Covid-19: young volunteers re-exposed to the virus for a British study

DECRYPTION – The University of Oxford announced on Monday that healthy young volunteers will be deliberately exposed a second time to Covid-19 in order to better understand the reaction of the immune system of a cured person.

A new study to see more clearly. Healthy volunteers aged 18 to 30 will be deliberately exposed a second time to Covid-19 in order to determine how the immune system reacts in a person who has recovered from the virus, the University of Oxford. Scientists will initially use the original strain of the coronavirus, the one developed in Wuhan, but discussions are underway to include some of the new variants.

Their objective is to determine the dose of virus necessary to re-infect a person and to observe the reaction of the organism if necessary. “When we re-infect these participants, we will know exactly how their immune system responded to the first Covid infection, when the second infection occurred, and exactly how much virus they received.”, details professor of vaccinology Helen McShane, responsible for these tests.

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Covid-19: already a year of pandemic …

According to the Oxford researcher, this type of study, where patients are voluntarily exposed to a virus, “teach us things that others cannot, because they are tightly controlled”. “The information from this work will help design better vaccines and treatments, but also understand if people are protected after having Covid, and for how long”, she adds.

64 volunteers closely monitored

As for the volunteers in this study, they will, in its first phase, number 64. Paid around 5,000 pounds each (5812 euros), these individuals and their health will be carefully monitored by a team of researchers. After being exposed to the virus, they will be quarantined for 17 days and taken to a hospital until they are no longer at risk of infecting others.

If they develop symptoms, the team of scientists will administer a treatment based on monoclonal antibodies developed by the American laboratory Regeneron.

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Programs of voluntary exposure to a virus have played a key role in the development of treatments against diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid, cholera and influenza.

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Promising results for a new treatment for brain cancer | Health | A must for better health | DW

In what appeared to be hope for a cure for one type of brain cancer, two patients responded promisingly to a new treatment during a small-scale clinical trial conducted by Cancer Research UK and Royal Marsden Hospital in London.

And the experimental treatment, which is based on a combination of immunotherapy drugs and chemotherapy, led to the disappearance of the tumor in one of those affected, according to the British newspaper The Guardian website.

Maikura’s 59-year-old margin saw his tumor disappear from his scans. Since his diagnosis in 2018, Maikura has received chemotherapy, radiation therapy and has undergone surgery as well. As treatment attempts stopped working and the tumor had spread more and more, Maikura participated in the clinical trial.

Doctors warn that the study is still at a very early stage, but it is not usual for patients to have a good response during early trials.

The first phase of the clinical trial, called Ice-Cap, involves 10 patients in advanced stages of developing glioblastoma, which targets the brain.

Most of the participants in the clinical trial suffer from a defect in a gene known as Pten, while four cases suffer from a complete failure of this gene.

The participants in the trial received the immunomodulatory drug Atezolizumab, accompanied by a new drug called Ipatasertib, which doctors believed could allow the immune system to fight the tumor.

In explaining their findings during the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, the doctors explained that the tumor, to grow and spread, uses what is known as the Akt compound in the bodies of people suffering from a defect in the Peyton gene, and that what helped these patients was that they received treatment that works On the stopping of the compound ACT.

The supervisor of the experiment, Dr. Juanita Lopez, points out that some brain cancers can be weakened by using the new combination of drugs.



Harry already in Britain? Yes according to the British press

Several media outlets across the Channel claimed that he had returned to the country for the funeral of his grandfather, Prince Philip.

Prince Harry apparently did not hang around to return to Britain since he would already be there. This has not been officially confirmed but the British press agrees with this. According to information published across the Channel, he arrived this Sunday at London’s main airport, Heathrow, in complete discretion.

The opportunity to reconcile?

As claimed before, his wife Meghan was not with him. Her doctors have formally advised her against taking such a long trip because of her pregnancy, which is due to end this summer. It is therefore alone that Prince Harry will come to the funeral organized next Saturday at Windsor Castle, cradle of the British royal family. To limit the risks associated with the coronavirus, only about thirty people will be present, including the children and grandchildren of Prince Philip as well as their spouses.

