Albert Arenas wins the Moto3 World Championship

Albert Arenas (KTM), 23, from Girona, was proclaimed yesterday, on the beautiful Portimao route, on the Portuguese roller coaster, new, brand new and deserved. Moto3 world champion. Arenas, who has controlled the championship with an iron fist, he had to be very attentive to his rivals yesterday, both the Japanese Ai Ogura (Honda) and the Italian Tony Arbolino (Honda) and, in the end, with a twelfth position very hard fought, was proclaimed champion because the Japanese could only be eighth and the Italian finished fifth.

The last race of the season, which was won with great ease by the fastest driver of this season finale, Raúl Fernández from Madrid (KTM), who escaped just turning off the exit traffic light, again had a crowded group among which were, of course, the three candidates for the title, because Arbolino, who came out on the twenty-seventh, was able to come back dramatically.

Arenas, who was always leading this group in the start of more than a dozen drivers, in a slower race than usual, which led to so many candidates for the podium, had the strength to stay ahead of Ogura, who lost strength in the last ten laps, while Arbolino struggled bravely to take the world runner-up. Moreover, in the absence of six laps, the Italian, who missed the San Marino GP for going on a plane where there was a covid-19 infection, overtook Arenas, who he returned the advance to him immediately and all this happened fighting for seventh place. The fight ended with Arbolino ahead of Arenas.

And, from there, the title was complicated for Arenas, who had to fight with all his weapons to stay between the sixth and thirteenth position, which gave him the title, in a group that included Ogura, Arenas and Arbolino, who eventually won the runner-up spot. The last laps, of suicide in this zone of the race, in which the title was decided, finished with Arbolino fifth; Ogura, eighth, and Arenas, twelfth, a position that gave him the world title.

“The rear tire ran out when there were still five laps left and I suffered a lot, but we had enough advantage, thanks to the big World Cup we did and so here we are, champions, making a lot of people happy, especially my family , team … Thank you, Jorge Martínez «Aspar» and friends », said Albert Arenas just off the podium, already as world champion.


First La Real wins in Cádiz and reinforces its leadership in the League above the greats

The Royal Society does not relax. The Basque team will remain in the lead of the League for another week after beating Cádiz 0-1 yesterday. In spite of the adjusted result in the marker, the donostiarres were much superiors to the Andalusians and chained with justice their sixth consecutive victory in a championship that they lead with 23 points, 3 more than the Athletic one (with two pending parties), 4 by above Villareal, 6 more than Madrid (a pending duel) and 12 more than Barça (eleventh with two games less). “You have to enjoy the moment with your feet on the ground,” warned Imanol Alguacil at the subsequent press conference, in which he assured that the possibility of winning the League does not cross his mind. “I keep repeating it, until there are five games left, the classification doesn’t tell me anything. It is useless to be first now. When there are five games left, if you are here, you will be in the fight “, stressed the coach from San Sebastián. Not only did he win Real, but he did so by rotating all of his players without this affecting performance. This time it was the former Girona Portu footballer who had to wait on the bench. And his replacement, Januzaj, signed a superb match, with several actions of “crack” and especially with the assistance of Isak in the goal that solved the match against Cadiz.


Girona Girona is still bottomless with a defeat in Zaragoza, the fifth of the year

Women’s Girona is finding it more difficult than expected to jump to the Primera Nacional. The requirement is maximum in the category and mistakes are paid dearly. No one forgives. The white-and-red team is still bottomless with a new defeat yesterday at Zaragoza (3-0). The locals were ahead of the scoreboard with two goals in the first half, making it difficult to come back in the second. Especially after a direct free kick in the 62nd minute that served Zaragoza to sentence.

With the wound wide open after receiving so many sticks this start to the season, senior A relived the obstacles of each day. It was almost time for the first quarter of an hour of play, when a player from Zaragoza took advantage of a bad refusal in the middle of the field to catch the ball and place it in the corner of the goal of Astrid Casanova. An error also condemned them to 35 with the second goal.

