“I’m going to retire until everything is back to normal”

| 19/10/2020 – 7:43am (GMT-4)

Sad news for fans of Ozuna: he reggaeton withdraws from music until everything returns to normal and the coronavirus crisis passes.

The news has taken by surprise the followers of the Puerto Rican artist, who recently released his fourth studio album ENOC, a job that is paying off and has been publishing news until last week.

The interpreter of Candy gave the news of his temporary dismissal through Twitter, where he wrote the following statement: “I am going to retire until everything returns to normal !!!! F *** COVID”.

Until last week, the singer was publishing new material corresponding to his latest album ENOC and launched the video clip of From sea along with Doja Cat and Sia. For this reason, the news has caught his fans unexpectedly, who have expressed the sadness that his withdrawal produces in the same social network.

“No epidemic is worth depriving yourself of a job you love. It’s easy to leave, but how difficult to return. It’s like climbing a mountain. One example is Don Omar. People quickly find new idols. Don’t beat yourself up, it’s not your fault! of this problem! “,” I understand that you will be going through difficult times, but please do not withdraw “,” Look for solutions and do not stress, that does not lead to your goals or success! People follow you and you see as an example, give them hope, you can. A hug “. “Now is when we need your music most and I always look for support in it, you can not leave it like that, black boy”, are some responses that are read below the tweet.

Although there are also those who support his decision and encourage him to take a break right now to enjoy his family and come back with more strength and new music: “Take advantage of spending beautiful moments with your family. Then, return to music recharged and with more strength”.

Many of his fans hope that this message was written in a moment of impulsiveness and that he is not really going to withdraw from music, since the crisis due to the pandemic has no set end date, for now.

What do you think of the decision The Negrito with Light Eyes?

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TikTok’s Bella Poarch did this in the elevator with Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber released his new theme song entitled ‘Lonely’ – recounting how he actually spent his childhood at the peak of fame. However, fans were surprised when she had a special participation in the song’s broadcast: Bella Poarch from TikTok.

Justin Bieber He launched ‘Lonely’, new theme in collaboration with Benny White which comes accompanied by a great and melancholic video clip. In it, the Canadian singer casts the supposed reality that he lived as a teenage star. It featured the young actor Jacob Tremblay (“Wonder”, “The room”) as incarnation of little Justin.

In the video we can see the actor in a dressing room completely alone. Then he goes to the stage, also empty. When the camera focuses on the stalls, Bieber is the only spectator. In just a few hours, the video clip has more than 8 million views on YouTube.

Justin Bieber released ‘Lonely’, the true story of his famous childhood.

“To be honest, the song is difficult for me to listen to considering how difficult it was to finish some of these chapters. I think it expresses vulnerability and that’s why I think this song is very powerful.”, Justin Bieber highlighted through his official Twitter account.

Now, the surprising thing goes beyond the history that the singer lived when he was just a child. The diffusion of ‘Lonely’ was not only through the social networks of Justin, Benny or the fans, but also one of the people with the most followers in TikTok: the 19-year-old Finn, Bella Poarch.

While at first we see how Bella Poarch appears inside an elevator, apparently sad and alone (as the song ‘Lonely’ says in the background), then Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco make their entrance, both with alpaca stuffed animals in their hands, the great fanaticism of Bella. The video on TikTok already owns more than 2.3 million views.

So they are dancing for a few seconds until Bella Poarch applauds and both Justin and Benny “disconnect”, as if they were toys that have been turned off or their battery runs out. The great unknown is how they met: according to Internet users, Justin took the fame of the young tiktokera and decided to make her a participant in his new video clip to gain even more followers. Incredible and unexpected surprise.

Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco premiered ‘Lonely’.


Osada: Sofía Vergara captivated her fans with this micro leopard neckline

Sofía Vergara left everyone with their mouths open with this TBT in which she shows her “girls” squeezed together in a beautiful animal print bra.

Sofia Vergara He does not beat around the bush, and is that lately he has published a series of TBT on his Instagram account in which he shows off his best photo shoots, and in this one his “girls” pose daringly in front of the camera lens.

