the broken fate of Agitu Gudeta

A sunny face, the look both lively and soft, full of enthusiasm, Agitu Ideo Gudeta would have been 43 years old on January 1st. Shortly before, she was killed with a hammer by a farm worker, Adams Suleiman. According to his confession, the 32-year-old Ghanaian criticized him for not having paid him his last salary and would have lost all control during their discussion.

At the head of “La Capra Felice”

We nicknamed her the “queen of happy goats”, Agitu was at the head of an organic farming company, “La Capra Felice” (the happy goat), since 2012. Recognized for her talents as a goat breeder and producer of cheeses, she had represented the Trentino region at EXPO 2015 in Milan.

A long-time environmentalist, she embodied the strength of resistance for organizations like Slow Food or Legambiente, the main Italian environmental association. Charismatic, very cultured, she was also often invited by NGOs, working in favor of refugees. ” Migrants can add value She liked to repeat.

Arrival of migrants in Italy this weekend: estimates revised downwards

Her first links with Italy date back to 1996. That year, Agitu, born in Addis Ababa, won a scholarship and flew to the University of Trento where she obtained a Masters in sociology. Passionate about breeding since her childhood spent with her semi-nomadic shepherd grandmother, she then decides to return to her country. She founded an association there for the fight against land grabbing by multinationals. But, threatened with death by militias, she fled in 2010.

A girl from Trentino

“It was a real miracle, Agitu was able to fly back to Italy because she still had a study permit”, says her friend, Caterina Amicucci. She reunites with former university companions in the province of Trento. They accommodate her while waiting for her to be granted political refugee status.

For two years, she worked in a bar and then became involved in a project to requalify the territory and protect the Mochènes goats, an endangered species. She rents 11 hectares of land and settles in Frassilongo, a village in the heart of the Mochènes Valley.

Little by little, the shepherdess from Ethiopia was adopted as a girl from Trentino. We appreciate her courage, her devotion to the goats that she raises in freedom and protects from bears, day and night. “Nothing matters more than the goats in my life and nothing rewards me more than their love, they are my strength and my refuge », Can we read on his Facebook page.

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To complete her training, Agitu will even make a detour to France where she learns the traditional art of mountain cheese makers. Over time, her excellent products, her entrepreneurial capacity, attracted the curiosity of the media which made her an icon of integration.


Agitu should nonetheless continue to fight against episodes of intolerance. In 2018, she suffered the physical assault of a racist and misogynistic neighbor. The latter will only be sentenced to 9 months of parole. But she continued on her path tirelessly, creating cosmetics based on goat’s milk, opening a shop in Trento, refining her educational farm project. “She constantly had new ideas for the community, her death is a huge wound”, moved the mayor of Frassilongo, Luca Puecher.

While waiting for the new destiny of “La Capra Felice” to be determined, the mayor entrusted the breeding to a young shepherdess. A jackpot organized on the GoFundMe platform by the association Amici d’Etiopa (Friends of Ethiopia) and the Più Europa party of Emma Bonino, has already raised € 86,000. The money will be used to help Agitu’s family repatriate his remains to Ethiopia and bring to life the dreams she has so brilliantly realized.


Biathlon, the broken trace of Raphaël Poirée

On March 11, 2007, he had been left with his fist raised, angry as always, forced to lower him during this last race, defeated by half a spatula by the Norwegian king Ole Einar Björndalen. Following his sparkling career (8 world titles, 4 big crystal globes, 44 World Cup victories, 3 Olympic medals), Raphaël Poirée then published his first book, “ We are not born a champion, we become it “, written in collaboration with the journalist of Dauphiné Liberated Yves Perret, now press manager of the AG2R-Citroën cycling team.

“My father smiles at life”

The tone was high, informative: he told of the discovery of skiing by a city child and the emerging media coverage of biathlon. A bit classic nonetheless, in the manner of these agreed monographs published by publishers surfing on the notoriety of a champion. Thirteen years later, the Poirée-Perret duo reunited for a second chapter called ” The pursuit of a life “ (1), whose tone is quite different.

Biathlon, life without Martin Fourcade

Everything is said, perhaps, in the last line of the last chapter, written by his eldest daughter: “My father smiles at life. “ We would be tempted to add “finally” to it, as the last thirteen years of Raphaël Poirée’s life, as a former champion, have been so painful. The “little death”, a somewhat frightening nickname for retirement from sports, he experienced painfully. Suffering in his body when he was hospitalized with two broken vertebrae after a quad bike accident. Bleeding in his heart when the golden couple he formed with Norwegian biathlon star Liv-Grete got bogged down in his unsaid and touchy character.

