The fallacy behind Confitería Boston, icon of the croissants of Mar del Plata

At the end of 2016, after stealth negotiations, the traditional Boston Confectionery passed into the hands of a business group that with great fanfare made an announcement that was pure ambition: its famous, sublime medialunas, symbol of Mar del Plata, were to be known in the world.

The energetic expansion plan, said the new owners, it included the opening of 100 stores throughout the country and a presence in countries in Europe and Latin America, all within a period of five years. But it soon became known that everything was a fallacy, part of a maneuver that the Justice left in evidence and now imputed those responsible.

The plan, apparently, consisted of carrying out “a sequence of steps not improvised” and thus causing the emptying of the company and direct her towards a fraudulent bankruptcy. Fortunately, two locals resisted the onslaught and the pastries that made the confectionery famous can still be savored on these beaches.

The Justice of Economic Crimes of Mar del Plata charged by “fraudulent bankruptcy, fraud aggravated by company divestiture, and fraudulent insolvency“to the historical owners of the firm and the entrepreneurs who bought it. All of them must give an investigatory statement between March 8 and 11 next and are prohibited from leaving the country.

The accusation was made by the prosecutor David Bruna and falls on the last owners of the Boston, the brothers Juan Manuel and Pablo Lotero and the Austrians Carl Ludwig and Aston Schonfeldt, who had bought it from the historic shareholders of the firm Pastelera Tecomar SA, Osvaldo Amado, Teresa Haydeé Castro and her sister Marta Delia Castro, and Clemente Fermín Herrera.

“The original owners of ‘La Boston’, who sold their shares in November 2016 -the company is already in a state of default- get rid of the problem of the company, keeping the produced -or part of the produced- of the most valuable asset, thus contributing to the maneuver that is later deepened by the new shareholders and with the non-improvised sequence of steps that they were carrying out, “said the prosecutor.

The confectionery was managed by Amado and Herrera, second generation of the owner family. It had been founded in 1958 by Fernando Álvarez and Miguel Potrone. On November 9, 2016, after months of negotiations and through a million-dollar operation, the Lotero brothers and the Austrian Carl Schonfeldt, in charge of an investment fund with legs in Chile and Austria, took over the firm. The bombastic announcements were immediately known.

The Boston Confectionery, founded in 1958. Photo Clarn Archive.

At that time the firm had four stores in the city, on Boulevard Marítimo and Urquiza; on Constitución and Pedraza avenues; in the Paseo Diagonal shopping mall and the oldest, in Buenos Aires 1927, in front of the casino building.

Contrary to what the owners had announced even in a presentation before the then mayor Fernando Arroyo, instead of hiring they started laying off employees, applied changes in the operation of the company, modified menus, the way of making coffee and even They got their hands on the recipe for the exclusive croissants, among other products that distinguish the Boston.

In 2017, the new firm began to fall behind in salaries, made staggered payments, delayed payments to suppliers and the famous croissants were now also sold, at 50%, in the Xocolata bakeries, owned by Juan Manuel Lotero.

In April 2018, employees who had not received their salaries for months took over the premises of Buenos Aires Street and the coast. There was a temporary solution, but last May, the payments did not appear and the taking was resumed. The unjustified dismissals did not stop. The workers were evicted in January 2019 by court order.

The investigation into Economic Crimes began with a complaint made by Gabriel Norberto, attorney for the Alfajoreros, Reposteros, Pizzeros and Ice Cream Workers Union (STARPyH), who warned about the insolvency acts that Pastelera Tecomar had been committing to the detriment of its creditors and its employees.

Later, the lawyer for the Gastronomic Union, Osvaldo Verdi, criminally denounced the Lotero brothers and the other businessmen for the crime of “fraudulent bankruptcy, fraud aggravated by company emptying, and fraudulent insolvency, all in ideal bankruptcy”, A crime that the prosecutor Bruna now imputed to them and that has a sentence of up to six years in prison.

