The Bonaventura sisters whistle for the quarterfinals, a first – Fil Info

The sisters Charlotte and Julie Bonaventura, the first female referees of a men’s handball World Cup, will lead the quarter-final between Sweden and Qatar on Wednesday, a first for them, said the French Federation. In 2017, the Marseille twins became the first women to lead matches in a men’s world championship. But they then stopped in the round of 16. Aged 40, the sisters have been officiating internationally since 2008. In 2012 in London, they became the first women to lead a women’s Olympic final.


Former Celtic and Aston coach Jozef Venglos dies – Fil Info – Abroad

Former Celtic Glasgow and Aston Villa coach Slovakian Jozef Venglos died on Tuesday aged 84, the Scottish club said on their site. He was the first non-British coach to take over English Premier League club Aston Villa in 1990. He stayed there for a year and then took charge of Celtic during the 1998-99 season. Venglos has also coached Fenerbahce and teams in Australia, Oman, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


FC Bayern against Schalke: Revolution canceled – sport

“We have taken many steps in the right direction,” said the coach after the defeat against the leaders on Sunday. The experienced coach does not want to be disturbed by the next confirmation of the downward trend. Nobody has to worry about not continuing to believe in his team, he assured, “there is no doubt about that, which does not mean that we are not self-critical”.

Christian Gross, 66, could have spoken these sentences after FC Schalke’s 4-0 defeat against Bayern Munich. He would have drawn a benevolent but not unsuitable conclusion from the meeting of the two clubs at the weekend. However, the statements come from Jürgen Klopp, who has just made a surprising and unpleasant discovery: his team, which is used to success, has forgotten how to win. The 0: 1 in the league game against a club called Burnley FC was now followed by the 2: 3 in the cup against top-tier Manchester United.

Klopp’s problem is not an isolated phenomenon in Europe. The old world is not yet in turmoil, but at least it is in turbulent disorder. England, Spain, Italy, France, the established rulers everywhere have to fight for their power and with their fallibility. Only Germany is a place of stable conditions again. A few days ago the people wanted to believe in an upheaval when FC Bayern was kicked out of the cup at the second division Kiel and left the field as a loser in Mönchengladbach, but the forces of the restoration quickly fought back. There is no longer a hint of revolution in the air.

“Sometimes we make the game too slow”

When Hansi Flick sat in the deserted press room in Gelsenkirchen on Sunday, he didn’t talk about the upcoming championship win and the table, in which his Bavarians have recently been seven points ahead, but about a few minor worries Jürgen Klopp had or his colleagues at Real Madrid and Juventus Turin would like to have. Flick has already returned to everyday life as a football teacher, in which he is not challenged by the structure itself, but by small-scale technical issues. In order to describe what had bothered him during the game against Schalke, the coach laboriously searched for the right words, and at the end he formulated a sentence that is neither suitable for headings nor for hope for an exciting championship competition: “Sometimes we make the game too slow, sometimes we take too much risk. “

In fact, the poorly formed bottom of the table, Schalke 04, has never attempted the shot on goal as often as on Sunday against the triple giant during this really tricky season. Suat Serdar and Mark Uth even shot quite sharply, but with the respect for Manuel Neuer and his four-meter long rubber arms, they were positioned so that they just missed the target. In order for the opponents to keep their distance again in the future, FC Bayern is now even pushing the sounding out for defensive personnel. With RB Leipzig’s defender Dayot Upamecano, Flick has loud Kicker already had a conversation. “It was too easy for Schalke,” he complained this time, far from worry.

Triumphantly showing your fist to the competition after a week with three victories is not Hansi Flick’s style. Oliver Kahn’s old reflexes are present in the team, they are just expressed differently. From Joshua Kimmich, for example, who complained to the referee about almost every ball win by Schalke during the game because he apparently considered the theft of a Munich ball by a third party as an administrative offense, or from the double scorer Thomas Müller, who was satisfied with the start of the second half of the season: ” We wanted to round it off with a Bayern matchday. ” Bayern opponents will cry out in agony about the claim to ownership contained in this statement, Bayern friends will welcome it as a regular expression of the club ideology. It’s the old signals. The fact that Leroy Sané was not satisfied with himself despite a committed appearance, which he did not hide from anyone after his substitution, his coach did not consider it necessary, but also not wrong: “If he is dissatisfied today, then it is his decision “said Flick.

The result on Sunday can be seen as a stage win

Just recently, experts had speculated with the help of psychological specialist reading whether the Munich-based company could even develop the ambition for the sequel after a season with so many titles. But even the violently touched reaction to the Kieler Pokal-Aus had shown that the leading representatives of the team no trophy is too small or too familiar to not want to win it again. The result on Sunday can only be perceived as a stage win. Flick couldn’t help but confirm the effect (“We used the competition’s template”), but a preliminary decision for the season? “Total bullshit!” In his opinion, a seven point lead is nothing more than “a certain cushion”.