Sofía Vergara’s “girls” are a focal point in any of her photographs.

It is no secret to anyone that Sofia Vergara She is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, her statuesque figure and her Latin beauty make this 48-year-old actress perfect, indomitable and unique, penetrating the hearts of all her fans.

In the postcard published by the Colombian, you can see that same figure we are talking about adorned with a leopard set that highlights one of the best parts of the actress’s silhouette.

With black hair to the middle of the back, Sofia Vergara shows the perfect and charming neckline that no one can take their eyes off, one that has earned her compliments and compliments forever.

The current judge of the talent show “America’s Got Talent” seems to be recalling the best years of her youth as this photograph belongs to a conglomerate of snapshots that Vergara has been publishing for some time and that correspond to her photographic book.

However, her body today has nothing to envy that of before, as it remains intact and even more curvilinear than before.

This woman has earned her place among the most followed celebrities on the planet with her charisma, her constant work and her infinite beauty.


‘Moulin Rouge’ Star Could Still Lose a One-Man Race for the Tony

When the Broadway community announced the nominees for its 74th annual Tony Awards this week, it may have come as little surprise that theatrical veteran Aaron Tveit was named a contender for best leading actor in a musical. His performance in “Moulin Rouge! The Musical,” the show based on the 2001 Baz Luhrmann movie, had already garnered praise from audiences and critics alike.

The surprise was that Mr. Tveit has the high-profile category all to himself, with nary a single competitor.

It is still a contest, awards officials explain, because Mr. Tveit must earn approval of 60% of Tony voters to win the coveted statue. Meaning—he still might lose a one-man race.

“I guess Aaron is in a class all his own,” said “Moulin” lead producer, Carmen Pavlovic.

Mr. Tveit might have had some competition, but the nominating committee decided not to nominate the only other actor who qualified: Chris McCarrell, the male star of “The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical.”

Broadway fans and professionals can’t quite make sense of the matter. Some think it might have been better for the Tonys to cut the category completely. Others say that the best leading actor and actress categories could have been combined to allow for a true competition.

The topsy-turvy Tonys are a result of Broadway being shut down for months due to the pandemic. Theaters closed mid-March, with reopening dates pushed off multiple times and now slated for the end of May 2021 at the earliest. The situation has left the industry, which employs about 97,000 directly or indirectly, in shambles, with some actors leaving New York as they wait for shows to resume.

“There’s nothing normal about anything happening in 2020,” said Jamie DuMont, one of the hosts of a Broadway-themed podcast.

An advertisement in Times Square for “West Side Story” in February. Broadway theaters are closed until next year.


AFP via Getty Images

There was a much smaller number of productions to consider than usual—18 compared with the 30-plus in seasons past—because of the curtailed calendar.

Whatever the outcome, Mr. Tveit has already made history: Tony officials say there has never been an instance of an acting category with a sole nominee in the Tony’s 74-year history.

Mr. Tveit, who had failed to earn Tony recognition for his previous Broadway performances, said, in a statement, “It’s a huge honor and I am so grateful to be nominated!!” Mr. McCarrell couldn’t be reached for comment.

“The Lightning Thief,” a musical based on Rick Riordan’s popular young-adult novel, failed to earn a single nomination, even given the limited competition.

Celia Rose Gooding in a performance of “Jagged Little Pill.” The musical received 15 Tony nominations.


Matthew Murphy/Associated Press

In addition to the snub in the lead actor category, “Lightning Thief” also wasn’t recognized in the category of best original score, even though it was the only musical eligible for the contest.

Youthful fans of “The Lightning Thief” say the show was, well, robbed.

“Surely, some aspect of it is worthy” of a nod, said Julia Savoca Gibson, a college student in Virginia who saw the musical during a pre-Broadway national tour.

“We didn’t create the show for the Tony nominating committee. We created it for the legions of fans who love it,” said Michael Harrington, executive director of TheaterWorks USA, the nonprofit company that helped develop “The Lightning Thief.”