In fact, in January 2018, businessmen sold two stores, one of them for $ 500,000, a value below what the market set, but that money was not recorded as income to society. Then they put the rest up for sale.

“With the decision of the sale, the company is insolvent, but the income is not left in the entity. That is, the company begins the judicial process that has the sole purpose of reaching the liquidation by bankruptcy without the main assets” Bruna.

According to the same accusation, the defendants “did not justify” owning the “Confitería Boston” brand. Thus, on March 23, 2018, when the preventive bankruptcy was already open, it had been acquired by the company Compañía Latinoamericana de Pastas (one of the shareholders of Pastelera Tecomar SA) from the hands of the previous shareholders.

That is to say, The previous owners had bought the brand again and, months later, sold it to another company.

In mid-2020, the head of Civil and Commercial Court No. 16, Sara Gunsberg, ordered the “bankruptcy with employment continuity” of the Boston confectionery and allowed the workers to continue with their activities in those of Buenos Aires street and the Constitution Avenue, which survived the emptying.

The employees did not lower their arms and the best crescent, six decades after its creation, continues to be a symbol and flavor of Mar del Plata.



Split in the US: Democrats vs. republican

San Francisco On a Saturday afternoon in December, seven Democrats sit in front of their webcams in Boston, Seattle and Philadelphia discussing whether they are “socialists” or “baby killers”. Or are they rather decried as “elitist” and “anti-American”?

“They say we Democrats don’t have the borders under control,” shouts Bill *, who dialed in from a nursery in Washington state. A teddy bear can be seen behind him.

Identifying the most common prejudices about your own party – and what spark of truth there is in them – is the first exercise of the day. A group of Republicans and Democrats from all parts of the country have come together in a video forum for the “Red and Blue” workshop.

On two Saturdays, each for three hours, they want to learn more about the supporters of the other party – and how to talk to each other. “We’re not here to change the minds of others,” says honorary presenter Dee, reminding us of the rules of the game. “We only talk for ourselves. And – that is probably the most difficult rule – we stick to the topic of conversation.”

Since 2016, “Braver Angels” has been holding workshops to bridge the political divides in the USA. The organization began in the fall of 2016, the days when Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the presidential election left half of the country in ecstasy and the other half in shock.

In the “Swing State” Ohio, ten supporters of Donald Trump and ten of Hillary Clinton came together in a church. The meeting was co-organized by family therapist Bill Doherty. He now wanted to treat America with the same methods with which he cemented broken marriages: let each other speak out, find common ground, avoid generalizations.

The concept was successful, meanwhile “Braver Angels” has held hundreds of such workshops across the country – before the pandemic in churches and gyms, now in video conferences. The organization has more than 8,500 members.

Donald Trump

The election of Donald Trump is seen by many as a symbol of the division in the USA.

(Photo: AP)

The demand for this afternoon was so huge that the volunteer organizers not only held a second workshop at the same time, but also had fifty spectators each, who were allowed to listen to the discussions in silence.

The name “Braver Angels” is a reference to the first inaugural address given by President Abraham Lincoln: On the eve of the Civil War, he urged his compatriots to be “friends, not enemies” and appealed to the “better angel” in each individual. As is well known, the Americans declared war six weeks later.
The appeal to the “better angel” in everyone seems necessary even 150 years after the civil war. Americans are more polarized than ever before, writes the Pew Research Center. In the assessment of Donald Trump, there is an incredible 90 percentage points between Democrats and Republicans, never before has the Gallup Institute found such a discrepancy in the assessment of a president.

Almost three quarters of Republicans question the November 3rd election results. But not only Trump divides the country. Since 2008, more and more Americans have stated that they do not want their child to marry a supporter of the other party.

Republicans have no confidence in the election result

American views of climate change, health insurance and racism diverge like an open wound. A month before the most recent presidential election, nine out of ten registered voters said they were “fundamentally different from the other side on key American values”.

