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Ghost games in the national leagues, standstill in the amateur sector: German sport is being hit hard by the tightened corona measures by the federal and state governments. In view of the increasing number of infections, professional games, including football, are only allowed to be played without spectators in November; leisure and amateur sports are largely prohibited.

This emerges from the decision paper following the consultations between Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Prime Ministers. “We do not want to get into a national health emergency,” said Merkel on Wednesday during a press conference, explaining the restrictions on public life. “We need a national effort in November.” They are “tough measures that we have adopted. They are burdensome measures for the whole country.”

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The 36 clubs in the German Football League do not have to fully adapt to a new situation: In recent weeks, due to the increasing number of infections, there have been numerous games with no or only a few hundred spectators. On Wednesday, Borussia Mönchengladbach and Schalke 04 announced that no fans would be admitted next weekend.

A comprehensive hygiene concept enabled professional football to resume games with ghost games last spring. For the current season, the DFL, like all sport, received the green light from politics to be allowed to use at least up to 20 percent of the total capacity of the stadiums. This could only be used in very few cases. In a statement, the DFL called the renewed ban on spectators “regrettable”.

Several Bundesliga officials recently emphasized that ghost games are the minimum for the economic survival of the clubs. “If we don’t have them any more, then it will be very tight,” said Borussia Dortmund’s managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke on ZDF. In the other professional leagues, on the other hand, things are already looking gloomy.

In basketball, handball, ice hockey or volleyball, the clubs are much more dependent on spectator income. The arrangement of the ghost games “actually contradicts what we discussed with the heads of the state chancellery last week,” said Frank Bohmann, managing director of the handball Bundesliga on Wednesday of the German press agency. “The tenor was still clear: Sport has done its homework and does not contribute to the infection process.” He announced that he would seek “dialogue” again.

The effects on amateur sport are likely to be extreme. Fitness studios, swimming pools and fun pools will be closed. The company is closed, clubs are no longer allowed to train. Individual sports, such as jogging alone, are still allowed. Alfons Hörmann, President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, had hoped that politicians would have a “sure instinct” on Tuesday.

“From the 90,000 clubs as a unique” social filling station network “in Germany to top-class sport, all those responsible have been highly disciplined and exemplary in coping with the pandemic,” he said. In the “difficult phase now ahead, sport can and will continue to be part of the solution, not the problem”. The federal and state governments apparently did not follow this line of argument.


Germany: professional competitions behind closed doors from Monday – Info wire – Germany – Abroad

In order to stop the Covid-19 pandemic, Germany decided on Wednesday that all professional sports competitions will take place behind closed doors from next Monday, including the football championship. On the other hand, all amateur sports are banned from Monday for the entire month of November, while the number of infections has increased considerably in Germany in recent weeks.


Without his duo Camavinga-Nzonzi, Rennes in minefield in Seville – Champions League

Reduced, Stade Rennais is making a very perilous trip to the Sevilla field this Wednesday evening in the Champions League.

Rennes in search of clearing up in Andalusia: in the gray lately and deprived of its midfield Camavinga-Nzonzi, Stade Rennais hopes to dispel the clouds on Wednesday (9 p.m.) in the Champions League in Seville, where the Breton team had tasted in 2019 at the magic of a European feat. If the Andalusian capital is not necessarily a place of memory for French football, long traumatized by the semi-final of the World Cup-1982 lost to the FRG, coming to challenge Sevilla FC on the other hand revives a “good memory” for Rennes .

Julien Stéphan’s team came to eliminate Betis at home in the round of 16 of the Europa League in February 2019 (3-3, 3-1), which remains as a very festive trip for the supporters and as a founding act for the club, in ascending phase since: coronation in the Coupe de France in May 2019 against PSG, then qualification for the Champions League in spring 2020.

Wednesday, it is on the ground of Seville FC, winner of the Europa League 2020 and great rival of Betis, that the Rennes have an appointment. But it is a question of finding the conquering spirit of yesterday after a complicated start to autumn, marked by three draws and a defeat in the last four meetings.