The situation of a lone nominee has come up in at least one previous Tony year, according to awards officials. That was in 1995, when the musical “Sunset Boulevard” was the only nominee in two categories—best book and best original score.

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The race for best lead actor in a musical is typically competitive. It is a category that has seen Rex Harrison, Zero Mostel, Jackie Gleason, Jerry Orbach, Kevin Kline, Nathan Lane and Hugh Jackman win in previous years.

Tony organizers haven’t yet set a date for the awards show, which is traditionally held in June. Officials with the Broadway League and American Theatre Wing, the two industry groups behind the awards, declined to comment about plans for the show.

Some in the industry think they may be holding off until closer to when Broadway theaters can reopen, since the awards typically provide a box-office boost to shows. Otherwise, it feels as if there is no point to the Tonys, said Mike Rafael, a Broadway ticket-sales consultant. “It’s a great marketing tool if you have someone to market to,” he said.

Mr. Rafael also wondered if shows would be able to present staged excerpts, which have always been a highlight of past Tony presentations. “Nobody wants to see the cast of ‘Moulin’ singing on Zoom,” he said.

Kristin Stokes, Chris McCarrell, and Jorrel Javier in “The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical.”


Jeremy Daniel

The category for best revival of a musical was eliminated altogether because virtually no shows were eligible— either they hadn’t opened or, in the case of a “West Side Story” revival, it hadn’t been open long enough for a sizable number of Tony voters to see.

“Jagged Little Pill,” the musical, featuring songs from the 1995 Alanis Morissette album of the same name, that opened in December to mixed reviews got 15 nominations. That not only made “Jagged,” which Wall Street Journal theater critic Terry Teachout described as “a cliché-prone chronicle of suburban spiritual emptiness,” the most nominated show of the season, it also put it in the league as such blockbuster Broadway musicals as “Hamilton” (16 nominations in 2016, the record) and “The Producers” (15 in 2001).

“Moulin” was recognized with 14 nods, including the one for Mr. Tveit.

Aaron Tveit and Karen Olivo in the musical “Moulin Rouge!” The show received 14 Tony nominations.


Matthew Murphy/Associated Press

Ms. Pavlovic, the “Moulin” lead producer, woke up in the middle of the night at her home in Australia to catch the nominations news. She said she is grateful not only for the nominations, but also for the fact the industry is forging ahead with the awards.

“It’s very clear there will always be an asterisk next to this year’s Tony Awards,” said theater writer and critic Rob Russo.

The nominees counter that every edition of an awards show brings its share of controversies and questions. “I think it’s all asterisks,” said Arvind Ethan David, a lead producer of “Jagged.”

Mr. David couldn’t celebrate with the cast members because they have dispersed during the Broadway shutdown. So, he planned to send them bottles of wine. “This year we’ll take the wins we can get,” he said.

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Sofía Vergara turned on the nets with this photo in the foam-covered bathtub

Sofía Vergara took everyone’s breath away after posting this TBT of her in the foamy bathtub for Vanity Fair magazine.

Sofia Vergara She has no compassion for anyone, and that is because the beautiful and curvy Colombian actress does not stop posting pictures of her in her best moments, although this does not mean that she does not currently look divine.

Sofía Vergara poses perfect and divine before the camera lens.

On the postcard you can see Sofia Vergara posing for the camera lens while frolicking in a bathtub filled with foam to cover her unclothed body.

Both snapshots are part of a TBT from a photo shoot for Vanity Fair.

A snowy skin that combines with that foam that runs through the humanity of Sofia Vergara, a perfect face that smiles to the lens and the curves, in plain sight but hidden by the bubble bath, make this snapshot a true jewel of time.

In addition to this, you can see the apparatus that represents a photographic session, and that in order to obtain that exclusive snapshot there is a whole work team contributing their grain of sand and, in this postcard, we can see at least 6 people in the photographic set.

This beautiful woman has had an enviable passage through the world of modeling and has made more than one sigh when seeing the elegant and suggestive photographs of this Latin diva that blurs mirrors and camera lenses with her mere presence.