While Schalke tried to use their honorable resistance as encouragement for the relegation battle, Flick praised the excursion to the west as a further approach to the prescribed maximum position (“still have to do something to regain dominance”) and as an introduction to the Resumption of the Champions League in three weeks. Lazio Rome is then the opponent in the round of 16, which of course is only an intermediate goal. According to the current state of affairs, it looks as if Bayern could spare a few strengths for the tasks in Europe in the everyday business of the league – unlike the usual competition from Spain, Italy and England.


Atlanta hires former Lyon player Lisandro Lopez – Fil Info – Foreign

Atlanta United, coached by Argentinian Gabriel Heinze, who plays Major League Soccer (MLS), the North American football championship, announces on Monday that it has recruited Argentine striker Lisandro Lopez, who passed through FC Porto and Olympique Lyonnais . “Lisandro is a seasoned scorer who will strengthen our attack. We are delighted to add to our squad a player with his experience and skills, ”said Carlos Bocanegra, vice president and technical director of Atlanta United. “He will bring his leadership and his winning mentality, he who has won several championships and cups throughout his career. We believe he will have a positive influence on our young team, ”added the former American player. Aged 37, Lopez wore the colors of Racing (Argentina D1) since 2016, the club where he started his professional career in 2003. In 2005, he went to Europe, to FC Porto with which he was four times d ‘straight Portuguese champion (2006-2009). After which he played five seasons at Lyon, the club with which he won the Coupe de France in 2012, two years after being voted best player in Ligue 1. After two years at the Qatari club of Al-Gharafa and a few months At the Internacional in Brazil, Lopez led Racing to the title of Argentine champion in 2019, finishing as the tournament’s top scorer. In Atlanta, he will play under the orders of his former teammate in the Argentine selection, Gabriel Heinze, the former PSG player in particular, who was appointed coach in December, in order to bring the franchise back to the top of the MLS where it won the championship in 2018.


Hertha BSC: The future has to wait – sport

If you want to get an idea of ​​what kind of era ended on Sunday, you have to jump back to the last century. More precisely: in July 1996, when Michael Preetz was still wearing shorts and the Wattenscheid 09 jersey.

Wattenscheid was already relegated from the second division and visited Hertha on the last match day. The fact that the Berliners saved themselves back then and did not have to accompany the Wattenscheider into the third class remained forever associated with Preetz. Shortly before the end, Preetz gave Wattenscheid a so-called one hundred percent chance to score. And a little later, see, signed an employment contract with Hertha.

Michael Preetz, 53 today, has never left Hertha again. After his career as a player he first became an apprentice with the former manager Dieter Hoeneß, and in 2009 he inherited him. The separation took place on Sunday after almost a quarter of a century on the Olympic site. Or, from a different perspective: a good one and a half years after investor Lars Windhorst joined the company, who wants to see Hertha BSC transformed into a “Big City Club”.

Windhorst has put almost 300 million euros into the club, but this has not yet resulted in success. As a well-done capital city project, Hertha could belong to the future, everyone agrees – but the reality is: The club is, like a year ago, in a relegation battle. Coach Bruno Labbadia had to leave because he was unable to improve the team. Preetz was fired because he had put together a squad that had structural deficiencies. For years, President Werner Gegenbauer had been able to hold a protective hand over Preetz; At the last general meeting it became clear that his support in the club had also eroded, Gegenbauer was just re-elected. And then there is the investor in the background.

In his view, Hertha has lost more than a year and a half – and sunk money. It doesn’t look much better in perspective. Provided that Hertha holds the class: Before the goal of the Big City Club can be achieved, at least one more season is in the country. There are even future projects of the EU Commission that will be implemented in shorter periods of time.

Who will lead Hertha’s fate is open. Last year, Ralf Rangnick was ensnared by Jürgen Klinsmann, the talks petered out, apparently also because of the now shot Preetz. Rangnick’s solution would probably be appreciated by the investor even now, and it would have the charm that it would embody a holistic concept that would offer a perspective in the light of Rangnick’s development work in Hoffenheim and Leipzig.

Only: In the meantime, Rangnick has established himself internationally as the mastermind of the new German (coach) football miracle that it would be a miracle if he wanted to core Hertha of all people. Rangnick has been ensnared by AC Milan and Roma, at Chelsea he is a possible candidate alongside Thomas Tuchel if the coaching position becomes vacant, his name is also traded beyond the Pyrenees. And then it has still not been said whether the DFB will have to look around for a new coach, team manager and academy director after the EM. That sounds definitely more interesting than the now inevitable complete reform of Hertha.


The salty exchange between Zapata and Ibrahimovic – Fil info – Italy – Abroad

While the fate of the match in AC Milan and Atalanta was no longer a shadow of a doubt, Duvan Zapata decided to pay Zlatan Ibrahimovic when the latter claimed a penalty. The Colombian striker from Bergamo then criticized the Swede for not being able to “finish a match with a penalty”. A provocation to which the former PSG striker was not asked to answer “What are you talking about?” I have scored more goals than you have played games in your career! ”

The numbers prove Zlatan right. With 498 club goals, Ibra has more goals than Zapata has played in matches (373 games for 138 goals).


