Makarskaya showed her baby son and surprised with oriental wisdom

Singer Viktoria Makarskaya told on her Instagram that every family can have its own characteristics, which she called “pribabakhs” and “cockroaches”.

To her reasoning, the wife of actor Anton Makarsky attached a cute photograph from the family archive, in which she was captured with her husband, daughter and newborn son Ivan.

“In the family, everyone has their own cockroaches. In our time of total divorces, most newlyweds have no one to learn from unconditional love for each household member, ”the artist complained.

Recalling life in Israel, Victoria noted that she was always surprised why local men never swear or argue with women.

“One elderly Jew humorously told me that he was saving his health:“ Eastern men know: an offended woman is a witch, she can kill with one glance. The better my wife thinks of me, the better I feel, ”said Makarskaya.

Victoria’s fans praised the eastern men for their wisdom and rejoiced for the Makarsky family.

“As it is rightly said. The main thing is that peace reigns in the family, then there will be happiness ”; “A very cute family photo”; “Bravo to Jewish Men”; “What wise men. And we need to absorb this wisdom ”; “Brilliant men in Israel,” the followers noted.

Previously, Victoria Makarskaya said that they tried to conceive a child with Anton for about 13 years. They turned to doctors for help, but to no avail. Fortunately, Victoria and Anton managed to become parents twice, naturally.


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520,000 euros for his legal costs against a tabloid

The editor of the Mail on Sunday, a British tabloid which had published a letter from Meghan Markle to her father, was ordered Tuesday to pay 450,000 pounds (520,000 euros) to the wife of Prince Harry for her legal costs after her recent victory judicial.

The 39-year-old American actress won her legal action on February 11 against the mass-circulation newspaper, which she was suing for invasion of privacy after the publication of a letter to her father.

In this letter published in 2019, written the previous year a few months before her marriage to the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, the former actress asked her father Thomas Markle to stop pouring out and lying in the media about their broken relationship.

In a videoconference hearing Tuesday, Judge Mark Warby ordered the Associated Newspapers group to make an “interim payment” of £ 450,000 to cover its legal costs. The Duchess of Sussex’s lawyer, Ian Mill, was asking for 750,000.

Lawyers for the newspaper said they intended to appeal.

Lawyers for the former actress have asked for an apology to be published on the newspaper’s front page following the ruling last month.

The judge said he would order a judicial publication, but warned it would be “more limited”.

He also refused at this point to ask the newspaper to hand over copies of the letter.

The magistrate also deferred until April or May the hearing on damages.

But according to the press group’s lawyer, Adrian Speck, this question should not be raised before the question of copyright is decided, because the question arises whether Jason Knauf, then director of communications of the Kensington Palace, is the co-author of the mail.

Since deciding a year ago to quit their active role in the crown, Harry and Meghan have moved to the United States, citing pressure from the British media, against which they have launched several legal actions.

They must speak in an interview event given to the star of the confession Oprah Winfrey Sunday on American television.


The first photos with Baby Daisy Dove

Katy Perry is enjoying her break in Hawaii. She became a mom for the first time in August 2020. Just six weeks after the birth, the singer was back on American TV – as a juror on “American Idol”. However, like so many other prominent mothers, she did not “train away” the baby pounds. Katy Perry is very relaxed about that. After Daisy Dove gave birth, she had already shared the unclouded after-baby body truth with her fans.

Katy Perry also takes it easy in Hawaii. With “Mama” cap and his sports dress, she pushes her little Daisy Dove in front of her in a very relaxed manner in the stroller, as seen in the video above.


The first photos with Baby Daisy Dove

Katy Perry is a casual celebrity mom

So far, megastar Katy Perry has not shown her first baby in public. The singer is currently on vacation with friends and partner Orlando Bloom (44) in Hawaii. Of course, the youngsters are there too. And Katy really is a very casual celebrity mom. The 36-year-old has absolutely no stress with the baby pounds. During the break, Mama Katy presented herself in a bathing suit – and now there are also the first photos with Baby Daisy Dove (6 months). We show the pictures of the relaxed mom-daughter walk in Hawaii in the video

Katy Perry loves her baby pounds

Katy Perry also takes it easy in Hawaii. With “Mama” cap and his sports dress, she pushes her little Daisy Dove in front of her in a very relaxed manner in the stroller, as can be seen in the video above.

The Truth About Women’s Bodies After Childbirth


Kushanashvili engaged in self-flagellation for insulting the Prima Donna

During the years of stormy youth, exorbitant ambitions and thirst for fame, journalist and TV presenter Otar Kushanashvili has something to remember. There are in his biography and not the most disagreeable deeds. The showman told about one of them in the program of Lera Kudryavtseva “Secret for a Million”.

