“The diagnosis of cancer knocks you out”

Last year, the Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania made public that she had breast cancer. Now Manuela Schwesig is talking about the “hardest fight of my life”. Photo series with 32 pictures On September 26, the state parliament of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania will be re-elected in addition to the Bundestag. Manuela Schwesig has been Prime Minister […]

Red-red-green? The left parties are sending a fatal signal

Good morning, dear reader, A door is just closing for Germany. More concretely, one would have to say: Olaf Scholz closes a door. Not quite, but so far that nobody can actually get through. Because the chance of an alliance of the SPD, the Greens and the Left after the election is as good as […]

Federal election 2021: an unreasonable expectation

Good morning, dear readers, today I am writing for you the commented overview of the topics of the day. Did you see the first campaign triall on television? Armin Laschet in attack mode, Olaf Scholz as a statesmanlike comrade and Annalena Baerbock as a dynamic innovator? Enter the voter whisperer. All three knew how to […]

Turning away from the incidences – cabinet agrees on new corona criterion – t-online.de

Turning away from the incidences – cabinet agrees on new corona criteriont-online.de Cabinet approves new regulation: hospitalization rate becomes decisivetagesschau.de Focus away from incidence: hospitalization is the new corona criterionn-tv NEWS New regulation of the Infection Protection Act: Federal Cabinet decides to move away from incidence as the most important corona measured valueTHE MIRROR Hospitalization […]

Wahl-O-Mat federal election 2021: when will it appear?

Bundestag election on September 26th It won’t be long before the general election on September 26th. If you do not yet know which party to vote for, the Wahl-O-Mat is a good decision-making aid. The free question-and-answer tool finds out which party is most likely to represent your interests. From the The Wahl-O-Mat is available […]

Advance of the Taliban: helplessness of the German Afghanistan policy

NAnyone who studies Afghanistan a little more intensely may be surprised by developments. A US intelligence analysis became known months ago that the Afghan government could be overthrown by the Taliban within six months after international troops had withdrawn. Only the speed at which the radical Islamists are advancing on Kabul is now even faster […]