Apple and the recent disappointment… Has the American giant run out of ideas?

Apple’s event was supposed to be the most prominent event this fall in the world of technology, given that it was between the competition Samsung’s announcement of its foldable phone and Google’s launch of the Google Pixel 6, along with a lot of anticipation and heaps of hype and rumors raised about new Apple products, […]

“Google” plans to deal a painful blow to the new “iPhone 13” phone

Google is working on testing its new Pixel 6 phone, which it has not revealed when it will be released. According to the Tech Radar website, which specializes in technical news, the Pixel 6 will combine two colors together in the device, and it will have a derivative version of it, which is the Pixel […]

Samsung mocks the iPhone 13

The South Korean company, “Samsung”, did not wait long enough to make fun of its first competitor, Apple, after it unveiled its latest smartphone, the iPhone 13. Samsung has mocked the two most prominent features of the iPhone 13, which are its continued retention of the top camera bump, and a refresh rate of up […]

iPhone 13 incurs Apple investors $ 25 billion!

Apple Inc’s unveiling of the iPhone 13 for the first time was met with a decline in stocks on Tuesday, in line with a tradition of underperforming stock prices on the day the devices are revealed. Shares of the tech giant sank after Apple executives, including CEO Tim Cook, introduced the new lineup of phones […]

Apple unveils iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple has officially announced the cutting edge part of the iPhone 13 lineup: the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Both phones have a faster A15 Bionic chip, three all-new cameras, and an improved display with a 120Hz ProMotion refresh rate display that can brighten up to 1,000 nits.The iPhone 13 Pro price […]

The new Apple Watch has a whole new look

Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 7, which looks a little different from its predecessors and features a redesigned Retina display with much more screen space and thinner bezels, making it the largest and most advanced display. The narrower borders of the screen allow for larger screen space, with minimal change to the dimensions of […]

Apple launches all-new iPad mini in new colors

Apple announced the all-new iPad mini that features a new bezel with narrower bezels and rounded corners. The iPad mini is currently the company’s smallest tablet, even with an increase in size. And the new device includes an 8.3-inch screen, which makes it more applicable as a device for multitasking or schoolwork. It’s available for […]

All you need to know about the upcoming iPhone 13.. long-awaited capabilities

With Apple approaching the announcement of its new phone for the current year, many leaks revealed the new features that will be included in the four versions of the iPhone 13, amid unconfirmed speculations that there are some revolutionary features for iPhone phones such as fingerprint recognition. Altogether, the latest leaks indicate that the new […]