“A summary and Stalinist trial, as in the failed coup against Hitler” – Libero Quotidiano

“A Stalinist trial”. So Carlo Nordio liquid radiation of Luca Palamara, former councilor of the CSM and number one of the National Magistrates Association. Not only because the sentence against Palamara brings the former magistrate back to the past: “Remember – we read in the columns of Newspaper – that of General Friedrich Fromm who condemned and had von Stauffenberg shot with a summary trial, hoping that he would not involve him “in the failed coup against Hitler,” but then he didn’t get away with it either “.

If the Yes wins and after a month the government falls ?.  Carlo Nordio and the Pd antics: the catastrophic scenario

But Nordio is in good company. Even the former prosecutor has no doubts about Palamara “used as a scapegoat”. It seems that the thought towards the former CSM adviser is unanimous and knows no political faction. To wonder if only Palamara will pay “for a system that lent itself to its machinations” also the pentastellato Nicola Morra. “Someone – he echoes Enrico Costa di Action – do you think you make Italians believe that the only exclusive problem of the judiciary was called Palamara and that, once he has been eliminated, only pure examples of ethics and moral straightness remain? From now on the currents, which today have self-absolved, will continue to rage, thanks to the fake reform of the CSM presented by Bonafede “.