The man had a reputation for being silent asocial; he was in fact running behind the hope of the recognition of a stranger, his father, who had abandoned him shortly after his birth, before remaking his life in New Zealand. “ For me, playing sports was a way of shouting ”, he said from Bergen, Norway where he is based. But this father, who died shortly before he found his trace, never heard him.

Daily champion

Professionally, retraining has not been easier. In 2007, biathlon was still a confidential sport in France and race bonuses were not enough to secure the future. The great champion, who only lacked Olympic gold, found himself as a worker on the oil platforms, then a construction engineer, before taking the commercial management of a public works company. “Poor guy, he’s lost his mind. He is sad. We must help him, say those who have not understood that it is my simple and unique choice to exercise this profession ”, he wrote, addressed to an environment which has never quite understood it.

A second championship course, no longer fighting for glory but to raise his three daughters. “I wanted to leave a mark on my children, that they know my story and that they know that it is necessary to fight in the life”, he said before hanging up the phone with an excuse: ” Tomorrow I get up early. “


They arrested a Bariloche commissioner accused of having raped a police officer

A commissioner from the Rio Negro city of San Carlos de Bariloche was arrested after being denounced for the sexual abuse of a provincial police officer, police sources reported today.

It is the head of Police Station 27 in the Andean city, Roberto Parra, who has already been separated from his post by the Rio Negro government, through the Secretary of State for Security and Justice, and his statutory weapon was withdrawn.

According to the investigation, the woman reported having been raped by Parra in a unit where she performs services.

Immediately after he communicated the situation to another agent, the action protocol was activated, informing the staff of the Family Police Station and transferring the victim to the Zonal Hospital.

In this regard, the Secretary of State for Security and Justice, Betiana Minor, repudiated the fact and assured that “it is one more example of sexist violence against women, something that should never happen within a police institution.”

“At first we accompany the victim with our entire team, and we act immediately in a disciplinary manner with what corresponds to the police personnel who are detained and at the disposal of justice,” he said.

“This cannot happen, we have been doing very in-depth work on gender issues, since 2018 the institution has been working on how to approach and raise awareness,” said Minor.

“As well as the creation of a specific area that is pending implementation, the police disciplinary regulations already have a project that includes the offenses in relation to gender violence,” explained the official. (Télam)

If you suffer gender violence or know a victim, call 144: it is free and open 24 hours


The suspense of deconfinement, a puzzle for cultural places

Should we open places of culture on December 15? The question is ” on the table “LREM spokesperson Aurore Bergé said on Wednesday, December 9, perhaps already preparing public opinion for a postponement of deconfinement for theaters, cinemas and museums, while the figures for the epidemic are stagnating.

“This stop-and-go will have our skin as an independent cinema distributor”

“Usually, we are prepared for announcements, notes Marc-Olivier Sebbag, General Delegate of the National Federation of French Cinemas. There nobody has any information because probably the government itself does not yet know what it is going to do ”.

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Until last week, room operators were consulted on the conditions for reopening with, at the center of the discussions, whether or not a session should be maintained at 8 p.m. and the implementation of a new health protocol. . “The rooms are not places of contamination, they must open, continues Marc-Olivier Sebbag. One cannot imagine the opposite considering the investment of tens of thousands of people who are preparing for it. If this were the case, it would be the first time that this has been announced to us 4 days before ”.

A last minute postponement would be extremely damaging for the profession and in particular for distributors who have relaunched their films with new promotional campaigns. « Worse than the closure, it is the “stop and go” that will have our skin as an independent distributor » the executives of Eurozoom, who have two Japanese films showing on December 15 and 16, complained on Twitter on Monday, December 7, Violet Evergarden, an animated film, and Little Zombies.

All the more so with the successive postponements, the list of films on hold is growing and fears the big traffic jam for 2021. After the announcement in the United States by Warner Bros. of the switch to their platform of all their productions planned for next year, the entire cinema industry is worried about its long-term future. According to Jean Labadie, producer and distributor (Le Pacte), “If theaters close again, I don’t see how we will be able to prohibit producers from selling their films to platforms”.

The holiday season is crucial for the performing arts

As for the theaters, we are also living painfully this period of uncertainties which prevents real projection. “During his last speech, Emmanuel Macron set the date of December 15, even as the performing arts world was preparing for a reopening at the end of January. Was this bet too daring? “, asks Jean-Marc Dumontet, at the head of the Antoine Theater, the Point-Virgule and other Parisian venues.