A few days ago the leader of the Republican Party in Texas called for secession. At the same time, the willingness to use violence has increased on both sides, as the riots with partially fatal consequences in Charlottesville 2017 or in Kenosha and Louisville showed this summer.

The polarization of society has long since become a business model. If you zap between Fox News and CNN on television, you feel like you’re on two planets. Facebook, Youtube and Twitter also make money from the social division; Experience shows that the angrier a user, the more time they spend with like-minded people in a chat forum.

A 2017 study by the University of California at Davis found that three-quarters of Americans talk about politics almost exclusively with people who share their views.

The rifts in the country are also eating their way through families and friendships. “My brother and I can no longer talk to each other,” said Democrat Bill in the “Braver Angels” workshop that afternoon. “Every conversation comes down to Trump, always.”

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden in a CNN interview

Those who look at CNN are more likely to vote for the Democrats.

(Photo: ddp / ZUMA)

Others tell of similar problems in the family, in the city council, in school. But the first step towards resolving the conflict is self-reflection: the moderators ask the seven “reds” and the seven “blues” to explain what sometimes bothers them about their party.

“We always say no and are no longer willing to compromise,” says Brynne, a young Republican from Salt Lake City. She was disappointed when, after years of fundamental opposition to Obamacare, her party was unable to present its own reform proposal.

“It bothers me that we Republicans aren’t so diverse,” admits Melissa, a young Asian woman from St. Paul, Minnesota, who holds her son on her lap.

The Democrats are baffled at so much self-criticism – then it’s their turn. “Above all, we are hypocritical,” says Jed, the teacher has joined in from his living room in a suburb of Boston. “We democrats always demand diversity, we just can’t stand a diversity of opinion.” The other “blues” nod.

Reconciliation at the dining table

“Braver Angels” isn’t the only organization trying to reconcile America. Countless similar movements have now sprung up across the country. “Make America Dinner Again”, for example, invites Republicans and Democrats to dine together at the table, the host cooks.

Tria Chang from San Francisco came up with the idea after the 2016 presidential election. “I hadn’t seen Trump’s victory coming and I didn’t know anyone who had voted for him,” said the 36-year-old on the phone. She became aware of the filter bubble in which she lived herself. Without further ado, she organized a dinner with Republicans and Democrats from her larger circle of friends. She soon repeated the format in other cities.

MADA, as Chang calls the format, is meeting with enormous demand: before the pandemic, there were more than two hundred dinners across the country, organized by local volunteers, mostly with eight to ten Republicans and Democrats.

At dinner, a moderator ensures that everyone obeys the rules of the game: do not interrupt each other, every statement should be formulated in first-person form instead of generalized. And there is always a “time out” bell, says Chang – if a discussion gets too heated, the moderator can pull the emergency brake and let everyone take a deep breath.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, the activities of “Make America Dinner Again” have shifted from the dining table to the internet. In a Facebook group with more than nine hundred members, people are now discussing virtually what they think of the electoral committee for the presidential election.

Polling station

The count of days after the US presidential election kept the country in suspense.

(Photo: AP)

The discussions are much more disciplined than in other forums, but now and then Chang also has to remind the participants of the rules of the game. Although the forum was working well overall, it was not the same as having dinner together, so she wanted to return to the original format as soon as possible. “All of MADA’s magic happens thanks to eye contact and body language.”

“Braver Angels”, on the other hand, sees the virtual format as an opportunity for Americans, who are actually thousands of kilometers between them, to come into contact with each other – including the “rednecks in the south” with the “elitists of the Left Coast”.

In the second part of the workshop, one week later, all fourteen “reds” and “blues” met again in the video forum, and the more than fifty spectators again spent half their Saturday here. Many seem to have been looking forward to the sequel. “There are great people here,” explains Peter from Philadelphia, one of the active participants. “There is so much at stake. It would be so tragic if we as a country could no longer find anything in common. “

Today, however, the pace is set to step up: Republicans and Democrats can ask each other questions. “But these must be answerable, and there shouldn’t be any leading questions,” warns the moderator Dee.

