Penalty at Stuttgart against Gladbach: “That’s a cheek” – sport

After the final whistle, penalties were once again the main topic among observers of the Saturday night game. After the 2-2 draw between VfB Stuttgart and Borussia Mönchengladbach, the main question was why the VAR intervened in the fifth minute of stoppage time when referee Felix Brych did not make a clear mistake in his decision not to whistle a penalty .

Gladbach’s Jonas Hofmann had a clear opinion on this and angrily described it as “absolute cheek” that the video referee became active. Rami Bensebaini hugged Saša Kalajdzic, but he fell through the simultaneous contact with a teammate from Stuttgart. “It’s not even a foul in midfield,” said Christoph Kramer. “This is never a clear wrong decision.” Even Stuttgart coach Pellegrino Matarazzo wasn’t sure whether the VAR had to intervene and when asked if it was a penalty, Kalajdzic said: “Yes and no.”

Both teams went out of their way to confirm that they are some of the most pleasant teams to look at this season

The referee himself then ensured clarity. On the Sky microphone, Brych explained how the penalty kick came about: He did not see on the screen that Kalajdzic stumbled over the foot of the teammate more than being pulled by Bensebaini. Therefore, contrary to his first perception, he assessed the pull as the cause of the fall and gave a penalty. “If you give the penalty straight away, then it has to be accepted. With the intervention of the video referee, remaining doubts remain,” said Brych. And: “Stuttgart can be happy with the penalty.” In any case, Silas Wamangituka converted this penalty to 2-2.

At halftime it was still 1-0 for Gladbach after a penalty that nobody questioned. Lars Stindl had safely converted from the point in the 35th minute after Borna Sosa had easily knocked Stefan Lainer off his feet. VfB would have deserved a draw at halftime as an intermediate result, after all, with Orel Mangala (16th minute) and Nicolas Gonzalez’s header (30th), he had better chances, Breel Embolo had the best chance at the guest than him VfB keeper Gregor Kobel checked with a low shot (15th).

Despite the relative lack of opportunity, both teams did a lot to confirm that they are among the pleasant teams to look at this season. Gladbach showed a pragmatic mix of long balls and beautiful combinations. Stuttgart played with a lot of momentum, but that was sometimes slowed down by the fact that some players loved the ball too much. Mangala in particular could have seen the other players.

In the second half, both teams looked as if they had resolved to increase the meager goal yield of nine goals from the games played so far. That succeeded because Gonzalez used an exact cross from Sosa with a great diving header to equalize in the meantime (58th) and on the other hand Denis Zakaria scored the Gladbacher 2-1 after he had embarrassed his opponent Pascal Stenzel in the sprint duel (61.). Florian Neuhaus almost made it 3-1 with a similarly spectacular solo effort in the 81st minute, but failed because of Kobel. And then came the controversial penalty.

Fans criticize sports director Thomas Hitzlsperger

Meanwhile, Stuttgart supporters showed that they pay close attention to club activities even in ghost game times. In any case, hundreds of stickers were stuck around the stadium with the portrait of Thomas Hitzlsperger emblazoned with the imprint “Spalter”. In the home curve, where the Ultras create a good mood during corona-free times, there was a large banner with the inscription “Sun King 2.0 – do you have a shadow?” attached, which was also aimed at Hitzlsperger’s plans to become president of the VfB.

The current Stuttgart sports director on Friday apologized for the sharpness and tone of the letter with which he had attacked President Claus Vogt hard. The former international does not seem to have smoothed things out with this. But the hope that either Vogt or Hitzlsperger will withdraw their candidacy is likely to come true less quickly than the chance of a revenge from their own team against Gladbach. Both clubs will meet again in two and a half weeks – in the round of 16 of the DFB Cup.


Sports betting: Documentary “Verzockt” – “The betting addiction destroyed my life”

Sport New documentation

“The betting addiction destroyed my life”

| Reading time: 3 minutes

“Gambled away – like a gambling addict lost everything”

Tobias Blümel tells his dramatic life story. In a documentary, the 35-year-old gamer unpacks about his 15-year gambling addiction tragedy. The drama begins with 2.50 marks – and it leads him to jail. Here is the trailer for the three-part documentary “Gambling – how a gambling addict lost everything” – now on “Bild plus”!

Tobias Blümel was 16 years old when he first bet 2.50 marks on the outcome of a Bundesliga game. A little later sports betting determined his life, tore him into the abyss and ultimately put him in prison.

“Everything went like in the film …” This sentence comes up again and again when Tobias Blümel, 35, tells his life story. Match manipulation, escape from the betting mafia, homelessness, jail. The tragic low points of a 15 year long gambling addiction tragedy, which he now reveals in the video documentary “Verzockt” by “Bild”.

