how long after infection to get checked and what it includes

Receiving the epidemiological discharge of coronavirus, something that occurs 10 days after the first symptom, is not synonymous with having overcome the disease. Discomfort may persist longer and it is even possible that, after the acute picture, sequelae remain both in moderate and severe cases as well as in mild ones. Hence the importance of becoming a post Covid check.

Arnaldo Casiro, head of the Infectious Diseases service at Hospital Álvarez, and Javier Farina, specialist in Internal Medicine, infectologist and member of the Argentine Society of Infectology, answer about the deadlines for studies and the detail of exams that are recommended for those who recovered.

1 -Why is it important to visit the doctor after having had Covid?

Covid is a disease that generates inflammation and can damage multiple organs. Therefore, it is useful to check that there have been no sequels.

“It is key not to let yourself be as the infection may have caused a chronic problem that requires treatment, as with some metabolic disorders. It may also have caused a reversible condition, for example lung, for which it is necessary rehabilitation”, Explains Casiró.

Farina considers the check-up as a “Good practice”, bearing in mind that there is still much to learn about the coronavirus. “It is likely that later on we will add details on specific studies to detect specific sequelae of Covid. Today the range is wide so it doesn’t hurt to have a global check ”, he points out.

The chest x-ray can show sequelae in the lungs due to coronavirus.

2- Does the recommendation target a particular group?

The advice is general although among the over 60 years old and people with some risk factor it is even more important, the specialists agree.

3- What about the boys?

In children there is also a risk of sequelae, especially cardiac, although they are not as frequent, they confirm.

4- Can the aftermath be silent?

Yes, the recovered person can suffer them without knowing it. “Not all pathologies give signs or, at least, immediate signs,” warns Casiró.

5- Are there differences in the check-ups to be carried out on people who had a mild, moderate or severe Covid?

In all cases the “long Covid”, which is the persistence of symptoms associated with the infection after the acute condition has been overcome. However, Farina says, it is much more common for this to happen among moderate and severe patients.

In this line is that it affirms that, beyond the general studies recommended for all, the professional may later ask for others to deepen the analysis of any sequel. It is something that the doctor will evaluate, case by case.

6- What are the studies to be done?

The first thing the recovered person is going to be asked for is a blood test. “The idea is to check how all the organs are. For that, a routine is done that includes the count of white and red blood cells and platelets, in search of hematological alterations “, says Farina.

And he adds: “Glycemia is checked, to control the pancreas; a hepatogram is indicated, to analyze liver function; and urea and creatinine values ​​are evaluated, for the kidney.”

Casiró adds inflammation markers, which may have been modified as a result of the Covid.

7- What doctor should be asked for this analysis?

The first visit must be to a doctor specializing in internal medicine or clinical. He is going to do a physical exam and order lab tests. You can also refer the patient to other specialists, such as a cardiologist, pulmonologist, or neurologist.

The other option is for the same clinician to request studies in one of these specialties, such as an electrocardiogram or a chest tomography, and only send the person to an expert if they consider it after seeing the results. In the case of kids you have to resort to a pediatrician.

8- What tests should be done to see how the heart is?

The coronavirus can generate myocarditis, which is an inflammatory disorder of the heart. “This pathology affects adults and children, it is usually reversible and most of the time it does not require treatment. The issue is that while the heart is inflamed, it is important to follow certain guidelines, such as not doing sports to prevent the condition from getting worse ”, explains Farina, about one of the reasons why early detection is essential.

The advisable studies are an electrocardiogram, an echocardiogram and, among athletes, an ergometry, they specify.

A Cemic professional in the laboratory.  Photo Luciano Thieberger

A Cemic professional in the laboratory. Photo Luciano Thieberger

9- What happens to the lungs? Should they be controlled after the Covid?

Yes, specialists advise to have a tomography, to detect possible sequelae of Covid, and a spirometry, to measure lung capacity. These studies can be ordered by the same clinician or a pulmonologist.

10- Are there other specialists that should be visited?

It is being observed that some patients present neurocognitive conditions after suffering Covid, especially among those who had a moderate or severe condition. Therefore, a visit to a neurologist can also be advised.

The first evaluation must be clinical. “There are writing and movement tests to find small alterations,” says Farina.

There are cognitive difficulties associated with memory, as occurs with the disorder known as brain fog. In addition, there are cases of patients who find it difficult to mobilize any part of the body.

11- What happens when the person does not regain taste and / or smell?

According to experts, there is the possibility of having a check-up with an otolaryngologist, although there are neurology teams that are also dealing with this issue. The person may have to start rehab.

12- Should a visit to a psychologist or psychiatrist be included?

In some cases, it is necessary. “It is an aspect that it should not be neglected either nor underestimate. Especially among patients who spent many days hospitalized ”, highlights Casiró.

13- How long after the Covid has been overcome must the studies be done?

For Casiró, the indication should be to let pass 30 days after discharge. “Medical discharge and not epidemiological. That is to say, a month after the symptoms cease, not that the person stops infecting, ”he says. Meanwhile, Farina says it would be nice to “check between 30 and 45 days after the last symptom ”.