After a short discussion, the Democrats get going: What do you Republicans worry about in a government of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? Judy, an elderly lady from rural Vermont, speaks in an audible voice. “I worry about Biden’s physical and mental abilities. I worry who will stand in for him if necessary – and whether the person is qualified. I don’t see that this government will get us any further. ”When asked, she confesses that she got her information about Biden’s health from television.

Listen and spend less time on social networks

The Democrats are silent in front of their webcams, some look concerned. Then it’s their turn to answer. “What is your view of identity politics – and how does the focus on it help to get closer to one another?”, The “Reds” want to know.

After a moment’s hesitation, Jeb from Boston speaks up and shares his very personal point of view. “I’m gay, I’m married, and we have twin boys. For most of my life I couldn’t imagine how I could become what I wanted most to be – a father. ”

He himself doesn’t know exactly what identity politics should be, but he is grateful that the USA has achieved equality for homosexuals. “You can call that identity politics. I call this my life. ”Some participants nod in agreement, some will thank him later for his openness.

The question and answer session continues alternately: What bother you about gun ownership? How do you explain the racial inequality in the country? All participants make a noticeable effort to be honest.

Black Lives Matter movement protester

After violence against black people in the USA, there were sometimes violent protests.

(Photo: AFP)

But there is one problem that the organizers cannot solve this Saturday either: the attitudes of the participants. Anyone who registers for a “Braver Angels” workshop is naturally not a political hardliner, but is open to other points of view.

It is also noticeable that there is no African American among the participants, which was also criticized during the break by a woman who appears to be the only black spectator (not all of them have the webcam turned on).

It is difficult to talk about racism in the country if only white citizens are involved, she complains. The volunteer moderators take notes and promise to address the issue internally.

At the end of the second day, the other participants also vow to continue to take what they have learned to heart. “Listening, listening, that’s the key,” is how one of the Republicans sums it up for himself. Others also end the workshop with this resolution – and announce that they want to spend less time on social networks.

* The names of individual persons were changed on request.

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Boston Dynamics Robots New Years Ball

The engineering and robotics company Boston Dynamics already celebrated the arrival of New Year with an impressive dance of his humanoid robot Atlas, the most dynamic in the world, according to the company.

The video shows two robots Atlas and the robot Spot, designed for remote detection, inspection and operation, dancing to the tune of the 1962 theme “Do You Love Me”From the group The Contours. Next to them the mobile handling robot stands out for a few moments Handle.

“Our entire team came together to celebrate the beginning of what we hope is a happier year,” said Boston Dynamics in the publication of the audiovisual on YouTube.


NBA 2020/21: Daniel Theis wins with Boston

Germans in the NBA
Theis wins with Boston – Bucks with a three-way record

National player Daniel Theis can look forward to his victory in the NBA. The German professional won against Indiana with his Boston Celtics. Things didn’t go so well for the other German players in the NBA.

National basketball player Daniel Theis celebrated his second victory with the Boston Celtics in the NBA. The Celtics won 116-111 at the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday (local time). Theis came up with four points and four rebounds. The best thrower at Boston was Jayson Tatum with 19 points.

There were defeats, however, for the German national players Moritz Wagner, Isaac Bonga and Isaiah Hartenstein. Wagner and Bonga lost with the Washington Wizards against the Chicago Bulls 107: 115 and are still waiting for their first win. Hartenstein lost with the Denver Nuggets at the Sacramento Kings 115: 125.

The Milwaukee Bucks with superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo are slowly gaining momentum. In the 144: 97 victory at the Miami Heat, the Bucks set a new NBA record with 29 converted three-point throws.



Basketball top league: NBA: Theis wins with Boston

NBA: Theis wins with Boston – Bucks with a three-way record

National basketball player Daniel Theis celebrated his second victory with the Boston Celtics in the NBA. The Celtics won 116-111 at the Indiana Pacers. Theis came up with four points and four rebounds.