“Sevilla is a good memory for us, but it was another club,” coach Julien Stéphan recalled on Tuesday, refusing to compare. “These are two different competitions, two different clubs, the numbers have changed … What is new is that we won a title, we obtained the best ranking in the history of the club. But that doesn’t make us a fundamentally different club from 20 months ago. ”

“A good place to get together”

Julien Stephan

In fact, Stéphan finds himself forced to innovate for this trip to Andalusia, since he is deprived of his midfielder metronome, the world champion Steven Nzonzi (suspended from a match by UEFA for a gesture of humor) , and its star in the making, the diamond Eduardo Camavinga (spared after a blow received). “It is very regrettable and very penalizing for us, we will have to adapt. It changes things, “admitted the technician, while remaining optimistic. “We have other players ready, willing to play this game.”

After a successful start to the year and four disappointing results, including a first defeat this season, conceded against Angers on Friday (1-2) in Ligue 1, Stéphan must give his group a boost. “A very difficult match awaits us in Sevilla, but it is perhaps a very good place to come together, to find the necessary resources, to find this solidity, this commitment, this solidarity which we are a little lacking at the moment” , notes the technician.

The collective power of Seville

His words are already brewing in the mind of captain Damien Da Silva, eager to erase the bad past in Rennes at the time. Especially since Rennes, slowed down by Krasnodar at home (1-1) last week for its big debut in C1, already finds itself chasing the points to hope for something in this group E. “It’s not a question of redeeming themselves in Seville, because it is another competition. But we want to show a different face than facing Angers, ”says Da Silva, on his guard against the collective power of the Andalusians who have long foiled the great Bayern Munich in the European Supercup in September (defeat 2-1 after ). “I don’t know if they are the best team in the group, but they know each other well and have automatisms. They are undoubtedly the strongest in team play, ”said the defender.

This is good: in 2019 either, Rennes was not the favorite when it came time to set foot in Andalusia. “We will arrive as outsiders tomorrow (Wednesday),” warns Stéphan. “But it can also galvanize everyone.” And the magic of Seville to operate again.


New restrictions linked to Covid-19: Towards maintaining sports competitions – Ligue 1

INFO LE FIGARO – The Ministry of Sports is working to maintain sports competitions in the event of an extension of the curfew or re-containment.

The lessons of the brutal lowering of the curtain imposed in the spring by the government on French sport and its disastrous consequences have perhaps been learned. According to our information, the Ministry of Sports is working to “preserve the competitions” in the event of a new use of confinement or extension of the curfew. While Emmanuel Macron and Jean Castex are studying the possibility of a national response after having considered acting locally in areas on maximum alert, professional athletes should be able to continue their activities throughout the territory.

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Avenue de France, it is considered that it is “essential for the athletes to continue to train and to confront each other”. Translation, the will is that matches and competitions continue, including in a new situation of containment. A trend confirmed by someone close to Emmanuel Macron with The team this Tuesday evening: “There is no scenario in which we would consider it essential to have to interrupt or suspend professional sport. Professional sport will continue regardless of the scenario chosen in terms of restrictions and health protocol. “

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In the event of a deterioration in the health situation and direct consequences on the holding of matches and calendars, it will be “up to the leagues and federations to rethink or modify the terms and regulations of the championships”, we are told at the ministry. sports. If we are therefore moving towards maintaining sporting events, closed doors, on the other hand, will prevail in the event of an extension and extension of the curfew or the establishment of stricter confinement. A new blow for the clubs most dependent on “stadium revenues”, especially those of the Top 14. While the Ministry of Sports studied the possibility of “relative gauges” – beyond the 5,000 people authorized for any sporting gathering and cultural – in order to increase the reception capacity of certain speakers, everything is put on hold. “This will only be possible after coming out of this difficult period”, we slip into the entourage of Roxana Maracineanu.


Christian Seifert: Bundesliga is looking for a new “billionaire dealer”

ADuring the weekend, ARD ran a very profound documentary. Title: “On, on and on – Corona. The Bundesliga. The restart ”. In it, protagonists of German football tell how they experienced the past few months after the virus stopped social life in Germany in March and led to the first interruption of the Bundesliga since it was founded in 1963.

Above all, Christian Seifert, head of the German Football League (DFL), had his say and described in detail what happened in the spring when it came to the survival of German football.