14- Are there sequelae that may appear after 45 days?

“If the studies carried out at 30 or 45 days are good, it is unlikely that something new will appear later,” Farina points out, although he clarifies that the experience with Covid is very recent and, at the same time, due to the new variants, ” there may be changes ”.

Casiró agrees, although he points out that there are preliminary studies to validate that suggest that some sequelae could appear after 6 months.

15- How long after the first check-up do you have to go back to the doctor and repeat the studies?

That will be a decision of the professional, according to each case. “All the studies that are requested in that first post-Covid check-up must return to the hands of the clinician so that it is the internist who evaluates the need for follow-up,” closes Casiró.



China will remove the DiDi taxi application from stores due to data collection

The Chinese authorities have accused the taxi service of violating the law on the collection of customer data. Earlier, an investigation was launched against DiDi, Beijing explained that this is necessary to ensure the safety of users of the service.

Photo: Jason Lee / Reuters

The Cybersecurity Administration of China has ordered the removal of the DiDi taxi service application from virtual stores due to violations of the law on the collection of customer data, according to the agency’s website.

“After checking the DiDi Travel app, a serious violation of laws was found in the collection and use of personal information. In accordance with the provisions of the PRC Law “On Network Security”, the Cybersecurity Administration notified the app store of the removal of the DiDi Travel application and demanded that DiDi Travel Technology Co., Ltd comply with legal requirements, as well as fix existing problems in order to effectively protect the personal information of a huge number users “, – said in a message to the administration.

DiDi collects large amounts of data on the movement of people in real time, Reuters reported. The company uses some of the data in autonomous driving technologies, as well as for analyzing the situation on the roads. The service also claimed to store all data about Chinese users of its services in the country.

Didi Shares Drop 15% Amid Cybersecurity Investigation


On Friday, July 2, it became known that the Cybersecurity Administration of China has launched an investigation into the taxi aggregator to protect national security and public interest. The department also explained that this is necessary to ensure the security of user data in China. At the time of the check, DiDi was banned from registering new users.

The Financial Times wrote that usually such checks can last up to 30 working days, in difficult cases – up to 45 days.

The taxi service stated that it is ready to cooperate with the authorities and conduct a comprehensive examination of security risks.

On news of the audit, DiDi shares fell 15% to $ 14.73 per share. Later the fall slowed down. The service is currently trading at $ 15.53.

At the end of June, the DiDi service entered the New York Stock Exchange, where it raised $ 4.4 billion.


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In Britain, a radio host died after being vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine :: Society :: RBC

Von Reibnitz, 76, was vaccinated earlier this year, according to the newspaper. After some time, her state of health began to cause concern among doctors, who diagnosed thrombosis. Wherein
a direct link between vaccination and the appearance of blood clots could not be established, the newspaper notes.

In Cambridge, activists barricaded the entrance to the AstraZeneca company

Read on RBC Pro

In early March, several European countries announced at once that after the injection of AstraZeneca, some patients were diagnosed with venous thrombosis and thromboembolism. Several deaths have been recorded. After that, most EU countries temporarily suspended the use of the drug.

In turn, the company stated that the vaccine meets all safety criteria, the WHO and the European drug regulator emphasized that the positive effect of the drug outweighs all possible risks of adverse reactions. Experts advised to continue vaccination campaigns using AstraZeneca.

In April, British authorities reported that 79 cases of thrombosis were detected after an injection of the drug, 19 of which resulted in death. The European Medicines Agency has since confirmed that there is a link between blood clots and the AstraZeneca vaccine. However, experts were unable to name its cause. They called the risk of blood clots minimal.


Giovani Dos Santos will go to Club León

Giovani Dos Santos was one of the strongest bets of the Liga MX, but its performance has left much to be desired and has not lived up to expectations. His high salary forces the club to transfer him and important clubs such as Rayados or Osasuna they came to ask about him.

Without a doubt, the former Blaugrana has been one of the great disappointments of Liga MX. It came with the crack label, but its performance has not been up to par. To make matters worse, the Aztec team is eager to give Dos Santos an outlet, since their situation is untenable.

The America came to offer his player ‘star’ to the Red Devils of TolucaThis is due to the interest of the Santiago Solari team in Alan Medina, so they would see a possible exchange between the two players with very good results. Despite his poor form, the former ’10’ from Los Angeles continues to have a good poster in the Mexican league.

The sale will be imminent

Apparently, none of the aforementioned clubs will be chosen to take over the services of the Mexican international. Despite the few sporting merits that Dos Santos can boast in the last 5 years of his career, according to FOX Sports, continues to have a good market both in Spain and in Mexico, where it would precisely have a suitor who could have its incorporation on track: Club León.

The same media indicates that the Aztec club is willing to open its doors to Gio Dos Santos and speed up the operation to tie him up, mainly because of his status as a free agent, which would make his signature much more accessible, even considering the enormous salary that the ’10’ receives.