Jeff Bridges Says His Case Of COVID-19 Made Cancer ‘Look Like A Piece Of Cake’

Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges had good news about his cancer Monday, but he added that the terrifying case of COVID-19 he caught during treatment made his lymphoma seem like a “piece of cake.” The “Dude” from 1998′s “The Big Lebowski” noted on his website that his cancer is “in remission,” with a dramatic shrinking of […]

Opinion: Digital medicine startups are among the most sought after in 2021

By Pedro Lichtinger, President and CEO of Starton Therapeutics In the financial world there is talk of a health market before and after COVID-19. Investment in digital medicine startups has increased 66% since 2019 to this part, which is equivalent to US $ 14.8 billion dollars. The thing is, For both doctors and patients, what […]

“Professor, you have an abusive cancer”

He was alone, lying in a hospital bed in Lima, his mind wandering through the cocktail of painkillers he was taking to give his body a break, while he waited for the results of the biopsy and at the same time tried to process the cataract that he had. it fell over overnight. At that […]

Vitamin A helps prevent the progression of HPV to cancer Vitamin A helps prevent the progression of HPV to cancer Vitamin A helps prevent the progression of HPV to cancer A team of Mexican researchers from the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav) studied different components of the daily diet to … 09.03.2021, Sputnik Mundo 2021-09-03T21:33+0000 2021-09-03T21:33+0000 2021-09-03T23:23+0000 Cancer study prevention vitamin vph […]

Tips for cancer patients to prevent and confront Corona

Oncology consultant at Mansoura University College of Medicine, Ahmed El-Sayed Saad, explains that “cancer patients have to take great care of their health because they are most vulnerable to infection due to their low immunity, and among the important instructions that must be taken care of is the role of the family and their commitment […]