The best thrower at Boston was Jayson Tatum with 19 points.

There were defeats, however, for the German national players Moritz Wagner, Isaac Bonga and Isaiah Hartenstein. Wagner and Bonga lost with the Washington Wizards against the Chicago Bulls 107: 115 and are still waiting for their first win. Hartenstein lost with the Denver Nuggets at the Sacramento Kings 115: 125.

The Milwaukee Bucks with superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo are slowly gaining momentum. In the 144: 97 victory at the Miami Heat, the Bucks set a new NBA record with 29 converted three-point throws.

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his three robots dance to the rhythm of “Do You Love Me?” and they do it quite well

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas and Spot robots have many skills and have been demonstrating them for a long time: sprinting, gymnastics, gymnasts jumping, washing dishes and even … ¡parkour! Now, in addition, they added an ability that more than one can come to envy: they dance. And pretty good.

In a new video, the company shows the full line of Boston Dynamics robots: the Humanoid-shaped Atlas, the Dog-shaped Spot and the Handle, which is perhaps the strangest – juggler – all together on a track. dance to the rhythm of Do You Love Me of The Contours, the soul band of the 60s.

Strictly speaking, it’s not the first time Boston Dynamics has showcased its robots’ dancing skills: The company showed a video of its Spot robot doing the Running Man for “Uptown Funk” in 2018. But the new video raises the bar to a higher level. hitherto never seen level: run, jump, drag your feet and It spins smoothly when the song demands it.

As if that weren’t enough, then more robots jump and dance. Compared to the jerky movements of the 2016 iteration of Atlas, the new model is truly impressive. So much so that, for example, Elon Musk came out to clarify that it is not CGI (computer generated image):

Buying Hyundai

Hyundai compró Boston Dynamics. Foto Bloomberg

The South Korean car company Hyundai acquired the US company on the 11th of this month, which it acquired for the astronomical figure of 1.1 billion dollars.

With the operation, Hyundai will control 80 percent of the shares of Boston Dynamics, while its previous owner, Softbank, will maintain a 20 percent stake in the company.

The South Korean manufacturer called the purchase a “strategic transformation” step aimed at becoming a provider of smart mobility solutions.

They also assured that their objective with this acquisition is “the transformation of human life by combining leading robotic technologies with their experience in mobility.”

A robot in Tokyo.  Photo Reuters

A robot in Tokyo. Photo Reuters

The robotics company Boston Dynamics emerged in the 1990s as a result of a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and in 2013 it was bought by Google and later sold in 2017 to SoftBank, which opted for the sale of its devices.

Boston Dynamics specializes in autonomous robots capable of carrying out complex tasks normally reserved for humans and has recently released its quadruped robot Spot, which can climb stairs and adapt to any type of terrain, for $ 74,500.

Although, as initially reported by Bloomberg, the value of the purchase would be 1,000 million dollars, finally the multimillion dollar figure rose to 1.1 billion dollars.

“This transaction will unite the capabilities of Hyundai Motor Group and Boston Dynamics to spearhead innovation in future mobility,” as Euisun Chung, director of Hyundai Motor Group, said.

“Boston Dynamics’ commercial business grew rapidly as we brought to market the first robot that can automate repetitive and hazardous tasks in workplaces designed for human-level mobility,” said Robert Playter, CEO of Boston Dynamics.

Ford also uses Boston Dynamics robot dogs.  Photo DPA

Ford also uses Boston Dynamics robot dogs. Photo DPA

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Boston Dynamics, the robotics company, becomes part of Hyundai for a multimillion dollar figure


Police capture older adult for robbery in Boston neighborhood

Neither age was an impediment for David Sanabria Jaime, 65, native of Galapa, apparently, carried out criminal acts in neighborhoods such as Las Delicias, Recreo or Boston, from Barranquilla.

