Almost one in four domestic employees still does not receive the subsidy

Six and a half months after the pandemic broke out, around 7,500 domestic workers who were left without work due to the virus are still waiting for the SEPE to process and pay their benefit, which means that almost one in four who requested it has not even received a response. This was recognized this Friday by the Secretary of State for Employment, Joaquín Pérez Rey, during the press conference to present unemployment and affiliation in September.

Rey explained that this subsidy has “particular overtones” as it has been outside unemployment protection. It should be noted that it is the first time in history that this group (which does not have the right to unemployment) has received state aid. “It has been necessary to establish a whole series of particular mechanisms that have hampered the SEPE’s efforts,” number two of Employment was hidden.

The Government has already approved 23,473 applications for the extraordinary unemployment benefit for domestic workers launched in the face of the pandemic, while it has denied 1,606 requests. The refusal to give them this benefit, which is 70% of their regulatory base (as is the case with unemployment and the ERTE benefit), is due to having submitted this request after the deadline (the limit for submitting the letter ended last 21 July), being duplicated or not meeting any of the requirements, such as that the dismissal or reduction was after March 14 or that their income from work does not exceed the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI).

Household workers registered with Social Security, and who did not have the right to unemployment until this crisis, were able to start requesting this subsidy for dismissals or reduction of working hours related to covid-19 in May. However, the aid has reached very few: just 6.2% of the group, one of the most vulnerable. Those who have received this aid are mostly women who were fired during the state of alarm, while those who continued to be discharged although with a reduction in working hours are having more obstacles, as this newspaper has been able to verify.

This sector has suffered the impact of this pandemic to a greater extent, since it has lost more than 21,300 jobs since this crisis broke out. Thus, the system now barely has 374,000 members in the household regime (in women because they are the vast majority), compared to the more than 394,000 in February.

The subsidy, with an amount that represents 70% of the employee’s regulatory base, is compatible with other activities as long as the SMI, established at 950 euros per month, is not exceeded.


400 minor migrants supported in ten European countries

Ten European Union (EU) countries will welcome 400 unaccompanied minor migrants evacuated from the Greek island of Lesvos after the gigantic fire in the Moria refugee camp, the German Minister of the Interior announced on Friday (September 11th) , Horst Seehofer, specifying that Germany and France would each take care of 100 to 150 of these children.

These 400 unaccompanied minors have already been transferred to mainland Greece after the fire that devastated the unsanitary and overcrowded camp, and left the more than 12,000 people who lived there in the greatest poverty.

On the island of Lesbos, survive in the camps

“We are in discussion with other countries” of the EU that can accommodate these children, said Horst Seehofer during a press conference with the European Commissioner for Migration, Margaritis Schinas, who was participating by video from Athens. The Netherlands had offered Thursday, September 10 to take care of a hundred migrants, half of them minors.

The European Union is tearing itself apart

« [L’incendie du camp de] Moria is a stern reminder to all members of what we need to change in Europe ”, judged Margiritis Schinas, who was then to meet with the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis. “We need solidarity in migration policy” of the EU, he added.

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The Moria tragedy has reignited the debate on the reception of asylum seekers in Europe, over which the EU countries are tearing themselves apart. The European Commission is due to present at the end of the month a long-awaited, and several times rejected, proposal for a new pact on migration and asylum.


Motochorro got out of jail to collect the IFE at the bank – News

A detainee was filmed in the last hours while he was descending from a transfer unit of the Federal Penitentiary Service to enter under custody a private bank to collect the IFE, as explained by the channel Chronicle.

The newscast showed a video where a detainee is observed entering a branch of the Supervielle bank directly.

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As explained by one of the journalists of the news, it is a prisoner motorcycle who was collecting the second fee from the IFE.

He Emergency Family Income (IFE), whose third payment began to be made this week, covers almost 9 million people, especially the unemployed or workers in the informal economy, who receive 10,000 pesos from the national State to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the economic activity.

Report by Ariel Rodríguez.


Employment, health, pensions… A busy social agenda for Jean Castex

Summer promises to be studious for Jean Castex, with a busy social agenda. First, the Health Segur, which the new Prime Minister wishes to conclude in the ” next days “. Despite the announcement of aid of nearly seven billion euros for caregivers, negotiations have slipped between the reshuffle and the demands of the unions. The latter are asking for a firm commitment on salary increases, rather than a global envelope.

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After the caregivers, the young people. The executive must present a youth employment plan. Given the economic crisis, they will find it more difficult to find a first job.

