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Andrey Burim

(Photo: mellstroy / UK)

A criminal case was opened against blogger Andrei Burim (Mellstroy), who beat the girl on the air. This was reported by RIA Novosti and the Moskva agency, citing sources in law enforcement agencies.

The interlocutor of RIA Novosti indicated that Burim was interrogated on the evening of October 22. He is under recognizance not to leave, a criminal case has been initiated against him under Art. 116 of the Criminal Code (beatings).

As the “Moskva” agency reports with reference to a source, Burim “for no reason, out of hooligan motives” grabbed the model Alena Efremova by the neck and hit her face on the table surface more than twice. It was broadcast live on the blogger’s YouTube channel.

YouTube blogger arrested on charges of illegal access to state secrets

Andrey Pyzh

The girl received a closed craniocerebral injury, concussion, bruises of the soft tissues of the zygomatic region, as well as the cervical and thoracic spine, the agency points out.


abandonment of Romain Bardet, victim of a concussion

Romain Bardet, the best French chance for the general classification after the fall of Thibaut Pinot in the first stage, had to abandon the Tour de France on Friday evening September 11, suffering from a concussion after falling in a downhill during the 13th step.

The Auvergnat runner took exams at the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital after the finish of the race at Puy Mary (Cantal). He occupied 11th place in the general classification. “The fall was violent, downhill, and I struggled all day, declared Romain Bardet. The medical examinations confirmed what I had foreseen and I am not able to continue the race ”.

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Second in the Tour in 2016 and third in 2017, Romain Bardet was the best French chance for the general classification after the fall of Thibaut Pinot in Nice. His retirement is the first of his career in the Tour de France in which he has participated every year since his first participation in 2013.

Date of resumption of competition according to the evolution

Winner of several mountain stages in previous years, he brought back the polka-dot jersey for the best climber last year on the Champs-Élysées. “Romain had a brain scan which did not reveal any lesion”, said Dr Eric Bouvat, doctor of the French team. However, it is necessary that he stops his sports activities. His date of resumption of competition will be defined according to the evolution ”.

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The start of the 13e stage was given in Châtel-Guyon (Puy-de-Dôme), near his place of residence in the vicinity of Clermont-Ferrand. The arrival was judged at Puy Mary which he described on Friday morning as “A great spot”, “One of my favorite places”.

At the start of the race, he met his wife Amandine and his first child Angus, born during confinement, on the side of the road. “The legs are one thing, success is something else, he admitted before this step. It’s OK for now. But there is a part of fatality in this ”.

A fall of 65 km / hour

Romain Bardet fell at the 100th kilometer of the route of the 13e 191.5 km stage, at the same time as the Dutchman Bauke Mollema, soon forced to retire (fracture of the left wrist), and other riders including the Colombian Nairo Quintana. Stunned, his right hip raw, he got back on the bike to take his place in the peloton and finish the stage.

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If he was left behind on the ramps of the last two climbs, the Frenchman managed to limit the loss of time in the general classification, falling from fourth to eleventh place, three minutes from the wearer of the yellow jersey, the Slovenian Primoz Roglic.

The fall occurred in a wide downhill curve, at a speed of 65 km / h according to the details he gave on arrival. “At this speed, it’s not a trivial fall”, had reacted in race his sports director Julien Jurdie.

“I was cursed today”

“It couldn’t be worse todaysaid the runner after the finish. I stumbled and hit my head. I struggled to find my senses instantly. I have severe pain in my right leg. I lost all my feelings in my fall, I was cursed today ”.

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Romain Bardet’s 8th Tour de France, his last under the colors of the AG2R La Mondiale team for which he has been racing since his debut, therefore ended prematurely. Next year, the native of Brioude (Haute-Loire) will run for the German team Sunweb.


Virginia Torrecilla and the message after overcoming a brain tumor that moved Pau Gasol

The player of the Atlético de Madrid, Virginia Torrecilla, she was successfully operated on for a brain tumor, as she herself explained upon discharge. “I won the most important game of my life and for you to know that this is the beginning of something great.” The player recounted everything she has experienced in recent weeks through a video uploaded to Instagram, in which she ended up launching a beautiful message of vitality that moved on the networks and especially to Pau Gasol.

“You get out of anything, all you need is desire and strength. I am the most positive aunt in the world. I only had one way and that was to do this in order to continue. I hope this is the beginning of something great. If I lived life before, now I will live it twice. Thank everyone who has been with me. To my family, my friends, my doctor and Atlético de Madrid, who has given everything for me, ”said Virginia just before being discharged.