“In the nth year, being in a hefty, strong, disgusting, nauseous drink, I called her the Przewalski’s horse on the air of our friend Andrei Wolf,” Otar Kushanashvili shared.

As the journalist noted, this was an insult raised to the degree of infinity.

“I was a bastard who wanted instant fame,” Kushanashvili said self-critically.

Describing himself in those days, and these were the dashing 90s, the TV presenter called himself a shepherd, smelling of goat’s milk, who came to Moscow “for girls, for money and for glory.”

Later, of course, Kushanashvili had to sort things out with the Prima Donna in court. Alla Borisovna demanded an official apology and heard them from the offender in the House of Justice.

The popular TV presenter, as you know, is sharp on his tongue, and it costs him nothing to speak wordy and harshly about Russian stars. In the same show, for example, Otar scolded Leonid Agutin for obscenities in a message read by the children of Kushanashvili.

Shepherd smelling of goat milk: Kushanashvili engaged in self-flagellation for insulting the Prima Donna


Prince Charles is urgently summoned to his 99-year-old father, who is in the hospital

The 99-year-old Duke Philip of Edinburgh summoned Prince Charles to talk about the future of the British royal family. According to the former press secretary of Queen Elizabeth II, Philip wanted to see his son a week ago.

According to the Daily Mail, this urgency is likely related to the health of the Duke of Edinburgh, who has been bedridden for nearly two weeks. The spouse of Elizabeth II is in a private clinic in the British capital, where he himself came because of illness.

Recently, details were reported about Philip’s well-being. Prince Edward stated that his father is feeling better, he is positive and waiting to be able to go home. However, according to Edward, the family “keeps their fingers crossed.”

Prince Edward expressed his gratitude to all who sent good wishes to the royal family in connection with the illness of the Duke of Edinburgh. Earlier, Buckingham Palace denied rumors that Prince Philip was diagnosed with coronavirus. What exactly the husband of the British queen is sick with is not reported.


Charming video: Pugacheva nursed the grandson of Yudashkin

Having visited the family of Valentin Yudashkin, Alla Pugacheva not only talked with pleasure with her old friend, but also nursed his youngest grandson Arkasha. A touching video appeared on Instagram of the daughter of the prima donna Lisa Galkina.

In the video, the artist rocks the baby – and both definitely get a lot of pleasure from the process.

Lisa’s subscribers were moved by the video.

“Happy woman!”, “A woman and a child in your arms, what could be more beautiful”, “Alla Borisovna, who is this in your arms? He clearly likes it! ”,“ Delightful ”,“ Sweet couple! ” – they write in the comments.

Recall that the prima donna of the Russian stage is close friends with the Yudashkin family, designer Valentin and his wife Marina. The couple have been married for over 30 years and are considered one of the strongest known families.

Earlier, the singer said that she visited her friends and shared a common picture. However, she did not regret the warmest words addressed to the designer’s family.


Why her fame doesn’t go to her head

Stand in front of the camera with Tom Hanks! For many actors, this wish will forever remain a dream. Not so with Helena Zengel. The student, who has been on a wave of success since her role in Nora Fingscheidt’s “Systemsprenger”, didn’t even know the Hollywood star before she worked with him. Nonetheless, it is also a great honor for her to be able to play at his side in “Neues aus der Welt”. And how does she find Tom? “Funny, sensitive, gentleman, adventurous and incredibly nice! And this personality, he’s just so funny. It’s really unbelievable, “enthuses Helena in the RTL conversation.

Even today, more than a year after the shooting, she is still in close contact with Tom. “We write each other emails, SMS – the Americans usually don’t have WhatsApp – and we also make calls every week, mostly via Skype. He’s like an uncle to me, ”she reveals in an interview with the dpa news agency. The student started acting at an early age. Already at the age of nine she was in front of the camera for Nora Fingscheidt’s “Systemsprenger” about an angry and traumatized girl and won a German film award for best leading actress in 2019.

On February 28th, Helena has the chance to win another award. In a series with Jodie Foster, Glenn Close and Olivia Coleman, she was nominated for Best Actress for a Golden Globe, the most important post-Oscar film award.


Daisy Dove’s first word is said to be “Dad”

Orlando works hard on Daisy’s first word

Orlando Blooms (44) and Katy Perry’s (36) daughter Daisy Dove is now six months old. The little one’s father can’t wait for her to utter the famous first word – and has developed his own method to influence the choice of the word. “I sing to her every day and I use every possible song that contains the word ‘Dad’. This should be her first!”, Orlando Bloom told the Daily Mail on the latest episode of the Graham Norton Show which will be broadcast on Friday evening.

Video: Katy Perry shows up in a bathing suit 6 months after Daisy’s birth

Orlando really thrives in his double daddy role

Turbulent love with a happy ending