In the process will come the reform of unemployment insurance. Scheduled for April 1, it has been postponed to September 1 due to the epidemic. Unions and associations of the unemployed are now demanding its cancellation or at least a second postponement, because the reform had been planned at the time when unemployment was falling.

The return of pension reform

But in the continuity of Emmanuel Macron’s interview with the regional press on Friday, Jean Castex above all put forward the pension reform, put on stand-by after its adoption in the National Assembly in early March by resorting to 49 -3. ” The crisis has greatly exacerbated the challengecit of our pension plans “, estimated the new Prime Minister in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche, indicating that he wishes resume dialogue with social partners “On this file, to settle it” short term ».

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The President of the Republic said at the end of the week that “ there will be no abandonment of pension reform ” and ” the question of the number of years we contribute remains open ” Emmanuel Macron, however, said he was ready for a “ transformation Of the reform, to take account of the crisis.

The government is concerned about a situation report published on June 11 by the Pensions Guidance Council, which estimates that the resources of the pension system would decrease massively (due to the economic stoppage, measures of partial unemployment and unemployment), while spending is expected to fall only slightly. However, the document warns of ” high uncertainties Around these first forecasts.

Employment first

The unions mainly denounce the order of priorities. ” The priority of priorities must be employment Reacted Laurent Berger, the general secretary of the CFDT yet not opposed to the reform. “We are in a very complicated situation economically and socially, he said. Thousands of people are unfortunately going to be unemployed (…) We are not going to go back to joking on the issue of pensions ”.

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On the employers’ side, we procrastinate. During a debate at the Aix-en-Seine economic meetings, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux wished “ put all our energy into what matters, that is to say the production tool. ” For the President of Medef, discussions may resume “If we managed to save the job”.


No Serbia-Kosovo Meeting in the White house

NOh, the provisional charges against the Kosovar President Hashim Thaçi for alleged war crimes burst on Saturday in Washington’s planned talks between Serbia and Kosovo, as well as. According to Thaçi, the Kosovan Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti said his participation. “Due to the new developments (…) I need to return to my country,” he told Thursday morning via Twitter.

The special Prosecutor of Kosovo, the criminal court in The Hague, was charged on Wednesday, provisional charges against Thaçi and several other actors of the Kosovan war of independence against Serbia in 1998/99. Thaçi had commanded the kosovo Albanian underground army UÇK. The provisional indictment puts the accused in a serious crime in ten points for the load, including murder, persecution and torture. The victims are said to have been hundreds of Serbs, Kosovo Albanians, Roma and political opponents.

Thaçi had already announced on Wednesday the American Balkan hire Richard Grenell its cancellation. Together with Hoti, he should have been in the White house, the Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić will meet.

Serbia refused the almost exclusively Albanian-inhabited Kosovo, the recognition, since this freed with Nato help in 1999 of Serbia, and in 2008, the independent declared. In 2011, the EU-mediated talks on the normalization of relations between the two Balkan countries for almost two years on the ice.

The planned Meeting in Washington on the Initiative of the diplomats Grenell. It was controversial from the very beginning, because it seemed to be the EU diplomacy to run. Grenell was until recently a Bosch after-in Berlin and enjoys the confidence of the President, Donald Trump.


Right to unemployment 2020: Minimum period of contribution necessary to collect unemployment

The facilities in the processing of the temporary employment regulation (ERTE) files decreed after the declaration of the State of Alarm and the news that those affected, although without dismissal, were technically unemployed generated concern among those who had not contributed what is necessary to be entitled to collect unemployment benefit. Because to collect unemployment it is not enough to lose your job. In addition you have to lose it in certain circumstances and after having worked a minimum period.

Regardless of what is applied in the ERTE linked to the health crisis, where given the exceptional circumstances, no requirements have been demanded, the contributory unemployment benefit requires fulfilling a series of conditions, both linked to the reasons for the dismissal and to the quote. The first is, therefore, to be registered in Social Security or in a situation assimilated to discharge.

The second, Find yourself in legal unemployment status, which are those in which the causes for which the employment relationship ends or is suspended are alien to the worker. The Public State Employment Service (SEPE) recognizes dismissal as such; the termination of the employment relationship due to the death, retirement or disability of the employer; the end of the temporary contract due to the expiration of the agreed time or completion of the work or service that is the subject of the contract; the cessation for not exceeding the trial period or the conclusion of the period of productive activity. A detail; those who see can also access unemployment temporarily reduced their ordinary workday between a minimum of 10% and 70%.