Another thing that characterizes her is her charisma, and with it she continues to captivate and gain followers all over the world, just as she did with her time on the now-defunct series “Modern Family”.


Ana María Polo launches “América”, an emotional song dedicated to all immigrants

| 15/10/2020 – 8:03 am (GMT-4)

The famous Cuban lawyer Ana María Polo has put aside his gavel to exploit his passion for singing and pay through music a special tribute to the Latino community and especially to all those people who have left their land behind to seek a future in the United States best.

The star of the program Caso Cerrado has presented through YouTube the video clip of an emotional song called America, sung in English and Spanish, and which is dedicated to all those who have ventured in one way or another to step on and start from scratch on American soil.

According to the doctor Ana María Polo on his Instagram profile in the post announcing the launch, the theme was born with the idea of ​​cleaning up the bad reputation that immigrants have been dragging for many time, since after all they are also part of the history and the foundation from the country.

“Friends! With great emotion and affection I present to you today the video of America. Motivated by the bad reputation they give to immigrants, I decided to record this song for them that talks about how we came to seek a dream and make the United States of America A new home. I did it so that we remember who we are and that the founders of this country were also immigrants, “said the lawyer.

“What I wish most is that we can live as a community in peace and harmony. Enjoy it!” He concluded.

As expected, the support and messages of congratulations and affection from the more than two million followers that he has on Instagram have not lacked the popular 61 year old doctor.

Comments such as: “Excellent woooow, I am not Cuban but I am Venezuelan and my skin prickled, my heart wrinkled and my eyes could not help but fill with tears”, “Anita has made me cry, you looked beautiful”, ” Thank you very much for representing us so well and raising your voice in our favor, we are all America “,” Thank you so much, that is why I admire and adore you so much “or” Doctor, always so precise in your speeches, I love your temperament and you are beautiful “are some of those that can be read in its publication.

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Kate Middleton gives a lecture on how to wear pants and look more elegant than with a dress

The Duchess of Cambridge never ceases to amaze us, because in each public appearance she demonstrates the great style and glamor that she brings in her blood, making us love every wardrobe choice she makes every day. This time, Kate Middleton She dazzled with her outfit consisting of pants, with which she wasted elegance and class.

Kate Middleton He shared a video on the official account of Kensington Palace on social networks in which he highlighted his good taste and his extraordinary style, typical of a queen. Kate Middleton achieved with pants what can easily be shown with dresses: looking more elegant, formal and sophisticated.

It is a totally black look that highlighted the beauty of the Duchess of Cambridge, which consists of a set of fitted trousers and jacket with large shoulder pads and satin lapels, from one of her favorite brands, Alexander McQueen. Underneath, she wore a fitted top of the same color, and a belt that delimited her tiny waist.

The key to Kate Middleton To look elegant and sophisticated with trousers it was, in part, the monochrome style in black, which is the basic color of elegance, as well as the style of the blazer to the body, with the satin details, which gave it a classic and fancy touch. .

In addition, the royal wore beautiful pearl jewels, which stood out from the sober outfit and gave the whole image shine and class. Her hair was arranged loose with waves, and a delicate and soft makeup, which did not detract from the complete look.

The reason for the video that Kate and Prince William published to publicize the details of the virtual ceremony in which the winner of the photo contest they launched a few weeks ago, to promote the natural beauty of wildlife, will be announced.

“As Patron of the Museum of Natural History, the Duchess will announce the winner of this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year for the competition’s first virtual awards ceremony. Tune in on Tuesday for this year’s spectacular image! ”He wrote alongside the video.

As of next October 16, the Natural History museum, from where the video was recorded with Kate Middleton, will exhibit the best photographs that participated in the contest, and that they chose from among more than 49 thousand that were sent by the participants.

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Ester Exposito takes a nap in the sun in a tight red swimsuit

Ester Expósito surprised all her followers on social networks, after posting a photograph of her in a bathing suit under the sun.

Ester Exposito She is one of the most popular and famous Spanish actresses in Europe, since after her appearance in the Netflix series “Elite” she became known all over the world.