The 48-minute film once again showed how much Seifert in particular got involved and acted. But a successor must now be found for the head of the DFL, who has proven himself in the crisis.

The managing director of the umbrella organization of the 36 professional clubs will not renew his contract, which ends on June 30, 2022. “The only clear decision for me is that I will open a new professional chapter,” said Seifert in an interview with BILD.

Seifert came from Karstadt

“These are challenging times that require clarity and reliability. That applies to the DFL as a whole and also to my professional ambitions, ”Seifert had previously communicated. Peter Peters, head of the supervisory board, in turn, let it be known that the supervisory board would approach the new appointment professionally without time pressure and set up a comprehensive process for this purpose.

Seifert is leading the DFL through the corona pandemic with calm and understanding

Source: dpa / Frank Rumpenhorst

He confirmed that the change at the top would mean a turning point. “Christian Seifert has done an outstanding job in more than 15 years”, says Peters: “and thus made a significant contribution to the success of the Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga.”

In 2005 Seifert – married and father of two children – came to the DFL. He was previously CEO of KarstadtQuelle New Media AG and initially managing director rights, licenses, marketing. He soon succeeded Wilfried Straub as Chairman of the Management Board. The fact that Seifert doesn’t have a great footballing past didn’t matter then – and certainly not today.

The billionaire dealer

He tackled immediately and gave German football an immense upswing in the years that followed. The marketing of TV rights rose during his tenure from 400 million euros per season to more than one billion.

“The billionaire dealer” was the headline of “Kicker” in 2012 after a TV contract negotiated at the time and calculated that if Seifert got ten percent of a transfer like a player’s agent, he would have to receive 250 million euros. Seifert has no plans for his professional future yet. “A job at a club would not be the new professional chapter that I am aiming for,” he emphasized to the “image”. And: “I definitely rule out a change to the DFB in whatever role.”

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2018 DFL New Year Reception

How competent, eloquent, well networked and strong in leadership Seifert is was shown in the Corona crisis. When football came to a standstill and the players, coaches and supervisors were forced to take a break, Seifert became the face of German football. From then on, Seifert presented at regular press conferences what the 36 professional clubs had previously advised in video conferences under his leadership, strategically clever and also with a corresponding humility towards politics and the authorities.

Seifert led DFL through the crisis

Seifert was present on German television almost every week when there was something to report about the situation in professional football. Then he sat in front of the podium, calm and collected. He allowed every question there was. “Thank you for the question,” he usually replied first and then answered. From the beginning Seifert made no secret of the seriousness of the situation. He spoke of the threat of bankruptcy if the game cannot be continued.

“We make a product. But this product, which makes a handful of young soccer players rich, also guarantees work and a livelihood for at least 56,000 other people. ”Seifert was always clear in what he communicated. But as controlled as he often seemed, everything that has happened in the past few months has of course not passed him by. But on the contrary.

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In a very personal interview, the DFL boss recently told the “Stern” how the difficult phase changed him himself. “I had a few nights with little sleep. The number of questions that came up was so great that I got up in the middle of the night and had to write everything down. ”When the Bundesliga dared to restart the world-wide acclaimed restart in May, he decided not to visit the stadium and preferred to mow at home the lawn. The pandemic was still not a trigger: “The situation of the last few months due to Corona has nothing to do with the decision.”

Watzke praises Seifert

Seifert, for whom it was “an honor and joy at the same time”, as he said on Monday, “will be able to actively shape the development of one of the largest sports leagues in the world, an important social institution and the establishment of one of the most innovative media companies in Germany” will be almost two years. now still be in office. Then he will leave big footsteps. Not only Hans-Joachim Watzke, the managing director of Borussia Dortmund, is already aware of this.

BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke

Hans-Joachim Watzke praises Seifert for his work at a high level

Source: dpa / David Inderlied

“German professional football is now asked to find a suitable successor. To replace a man like Christian Seifert, who has worked for football at such a high level for so long, 1: 1, is a difficult undertaking, “said Watzke. When asked about a successor, the promised one: “That is the task of the supervisory board. If you get my opinion or assessment, I am of course available. “

But which candidates are there? A dual leadership would be conceivable, in which the recognized DFL communications director Christian Pfennig plays a larger role. The name Michael Ilgner, previously Head of Sporthilfe, now Head of Human Resources at Deutsche Bank, is circulating.