It all began with 2.50 marks, which he and friends bet on Bundesliga games as a 16-year-old. During his apprenticeship as an automobile salesman, Blümel became addicted: “My entire salary was actually always in bets.” Five days before the end of his apprenticeship, he withheld 20,000 euros. Blümel is supposed to put the money in the safe, but he plays with it – and gambled everything away. Just out of compassion he was not reported back then, his professional future should not be destroyed.

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The Mönchengladbacher slides deeper and deeper into the betting scene and ends up in criminal circles: “A football professional at the time asked me to pick up 50,000 euros and bring it to Holland.” It works on the third attempt. “In the end we made 200,000 euros out of the 50,000 euros.” Ten percent goes to Blümel, who now works successfully in sales at a bank.

Money, friends, job – Blümel loses everything

But he quickly gets to feel the dangerous side of the betting mafia. “One day they suddenly drove up to my parents’ front door in a black van and wanted money from me.” He had to hide for months. He never goes back to his apartment.

At the same time, the addiction to competition drives Blümel into a depression. Money, friends and his job – he loses everything. Blümel says: “That destroys your life. At some point I thought: I no longer need all of this, I broke everything anyway. ”In 2010 he attempted suicide. His best friend saves him from the rails, he goes to psychiatry.

Tobias Blümel is 35 years old today

Tobias Blümel is 35 years old today

Source: Christopher Nordhausen

Blümel fights back. A job at Borussia Mönchengladbach’s fan magazine will be his new start in 2011. He’s been close to the team for two and a half years. But contact with the stars is also dangerous. “Money didn’t play a role here, bills were waved. I wanted that again. ”Blümel relapses.

He cheats good friends over large amounts of money, which he then gambled away. He cheats several betting shops by a total of 100,000 euros. He uses the relationship of trust that has built up over the years to always play on credit. There are hailstones of advertisements, Blümel even falls into homelessness: “In the end I only had my cell phone.” In order not to have to sleep on the street, he does “hospital hopping”.

“I would go anywhere for a job”

He was finally arrested in 2017. “In handcuffs and shackles – like the greatest felon,” he says. In 2018 he was convicted: 39 months in prison for serious financial fraud.

In a closed prison, he experienced the toughest seven months of his life: “Security detention, locked in for 23 hours, that was really awesome.” Blümel does everything in his power to get released on the half-punishment date – and achieve his goal.

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He has served his sentence, but the way back to normal life is difficult. He is currently not being employed. “I would go anywhere for a job,” says Blümel. Today he only wants one thing for the story of his life: a happy ending.

You can see all the documentation here.

If you have problems with gambling addiction or are worried about relatives or friends, you can find help on the free hotline of the Federal Center for Health Education: 0800-1372700.


Marco Rose to BVB? That’s what Gladbach legend Berti Vogts says

Will the 44-year-old train Gladbach Borussia in the coming season? Many are currently asking this question. Because the rumors about a change don’t stop. Now the ex-national coach takes a stand.

The Rumors of a move from Marco Rose to Borussia Dortmund do not ebb away. But Gladbach legend Berti Vogts is now speaking out in favor of the 44-year-old staying with his former club. “His move would be more bitter for Borussia than any departure of a Gladbach player. Therefore everything must be done to keep him,” said the former national coach to “t-online”.

Photo series with 21 pictures

Rose is still under contract with Borussia Mönchengladbach until 2022 – but he should have an exit clause. The Dortmund top club had recently left open whether interim coach Edin Terzić should continue to lead the team after the season. Managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke said on “Sky” that “nothing was clear”. Michael Zorc added: “My respect for Borussia Mönchengladbach and other clubs demands not to say another word about it.”

Most recently, a report by “Ruhr Nachrichten” sparked renewed discussions about the future of Roses. Accordingly, the people in charge at Dortmund are said to have agreed on it as the desired solution. And Rose herself should also be “not averse” to a move to Dortmund.

Vogts: “What Rose made of this team is crazy”

To cushion the departure of the head coach would certainly not be easy for the Gladbachers. Rose scored an average of 1.75 points in 65 games with Borussia. A strong quota. In addition, the team made it into the Champions League with him as coach and is now even in the round of 16 of the competition.

Berti Vogts: The 74-year-old wants Marco Rose to remain coach of his Borussia for a long time. (Source: Jan Huebner / imago images)

Former national coach Vogts believes: “Marco Rose is the reason why Borussia Mönchengladbach is playing football so successfully again. What he made of this team is crazy.” And further: “I very much hope that Marco stays in Gladbach, because without him the club would again face an uncertain sporting future.”