Currently the actress is only 20 years old but nevertheless she has a large number of followers on her social networks, who are very attentive to any publication of the Spanish.

In this opportunity Ester Exposito published on his official Instagram account a photograph in which he can be seen sunbathing in a delirious red swimsuit that showed his silhouette a bit.

In addition to the aforementioned, it is important to mention that one of the things that most caught the attention of her followers was the position of the actress, since with one hand she covered the sun and with the other sudestated the lower part of the swimsuit .

Ester foundling At the time of publishing this photograph, he cited the following in the description “Siesta al sol”, this comment was accompanied by an emoticon of a black heart.


Maluma’s ex left her statuesque figure in view in a nude swimsuit

Maluma’s ex, Natalia Barulich, turned on the sirens of all her followers by posting a snapshot in which each curve of her body is finely enhanced with a nude swimsuit and black leggings that suggestively cover part of her body.

Maluma’s ex, Natalia Barulich he does not waste time and with every opportunity he has, he shows the best of his figure, one that we are sure will make more than one delirious.

On the postcard, Natalia Barulich she looks gorgeous in a nude colored swimsuit that is finished off by a mesh that covers part of her curvy body.

The photograph shows one of the parts of the silhouette of the beautiful 28-year-old model that most attracts the attention of all her followers.

And there really is no way to deny that Natalia Barulich It has a golden rearguard, and the best of all is that it has been worked hard thanks to the dance and, of course, the blessed genetics that accompany Maluma’s ex every day.

In the post, Natalia Barulich she just says “Aphrodite”, and she really is, although saying it lacks humility, this woman with exotic features is a goddess of beauty.

Every curve of the dancer’s silhouette is perfectly in sync with every part of her beautiful body, something that makes her divine in the eyes of anyone.

Maluma’s ex, now Neymar’s girlfriend, always has a more than interesting postcard for her fans, who want to fall into the networks of this beauty that never ceases to have a pleasant impact on social networks.


Rosalía steals Rihanna’s show by posing with a printed white outfit

Rosalía She surprised not only with her talent when she appeared in the second edition of the singer Rihanna’s fashion show, but she also stole the spotlight by posing on the event’s red carpet in a white outfit printed under the haute couture brand called Sevali. The beautiful Spanish singer has generated divided opinions as it is one of her most loved outfits and also one of the most hated.

Being a singer of international fame, Rosalía makes a participation in the famous parade of Rihanna called SAVAGE X FENTY, where he made an interpretation of his most recent hits, taking the show for his great performance like the singer Bad Bunny, being one of the Spanish-speaking artists with the greatest presence and relevance within the fashion show.

As we already know, the parade was a special edition broadcast for Prime Video, where Rosalía She used a revealing black underwear outfit, playing with lace and transparencies that left us more in love with the beauty of the beautiful Rosalía.

However, this was not all, because Rihanna’s big show also had a red carpet where all the celebrities and guest artists passed to witness this great event. And how was it to be expected, Rosalía He stole the glances with a head-to-toe white outfit wearing the Sevali brand logo everywhere and on all his accessories, causing a great controversy.

Since not all his followers loved this particular outfit. However, the Sevali brand, took the time to dedicate a few words to Rosalía for wearing one of its most exclusive pieces. “Thank you for choosing us Rosalía! I designed this look thinking of you, you look beautiful, you are an inspiration ”. He wrote the brand from his Instagram account in Rosalía’s publication.

For those who do not know the famous brand of Sevali, it is nothing more and nothing less than a couture brand that is dedicated to making their outfits from mattresses and car seats, creating unique pieces that have become the favorites of women. celebrities, such is the case of Doja Cat in her famous music video “Say So” and the leather gloves to the shoulder with a French style of the singer Lisa of the BLACKPINK group.

So this time, for the creator of the brand it was an honor to be able to make a unique piece for the singer Rosalía in one of the most important fashion events today, such as the SAVAGE X FENTY By RIHANNA show. However, her outfit was not to the liking of all users, however, for Rosalía it was a great honor to wear an outfit by this designer.

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