One thing is clear: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (65), who will leave Bayern on December 31, 2021, is not available. A former club boss would always be accused of partiality anyway.


“Last class”: This action brought Rapid coach Kühbauer to the Weißglut – Bundesliga

The spectacular 3: 4 between WAC and Rapid Vienna is still a topic in Austrian football two days later. Last had Sky published a video in which you could see how WAC goalie Alexander Kofler loudly expressed his displeasure with referee Stefan Ebner (“Violent fuss in the video: WAC goalie Kofler complains about referee performance”).

“Unfortunately, people very quickly forget …”

The mood in the Lavant Valley was generally very heated. Even during the game, borderline calls could be heard on TV from the stands.

Rapid coach Didi Kühbauer was stunned by some of the statements and scenes in the game. The Burgenlander is “deeply disappointed” about the behavior of his ex-club. “I didn’t take a penalty. Unfortunately, people very quickly forget that I did a good job here and brought the club a lot of money,” Didi Kühbauer told Kronen newspaper.

One scene stuck in the mind of the former WAC coach. The battered Ullmann had voluntarily played the ball out before Wolfsbergs Novak promptly initiated an offensive action by the Carinthians: “That is left behind,” complained Kühbauer. Furthermore reports the Kronethat Kühbauer sought a conversation with WAC captain Michael Liendl after the game to talk about this action.

Contract extension? Kühbauer would be ready to talk

The rapid trainer’s contract expires in summer 2021. The current results and the development of the team clearly indicate that Rapid will probably offer the Burgenland an extension. And Kühbauer does not seem averse to an extension of his contract: “Of course I am ready to talk because this group is good for me, because this club is everything to me and because this is my club, where I always wanted to be. That I and the The coaching team put together such a good team is all the more beautiful, “emphasized Kühbauer Sky.

Rapid on the way to Norway

Didi Kühbauer is currently on the way to Norway with his protégés, where they will face Molde FK in the Europa League on Thursday. On the first day of the match the Hütteldorfer suffered a narrow defeat against Arsenal. Molde won away against Dundalk.

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from Ligaportal, Photo: Gerhard Pulsinger


The president of Malaga attacks Emmanuel Macron – Fil info – Spain – Abroad

President of Malaga, Spanish D2 club, and member of the family that owns PSG, Abdullah ben Nasser Al-Thani, demands an official apology from the President of the French Republic who called for fighting against fanaticism in the name of freedom. “If there is no official apology for all Muslim countries for speaking out against racism, incitement and hatred and recommending acts offensive to Allah’s Message, then they will have to bear the consequences. “


Real dominates Barça, Bayern impresses

Published on :

Real offered themselves the clasico on Saturday and pushed Barça a little more into the crisis. In France, the easy-going PSG winner of Dijon settled at the top of the championship, while in Germany, Bayern Munich once again made a very strong impression.

  • League : Real pushes Barça into crisis, Atletico displays its ambitions

At the end of the 7e day of the championship of Spain, the irresistible Basques of Real Sociedad keep in hand the first place of the standings thanks to a big victory against Huesca (4-1), with 14 points. But the flagship match of the weekend pitted Barça against Real Madrid in a highly anticipated clasico. It was Zinedine Zidane’s men who won the day by winning in Catalonia (1-3), to climb to second place (13 points with a game late). With seven points in five matches, synonymous with 12e instead, FC Barcelona is sinking into crisis. Finally, Atlético Madrid logically won at home against Betis Sevilla (2-0), thanks in particular to a new goal from Uruguayan Luis Suarez. The capital’s second club remains undefeated this season and is at 5e place in the standings behind Villarreal.