Although, as a general rule, those who leave their job voluntarily cannot collect unemployment, there are occasions when, even so, the benefit can be claimed. This is the case of those who see their working conditions modified (hours, hours …), who suffer continuous delays in the collection of wages or are not directly receiving it, and those who do not follow the company in a workplace transfer.

The third condition is being registered as a jobseeker and available to actively seek a “suitable placement”, which implies commit to participate in specific actions of “motivation, information, guidance, training, retraining or professional insertion”. Participation in these «actions to improve the possibilities of finding a job» will be voluntary during the first 30 days in which the benefit is received. Then it is mandatory and subject to penalties.

Contribution requirements to collect unemployment

Finally, there are a minimum number of days of contributions necessary to collect the contributory unemployment benefit, which is what we normally call unemployment and which should not be confused with unemployment benefits. If you want to collect the contributory unemployment you must have accumulated almost twelve months (360 days) quoted during the previous six years. If you do not reach that minimum, you will not be able to request unemployment, although you can access other aid such as the aforementioned subsidy.

The duration of the benefit will depend on what you have quoted above those twelve months. If you are between 360 and 539 days you will receive the benefit for 10 days; if you stay between 540 and 719, you will collect it for 180 … For every 179 days that you add to the quote, the benefit will be extended 60 days more thus up to the maximum, which is 720 days of unemployment for exceeding 2,160 of contributions. At you can access a simulator that gives an approximation (merely informative) of the duration and amount of the contributory benefit.

But be careful, because not all quotes count equally either. To begin with, the SEPE will only take into account those that you have not ‘consumed’. That is, those that you have used before to request other benefits or subsidies. The days you are collecting unemployment do not count either; they do add up towards retirement or if we request other benefits such as disability, but they do not serve to accumulate more unemployment. On the other hand, contributions linked to paid and unused vacation days will be taken into account.

Amount of unemployment benefits

The amount of the contributory benefit depends on the contribution bases to Social Security for professional contingencies during the last 180 days of contributions, without taking into account overtime. Once the regulatory base is known, the benefit will be 70% for the first 180 days and 50% from day 181.

In any case, the amounts have a legally established maximum and minimum, which vary whether or not they have dependent children. In 2020, these limits are between 501.98 euros per month for someone who does not have children and 1,411.83 euros for those who, due to their regulatory base, are entitled to the maximum and also have two or more children in their care.

How to calculate the regulatory base


A total of 255,000 citizens will start collecting the Ingrs Mnim Vital on June 26th

Open plan of the meeting by videoconference of the Spanish President, Pedro Snchez, with the regional presidents

A total of 255,000 citizens of the State will charge for the first time theMinimum Vital Income (IMV) on June 26, as announced by the President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, at a press conference. The President stressed that it will be reached 75,000 households this June and that “more than half” of the ex-officio beneficiaries are minors. On the other hand, in a week since the approval of the IMV, the web portal of the new benefit has received 21 million visits and have been made 3.5 million simulations. Sanchez has defended “the creation of such an extraordinary measure” and has pointed out that among its goals is the fight against child poverty.


Axel Vizuete renews and will take over the Girona branch in the Third Division

Until the ascent to Third was not a reality, Axel Vizuete was dedicated to offer some brushstroke of its future. He always dyed it white-and-red, but never took it one hundred percent for granted. Once Girona B was promoted, after leading its Primera Catalana group with an iron fist and receiving the award from the FCF, which had to resolve the competitions in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, it was already said with his mouth wide open. Officiality was needed, however. He arrived yesterday. Vizuete renews his contract for one year and will take over the subsidiary in the fourth highest category of state football.

Both he and the organization have been working for days on planning the squad to face what will be their fourth campaign at the helm of the team. “We want a subsidiary with young players, who have the talent and ambition to reach the first team. We will help them, making them aware of what the path is. We want a team with very clear ideas, that wants to be dominating, that enjoys the ball but also when it doesn’t have it. That he be sacrificed and at the same time honored “, says Vizuete in statements provided yesterday by Girona.


a democratic, black and Muslim attorney general in charge of prosecutions

In a country shaken with indignation by the murder of African-American George Floyd, a figure from the left wing of the party finds himself in the spotlight. Keith Ellison, 56, the Minnesota Attorney General, will bear the heavy burden of prosecuting Derek Chauvin, the police officer accused of choking the victim. Democratic Governor Tim Walz gave him this responsibility after consulting with George Floyd’s family.

An atypical profile

Keith Ellison immediately accepted “With humility and great seriousness”. “We will use all the resources necessary to obtain justice in this case”, he reacted on Twitter. In the United States, the position of attorney general covers a very wide field. Present in each of the 50 states, he is the main legal adviser to the government, also responsible for the application of laws or their compliance with the constitution.

