Watch – sexual intercourse while she is in photography.. a beautiful artist who did not control her instincts!

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Aden – Yasmine El Tohamy – Turkish actress Handa Archil, the heroine of the series “You’re Knocking on My Door,” shocked her audience on the social media with dangerous confessions.

Where Archil admitted that she had real sex more than three times with the hero of the movie Weeping Eyes (Turkish movie).

She said that she was completely naked during her performance in the film, noting that the necessity of work required that and that she does not regret her participation in the film Weeping Eyes.

The Turkish actress, who has more than two and a half million followers on Instagram, considered that the message the film presents is more important than anything.

Hande Archil, born in 1993, in the Turkish province of Balık Asir, graduated from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, and began her artistic life in 2014, through the series “Crazy University”.

As for her real fame, she gained her through her embodiment of the role of “Celine” in the series “Daughters of the Sun” in 2015.

It is noteworthy that Handa Rachel is a star that ranked first in Turkey and occupied the world press with her beauty and also occupied the Turkish press with her emotional stories, especially after her separation from her lover, the Turkish singer Murat Dalkilic, because of a hot kiss with actor Karam Bursin, who is co-starring in the series You Knock on My Door.

The series You Knock My Door enjoys a high public follow-up because of its events that revolve in the form of a romantic comedy, and the distinguished performance of the youth heroes Karam Bursin and Handa Archil, which makes it achieve high viewing rates, as the audience is keen to watch its new episode as soon as it is shown.

And Handa Archil, the heroine of the series “You’re Knocking on My Door,” shared her followers a few days ago, new photos of her on the Instagram photo and video sharing site.

And Handa Archil appeared in the photo, with a charming look, as she wore a short red dress, which attracted the attention of her followers.

She did not bother to acquire accessories and was satisfied with her distinctive look and left her hair in an attractive way, which suited her look.

Aesthetically, Handa adopted no makeup and was satisfied with her distinctive look.

The Turkish actress, Handa Archil, shines in the selection of her clothes, which prompts her followers to express their love for her appearance, as she shares photos with them through the “Instagram” application.

The 25th episode of the summer Turkish series, “You’re Knocking on My Door”, was criticized for its high levels of viewership, due to the coldness of the events it carried. The audience described its events as “fabrication,” noting that the new writers were unable to make a qualitative shift in the way events were presented or constructed.


Dylan Dog pays homage to Vasco, this time a dream not a nightmare – Books – Other Proposals

Out in the coming weeks, the exceptional collaboration starring one of the cornerstones of Italian comics and the greatest local rocker ever. Dylan Dog pays homage to Vasco Rossi by dedicating to him the covers and stories of three issues, inspired by “Sally”, “Albachiara” and “Jenny”. Thanks to the unprecedented collaboration between one of the most beloved Italian artists of all time and Sergio Bonelli Editore, for the first time in its history the Investigator of the Nightmare will be the protagonist of a cycle of three episodes inspired by three famous songs by the rocker from Zocca. Vasco Rossi explained: “I have always loved the synthesis and comics in this are perfect: the story unfolds in images and a few words but those that are enough to make you understand a whole world of things. I would say my path goes from Nembo Kid to Tex Willer to get to Dylan Dog, the most cultured, refined and committed, his visionary world fascinated me. He is still a myth for me today and I am overjoyed to meet him. By the way, from Dylan Dog I went directly to the books of philosophy”. The appointment will mark the summer of 2021: an event that will allow the singer’s fans to fool the wait for the new dates of Vasco’s tour (rescheduled for 2022) and which will be part of the celebrations for Sergio Bonelli Editore 80 years of the publishing house, which also celebrates the famous character created by Tiziano Sclavi. For the occasion, the script of the books was entrusted to three of the leading authors of the stable in via Buonarroti: Paola Barbato, Gabriella Contu and Barbara Baraldi, who gave a personal interpretation to the emotions aroused in them by words and music to fully transfer them to the world of Dylan Dog. Corrado Roi, Sergio Gerasi and Davide Furnò have visualized everything with their art. Gigi Cavenago and Fabrizio De Tommaso illustrated the covers. (SALLY written by Barbato and drawn by Roi – from 30 June) Albachiara written by Gabriella Contu and drawn by Sergio Gerasi – from 30 July) JENNY (written by Baraldi and drawn by Furnò from 31 August).

Tiziano Sclavi: “Once I had a dream. Usually my dreams are scary and desperate nightmares, but that, more unique than rare case, was happy. I don’t remember how it went, I just know that at a certain point I was singing” I want a reckless life “. It was undoubtedly a sign. A sign that something about Vasco had entered my depth”. Adds Michele Masiero, editorial director of Sergio Bonelli Editore: “It is curious how the adjectives that can be used for Vasco and Dylan are easily interchangeable between the two: rebellious, intolerant of schemes, determined yet fragile, disillusioned yet vital. In short, human , very human. Inevitable, therefore, that they were destined to meet “. At the center of the three episodes that will hold the bench on the regular series of Dylan Dog for the releases of June, July and August there will be the ineffable inner world of the Investigator of the Nightmare, that sensitivity, those feelings, those bewilders that have contributed to making him much loved by readers. Each issue will be inspired by a song by Vasco Rossi and one of his muses and will have a double cover: a regular one on one side and, on the other side, a special collector’s cover that will see the long-awaited meeting between Vasco Rossi and Dylan Dog . For the occasion, each issue will have a special foliation and will be enriched by 16 extra pages that will contain a special interview by Luca Crovi with Vasco, the lyrics of the songs which inspired the episode, the editorial by Michele Masiero and, in the first register, also a writing by Tiziano Sclavi and one by Davide Bonelli. The publishing project will be inaugurated by SALLY, out on June 30: a story of love and obsession, poised between emotions, memory, death and madness, as in the best tradition of the Nightmare Investigator. All three books will, as always, be available at newsstands, in the comic shop and on the Sergio Bonelli Editore website.


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Miguel Fernández, president of Banhcafe, dies

SAN PEDRO SULA, HONDURAS.- The renowned Honduran banker, Miguel Alfonso Fernandez, President of the Board of Directors of the Honduran Coffee Bank (Banhcafe), died this Saturday from a heart attack.

According to people close to the banker’s surroundings, he would have suffered a sudden heart attack at noon.

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Miguel Fernández was born in the municipality of Trinidad, Santa Bárbara and was considered one of the most important bankers in the western part of Honduras.

In addition, Fernández was the doctor’s brother Merlin Fernandez, former minister of health and former director of Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital, passed away in July 2020.

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