The producer recalls that a performance hall does not reopen its doors under the same conditions as a restaurant: “For us, nothing can pick up immediately. It takes time to mobilize the actors as well as to bring in the public ”, he explains, before deploring the constraints imposed by the time to market: “I continued to advertise and promote shows that probably couldn’t even be postponed”.

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After this second confinement, the holiday season was absolutely essential for the sector, but Jean-Marc Dumontet wants to be lucid. During the first wave, the first curtain rises took place on June 22, a month and a half after the deconfinement of the French. “We’re playing as soon as we can, and we’ve obviously put everything in place to be ready for an imminent reopening. But I prefer to make a big sacrifice now, if it allows me to open later in certain and serene conditions ”, he declares.

Overly optimistic museums?

Same puzzle in the museums which had everything in place for a reopening in mid-December. The Mona Lisa throne even on the Louvre website with this slogan: ” Smile again: the museum reopens on December 16 »And reservations are already open. Premature optimism? As for theaters, it is impossible for these large institutions to improvise a reopening the day before for the next day, especially with the new sanitary gauges and therefore compulsory reservations.

The Musée d’Orsay has taken the same risk that claims on its home page: “The museum is happy to welcome you from December 15, 2020. You can already book your ticket! “. He also invited the press from December 11 to finally open his new exhibition on “The Origins of the World: The Invention of Nature in the 19th Century”, after more than a month of postponement. Some also wonder half voice : museums, with their vast spaces and where people circulate, should they be treated in the same way as theaters or cinemas?

A gauge aligned with that of shops

At the Petit Palais, director Christophe Léribault also scrambled to finally reopen his museum on December 15, in the best possible conditions. “We have lowered the gauge further to 8 m2 per person, instead of 5 m2 previously, to align ourselves with the rules required in businesses. So we have extended our schedules by an hour more each evening, until 7 pm ”, he explains.

He even obtained from the Nordic museums the extension of the loans of his beautiful exhibition on Danish painting, until January 17 (instead of 3), which met, before confinement, a great public success. “Not being able to continue to share this beautiful project with the public would be a disaster. And financially, these cancellations cost us a fortune, especially since we have of course reimbursed the tickets reserved in November and early December ”, he admits, judging this suspense « terrible ».


TOP TIP: The Oculus Store breaks prices for just a few hours for Black Friday (Quest, Quest 2, PC)

For the Black Friday, Oculus offers interesting promotions on its online store, theOculus Store, whether for its autonomous part (Oculus Quest and Quest 2) or the one dedicated to the PC (Rift, Rift S, Link for Quest/Quest 2). On the first, in addition to the knockout games, there are three packs that end on 11/30 (Premium, Essentials and Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series) and two more that will be available two more days. As for the PC store, no problem of this kind, there is no pack put forward, just promotions on a few games. Please note, no promotion is offered for Oculus Go.

Black Friday Oculus Quest 2

Pack Premium – 140,28 € (249,40 € i.e. -43%)

Premium Pack Oculus Quest

Ce pack contient SUPERHOT VR, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted, Vacation Simulator, Arizona Sunshine, The Room VR, Red Matter, Espire 1: VR Operative, Moss, Gun Club VR et Space Pirate Trainer.

This offer is valid for purchases on until November 28, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. in France.

Essentials Pack – € 89.99 (138,95 € i.e. -35%)

Essentials Oculus Quest Pack

Ce pack contient Onward, Job Simulator, In Death: Unchained, Tetris Effect, Space Pirate et I Expect You to Die.

This offer is valid for purchases on until November 28, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. in France.

Pack Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series – 19,99 € (23,97 € i.e. -16%)

Star Wars Immortal Pack Oculus Quest

Le pack contains Vader and immortal: Part 1, Vader Immortal Episode 2 and go Immortal Episode 3.

This offer is valid for purchases on until November 28, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. in France.

Fitness pack: € 59.99 (€ 89.97 or -33%)

Pack Fitness Oculus Quest Store

This pack contains FitXR, Creed : Rise to Glory and Sports Scramble.

This offer is valid for purchases on until November 30, 2020 at 6:00 a.m. in France.

Action Pack: € 59.99 (€ 82.97 or -27%)

pack action oculus quest store

This pack contains Pistol Whip, Phantom : Covert Ops, and Trover Saves the Universe.

This offer is valid for purchases on until November 30, 2020 at 6:00 a.m. in France.