Several personalities said they hoped for a reconciliation within the royal family on this occasion. This is the case of the former Prime Minister, John Mayor, who would like “ frictions “Calm down” as quickly as possible He told the BBC. He estimates that ” shared pain (…) represents an ideal opportunity “To forget the tensions especially aroused by the interview of Harry and Meghan with Oprah Winfrey. ” There is hope in an occasion like this, when brothers are united in pain, that they take a new turn “, A source within the monarchy told the tabloid” The Mirror “.


Prince Harry is preparing to attend his grandfather’s funeral … and Markle has made up her mind

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Meghan Markle, who still has the Duchess of Sussex status granted to her by the Queen, will not travel to Britain, because she is pregnant at the moment, and doctors do not advise her to make an 11-hour trip.

Buckingham Palace confirmed that Duchess Markle would not be among the participants in the funeral, based on the recommendation of her doctor, especially since she had lost her second fetus in a spontaneous abortion.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry will be keen to travel to Britain to attend his grandfather’s funeral, which will be held on the seventeenth of April.

According to the source, the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, who resides in California with his pregnant wife and their son Archie, will travel to Britain, at least on Monday.

Participation in the funeral will be Prince Harry’s first public appearance with his family, since a meeting for the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey in March 2019.

Prince Harry and his wife had faced some criticism for having given a controversial press interview, while Prince Philip was lying in King Edward VII Hospital in London, for treatment for a heart disorder.

Philip was informed of what was stated in the interview after he left the hospital, and took note that Markle accused the family of racism and harassment when she was a member of the royal family.

Markle had said in a shocking statement, that people in the royal family had expressed their concerns to Prince Harry, about the possible skin color of Markle’s son, who was a fetus at the time, and the reason is that Markle’s mother is of African American origin.


Video .. The sound of artillery shakes Britain at the farewell of Prince Philip

The sound of artillery reverberated at 12:00 in the first of the 41 shots, from the Tower of London on the banks of the River Thames and the palaces of Edinburgh and Belfast, and in the British pocket of Gibraltar.

Honorary shots were also fired from ships of the Royal Navy, as the Prince served during World War II.

Prince Philip, 99, left our world on Friday at Windsor Castle in the county of Berkshire, southeast England, one of the official residences of the ruling family in Britain.

The Duke of Edinburgh married Queen Elizabeth II 5 years before her accession to the throne (in 1947), when she was crown prince, during the rule of her late father, King George VI.


AstraZeneca and clots … the whole truth “without cosmetic”

The European Commission recommended that blood clots be included as a “very rare” side effect of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The authority’s statement stated that its safety committee concluded that abnormal blood clots with low platelet count should be listed as “very rare” side effects of the vaccine, and talked about a possible link between the vaccine and these very rare cases.

But the agency has not identified specific risk factors such as age, gender or medical history that could trigger the stroke.

And she emphasized that the benefits of the vaccine still outweigh the risks.

The chief executive of the health sector regulator in Britain, John Raine, revealed that by the 31st of March, more than twenty million doses had been administered, and we had seventy-nine cases that were all recorded after receiving the first dose. Of these 79 cases, 19 people died.

However, the British official confirmed that the benefits of receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine are still greater for most of the population.

It revealed that “based on current evidence, the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine still outweigh the risks for the vast majority of people. Our review confirmed that the risk of this rare, suspected side effect is still very small.”

Faced with these developments, the government immunization and vaccination committee recommended offering another vaccine instead of AstraZeneca for those under the age of thirty, and denied that it recommended stopping vaccination for any age group.

The new decisions are expected to affect the national vaccination campaign in the United Kingdom, which was previously based on the administration of approved vaccines, including AstraZenka, without regard to the age of the vaccine recipient.

And based on the report of the European Medicines Regulatory Authority, Spain decided to limit receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine to people over sixty years old, such as Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

While France announced that the use of the vaccine will be limited to those over fifty-five years old.


Turkey decided to flash from England! Changed the terms for passengers


Covidien prepared to take the fight to the scope of coronavirus-19 vaccine passport applications England on April 15, a transfer from another country because it is not a direct flight from Turkey has also renewed its conditions for passengers.

