Throwback Challenge! I C: …

Throwback Challenge! #familythings #family #challenge #familygames #competition #fun #game #familytime #familyfun #familygamenight ic: @alexpresley_


Throwback challenge! #familythings #family #challenge #familygames #competition #fun #game #familytime #familyfun #familygamenight IC: @alexpresley_

♬ Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

Matt Jump Challenge (trampoline version) almost died! …

Matt Jump Challenge (trampoline version) @laurentherockstar almost died! #cheer #LaughPause #ults #fun #challenge #fyp #cheersquad #foryou #bump


Mat Jump Challenge (Trampoline Edition) @laurentherockstar almost died! #cheer #LaughPause #practice #fun #challenge #fyp #cheersquad #foryou #jump

♬ original sound – RaulD33

#fyp #viral #world #worldstar #guinnessworldrecords @averycyrus #whoa #memes #challenge #onedirection #beast #star #netflix #americagalalent #news


#fyp #viral #world #worldstar #guinnessworldrecords @averycyrus #whoa #memes #challenge #onedirection #beast #star #netflix #americagottalent #news

♬ original sound – Evanilson

Fortnite: Scan a server in a surface station, challenge and quest week 13 – Breakflip

Find out how to scan a server in a surface station for the Week 13 challenge in Fortnite.

Each week, weekly challenges are available in Fortnite, thus allowing to gain XP and advance in the battle pass. These challenges are sometimes quite complicated to achieve when you do not know how to go about it!

This may be the case with the Week 13 challenge, asking for scan a server in a surface station. We explain how to do it.

Where to scan a server in a surface station in Fortnite?

Surface stations are places a little hidden in specific buildings in Fortnite! For this challenge, you will have to go to three different surface stations: those of Stealthy Stronghold, Hunter’s Haven and Colossal Coliseum. We are not not sure about the location of the Colossal Coliseum server, but the other two work!

In each of these stations are servers, which you will have to scan to validate the challenge. You are given the location of these servers on the map below:

scanner-server-fortnite-workstationLocation of servers in surface stations

The easiest way to find the different servers is to use a video. We have prepared the video below for you to easily give you the different locations:

You can also use the screenshots below to find the servers. These are always found in the basement of a building, so it can be quite complicated to find them!

1 – The Stealthy Stronghold server

scanner-server-workstation-surface-fortnite-1The Stealthy Stronghold Surface Post server

2 – The Hunter’s Haven server

scanner-server-workstation-surface-fortnite-2The Hunter’s Haven Surface Station server

3 – The Colossal Coliseum server

scanner-server-workstation-surface-fortnite-3The Colossal Coliseum surface substation server



Fortnite: Throwing a fruit at Hunter’s Haven, challenge and quest week 13 – Breakflip

We explain how to throw a fruit in Fortnite for the challenge of week 13!

The challenges of week 13 of Fortnite are available, and as always, some challenges are quite complicated to achieve! This is the case for one of the challenges of the week, which we help you to succeed, to obtain the promised XP of this quest.

This is the challenge asking to throw a fruit in Hunter’s Haven. We explain how to succeed in the quest!

How to throw a fruit at Hunter’s Haven in Fortnite?

To succeed in this challenge, you will have to start by finding a fruit! This fruit, you can find it at northwest of Hunter’s Haven, near a tree! Indeed, you will find apples, which will do perfectly well to validate this quest.

If you don’t know their location, you can use the map below as well as the screenshot:

emplacement-fruits-hunters-haven-fortniteApple location near Hunter’s Haven

fruit-lancer-hunters-havenFruits near Hunter’s Haven in Fortnite

Once in front of the apple, choose ” Take ”And not“ Consume ”, at the risk of eating the fruit and then not having any! You will then be in its possession, and can direct you to Hunter’s Haven for the second part of the challenge, which consists of throw the fruit.

To throw your fruit, do a right click to aim, then a left click to launch. Normally you should get there pretty easily! Complete this challenge three times in a row to complete it, and collect the promised XP.