In the second half, they were left without options when the locals made it 3-0 with a direct free kick from the front. This is the fifth consecutive defeat for the team of Eduard Sanmartín, who has not yet added any points to the standings. Sunday receives St. Gabriel.


Maize’s “Esquarterades” arrives at Terracotta with ten other women potters

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Bisbal Women’s Group and the Terracotta Museum inaugurate the installation on Wednesday 25 November Esquarterades, a work by the Catalan artist Maïs (Marisa Jorba, Barcelona, ​​1959).

Esquarterades it consists of several mannequins covered in red cloth that symbolize all the women murdered because of gender violence in Ciudad Juárez (Mexico). In addition, iron fences are placed between the bodies and imprison the victims.

This work, which was first carried out in 2009 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Fortaleza and Sobral, Brazil; and later, in 2018, it was exhibited at the Rectory Center for Contemporary Art in Sant Pere de Vilamajor, now it becomes a collective exhibition.

The original sculptures have been joined by the work of ten women potters who have worked on and around the pieces of corn. These artists are: Pilar Aldana, Isabel Alcalá, Marta Darder, Núria Efe, Fiona Morrison, Ariadna Raventós, Antònia Roig, Marta Rucabado, Pilar de Torres and Michelle Wilson.

The exhibition can be visited in the Temporary Terracotta Exhibition Hall until March 8, 2021, coinciding with International Women’s Day.

The inaugural ceremony

The inauguration on Wednesday at 7 pm will feature the interventions of all the participating potters and the following live artistic actions will be performed: “Petals and Flowers”, by Pilar Aldana; «Masegada a garrotades», by Antònia Roig; and the musical performance of Ariadna Raventós.

It is expected to be an event with the public, respecting all established health measures, reducing the capacity of the Museum’s outdoor space to 50% (maximum 120 people) and keeping a record of all attendees who have made the prior reservation, essential.

The event will also be broadcast on streaming from the Museum’s website so that all those interested can follow it from home.


The second semifinal of the Dramaturgy Tournament resumes the face-to-face format

The second semifinal of the Temporada Alta Festival Drama Tournament will face playwrights Mar Monegal and Jumon Erra this evening on the first evening of the reopening of the theaters. Maria Molins, Marta Ossó, Pau Roca and Mar Ulldemolins will be in charge of reading the two texts. The festival will maintain the double format of the show, face-to-face and virtual, but only those who go to the final will be able to vote for the audience in the La Planeta room in Girona. The winner will enter the ring with Lara Díez Quintanilla in the final on December 7.


Protagonist role – Diari de Girona

The Richard Vanderaa art gallery in Girona presents the exhibition until January Mixed media on paper II, which collects drawings and paintings by national and international artists with paper as support.

To new exhibition from the gallery on Carrer Auriga you can see pieces by Jaume Faixó from Girona; of Alberto Fabra, one of the members of the first group of painters of the postwar avant-garde in Catalonia; the Swiss architect and mathematician Hans Hinterreiter or the Dutchman Geer van Velde. The Taiwanese Dai-Bih-In, known for his paintings and drawings on paper with materials made by himself; the Frenchman Arman, Guillem Rubió and Carles Pujol are other artists represented in the exhibition.


Figueres close to victory against Vilassar de Mar (1-1)

The Figueres Sports Union has tied (1-1) this afternoon at the Vilatenim Stadium against EU Vilassar de Mar. The Figueres were looking for their first victory as locals of the season, but they have run into a Maresme team that is unaware of the victory at home and away. Those of Javi Salamero they took the lead in the 30th minute with a header from Pepu Soler and just then they were allowed to tie. In the second half, a dry shot on the post by Pepu himself in the 70th minute was about to leave the three points in the Empordà.