Britain imposed new conditions for passengers coming from Turkey, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) shared by ‘Covidien-19 Introduction to Country Context Table of Measures’ place was given. The DGCA share, “11 years from England Turkey and older people from the flight made within the previous 3 calendar days of negative Covidien-19 antigen, LAMP, nucleic acids or PCR test result must be presented. To apply a 10-day quarantine. 2nd On the 8th and 8th days, the Covid-19 test will be carried out to be covered by the person. The quarantine hotel and the reservation number information will be requested for the 2 Covid tests to be made through a form to be filled before entering the country. ” It was said.



England for passengers coming from Turkey before they address their declaration that was to be shown by implementing a 10-day quarantine where they can not declare a state address. He requested negative test results from passengers over the age of 11, at most 72 hours before their travels.


Epidemic measures are not carried out under the direct flight time from the UK to Turkey. passengers arriving from third countries to Turkey in the last 10 days to 10 days of home quarantine are taken from the UK. On the 7th day, the quarantine of those who test negative for PCR ends.

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Diana’s ghost overlooks Megan … The tragedy of the “Elkana” is renewed

Meghan Markle detonated bombs in the face of the British royal family by speaking during an interview with Prince Harry and the famous TV anchor Oprah Winfrey on Sunday night.

This dialogue brought back to mind the words of the Princess of Wales, Diana, about the atmosphere of life in the British Royal Palace.

Harry often spoke with concern and bitterness about what happened to his mother all those years when she was expelled from the royal family after her divorce from Prince Charles and later died in a car wreck in a Parisian tunnel.

Between the mother and the wife

The young prince raised the topic again on Sunday, comparing the experiences of his mother and wife, saying that he “felt her (Diana) presence during this entire process,” indicating that history is repeating itself through the fixed structure of a royal dynasty and an ancient institution.

He also spoke about breaking free of old patterns and finding a new way forward. He referred to a “constant barrage” of criticism and racist attacks on his wife. “What I was seeing is history repeating itself,” he said, although he described Megan’s treatment as “much more dangerous” due to the spread of social media and the devastating element of racism.

Perhaps what is remarkable in Meghan’s talk about her psychological struggles as a royal wife, loneliness, isolation and thoughts of suicide, brought him back to the minds of millions, according to what was reported by the New York Times, Diana’s account of bulimia and depression that she suffered from during her marriage.

The two women called for help from the family, but were ignored and turned away.

History repeats itself

Prince Ari had said: “When I say that history repeats itself, I am talking about my mother. When you see something happening in the same way, anyone will ask for help.” But as with his mother, when Megan asked for help, nothing happened. Instead, the family ignored her fears and told her, mainly, to keep her head low. Harry asserted that the couple had been repeatedly told, “This is how it is.”

He stated that he believed that Diana would be angry and sad because of the couple’s treatment, pointing out that she would have supported their decision to leave Britain and search for a new life away from the restrictions of the royal family.

The similarities are numerous

It is noteworthy that the similarities between Megan and Diana are numerous. Like Diana, Megan was married to a family that she does not understand (meaning Megan does not understand). The family believed that they would abide, without complaint, by royal customs and protocol. As with Diana, when Megan proved unable or unwilling to follow the family line, she said the palace did nothing to dispel the emerging public narrative that she was demanding. Like Diana, Megan found herself being chased by newspapers, who accused her of constantly seeking attention while filling her pages with stories about her, according to The New York Times.

Meghan’s bold decision to criticize her husband’s family in the interview also highlights the similarities to Diana’s famous 1995 conversation with the BBC. In that interview, the late princess revealed that her marriage was always doomed because there were “3 of us” in it: she, Charles, and Camilla Parker-Bowles. It is noteworthy that Charles had been in love with Camilla for a long time and later married her.

Differences too

However, there are also differences beyond the fact that Diana was white and Megan is bi-racial, and the fact that Diana’s marriage has broken down, while Megan has a strong marriage.

Diana was a young woman, only 20 years old, and naive when she married Charles. As for Megan, the American, she was a mature woman of 36 years old and an expert in life and people affairs, and she was financially independent, and had been working for many years when she married Harry.

Whereas Harry’s mother grew up in a conservative culture, in which traditions are revered, Megan comes from a liberal society where it is natural to ask for help and discuss her feelings!


The royal family refused to make my son a prince due to the color of his skin

Meghan Markle, wife of Britain’s Prince Harry, said the British royal family had refused to make their son Archie a prince, partly due to concerns about his brown complexion.