0: 3 against Hoffenheim: Cologne loses on penalties – sport

It was reserved for Marius Wolf to give the first interview after his Cologne team’s 0-3 in Hoffenheim. But before he vented his anger about how “stupid” they had defended, the offensive man shot a ball into the black night sky. The anger over the fully deserved defeat was so much more noticeable than his coach Markus Gisdol, who had stayed on the bench for the last quarter of an hour, but looked similarly frustrated after the game. “The way we got the goals was really annoying,” he said. “If you defend like that and produce set pieces, you have no chance.”

After just seven minutes it was 1-0 for TSG. And that after a hand penalty, which for once was completely undisputed. Sava-Arangel Cestic jumped into a shot by Ilas Bebou with his arms raised and stopped the ball with one hand. Andrej Kramaric had no trouble converting the penalty (7th).

Cologne coach Gisdol had meanwhile again called up a starting line-up in which there was no attacker among ten field players. The two midfielders Wolf and Ondrej Duda played furthest away from their own goal. Surprisingly, hardly anyone finds such a basic orientation at FC, who is currently looking for a striker to be signed on at short notice. The fact that after falling behind they continued to play in a wait-and-see manner before things got much more energetic in the second round was astonishing.

When Cologne got close to the Hoffenheim penalty area in the first half, the offensives often got in each other’s way. Duda jumped the ball twice when accepting it (12/16). Wolf, the most conspicuous Cologne that evening, failed after half an hour from close range to goalkeeper Oliver Baumann, shortly before the half-time whistle he headed the ball to the post (45th). It was no accident that both chances preceded corners.

Cologne did not achieve much from the game – not necessarily a finding that would be read for the first time after the 18th matchday, although the Rhinelanders had to be admitted that they often combined the two penalties nicely and despite the devastating Not giving up the result – that was different at the 0: 5 in Freiburg two weeks ago. “We did it properly until the sixteenth,” said Gisdol. “The offensive game wasn’t the point of criticism today.”

In fact, Hoffenheim, which announced on Saturday that Jakob Bruun-Larsen will be loaned to RSC Anderlecht until the end of the season, showed in some actions that it had only landed its first win of the year last Tuesday. Nevertheless, they deservedly led by two goals difference at halftime. After a corner that was defended too briefly, Mijat Gacinovic withdrew, Christoph Baumgartner extended with a hoe, and it was 2-0 (28th), Kramaric (42nd) could have extended the lead.

If, on the other hand, the Cologne attack efforts had been recorded with a thermal camera, the Hoffenheim penalty area would have remained a largely deep blue zone. The question of how this team wants to score goals was also an urgent question on Sunday, while Hoffenheim worked hard on goal difference and was actively supported by the Cologne team.

After a clumsy foul by substitute Anthony Modeste on Baumgartner, Kramaric, who had already had another chance (65th), converted his second penalty to 3-0 (75th). Coach Gisdol, who had spent almost the entire second half on the bench in the last 5-0 draw in Freiburg, didn’t have to get up again until the final whistle. Modeste neither took a penalty past Baumann (76th), nor did he hit the first goal of the season when he hit the header in the 84th minute.


Bundesliga – Kramaric stays safe – Cologne loses significantly – sport

Bundesliga:Kramaric stays safe – Cologne loses significantly

Hoffenheim’s Christoph Baumgartner (front) and Cologne’s Marius Wolf fight for the ball.

(Photo: dpa)

TSG Hoffenheim wins 3-0 against 1. FC Köln. André Kramaric sinks both penalties, Anthony Modeste misses his attempt.


Egypt qualified for the quarterfinals at the expense of Slovenia – Fil Info

Egypt qualified for the quarter-finals of the Handball World Cup at the expense of Slovenia, deprived of several sick players and eliminated after the draw between the two nations (25-25) on Sunday in Cairo. The Slovenes, deprived at the last moment of Dragan Gajic, Stas Skube, Blaz Blagotinsek, sick, had taken a good lead (15-10) before seeing Egypt return in the second act. Helped by their goalkeeper Klemen Ferlin on fire (18 saves at 49%), they hung on to the end, scoring two goals behind in the last minute, including an equalizer at the last second by Barcelona’s Blaz Janc. Insufficient, after a defeat against Russia in the first round (31-25) and a previous draw torn against Sweden (28-28) on Friday, to move ahead of Egypt in the standings. The latter will be accompanied by Sweden or Russia who compete in the evening. The winner will be qualified, or Sweden in the event of a draw. This qualification confirms the return to the foreground of Egypt, 8th in the 2019 World Cup, which did not include quarter-finals. At the turn of the millennium, the Pharaohs had reached the quarterfinal stage in 4 successive Worlds, even reaching the final square in 2001 against France, host country and future winner.