Without Carles Coto, Marc Medina, Mario Mendoza and Marc Granero, due to injury, Figueres today recovered the sanctioned Maureta and Pol Bastidas, as well as Carlos Treviño, who has made his debut after recovering from a knee injury he suffered a long time ago. nine months. After an even first half hour, the Altemporda team took the lead with a goal from Pepu, who accompanied the ball with his head inside after a shot by Ivan Vidal -also with his head-, in the middle of Marc Bech on the right. It was the 30th minute, but the joy did not last long because Eslava, in the next play, took advantage of a long cross to beat Andrés.

In the second half, Javi Salamero’s team tried it in front of a rival who was centering without finding a striker inside the area. Pepu Soler had the winning goal in his boots: first a shot from him came out to the right of Ramon’s goal (63 ‘) and then, the clearest, he fired a dry shot that crashed into the post. left of the maresmenc goalkeeper (70 ‘).

Javi Salamero, Figueres’s coach, explained after the game that “I can’t be happy with the result but we have found ourselves with the competitive line that this team deserves. We have played better than the rival and we have had the best chances. penalize a lot “

Peque, Vilassar de Mar’s coach, considered “the tie is fair. In the first half we were better, we reacted very well to his goal. In the second, Figueres was superior”.

With this tie Figueres is eighth and next Sunday, November 29 (12.15 pm), will play at the UE Sants.


FIGUERES: Andrés, Maureta, Gallo, Uri Ayala, Pol Gómez, Marc Bech (Pol Tarrenchs, 64 ‘), Gabri Vidal (Abel Fàbregas, 78’), Valverde (Pol Bastidas, 88 ‘), Pepu Soler, Ivan Vidal and Ousman.

VILASSAR: Roman, Santi Varese, Fran Fuentes, Edu Domingo, Eslava, Pluvins, Sofi (Kilian, 71 ‘), Casta (Miguel López, 88’), Aumatell (Carlos Cano, 58 ‘), Martí Serra and Gamiz.

GOALS: 1-0, Pepu Soler (30 ‘); 1-1, Eslava (31 ‘).

REFEREE: Carballo Vázquez.

INCIDENTS: Vilatenim Stadium. Sixth day of the Third Division. A game played behind closed doors, it was possible to follow it streaming on the EU YouTube channel Figueres.


VDEORESUM | The Atlantic digs into Bara’s wound

L’Athletic of Madrid won (1-0) this Saturday at FC Barcelona in day 10 of LaLiga Santander celebrated in the Metropolitan Wanda, with a goal of Yannick Carrasco in the last play of the first time and in a very bad exit of Ter Stegen, victory that confirms the great white-and-red moment and darkens a a little more the complicated future of the team of Ronald Koeman.

Those of Diego Pablo Simeone they played almost with pleasure. They didn’t have a Luis Suarez, down for coronavirus, but it was enough with their reliable version against an injured Barça. He does not lift any of the Catalan box, which he even took a step back in the green shoots seen with the Dutch coach. Messi’s match was a sad poem just like that of his team, the day he had to take a step forward.

For more Catalan shortage, Barça regretted the knee injury of Gerard Piqué, who went to the locker room crying in the 62nd minute in an action with Strap. It’s only eight league games, but Atlético, which is projected to be the leader when it comes to the calendar, is already nine points clear of a Barça four just above relegation. Those of the ‘Cholo’ are strong candidates.

The diagnosis of this Barça may not be one, but he is certainly ill. There will always be an excuse, but it is clear that the team is not working and that his flag, Leo Messi, is down. With two-thirds of the season ahead, anything can happen, but the Catalan team seems doomed to a tough transition. Al Wanda, a trick with which to grow in confidence and in a poor ranking, there was no reaction.

The game had the typical post-halt pace – this excuse – although for the first 15 minutes it seemed different. Dembélé overflowed just starting and found Griezmann, but his shot went high. In the other area, Saul flew to Ter Stegen. Atlético chose to wait back, a risk against Koeman’s Barça, as at least they had just been able to play with rhythm and arrival.