The surprise Premier League leader suffered his first defeat of the season at Southampton (2-0) on Sunday in the 6e championship day. The Toffees remain first in the standings ahead of their historic rivals Liverpool, on goal difference (+5 against +1). But with their 13 points, they are still within reach of Aston Villa (3e) which has 12 with one game less, but which was corrected at home on Friday by Leeds United (0-3), still spectacular. On the tenors’ side, the Reds were content with a narrow home victory against Sheffield United (2-1), while Manchester City, 13e with 8 points (and one game less) could not do better than a draw against West Ham (1-1). Leicester won on Arsenal’s lawn on Sunday and by the smallest of margins (0-1). With the victory, Brendan Rodgers’ team climbed to fourth place with 12 points, one behind the leader, while the Gunners remain tenth with nine units on the clock.

  • Bundesliga : insatiable Bayern, Leipzig keeps pace

Saturday, Bayern Munich humiliated Frankfurt (5-0) thanks to a hat-trick from its scorer in series Robert Lewandowski, already scorer of ten goals in five days. Second in the standings with 12 points, the Bavarians remain one point behind RB Leipzig, winner at home against Herta Berlin (2-1), including a goal from the French international Dayot Upamecano. For its part, Borussia Dortmund (3e) also garnered the 3 points by winning clearly against Schalke, in the hot derby of the Rhür (3-0). Finally, thanks to his first success at home for … eight months, Wolfsburg, scorer of promoted Bielefeld (2-1) on Sunday, moved back to the 10e ranking place with 7 points.

  • League 1 : PSG takes control, OM takes over

Lille, neutralized in Nice (1-1), left PSG, easy winner of the Dijon red lantern (4-0), first place in Ligue 1 while Lyon humiliated a disturbing Monaco team (4-1) , Sunday at the end of an 8e day. OM, for its part, continued its rise to the top of the ranking (4e) by beating without shining Lorient 1-0, Saturday. The Phocaeans return to Stade Rennais (3e with 15 points), beaten at home by Angers (1-2). Nothing goes on the side of Saint-Etienne, penalized by several absences, who recorded his fourth defeat in a row, losing on the field of Metz (2-0). The day that was cut off from Lens-Nantes, the first meeting postponed because of the Covid-19 since August, was also marked by the spectacular exit from the road in Montpellier at home, corrected by the Stade de Reims (0 -4).

  • A league : the Juve can’t do it, Napoli advance their pawns

Still deprived of Cristiano Ronaldo, absent from the last two Serie A matches because positive for Covid-19, Juventus is no longer moving forward. The defending champion conceded his second straight draw (1-1) against Hellas Verona in the league on Sunday in the 6e day. Andrea Pirlo’s men fall at 5e place in the standings and let their opponents take the lead like Naples who won at Benevento (2-1) to climb to second place. With a clear victory on the lawn of Genoa (0-2), Inter returned to fourth position in Calcio with ten points in five days. Fiorentina, despite the absence of Frank Ribéry, has returned to success by beating Udinese (3-2). Monday evening, at the end of this day, AC Milan, leader, receives AS Roma. In case of victory, synonymous with a fifth success in a row, the Lombards will take the lead in the standings.

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BVB vs. S04: How strong is Borussia Dortmund really? – Sports

There was a minute in which there was a hint of derby crackling. That was when Mats Hummels had just sunk a massive header into the Schalke goal, and when he stopped meaningfully on the spot. Erling Haaland, always on the move at high emotional speeds, ran towards the goalscorer, then the two of them roared their enthusiasm into each other’s distorted faces that the aerosols were just flying. For a moment you could have thought it was Derby.

Otherwise, however, the otherwise over-the-top game of games dwindled to a sober Bundesliga working day. Only 300 spectators were allowed by the health department, so there was little to cheer and cheer on in the stands. In the end it was 3-0 for Borussia Dortmund against arch rivals Schalke. In a few minutes, more precisely: between the 55th and 61st minute, the game was decided when Manuel Akanji, who had returned from his corona infection, scored 1-0 and then Erling Haaland after a nice combination with Jadon Sancho the 2 : Had scored 0.

At the latest then it became clear why the old Ruhr rival has been waiting for a win for 21 games. Like a brave amateur team, Schalke had defended one half, but it wasn’t enough for more. And if you looked at the statistics that ended with zero chances to score in 90 minutes for Schalke, you swore that scoring goals for this barely existing offensive could remain difficult the whole season, even against the smaller caliber of the league.

