoms, such as human dignity. What the court did not accept. « The only participation during this show of speakers who would organize surrogacy in foreign countries where it is legal cannot be regarded as constituting by itself a serious infringement of the fundamental freedoms invoked ”, said the judge in her order.

This decision does not surprise legal experts consulted by The cross at the time, who insisted on the use of the expression ” by herself “ in the prescription. “Surrogacy could possibly constitute an infringement of fundamental freedoms. Not the simple presence of society by proposing ”, thus translated one of the jurists.

“A rise in the power of supporters of surrogacy”

For the Collective for the respect of the person (Corp), courts and authorities show a “Willful blindness”. If this feminist movement, which brings together academics and intellectuals, including Sylviane Agacinski, says it is not “On the same political side” that the associations having lodged a complaint, one of its spokespersons, Nicole Athéa, admits to being “In perfect harmony” with their report on Désir d’enfant. “The holding of this show is to give a storefront to a market which is however illegal in France”, she comments.

For her, as for Pascale Morinière, “ for several years, we have been witnessing a rise in the power of surrogacy supporters ”, who try, “In a forced march, to legitimize this practice, by trying, little by little, to anchor it in customs. ” In August, the Corp had also lodged a complaint against France Televisions, accusing it of showing a partial and only positive image of “surrogacy” through its programs, documentaries and TV films.


A sharp surge of coronavirus in Volgograd: plus 130 cases

The region’s covid hospitals are already overcrowded.

A photo: Ivan MAKEEV

By October 18, 2020, a sharp surge in coronavirus patients has been observed in Volgograd. Over the past day, a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 was immediately confirmed in 130 people. Such data “KP-Volgograd” reported in the regional operational headquarters. And this despite the fact that one of the laboratories where testing was carried out in the city, has suspended its work due to congestion.

The number of covid patients in Volgograd and the region is growing exponentially. The gain is daily and significant. The coronavirus is spreading and growing. Over the past day, new cases of COVID-19 have been recorded immediately in 18 districts of the Volgograd region. The situation is now the worst in Gorodishchensky district: per day there the increase was 16 patients. Six more new covid patients were identified in the Serafimovichsky district, three in Dubovsky. In another six districts – two cases each (in Nekhaevsky, Oktyabrsky, Kotelnikovsky, Kumylzhensky, Kotovsky and in the city of Mikhailovka).

Surprisingly, over the past day in Volzhsky, only one resident was added to the list of cases. Also, one case was recorded in Ilovlinsky, Staropoltavsky, Danilovsky, Kamyshinsky, Kalachevsky, Nikolaevsky and Surovikinsky districts.

New cases of covid were recorded in 18 districts of the region.

New cases of covid were recorded in 18 districts of the region.


By the way, after the schoolchildren were sent on forced holidays, the number of children with a new viral infection became much smaller. So, per day, the diagnosis of COVID-19 was confirmed in one baby (up to a year), in three children of kindergarten age and in eight schoolchildren (4 children aged 7 to 14, and 4 teenagers). But there are more elderly covid patients – 52 people were added per day.


Covid: Naples; new protest mothers, give us back the school – Last Hour

(ANSA) – NAPLES, OCTOBER 17 – There are children with Captain America’s shield, others with colored chalks and writing on the concrete blocks placed in front of the entrance of Palazzo Santa Lucia, in Naples, seat of the Campania Region. the mask, despite the fact that many are under the age of 6 and ‘accompany’ their parents on the second day of protest against the order of the governor Vincenzo De Luca, which closes the schools until 30 October.

There are not only mothers and fathers, there are also teachers, experts who hold workshops in schools, there are school bus drivers who ask for financial support measures.

“Give us back the school”, the protesters say in chorus, who carry a banner with the words “School is not a virus”.

“We would like to say, after yesterday’s live Fb of De Luca that we are not here because we underestimate the risk – said Maria Carmen, mother of Alfonso – but to denounce that in seven months he has done nothing and takes it out on schools closing them “.

Sandra Forte is a teacher and a mother, protesting today in this double role. “Even the doctors have said that the infection occurs outside the school and not inside – he stressed – The school must be reopened, as a teacher I know well that with distance teaching children are unable to maintain attention as well as when we are in class”.

Stefano Nicoletti is the father of Elisabetta and Anna, 8 and 9 years old.

The whole family arrived at the garrison. “We ask for the withdrawal of the provision – he explained – because it affects the right to study, which is completely trampled by the order of De Luca”. “Today the championship is allowed, in Naples there is the match, at the stadium there are a thousand people – he added – and the problem would be the schools that are controlled?”.

Among the demonstrators, there is also a teacher of art and images from the Fiorelli middle school. “We have split the classes – he said – to ensure that there was all the necessary distance between the children whose temperature is measured before entering. I am against the closure, the request is to reopen immediately”. (HANDLE).