The damage of Covid-19 on the human brain in pictures

Covid-19 attacks the respiratory tract but also the brain. During its annual meeting, the Radiological Society of North America presented the results of its study on the incidence of brain damage in Covid-19 patients. About 1% of patients followed are affected by various abnormalities visible after an imaging examination. You will also be interested [EN […]

Gut and brain: the impact of what we eat on what we feel, think and do

Much has been heard about the “Intestine is the second brain”. Poor care of this organ can alter not only the mood but also the general well-being of the body and psyche. The feeding is key to intestinal health and, as a consequence, to good neural functioning. Carina Castro Fumero, pediatric neuropsychologist, deepens this concept: […]

Microplastics weaken brain immune defense, new study warns Microplastics weaken brain immune defense, new study warns Microplastics weaken brain immune defense, new study warns Plastic, ubiquitous, harms not only nature but also living beings. Researchers have identified the mechanism of entry into the brain and … 28.11.2021, Sputnik France 2021-11-28T15:37+0100 2021-11-28T15:37+0100 2021-11-28T16:00+0100 science and tech mouse brain study plastic plastic waste /html/head/meta[@name=”og:title”]/@content […]

First clinical study with nasal spray vaccine against Alzheimer’s disease starts

The Alzheimer’s vaccine contains a protein called protollin. It is obtained from bacteria and stimulates the immune system. It was originally developed as a potentiator for other vaccines. It was shown that Protollin alone stimulates immune cells from the lymph nodes on the neck and neck to migrate to the brain and remove the beta-amyloid […]

Brain Beneficial Effect of Coffee Explained in Study Brain Beneficial Effect of Coffee Explained in Study Brain Beneficial Effect of Coffee Explained in Study Drinking more coffee makes people less vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease and impaired cognitive abilities, says a study of … 24.11.2021, Sputnik France 2021-11-24T06:23+0100 2021-11-24T06:23+0100 2021-11-24T06:23+0100 science and tech café health brain science alzheimer’s disease drink intelligence memory caffeine […]

The best exercise for your memory and brain

If you did not know it practice sport O do physical exercise can regularly to prevent Some effects of aging of the brain, as well as the memory loss. There are diseases As the Alzheimer and the dementia that can become worrying, there are several questions that you must ask ourselves: How to strengthen the […]

Too much salt slows blood flow in the brain

In the hypothalamus, a deep structure of the brain, excess salt in the blood decreases blood flow. This is the astonishing conclusion of a research group from the University of Georgia. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] 3D brain made with 3D MR imaging Using the new 3D MRI software, a 3D animation can […]

Salt, first discovered how it affects the neurons in your brain

Recent research has highlighted how excessive salt consumption can affect some deep areas of our brain One studio one of a kind reveals surprising new insights into the relationship between neuron activity and blood flow in the brain, as well as how the brain is affected by the consumption of salt. When neurons are activated, […]

Post-Covid: Mental performance is very often impaired

In the majority of patients who came to the neurological post-Covid outpatient clinic at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, cognitive impairments were observed, i.e. lower mental conductivity. Almost as many people suffered from excessive fatigue. An evaluation of the findings of the first 100 patients in the neurological post-Covid outpatient clinic showed that 72 percent of the […]