Other games in promotion on the Quest store:

  • Arizona Sunshine – 27,99 € (39,99 € i.e. -30%)
  • Audica – € 19.99 (29,99 € i.e. -33%)
  • Audio Trip – € 13.99 (€ 19.99 or -30%)
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This offer is valid for purchases on until November 28, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. in France.

Games on sale on the Oculus Store PC / Link

Black Friday Sales Oculs Store

  • AUDICA – € 19.99 (29,99 € i.e. -33%)
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  • OrbusVR: Reborn – 14,99 € (19,99 € i.e. -25%)
  • Red Matter – 14,99 € (24,99 € i.e. -40%)
  • Robo Recall – € 20.99 (€ 29.99 or -30% =
  • Space Junkies – 4,99 € (19,99 € i.e. -75%)
  • SUPERHOT VR – 11,31 € (24,99 € i.e. -30%)
  • Stormland – € 19.99 (39,99 € i.e. -50%)
  • The Climb – 19,99,€ (29,99 € i.e. -33%)
  • The Thrill of the Fight – 7,99 € (9,99 € i.e. -20%)
  • Tilt Brush – 15,99 € (19,99 € i.e. -20%)
  • Wilson’s Heart – 8,99 € (29,99 € i.e. -70%)
  • Zero Caliber VR – 19,99 € (24,99 € i.e. -20%)

This offer is valid for purchases on until November 28, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. in France.

Update: Added two packs up to 11/30 (Fitness and Action) and three other games put on promotion in the meantime.


Northern Ireland, a persistent Brexit puzzle

Since the result of the referendum of 23 June 2016, Northern Ireland has been a thorn in the achievement of an orderly Brexit. Despite the agreement negotiated last year between the United Kingdom and the European Union, the situation has not really changed from this point of view. Shortly before midnight on Monday 9 November evening, the House of Lords inflicted the most severe defeat on a government since 1999.

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Breaking the law, a slippery slope

Members of the upper house of parliament rejected by 433 votes to 165 a passage from its Internal Market Bill which broke the Brexit agreement “in a specific and limited way”, such as ‘admitted a minister. Concretely, Boris Johnson intended to put in place his own interpretation of the Northern Irish protocol in the event that no free trade trade agreement would be signed in the coming weeks with the EU.

Forty-four Conservative Lords opposed the government, including former Conservative leaders William Hague and Michael Howard. As former Prime Minister John Major recalled in a long speech on Monday evening, “ ministers have proposed legislation giving them the power to break the law. It’s a slippery slope that no democratic government should ever take ».

Morally, the pressure imposed by the Lords is strong. Politically, it is only symbolic. The government can indeed reintroduce the amended elements before the new consideration of the bill by the House of Commons, scheduled for the coming weeks. What his spokesperson confirmed at the end of the vote.

An Irishman in the White House

Boris Johnson will however not need to go to the confrontation with his deputies if a trade agreement with the European Union is signed during the next ten days. Another argument could push Boris Johnson to opt for a deal: the election of Joseph Biden, of Irish origin, to the American presidency. ” I think the PM won’t want his first conversation with Biden to be about Northern Ireland, Brexit and no deal “Said former minister Nicky Morgan. “ A deal will make this conversation much easier. »

At the same time, the two main political parties in Northern Ireland, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Sinn Féin, sent a joint letter to the EU on Monday raising concerns over the entry into force of Brexit. They consider “unacceptable” the situation that the application would cause from 1is January EU phytosanitary checks on all agri-food goods arriving from the UK to Northern Ireland.

For “a pragmatic approach”

Northern Irish Prime Minister Arlene Foster (DUP, pro British Unionist) and Deputy Prime Minister Michelle O’Neill (Sinn Féin, Irish Republican Party) recall that the protocol indicates that its application “should have as little impact as possible on the daily life of communities in Ireland and Northern Ireland ”. However, manufacturers in the sector have warned them that the controls as they are currently envisaged would lead to “increases in the price of materials and / or a reduction in choice for consumers”.

The two politicians do not question the fears of Member States vis-à-vis health issues but they are calling for “a pragmatic approach” so as not to penalize Northern Irish consumers. An additional puzzle for Brussels.


Aid plan and budget blocked, a headache for the EU

“We are in crisis. “ In Brussels, after the blocking of the post-2020 European Union (EU) budget and the post-Covid recovery plan by Hungary and Poland, the diagnosis is final. Dissatisfied with the unprecedented link established between the payment of European funds and respect for the rule of law, Budapest and Warsaw were indeed opposed, Monday, November 16, to the validation of this “package” of nearly 1,800 billion dollars. euros.