On the morning of this Friday, the community of the Carrera 43 with Calle 68, Boston neighborhood, He retained the elderly man because minutes before, allegedly, he had ‘rapped’ the cell phone to a young biologist who was passing through the sector.

“That man is always walking around here, yesHe always steals from someone and then leaves. As he is already an adult, he believes that they are not going to do anything to him, “said a resident of the sector in dialogue with EL HERALDO.

When the patrol from the quadrant that covers that area arrived, Sanabria was captured and the cell phone that had been stolen was returned to its owner. While the man was taken to the Immediate Reaction Unit of the Attorney General’s Office, where he was prosecuted for the crime of aggravated theft.

Likewise, the authorities made a call to the community to denounce in case they have been victims of this subject.


Juan Tejera returns to the ring as Boston River coach – Ovation – 11/11/2020

Juan Tejera is the new coach of Boston River. He will take the place of Sebastián Abreu who resigned after the defeat he gave to “Sastre” River Plate on the third date of the Intermediate Tournament. This Wednesday Boston drew goalless against Danubio and was led by the Fourth Division coach.

Juan Tejera An agreement has already been reached with the club that he will direct until the end of this season, that is until the end of the Clausura Tournament. By now he was defining the composition of his coaching staff.

Tejera’s last team was Racing. It should be remembered that he decided to step aside in June of last year although he had a contract until December. At that moment, he admitted that he could not find his way around the team and took a step to the side.

In addition to Racing on two occasions, Tejera led Liverpool, Cerro, Fénix and Defenor Sporting in three different stages.

Boston River he is fifth in the series B of the Intermediate tournament with 4 points and is complicated in the relegation table.


Chinese doctors have named diseases that increase the risk of death in coronavirus

Photo: Kirill Zykov / Moskva Agency


11 Nov 2020.

Specialists from China have identified diseases that can be complicated by infection with COVID-19 and even lead to death.

In the list of diseases, scientists included chronic respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, as well as diabetes and viral encephalitis. As part of the study, experts have proven that chronic diseases can weaken the human body against the background of the coronavirus.

Scientists noted that a person with one chronic disease is 1.8 times more likely to have severe COVID-19. Such a patient has a similar chance of death. Moreover, this is not at all affected by the patient’s age.

For those with two chronic diseases, the risk increases up to 2.6 times, the researchers concluded.

Earlier LIVE24 reported that experts from Harvard Medical School in Boston have debunked the myth about the real benefits of multivitamins for people who are not suffering from nutritional deficiencies. A survey of 21,000 people found that US adults who regularly take multivitamins feel 30% better than those who do not take multivitamins. Analysis of the anamnesis and assessment of physical health indicators ultimately did not reveal any real differences.


Boston River 0 – River Plate 3: win that leaves the Dancer as one of the leaders – Ovation – 11/08/2020

The team of Jorge Fossati continues on a positive streak and after what was a great qualification in the Copa Sudamericana, he did not fail at the local level and ended up beating Boston River 3-0 to continue at the top of Serie B, along with National.

Despite the wear and tear of having played during the week, the Danish squad did not have a good first half although they had the clearest chances of scoring against a team like Sastre that tries to escape to the red zone of relegation.

In the plugin, River Plate He showed his main power and in 10 minutes he ended up achieving the three goals with which he sentenced the victory to get nine points in nine played.

They were 53 minutes when Jose Neris put the advantage after a center behind Matías Arezo who ended up finding his attack partner who defined first and air to open the scoring.

At 59 ‘the one who was present in the network was the link between the midfield and the forwards: Adrián Leites. On this occasion it was Neris (with a great moment) who assisted and gave Leites the goal pass that he finished off crossed and beat Falcón.

The goal that lowered the blind was put by the striker Matías Arezo who fought for a ball with Emiliano Álvarez, won it and then took advantage of a rebound in Carlos Valdez for the final 3-0 at the Centenario Stadium.

Perfect leader. Three played and three won.