Armie Hammer’s ex-partner breaks the silence, looks like a monster

Armie Hammer's ex-partner breaks the silence;  'looks like a monster'.  Photo.  Instagram elizabethchambers

Armie Hammer’s ex-partner breaks the silence; ‘looks like a monster’. Photo. Instagram elizabethchambers


The case of the American actor Armie Hammer She continues to grow, as now her ex-partner has reacted to the accusations made of cannibalism and abuse.

The actor has been in the eyes of the whole world since last weekend a series of private chats with other women were leaked in which his fantasies of rape and cannibalism.

Now, to add fuel to the fire, the reaction of Elizabeth Chambers, exesposa from Hammer and mother of her two children, to these disturbing messages.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, a close friend of the actress revealed that Chambers is “horrified and disgusted“with the conduct of her ex-husband who”appears to be a monster. “

And that’s not all, because some of the women who accuse the protagonist of ‘Call me by your name’, would have already tried to warn Elizabeth of Hammer’s extreme sexual behaviors.

Many of these women approached Elizabeth and although she did not want to admit it at first, she now knows they were telling the truth. Armie had this other side that she never knew about. If he was always there and hid it, or if something happened that changed him completely, he does not know, “said the source.


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Handball World Cup: cheating with Russia – sport

The arrival was a little late, but still on time. On Tuesday evening, the team around coach Velimir Petkovic met at the airport in Moscow, then they went to Egypt via Istanbul, and on Wednesday morning the team finally arrived at the venue in Alexandria – one day before the World Cup kick-off. Belarus will be the first opponent of the Petkovic team, the national team of Russia, on Thursday. Pardon: of course the “Team of the Russian Handball Federation”.

The handball world championship in Egypt is a bizarre event for many reasons, but it is especially so with regard to the participant Russia. The tournament is the first world championship since the decision of the International Sports Court Cas on the consequences of the continued data manipulation in Russia’s doping scandal. The committee formally decided to impose a two-year ban, but at the same time it was massively softened. And now, at the first opportunity, as was to be expected, it also shows in practice what sham the sports court has hatched: ban? Which lock?

“Russia” does not take part in the World Cup, but the “Team of the Russian Handball Federation” – what a gag. This is taking place at roughly the same level as those “Olympic athletes from Russia” that the International Olympic Committee invented in 2018 for the Pyeongchang Winter Games. It speaks volumes that such a maneuver is not too cheap for those in charge of the international handball federation (IHF) – quite apart from the fact that the media and viewers naturally write and speak of “Russia” when it comes to the team that used to be in Germany for a long time (most recently in Berlin) Velimir Petkovic goes.

The procedure is a blueprint for ice hockey and soccer World Cups

The CAS explicitly banned the logo, flag and anthem in its slogan from December, specifically it now looks like this: The logo will not appear as the Russian flag, but the logo of the Russian Handball Federation, which coincidentally also consists of Russia’s national colors white, blue and red exists. Russia’s national emblem on the jerseys has to be covered because in the short time it was not possible to get completely revised new forms without national emblems. And what about the hymn, the Russians themselves did not yet know when they made their way to Egypt. The IHF anthem will probably be played.

The whole thing is a blueprint for the next few months. There is little risk that Russia’s athletes will take part in the ice hockey World Cup in May without being recognized; the same applies to the Olympic Games in Tokyo in summer and in Beijing in winter – or for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In all international federations there are traditionally Russia-friendly sport officials at work, they will please Moscow. Russia can take part in the European Football Championship in 2021 as “Russia” anyway, because the ban only applies to World Cups.

The circumstances, said Russia’s handball players, are of course not nice, and it is hoped that this will not affect the World Cup performance. But actually, they indicate, their bigger problem is that they have to compensate for a few losses, especially that of backcourt player Pawel Atman. And with that back to sport.


Istanbul Governor Yerlikaya announced the districts with the highest rate of Kovid-19 cases

Governor of Istanbul Ali YerlikayaIn his post on his Twitter account, “I can gladly say this after the first filming meeting of the year. Every day. case our number is decreasing. The most decrease compared to last week; In Bakırköy, Adalar, Avcılar, Bahçelievler and Sultangazi. ”

Governor Yerlikaya listed the districts with the least decline as Şişli, Şile, Üsküdar, Zeytinburnu and Beyoğlu.