Everything was played out in the Council of the EU, Monday November 16, time for a meeting of “Coreper”, the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the Member States, one of the few Brussels bodies which continues to meet “physically. “. The 27 ambassadors were to examine several texts forming, together, the so-called “take it or leave it” package.

Two of its central elements require unanimity to be adopted: a decision which authorizes the EU to increase its resources to borrow, in order to finance the recovery plan, and another concerning the multiannual financial framework 2021-2027.

“This is called a hostage-taking”

The rule of law mechanism, which the two countries oppose, is for its part the subject of a regulation which requires only a qualified majority in its favor. To prevent its validation, Budapest and Warsaw oppose the other two texts. “This is called a hostage-taking”, sums up MEP Valérie Hayer, one of the budget negotiators on the European Parliament side.

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Ahead of the meeting, Hungary had already said all the bad things it thought about the rule of law mechanism. In a letter to the presidents of the European institutions, Prime Minister Viktor Orban himself warned: “Although Hungary is committed to cooperation, it cannot guarantee the unanimity required to adopt the package. “ Its ally, Poland, sided with it. Result: impossible, despite the goodwill of the 25 others, to validate the package.

“This veto was no surprise to anyone”, admits Valérie Hayer. The MEP explains that, despite everything, there were many in the European capital who hoped that Budapest would not carry out its threats. For Germany, which holds the reins of the Council of the EU, this is an additional problem which further complicates an already chaotic presidency due to the crisis.

“We lost a lot of time in the face of the second wave of the pandemic and the serious economic damage caused”, regretted Michael Clauss, German Ambassador to the EU, before calling “Those who have not been able to join the almost reached European consensus” to show ” urgently ” the “Will necessary for a compromise”.

“Germany’s tactic will be to isolate Orban”

A highly political phase therefore begins. In July, to reach an agreement on the budget and the stimulus, the leaders had opted for a vague formula on the rule of law, in order to achieve all their violins. They knew the risks engendered by this ” soft focus “ – according to the term used by a source -, and are now paying the price. It is therefore now a question of convincing Poland and Hungary to backtrack.

“Germany’s tactic will be to isolate Orban, by making Poland understand that it has everything to lose by pursuing this strategy. And when Hungary goes it alone, the idea will be to resort to ” name and shame ” (“ name and cover with shame ”), which works quite well on Orban ”, reveals a source close to the case.

“We could imagine not implementing the recovery plan until 25 or 26”, she adds. But this solution would call into question the agreement at 27, released in pain this summer. Heads of State and Government will have to take up these questions from the European Council on 19 December. They who considered the budget negotiations to be completely completed.


iPhone 12 (Pro): Users complain about poor workmanship

Cracked glass on the camera module and strong signs of wear on the housing: the iPhone 12 has not been on the market for long and there are already the first users reporting problems. Does Apple have a processing problem?

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have only been on the market for four days when there are already initial complaints and reports from users about the workmanship of the new iPhone models. First a blogger called “TechSina” observed in a Chinese Apple Store that the cases of the iPhone 12 models exhibited there had been badly damaged. We are talking about the coating of the frame, which has flaked off in many small and large areas. Such wear and tear can be observed particularly on the edges of the device.

Judging by the pictures, this is an iPhone 12 model. Here Apple uses an aluminum frame, which could explain the slight peeling of the coating under certain circumstances. We have had the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro in our editorial team for a week and we cannot find any flaws on the case. It is much more likely that the visitors to the Chinese Apple Store were not very careful with the device. When a device wanders through hundreds of hands, it naturally shows signs of wear and tear more quickly.

Cracked glass on the camera module

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But that’s not all: There are also first photos of the iPhone 12 Pro that probably only make every iPhone fan nervous when looking at them. The Twitter user Max Weinbach published a picture of his new iPhone 12 Pro, where clear glass cracks can be seen in the back of the device around the camera module. “What the hell … my phone didn’t fall, bump, or do anything. I literally put it screen down on a table and when I looked the glass broke. I like to admit when I do break something, but it wasn’t me, “said Weinbach.

Apparently Weinbach cannot hold back his disappointment. He continues: “It just broke. It’s crazy!” He replies to skeptics: “For those who don’t believe me, think about it. Any fall damage would have caused an impact point. Obviously there is none. If it had been a direct fall to the ground, the crack would not have been like this.” Weinbach suspects the problem with a “structural instability”, in which case other users would also be affected. So far this has only been an isolated case. As the colleagues from Aeromobile report, Apple “repaired the damage without any problems”.

