CDU boss Laschet is planning this in his immediate program

The polls of the CDU do not come out of the low. Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet has now presented a catalog of measures – in case he does become chancellor. These are the central points. Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet has presented his immediate program. This includes measures that he wants to implement in the […]

Breakdown in the TV triall: It really happened in the studio

The candidates for chancellor exchanged blows in a live broadcast – which was suddenly interrupted by loud noises. Now ARD and ZDF clarify what was behind it. A few weeks before the federal election, the three top candidates from the SPD, CDU and Greens faced a TV triall on Sunday evening. There were heated discussions […]

New poll sees SPD with three points ahead

16 days before the general election, the survey results fluctuate almost daily. Now a data collection shows that the SPD has a clear lead over the Union. But it is slowly coming out of the deep. SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz can be pleased: According to the ZDF political barometer, his party is still ahead […]

Left is now flexible on the subject of NATO

So far, the left has deterred possible coalition partners with maximum demands on NATO. Now the party apparently wants to present an immediate program – in which NATO no longer appears. The Left Party is going on the offensive: With an immediate program, it wants to recommend itself to the SPD and the Greens as […]

Bundestag election: Laschet: “Demoscopes are all afraid” – politics

The parties position themselves for the Bundestag election. Follow all developments in the news blog. Left boss on red-green-red: “When, if not now?” The leader of the Left Party, Susanne Hennig-Wellsow, sees good chances for an alliance with the SPD and the Greens after the federal election. “The window is as wide open as never […]

Greens boss Robert Habeck is clearly in favor of retirement at 67

Discussions arise again and again as to whether retirement should take place no later than the age of 67. Greens boss Robert Habeck has now clearly positioned himself. Greens boss Robert Habeck has spoken out against a higher retirement age. “We want to leave the retirement age as it is, that is, retire at 67,” […]

Wahl-O-Mat federal election 2021: when will it appear?

Bundestag election on September 26th It won’t be long before the general election on September 26th. If you do not yet know which party to vote for, the Wahl-O-Mat is a good decision-making aid. The free question-and-answer tool finds out which party is most likely to represent your interests. From the The Wahl-O-Mat is available […]

“A beautiful country” – expert counters

The commercial of the Greens for the federal election polarized. In the social networks, numerous users pass a devastating judgment. But one expert rates the video as successful. The Greens earned ridicule on social networks for a video about the federal election. According to the campaign manager Annkathrin Schäfer, the clip with the title “A […]

Despite political easing: Strict corona rules at DAX companies

WWhile the federal and state governments are increasingly loosening the corona rules before the federal election, the large German companies remain cautious. Personal meetings, events and presence in the office are still limited to a minimum at the 30 Dax companies, as a survey by WELT AM SONNTAG shows. Despite the now high vaccination rates, […]