V apologizes to ARMY, his sincere message will move you

Despite the fact that Bangtan Sonyeondan has not stopped surprising us with new releases, there is an earring that does not leave V alone and he expressed his feelings with ARMY.

While it is true that the plans BTS During the past year they changed drastically, the idols of BigHit They haven’t stopped working for a single moment. Every week new materials appear and we have had great surprises such as their collaboration with McDonald’s, a full album, anniversary celebrations and now they returned with a special album for Butter.

This last premiere was accompanied by the melody of Permission To Dance and two physical versions that every ARMY would love to have in their collection. There are no dull days thanks to these talented singersHow do they feel about it?

The messages and thanks for their new CD gave them the opportunity to express how they felt at this point in their careers, but to everyone’s surprise, V He asked forgiveness for something that touched the hearts of everyone who read it.

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V talks about his mixtape and apologizes to BTS fans

The vocalist from banda de K-Pop he opened his heart to give a sincere message to ARMY. Fans have long waited for the interpreter of Winter Bear released his first solo mixtape and although he had already been working on various tunes, previously he also revealed that he would start everything from scratch one more time before getting ready. KTH1.

This time Taehyung apologized for the delay and not having a probable date for this release, so he said:

The mixtape. Sorry, one day I will become a person who can show you a lot of different things like someone named Kim Taehyung, like a gift wrapped set.

Following this, he said that he hoped that everyone would be aware and thus they would be prepared to receive new surprises about his career, as if it were a gift in which he will put all his feelings.

V’s message moved ARMY and the fandom expressed that he should not apologize or feel pressured, because in addition to having worked very hard, he can take the time he needs because his support for him will remain loyal.

BTS members recently joined a project alongside Louis Vuitton, however V is not featured in promos and ARMY expressed their annoyance. Find out about all the details here.


British influencer gets surgery to look like BTS singer Jimin

British Influencer Gets Operated To Look Like BTS Singer Jimin | People in spanish

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McDonald’s sold in one day 60% of the total of BTS’s menus that were for a month

“Now the issue is sauces, in many countries they are over. We have already made an additional order to avoid this situation and ensure that the sale continues throughout the month, not until stocks are exhausted, “adds the executive who foresees a decrease in demand as the days go by.

The BTS Meal combo includes 10 pieces of McNuggets, medium potatoes, medium sugar-free soda and a couple of sauces made in South Korea, sweet chili and Cajun.

The K-Pop phenomenon

K-Pop has become a trend in Latin America, so much so that brands have turned to see the most representative exponents of the genre to propose collaborations that are allowing them to approach an audience that is not part of their most active buyers.

Leonardo Vargas, leader of the influencer marketing department of the Band of Insiders agency, explains that with these alliances, brands seek to have connections with new generations that do not necessarily consume their product, but everything related to certain K-Pop groups.

“They want to enter communities that are already built and turn it into engagement for them. When they are able to introduce themselves and adopt an opinion leader or role model, the emotional connection that is generated between the followers and the brands is immediate ”, says the expert.

Here, he adds, the challenge is to keep the attention of these consumers once the collaborations with the K-Pop groups end. In the case of McDonald’s, although BTS fans are an audience that frequently follows the brand, the chain intends to implement a retention strategy that ensures their preference.

Félix Ramírez points out that they will maintain aggressive promotions at the digital level. “We are investing many resources in these platforms, coupons, attractive offers for young people, all this accompanied by a line of merch limited edition inspired by some items on the BTS menu ”.

Among the products to be marketed through the Weverse Shop mobile application are purple sweatshirts, bathrobes, socks and sandals, characteristic of the Korean group.