There were similar reports of cracks in the camera at the time after the launch of iPhone X: It has been proven that several users complained that they noticed cracks in the camera module after a while, through no fault of their own. A common explanation at the time was that the camera’s sapphire glass was inserted too tightly into the camera frame, or that the camera frame exerted too much pressure on the glass. The sapphire crystal itself is extremely scratch-resistant, but also brittle as a result, and cracks are very likely under such circumstances.

Does Apple have a processing problem?

The cases described still seem to be isolated cases. To speak of a general or “structural” processing problem seems a bit premature to us. Of course, even a company as large as Apple is not exempt from possible production errors, as the corona pandemic presented Apple with special challenges in terms of iPhone production. We will keep our eyes open and report on other possible cases.


the financial puzzle of Paris 2024

The first sketch of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games plan, which is to accommodate the 28 official sports plus four additional ones (surfing, breakdancing, climbing, skateboarding), was released in 2018. Since then, the cards have been reshuffled before copying. final, expected on December 17, on the occasion of an announcement – in principle final – by the Organizing Council. “When a plan appears in the media, it is already out of date”, quips a person close to the file wishing to maintain cautious anonymity in this busy period.

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“Tahiti for surfing is not questioned and will not be, but for the rest, it is true that there will be some changes”, he continues. Which ? The thing will be discussed again, Wednesday, September 30, at the Paris 2024 Board of Directors, after a tense meeting, Friday 25, within the interministerial delegation responsible for the Olympic Games. This organization, which brings together all the stakeholders, has long been headed by Jean Castex, replaced by the former prefect of Paris, Michel Cadot.

Three main directions seem to emerge; they relate to installations planned in Seine-Saint-Denis. One: the provisional pool for swimming competitions will not be built in Saint-Denis, but moved to La Défense, where it will be installed inside the Nanterre Aréna. A much cheaper project since the stands and the roof are already there. Two: volleyball should never see the removable hall initially planned at Le Bourget. Three: the size of the media village, planned for Dugny, will be revised downwards.

In return, the department could host rugby sevens at the Stade de France (before the start of athletics competitions). He would also gain climbing, with a perennial wall instead of the temporary installation originally planned at Concorde.

Valérie Pécresse steps up to the plate

This hat game provoked angry reactions from most political leaders, with the notable exception of Anne Hidalgo, who wins. The president of the general council of Seine-Saint-Denis, Stéphane Troussel, cried wolf, as did the president of the Île-de-France region, Valérie Pécresse, worried about the extension of line 16 of the metro, not sure to be completed on time.

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“They want at all costs to avoid the budget overruns experienced by all the previous editions of the Summer Games, explains Kevin Bernardi, researcher specializing in Olympism. But in addition, the public authorities demand savings because of the economic context. ” The Élysée went in this direction last July after a meeting between Emmanuel Macron, Tony Estanguet and IOC President Thomas Bach. Verdict: 400 million euros to be found, or about 10% of the budget for organizing competitions, which represents a total of 3.7 billion financed by the IOC and private resources (ticketing, sponsorship, TV rights).

Sponsors do not rush

“With 95% of the competitions organized in existing sites, we do not have a margin of maneuver at the level of 400 million on the athlete, we must therefore type elsewhere”, Tony Estanguet regularly emphasizes. Elsewhere ? It will be a less ambitious site for breakdancing, skateboarding and 3 x 3 basketball at the Concorde. But above all, services that have been revised downwards in other areas: shuttles, the site of the medal podium, press facilities, etc.

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The list is long and will have to grow even longer if the 1.1 billion euros expected from sponsors struggles to enter the coffers, given the economic health of large companies capable of writing a big check. On this front, we are nevertheless expecting good news soon: the probable announcement of the arrival of Orange as a premium sponsor.

An announcement in the form of a breath of fresh air, in an apnea candidacy since September 2017 and the award of the Games in Paris. Clouds have gathered over the heads of the Organizing Committee officials. There was the rebellion around the attribution of surfing to Tahiti (preferred to the Basque coast), the veto of Anne Hidalgo on the arrival of Total as sponsor, the anger of hoteliers at the arrival of Airbnb and more recently, the postponement of the Tokyo Games causing the Japanese bill to increase. “All the Games have had setbacks, continues Kevin Bernardi, but those in Paris have the difficult task of being the first to balance their budget. “