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Doctor Myasnikov told when to call an ambulance for coronavirus and how long to stay at home after being ill

Doctor Myasnikov urges not to rush to the hospital without indications for hospitalization

Photo: Yulia PYKHALOVA

As of January 8, 2021, 23,525 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Russia. Doctor Alexander Myasnikov spoke about the basic rules of behavior if you have a covid.

When should an ambulance be called?

1. If shortness of breath occurs even with little exercise or at rest.

Usually, with covid, shortness of breath may appear between the 4th and 8th days. If it is moderate, does not interfere with the conversation and allows you to climb, for example, 2 flights of stairs, then in young people without chronic diseases this is unlikely to indicate a problem. If shortness of breath appears on the 2nd – 3rd day from the first onset of symptoms (fever, cough), restricts physical activity or occurs at rest, this is always serious, ”Dr. Myasnikov writes on his website.

2. Symptoms of dehydration: dizziness, dry mouth, palpitations, harsh urination.

3. Constantly high temperature above 38.

4. Lethargy, drowsiness, apathy, confusion of thoughts.

5. Blood oxygen saturation is below 94%.

It makes sense to have a pulse oximeter at home along with a thermometer.

“A simple and cheap device, put on a finger and shows the numbers of blood oxygen saturation. Indicators 94% and below are the basis for hospitalization, “- says Alexander Myasnikov.

When can you stay at home?

1. Temperature up to 38 degrees.

The normal human body temperature is not at all 36.6, but 37.5. This is if measurements are taken under the arm.

2. Body aches, muscle pain, headache, sore throat.

3. Cough without shortness of breath.

! Important. Dr. Myasnikov urges not to rush to the hospital without indications for hospitalization, since any hospital treatment implies getting into the aggressive environment of an infectious diseases hospital with risks of nosocomial infection not only with the virus, but also with many bacteria.

“There is no cure for the coronavirus. They are not in hospitals either, ”recalled Dr. Myasnikov. – Therefore, people with a severe course of the disease go there. We cannot cure the virus, but we can manage complications: give oxygen, treat systemic thrombosis, prevent a “cytokine storm” (a condition in which the immune system attacks a person himself, – editor’s note), treat bacterial complications, connect artificial kidney or ventilation breathing “.

The doctor suggests treating a mild course of the disease in “grandmother’s ways”:

– bed rest,

– plentiful drink,

– fruits, broths,

– fresh air (room ventilation),

– antipyretics (paracetamol) as needed,

– patience and a positive attitude.

How long to stay at home?

A recovered patient may end the isolation if:

1. It took 10 days from the onset of symptoms, plus 3 more days when no symptoms were observed at all.

EXAMPLES: A. symptoms lasted 3 days. So after 10 + 3 = 13 days from the onset of symptoms. B. Symptoms lasted 14 days. So 14 + 3 = 17 days after the onset of symptoms.

2. An asymptomatic patient with a positive test for coronavirus may end the isolation just 10 days after the test.


Last minute… Current cases and deaths have been announced! Here is the January 3 corona table

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced the new loss of life, the number of cases and patients due to the corona virus outbreak.

According to the table, 193 people died in the last 24 hours from the corona virus, and the total loss of life increased to 21 thousand 488.

A total of 138 thousand 941 tests were conducted today. A total of 9,877 new cases were detected, along with 1,515 people who showed symptoms. The total number of cases in Turkey was 2 million 241 thousand 912.

With 10 thousand 102 people recovering today, the total number of patients who recovered rose to 2 million 136 thousand 534.

It was announced that the rate of pneumonia in total patients was 3.8 percent and the total number of serious patients was 3 thousand 612.

In Turkey, the occupancy rate of 49.1 percent, 68.1 percent and the occupancy rate of adult intensive care ventilator occupancy rate of 36.2 percent was announced.


Making statements on current data from his social media account, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca used the following statements:

* We have 1,515 new patients detected today. After a long hiatus, the number of cases fell below 10,000.

* Although the number of cases has declined more than expected due to restrictions and decrease in test demand, it is in our hands to make it permanent. We are strong together.


The Ministry of Health announced that 202 people died yesterday due to the corona virus epidemic, a total of 11 thousand 180 cases were detected with 713 new patients and 11 thousand 672 people recovered.