The Spanish center could not help but respond to these emotional words from the mattress player. “Your smile and your words have moved me and show enormous mental strength. You are a great player, but what you transmit to us as a person is much more important. Although by the love I read you will already know, the whole world of sports is with you. Lots of strength, Virginia, ”he shared.

This is how he lived it

Torrecilla also took advantage of his improvement after the operation to tell how he has lived through this difficult situation. “I returned to Madrid with a headache and cervical pain a week ago. They did a CT scan and found a tumor. At first they thought it wasn’t evil, but imagine what it meant to me“, said.

“I have always lived like a madwoman, imagine what it was … On the 14th they told me and as soon as possible I traveled to Navarra. They admitted me immediately, on Monday I went into the operating room and everything was great. The operation has been successful. I have to keep it. I just wanted all of this because it is important to me that everyone who fights a disease sees it and continues to fight day by day, “he said.

“I never imagined that something like this could happen to me or someone in my family. I want to send a lot of strength to everyone and I wanted you to know for myselfTorrecilla finished. Thus, the messages of encouragement from the world of sports were immediate. From the support of Álvaro Arbeloa Even Atlético Femenino’s teammates turned to the midfielder.


Concussions in sports, prevention is taking small steps

Fewer accidents and increased player safety. This is the good news that representatives of World Rugby, the governing body of world ovalism, wanted to share at the symposium on health held from March 3 to 5 in Paris. The figures for the 2019 World Cup in Japan are actually quite satisfactory.

Before the competition, the clarification of the rules to avoid high tackles and the severity instructions given to the referees, who distributed more yellow cards (+ 74%) and red cards (+ 138%), paid off: a drop in number of concussions by 28%, and an overall decrease in other injuries (83 per 1,000 hours of play versus 90 at the 2015 World Cup).

Rugby takes the path of wisdom, but discipline is only at the beginning of the path. And the obstacles are legion. France has been testing since the start of the season in Federal 2 and other lower leagues the ban on two-tackles and the lowering of the tackle line at the waist. 70 games are under analysis and results will fall in April. In the meantime, the French Rugby Federation (FFR) has surveyed the clubs concerned. Over 600 responded, and almost a third judged the experiment “Very negative”. Suffice to say that the change among the pros is far from guaranteed.

Increase awareness in the amateur world

In most debates, there is always a question of better protecting the tackled player. What neurologist Jean-François Chermann regrets, specialist in concussions and referent on the subject for some clubs including Racing 92 in rugby or PSG in football: “I published a study on the Top 14 with a monitoring of concussions over two years for Racing 92 and the French Stadium, and I found that 70% of the concussions touched the tackler and not the tackle. You also have to be interested in rucks, these phases of the game where players try to scratch the balls and which generate a lot of concussions. Also be careful to remain vigilant on certain measures, such as consultation with an independent specialist within 48 hours for affected players, which I had helped to set up. Some people want to delete it. It would be a serious mistake. “

Nothing is won, even in rugby, however pioneer. In other sports, it’s time to improve devices, or even just awareness. In football, if the professional world is more and more reactive, the amateur universe is still “Too often in denial, with educators and young players who don’t want to hear about it”, says Emmanuel Orhant, the medical director of the French Football Federation. For whom, beyond football, there is a lack of general mobilization on the subject: “There should be a common message that should be disseminated by the Ministry of Sports and the French National Olympic and Sports Committee. Because for me, this is really a public health problem “, hammered the doctor.

Awareness needed in many sports

“When I warned about the risks in rugby ten years ago, it took a while for the authorities to understand that I was not against discipline but that it was essential to take radical measures, says Jean-François Chermann. I then worked with judo, where many thought the problem was anecdotal until it was shown that 30% of the judokas of the French teams had done at least one. I now work with basketball, and I have found that 20% of the players have already been concussed in the France team. We still have to overcome many resistances to move forward. “

Doctors, however, guard against overly alarmist speech. “A concussion is not necessarily dramatic, says Emmanuel Orhant. However, mismanagement of the concussion can have serious consequences. This is what we need to make clear in the sports world. “


Banning heads for young footballers in debate

In late February, the British and Scottish football federations banned heads in training for players under the age of 12. A decision notably motivated by a publication by the University of Glasgow on former professional players: they were 3.5 times more likely to develop a neurodegenerative disease, according to this 2019 study.

In France, MP Bruno Studer (LREM, Bas-Rhin) has just written to the Minister for Sport. “Maybe we should delay the time when we make heads, adjust the weight and inflation of balloons according to age. I’m not in the process of being banned, but you have to wonder “said the chosen one.

Doctor Emmanuel Orhant wants to be reassuring: “There is no scientific link between head play and neurodegenerative problems. The English decision (…) obeys a simple precautionary principle. “