Old doubts are breaking up again at BVB

For Mats Hummels personally, the goal to 3-0 meant something, although the game seemed to be decided by then. After all, Dortmund’s substitute captain knows the folklore of the derby, and it was actually the first time that he scored a goal against Schalke. “The Derby goal was really something that was high on my personal bucket list,” he said. In the Hummels generation, bucket list means something like: things that you still want to tick off in life. Hummels was obviously able to tick off the fact that the framework of the games is currently not really great.

Because of the obvious weakness of Schalke, no one at Dortmund really knew how high the topic of “reparation” should hang after the disastrous Champions League performance at Lazio Rome last Tuesday. Licensed player boss Sebastian Kehl expressly affirmed that the derby had reconciled the pitiful 3-1 in Rome, but at the same time one noticed Kehl’s uncertainty that had already generated the 2-0 defeat at FC Augsburg. In Dortmund, old doubts had reopened in the last few days – including doubts about coach Lucien Favre, who has a remarkably high score in his almost two and a half years at BVB, but is always criticized after slips like the one against Lazio.

Favre has a stigma attached to it

Especially in important games, the team under the leadership of the Swiss often seems wait-and-see, passive, not too boastful and self-confident. This stigma now clearly attaches to Favre. And it seems to be a reflection of the mentality of the BVB coach. The goading and loud trumpeting are certainly not Favre’s most noticeable qualities.

The relatively easy 3-0 win against Schalke initially drove away the frown; Until next time. On Wednesday, BVB is now expecting Zenit Saint Petersburg, which lost 2-1 at home to Club Bruges in the first round of the Champions League.

“… you have to switch on Pro Sieben at 8:15 pm”

Favre had made several changes against Schalke, some interesting ones. Mats Hummels reported after the game that they had spoken intensively with the coach about the return to the back four in defense, which was then completed. “It was clear that we needed an offensive player more, against a tight defense,” said Hummels, who on the other hand is known to have been more supportive of the move to the back three some time ago.

A system that Favre does not favor per se, but which was apparently recommended to him by the team management and leading players. In addition, Favre switched back to the actual goalkeeper Roman Bürki (after substitute Marvin Hitz had played three times) and renounced regular players such as Marco Reus, Axel Witsel and the young Jude Bellingham. “We have competition here, just like everyone else has competition, just like you and me,” Favre reacted almost poisonously for his circumstances when asked about it.

Mats Hummels was obviously in a donor mood that evening and wanted to protect Favre a little. “Here in Dortmund we are spoiled by seven years of press conferences with Kloppo,” said Hummels, twice champion under Jürgen Klopp, “because these weren’t actually press conferences, but late nights shows.” Favre is more withdrawn, he doesn’t reveal much. “If you want to be entertained, you have to tune in to Pro Sieben at 8:15 pm.” On Saturday evening at a quarter past eight an episode of the feature film series “Star Wars” was shown. From Luke Skywalker to Lucien Favre, it is truly half a galaxy.


Decisive meeting this Monday of the board of directors of Barça – Fil info – Spain – Abroad

A board of directors is scheduled from 1:30 p.m. this Monday at FC Barcelona. A meeting that could have serious consequences. We will discuss the motion of censure against Josep Maria Bartomeu. According to the Catalan press, if this vote of no confidence is maintained on November 1 and 2, the president of Barça could resign from his post. As are the members of the board of directors. The problem: the health context which does not allow the referendum to be held properly. Barça management has testified several times to the Generalitat of Catalonia, arguing that more than half of the voters lived on the outskirts of Barcelona and that many were over 60 years old. A fragile population in this period of the Covid-19 health crisis, which will have to meet at Camp Nou, in order to vote for or against the motion of censure. Bartomeu would therefore have requested the postponement of the vote to November 15 and 16. If the Generalitat de Catalunya maintains it on the scheduled dates (November 1 and 2), he and his leadership could then leave their posts. “We will not be complicit in this absurdity. People’s lives are more important because there will always be time to vote, ”a Barca member told Sport, when Spain declared a state of health alert until May 9. The group that tabled the censure motion, led by Jordi Farré, will hold a press conference in the morning (10:30 am), before the board of directors.

Messi’s top 5 goals in the Champions League