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the truth about a case opened 150 years later

Cesar CerveraCesar Cervera



A braking of the vehicle in front forced Juan Prim y Prats’ carriage to stop abruptly at the height of Turco street. It was the last thing missing from that icy afternoon of December 27, 1870. The president of the Minister council he was exhausted and with teary eyes after finalizing in the Congress of Deputies the preparations for the imminent arrival of Amadeo de Saboya, the first King elected by the Cortes, and he no longer needed any more shocks. Without time to react to the braking, two groups of men covered in wide cloaks stood around the car and opened fire with their blunderbusses. Dumbfounded, Prim’s assistant only


Four years later, the Giulio Regeni case remains a trauma in Italy

Along the Via Salaria in Rome, the wall design was not to the taste of the neighboring Egyptian embassy, ​​and it has disappeared. Giulio Regeni held in his arms another student arrested also in Egypt, Patrick George Zaki, with this promise: “Everything will be fine this time”. Since the body of academic Giulio Regeni was found in February 2016, tortured and lifeless, the wave of outrage against the Egyptian authorities, who never wanted to shed light on the case, has not never dry.

The fight of Giulio Regeni’s parents killed in Egypt

Also, when Patrick George Zaki, enrolled at the University of Bologna, was arrested in turn in February, Italy resumed weekly protests to demand his release. The two students have in common to work on themes that disturb the regime: Giulio Regeni on trade unionism in Egypt, and Patrick George Zaki on human rights.

Italians were deeply marked

Florinda attended Petrarca High School in Trieste, in the northeast of the country, the same as Giulio Regeni. She remembers the emotion when her body was found in a ditch in the suburbs of Cairo in 2016. “The students and teachers were crying, it was very heavy She remembers.

A yellow banner had been installed on the pediment of the town hall of Trieste. Even today, there are around a hundred banners all over the country. “Nobody was prepared for the scale taken by this affair”, tells a former French Embassy in Rome. “It could have remained a news item but the Italians were deeply marked. “

→ MAINTENANCE. After the decoration of Sissi, Corrado Augias returns his Legion of Honor: “I had no other choice”

In the peninsula, the decoration of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi by Emmanuel Macron on December 7 from the Legion of Honor has therefore not gone unnoticed. Journalist Corrado Augias and left-wing intellectuals such as Giovanna Melandri returned their medals.

“Between Rome and Cairo, it is a conflict which lasts”, underlines Marc Lazar, specialist in Italy. “Whatever the political stripe of the four successive governments, all have demanded an explanation from the Egyptian authorities. ” In recent weeks, the idea was circulating to recall the ambassador to Egypt in retaliation for the silence of the regime, especially as the prosecutor in charge of the case announced on December 10 that he had gathered enough evidence to indict, in absentia, four Egyptian officials.

Still prosperous trade

Almost five years later, the pressure is not weakening and those close to Giulio Regeni even hope to give the campaign a new boost in January. Last week, the famous journalist Roberto Saviano challenged the authorities again on the set of one of the most watched shows on Italian television, “Che tempo che fa”: “Al-Sisi maintains blackmail on this story. It does not only concern a suffering family but the whole country, the whole democracy ”. The next day, the presenter of the 20-hour Rai Uno newspaper wore the yellow bracelet on her wrist, a symbol of the “Verità per Giulio Regeni” movement.

→ EXPLANATION. With President al-Sisi, the Legion of Honor in the service of diplomacy

The emotion, however, did not prevent trade with Egypt from flourishing. In 2020, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte approved the sale of two Fincantieri frigates. “This is a textbook case which illustrates the difficult reconciliation between justified indignation on the one hand, and business on the other”, recognizes Marc Lazar. “Realpolitik prevails. ”


Cas judgment – Russia remains banned for two years – sport

Russia is largely excluded from world sport for two years and as a nation is also not allowed to participate in the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2021 (summer) and Beijing 2022 (winter). However, the Cas International Sports Court halved the sanctions imposed on December 9, 2019 by the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada). (Link to judgment)

The reason for the penalty was manipulation of data from the Moscow doping control laboratory. Russia had not accepted the original four-year ban and called the Cas, the negotiation took place from November 2nd to 5th.

“The panel has imposed the consequences to reflect the nature and severity and to ensure that the integrity of the sport against the scourge of doping is preserved,” said a statement from the CAS. The panel had “taken into account issues of proportionality and in particular the need to bring about cultural change and encourage the next generation of Russian athletes to participate in a clean international sport.”

