Which diet is healthier, the Mediterranean or the Japanese?

Which will be healthier, a bowl of lentils or a vegetable and tofu udon? What differences can we find between one dish and another? At a nutritional level, barely distinguishable. However, while lentils are a typical dish of Mediterranean cuisine, udon is a traditional Japanese dish. For decades, concern about what we eat and the […]

Premium diesel of the future, for increasingly evolved engines

Brand Studio para YPF As is customary, YPF continues to surprise with new releases. In this case, with Infinia Diesel, a fuel ultra low sulfur premium grade 3, specially designed for severe duty diesel engines, as well as the most advanced automobile engines. Respond to more demanding international guidelines, reaching the standard required by the […]

U18: France-Portugal (2-4), the summary – French Football Federation

U18: France-Portugal (2-4), the summaryFrench Football Federation Lafarge tournament: held in check by Spain 2-2, the French will not win the competitionFrance 3 Regions Football – Spain wins the 2021 edition of the Lafarge Foot Avenir de Limogeslepopulaire.fr See full coverage on Google News .