She added that the family tried to silence her, and the people inside the organization not only failed to protect her from malicious allegations, but also lied to protect others.

“As soon as we got married, everything really began to deteriorate, and I realized that I was not only unprotected but willing to lie to protect other family members, but they were not ready to tell the truth to protect me and my husband,” Megan added in an interview with CBS. .

She revealed that she had suicidal thoughts because of the British media coverage of her person, noting in an interview with the most famous American journalist Oprah Winfrey broadcast Sunday night that the British royal family refused to allow her to get help.

“I didn’t want to survive anymore,” Megan said. “They were persistent, terrifying, real, and very clear thoughts.” She added that she met the royal family, “and I said I need to go somewhere to get help.

And the famous British broadcaster, Piers Morgan, made a harsh criticism of the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, a few days before the date of the broadcast of her interview with Oprah Winfrey. Morgan commented on the latest CBS promotional video in which Megan said the British royal family had prevented her from speaking out while she was still a member of the family.

The broadcaster, who has 55 autumns, tweeted: “She is freed from royal duty, but continues to use her royal titles to win millions of dollars … what a deceit.”

Morgan also criticized Prince Harry for allowing the interview to be broadcast, while his grandfather Prince Philip was in the hospital and recovering from a heart procedure.


How did the AstraZeneca vaccine get “tabled” in Europe? | Health | A must for better health | DW

The British Swedish vaccine AstraZeneca is facing a crisis, which German Chancellor Angela Merkel described, in an interview she gave to the Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung last week, as a “problem of acceptance.”

And spread across the European continent a state of “mistrust” in the vaccine developed in cooperation with the University of Oxford in Britain, “which puts the vaccination process in Europe at risk,” according to the international version of the Business Insider website.

The European Union revealed that only 28 percent of the 7.3 million doses of the vaccine were used, which is “twice the use of an expensive resource,” according to the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Despite the fact that the AstraZeneca vaccine has a lower price, easier preservation and the possibility of producing in greater quantities compared to other vaccines that have received European Union approval so far against the Corona virus, the vaccine does not enjoy the primacy in Europe. The manufacturer of the vaccine had previously announced its adherence to selling it at the cost of production to suit poor and middle-income countries, describing it by the World Health Organization as “a vaccine for all the world.”

Experts believe that a series of errors and miscommunication is what has caused the crisis since AstraZeneca announced the results of the trial phase of the vaccine, until European leaders disagreed with the company over its distribution plan.

At a time when Europe sought to reduce the prices of the vaccine, provide more data on it, and produce sufficient quantities to vaccinate the population of the countries of the Union, according to Politico, the shares of the United Kingdom and Israel of the vaccine negatively affected Europe’s share of it.

The company’s reduced supplies of the vaccine to the European Union led to a “media and political battle” between the company and the European Union, which negatively affected the popularity of the vaccine.

With regard to the effectiveness of the vaccine, AstraZeneca announced the effectiveness of its vaccine between 60 and 90 percent in the experimental phase, while Pointech and Pfizer and Moderna Corporation published results of advanced stages of clinical trials with an effectiveness of up to 90 percent.

Anthropology professor and director of the “Trust in the Vaccine” project, Heidi Larson, believes that conflicting results at the stage of clinical trials “may occur,” as she put it, “but it may send a signal that the situation may not be transparent.”

What added to the size of the vaccine crisis was the announcement by Germany, France, Italy and Belgium that there was not enough information about the effectiveness of the vaccine for the elderly. South Africa also announced that it would suspend the use of the vaccine, “following results that it provided limited protection against the new strain of Corona.” Of course, Germany changed its position in the meantime and allowed the use of the vaccine for the elderly as well, that is, for those over the age of 65.

A committee of experts at the World Health Organization recently “recommended” obtaining the AstraZeneca vaccine, even in countries where mutated strains of the virus are spreading.

It is reported that South Korea is currently investigating the deaths of two people after receiving the vaccine to determine whether it was related to the death. For its part, AstraZeneca, the vaccine manufacturer, confirmed its knowledge of the Korean authorities’ investigation into the deaths of the two people, aged 63 and 50, stressing the safety of its vaccine, according to Reuters.

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