The Russian doping scandal has preoccupied the sports world for years

In addition to the end of the two Olympic and Paralympic Games, the major sporting power is not allowed to start at world championships such as the 2022 World Cup in Qatar until December 16, 2022. Russian athletes are not generally banned, however. Under certain conditions they may participate as “neutral athletes”. This regulation already led to the actual participation of a large Russian team at the 2018 Winter Games, which was named “Olympic athletes from Russia”. The Russian anthem may not be played or sung, the Russian flag may not be worn or hoisted on team clothing.

The Russian doping scandal, which came to light in 2014, has preoccupied the sports world for years, around 1,000 athletes are said to have been involved in the doping system. 15,000 files alone were deleted during the manipulation and at least 145 athletes were protected as a result. This should prevent individual punishments against athletes.


Covid-19. 14,000 new cases in France: what to remember from the epidemic this Saturday 12th

– The number of new cases of Covid-19 continued its high trend, at nearly 14,000 according to figures published this Saturday evening by Public Health France, very far from the 5,000 targeted by the government. The next stage of deconfinement is scheduled for Tuesday, December 15, with the entry into force of a curfew from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., except on Christmas Eve.

Lean protocol in nursing homes : the government authorizes, under conditions, residents of nursing homes to spend the holidays with their relatives and to receive visits.

– Italy has totaled since Saturday the highest number of deaths from the new coronavirus in Europe since the start of the epidemic – 64,036 -, taking the place of the United Kingdom for this dramatic record.


Resilient French companies … but not out of the woods

Businesses have not gone down, but they are not yet saved. This is what emerges from several studies attempting to interpret, while the second confinement continues, the number of business failures, curiously low in view of the economic collapse that the health crisis will have engendered.

One reason for the resistance of SMEs is that they have, over the past twenty years, strengthened their own funds. A process that has accelerated since the 2008 crisis, while their debt fell.

PGEs, insurance more than debt

Another point to note: companies did not have to “burn” the government guaranteed loan (PGE) they received. At the end of September, 68% of them had almost all of their EMP, which amounts to 50 billion euros for very small businesses and 44 billion euros for SMEs. “Companies have not only resorted to the EMP for urgent cash flow issues but also as an underwriting intended to prevent a risk of ‘illiquidity’, explains Alain Tourdjman, studies and prospective director of Groupe BPCE and co-author of a study on the subject. It is more insurance that has been taken out by companies than an accumulation of debt. “

PGEs are only one of the elements making up the “airlift of cash”, to use the expression of Nicolas Dufourcq, president of the public investment bank (BPI), which increased the gross debt (debt, loans, debt securities) of companies of 173 billion euros since March 2020. The exemptions of charges, the postponement of the repayment of bank loans, the solidarity fund intended for VSEs complete this “air bridge”. However, net debt (gross debt from which corporate cash is subtracted) has remained stable.

The regulatory easing that took place between March 12 and August 24 also helped companies: a moratorium on their financial situation, the freezing of assignments during this period helped to thwart the rebound in insolvencies predicted by bon number of observers in September October. “Creditors, suppliers, took into account an exceptional context and wished to preserve their ecosystem and their customers, thus rejecting the prospect of an assignment », notes Julien Laugier, economist at Groupe BPCE and co-author of the study.

28,000 “pending” failures

Groupe BPCE economists estimate that without all these preventive measures, the number of failures would have been 62,000, instead of the 34,000 expected this year. With damage which could therefore have been more significant, particularly in four sectors: construction, accommodation and catering, trade and services to individuals (including the entertainment world). « The latter sector was severely affected by the two confinements, notes Alain Tourdjman, while it is usually one of the most resilient. »

The study predicts around 59,000 failures in 2021. These will not necessarily cause a chain reaction: a structure that has a low replacement cost of capital, such as a construction company, can be fairly easily replaced.

However, there is still great uncertainty, due to the profound changes in economic models to come. “From the practice of sport to the number of planes ordered, through the regulations on the construction of new … Many sectors are advancing towards new territories, warns Alain Tourdjman. For example, real estate will have to do its update ! » In this context, one thing is certain: mature companies in their digital transformation will take a step ahead.

Ensure the repayment schedule

According to the study, public authorities and banks will have to adjust the gradual decline in their aid to businesses to the speed of the economic recovery. In addition, the repayment of loans must not burden the cash flow required by working capital requirements, which are generally high during resumption of activity.

The two authors also point out that the recovery plan, “Very structural”, will play only a small role in amplifying the rebound expected for the second half of 2021. “This support is essential to get economic players out of the wait-and-see attitude, explains Alain Tourdjman, and encourage them to invest, and not just be in an attitude of survival. »