It wasn’t this time. The Barça squad was getting as cold as night in Madrid. Also the local box slowed down after good arrivals from Carrasco and especially Llorente, who ran into the crossbar. The risk in the visitors was this lukewarm defense against the fittest team in the Championship, although there was no rush at Atletico. Even less, despite the need, at Barça.


The Catalan image was that of Messi without coming into play, the absence of prominence of De Jong or Pjanic, that of Pedri desperate to receive a ball to the point of stealing it from Dembélé. The Argentine had his chance in the 40th minute, but very leaning against Oblak. Both signed the tie, after a long time without attacking, when Ter Stegen gave the 1-0 away. Piqué did not squeeze well and Corretja stole the ball that leaked to Carrasco, very poorly measured by the goal.

After the break Lenglet was the visiting offensive weapon. The Frenchman had two good headers but both centered. Then Piqué was injured and Barça disappeared. At Atlético he already had enough of his defensive version, a wall from which the ball came out repelled without danger. One of these rebounds fell to Dembélé but the Frenchman shot wide.

Those of Cholo could kill against, but this time the magic of Joao Felix did not leave to shine. Diego Costa’s fight did not mean the sentence either, but Barça’s pride was as low as his performance to change the score. The night was white-and-red with the only but not having his hobby, because of the coronavirus pandemic, enjoying the best Athletic.


–RESULTS: ATHLETIC OF MADRID, 1 – BARCELONA, 0. (1-0, at halftime).


ATHLETIC OF MADRID: Oblak; Trippier, Savic, Giménez, Hermoso; Llorente (Diego Costa, min.73), Saúl, Koke, Carrasco (Felipe, min.91); Correa (Kondogbia, min.84) and Joao Félix (Lemar, min.84).

BARCELONA: Ter Stegen; Sergi Roberto, Piqué (Dest, min.62), Lenglet, Alba; De Jong, Pjanic (Braithwaite, min.83); Dembélé, Messi, Pedri (Coutinho, min.57); i Griezmann (Trincao, min.83).


0 – 1, min. 48, Carrasco.

– REFEREE: Munuera Montero (Andalusian C.). He admonished Koke (min.9), Carrasco (min.26), Savic (min.79) and Giménez (min.80) by Atlètic

–STATES: Wanda Metropolitano.


Bordils loses again and still does not know the victory

The Bordils has returned to play after three weekends without doing so, and has done so losing on the court of theIbiza (29-26). A match where the team coached by Pau Campos started very well, but lost strength as the minutes passed.

As in many games this season, the team coached by Pau Campos he started well (2-7), but little by little he lost strength, and this made the islanders manage to close the gap and even put three goals above when it came to the break ( 16-13).

In the second half, the difference of 2 and 3 goals was maintained. At no time did Girona find themselves one goal away from home and had no choice but to wipe out the gap to have options in the end.


A bad last quarter condemns Bàsquet Girona

The Girona basketball has chained this afternoon the fourth consecutive defeat on the court of the Granada (83-60), in a match where the team coached by Carles marco he has never been ahead on the scoreboard and has seen the Andalusians overtake him in the last period.

Fontajau already knew that it would not be an easy match and in front of a close-knit team they saw how the locals were already 10 above in the first of change (22-12). A good reaction from the visitors reduced this difference to just one point (29-28), but the break was reached with the Grenadians winning by 7 (40-33).

And it is that once again the triples have hurt Girona a lot again. Today, Granada has made a total of 13. Some important ones, such as at the beginning of the last period to put the game on track (65-54) when those of Carles Marco had finished well in the third quarter, despite that they were not right from the free throw – they finished with 10 of 17.

The local team took advantage of the initiative to see 11 points ahead to open even more hole in the scoreboard to leave Bàsquet Girona without options to win the game with four minutes left (77-57). In the end, 83-60 and the Girona who continue at the bottom of the table.