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Some are directly appointed, others elected, such as Keith Ellison, who obtained the post after several federal terms. When he entered the House of Representatives in 2003, he caused scandal among conservative Republicans by becoming the first member to take an oath on the Koran rather than the Bible. That never stopped him from being re-elected in 2007 in a rural state with a large majority of whites.

The choice of Tim Walz is a way of taking into account the opinion of protesters who took to the streets to protest against racist police violence. “We have to start making sure that confidence is restored”, he said, lamenting a lack of confidence in the justice system. It is also about not losing Minnesota, in a region of the Great Lakes already responsible for the defeat of Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump.

Calm the spirits

Keith Ellison’s profile could reassure some of the protesters. Born into a Catholic family, converted to Islam at the age of 19 while studying law, followed at Wayne State University, he flirted in his youth with “Black muslim” (“Black Muslims”), a political-religious group advocating African-American nationalism, before moving away from it.

A left wing figure in the Democratic Party, he supported Bill Sanders during the Democratic nomination contest in the United States. In 2018, Keith Ellison ran for the post of attorney general with the idea that he could block the way to certain measures taken by the Trump administration, including the “travel ban”, decree of January 2017 which suspends the program of reception of refugees.

George Floyd’s family hailed police arrest as first step on “The way of justice”, but judged her ” late “ and insufficient. “We want a charge of intentional homicide with premeditation. And we want to see the other agents (involved) arrested “, she said in a statement. For the time being, a criminal complaint by the Hennepin County prosecutor has been filed against the police officer accused of “Third degree murder” and ” manslaughter “. It will be up to Keith Ellison, if necessary after investigation, to reclassify the facts.


Al Thani goes from losing 46 million to earning 87 after revaluing his 10.3% of El Corte Inglés | Companies

Primefin, the company through which the Qatari sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani owns 10.3% of the capital of El Corte Inglés, has declared profits of 87 million euros in its accounts for the 2018 financial year, which has Recently published in the Luxembourg Mercantile Register, where it is located. A result that contrasts with the losses of 46 million registered in the previous year.

In general, Primefin accounts tend to stand out for the volatility of their annual results since they began publishing them in 2014. A year later, their entry in El Corte Inglés was consummated, even at the time of Dimas Gimeno, through a loan convertible of 1,000 million euros that initially gave it a 10% stake in the Spanish group of department stores.

The 87 million earned in 2018 contrasts with the 46 lost in 2017, but these were also far from the 59 million profit of 2016 or the 142 of 2015. A sawtooth that in the case of 2018 is due to a legal accounting practice which allowed him to increase his financial income to 166 million euros, 113 million more than those declared in the previous year. This is the key factor in declaring that net profit of 87 million, in addition to lower financial expenses.

The secret is in the valuation he makes of the shares of El Corte Inglés that he owns, which is Primefin’s main business object. To do this, it uses the future cash flow discount valuation method, to which it applies a weighted average cost of capital of 9%. The latter takes into account elements such as financial debt, own funds or tax elements. That 9% is significantly lower than the 9.35% that was calculated in the previous year.

A percentage that may seem meager, but which in the calculation leads to a valuation of 1,159 million euros, a difference of 130 million euros from one year to the next. This amount is the one that is reflected in the income statement as financial income and that allows you to achieve the profit with which you closed the 2018 financial year.

In addition, the investment operation in El Corte Inglés includes another derivative, which provides for compensation by the Spanish group in the event of an IPO. This derivative had a value of 22.4 million, 1.4 more than in 2017. On the other hand, it declares a dividend payment of 6.9 million.

However, all these projections are now on wet paper after the impact that the coronavirus has had on the company chaired by Marta Álvarez.

The state of alarm decreed on March 14 caused the closure of most of its stores, and it was only able to keep supermarkets and food or parapharmacy areas open.

Starting next Monday, El Corte Inglés will be able to have all its centers open without limitation in area but in capacity, so the ability to generate income will continue to be penalized for the duration of the same.

Participation that could have been 13.25%

Al Thani currently owns 10.33% of El Corte Inglés, compared to the initial 10% it had at the beginning of its investment. The agreement signed then with Dimas Gimeno gave him the option to increase his stake to 13.25%. First, with the achievement of a series of operational objectives that allowed it to add up to 1% more than capital. Finally, this compliance was partial and only received 0.33%. You could also have earned 2.25% if you had decided to convert the interest generated by the $ 1 billion loan into shares. However, he preferred to receive it in cash.