Vogts praises Rose in his very own way: “I’m not a hat wearer, but if I were, I would want to take off all my hats in front of Marco every day.”


Borussia Mönchengladbach turns the game against FC Bayern Munich

Bundesliga Second defeat in Munich

Enthusiastic Gladbachers turn the game against Bayern

| Reading time: 3 minutes


Gladbach celebrates a deserved victory against FC Bayern


Gladbach beats Bayern in an exciting game. Borussia mercilessly exploited the defensive errors of Munich and turned a two-goal deficit. In the second half, Bayern act terrifyingly without ideas.

HDefensive mistakes in the fiery Bundesliga classic at Borussia Mönchengladbach brought down FC Bayern again. For the first time in ten years, the record champions lost a 2-0 lead at 2: 3 (2: 2). The team of coach Hansi Flick, who suffered his second of only four defeats as Bayern coach in Gladbach, is now threatened with losing the championship lead on Saturday.

Led by the outstanding offensive duo Lars Stindl and Jonas Hofmann, the old Bayern rival took advantage of Munich’s well-known defensive weaknesses. Two outstanding passes from Stindl to Hofmann (36th minute / 45th) equalized before the break. Florian Neuhaus (49th) scored to win.


Robert Lewandowski scores 1-0 for Bayern with a penalty and scores his 20th goal of the season


Borussia deserved to win the first leg against Bayern for the fourth time in a row, who last lost a two-goal lead at 1. FC Köln in February 2011. A penalty goal by Robert Lewandowski (20th) and a goal by Leon Goretzka (26th) were not enough for the triple winner.

The Gladbachers already showed a good first 15 minutes in the offensive 4-3-3 system, the record champions were challenged “from the first second” as predicted by Flick. In the Munich back four, the Bayern coach relied on Benjamin Pavard, who had recently been ailing, as a right-back, Joshua Kimmich played his prime role as a driver in midfield. Gladbach sought the way forward at high speed and long balls – then Neuhaus blundered behind.

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The national player went to the ball unnecessarily in his own penalty area and touched it with his fingertips, Lewandowski easily transformed the penalty due to video evidence to his 20th goal of the season. The world footballer continues to follow in the footsteps of the great Gerd Müller, who scored 40 goals in one season almost 50 years ago. Flick cheered on the sidelines – Bayern had always fallen behind in the previous eight Bundesliga games.

Borussia Moenchengladbach v FC Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga

Jonas Hofmann overcomes Manuel Neuer

Source: Getty Images / Lars Baron

This time it went better, at least initially. Gladbach tried to increase the pressure on the guests immediately. With clever pressing, however, Bayern brought Goretzka into position only shortly after the lead, whose shot from a good 25 meters could not be stopped by Gladbach goalkeeper Yann Sommer. Borussia conceded their 200th goal against Bayern, but then quickly came back into the game. And how!

New in ten games no longer zero

Stindl and Hofmann made sure to equalize the two goals before the break – according to roughly the same scheme. Stindl skilfully staged Hofmann twice with very strong passes against unsorted Bayern, the 28-year-old kept his nerve in front of Manuel Neuer’s Bayern goal and ensured that the national team captain conceded a goal for the tenth time in a row. A personal negative record for the 34-year-old. Well served, Bayern went into the break.

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A playback mistake by Niklas Süle worsened the starting position in Munich. The Gladbachers played in the direction of the penalty area, and Neuhaus made up for the penalty mistake with his opening goal. Flick took an angry swig from his water bottle in the dugout.

The following attack efforts by Bavaria were initially under control. Despite high pressings, the record champions did not develop the desired pressure for a long time via the outside Douglas Costa and Leroy Sané. David Alaba’s graduation was blocked (70th). And Gladbach was waiting for more opportunities.


Gladbach – Bayern Munich: The Bayern hunters clarify their pecking order

Dhe weaknesses of Bayern have not escaped Marco Rose. “We’re already looking,” said the coach of Borussia Mönchengladbach after he was confronted with statistics that could be encouraging: The German champions have recently fallen behind eight times in a row. In addition, Munich has already conceded 21 goals – more than in over twelve years.

“Of course we look to see where there are spaces that we can use. I think everyone knows that Bayern like to defend very much, “explained Rose, but then immediately added something that dampened all too high hopes:” They do it that way because it often helps them, of course, theirs To underline dominance with the ball. ”In other words: Munich can afford to play a little more risky than others.

On Friday evening, when Bayern will compete in the Bundesliga evergreen in Mönchengladbach (8.30 p.m., in the sports ticker of the WELT), football Germany will once again look spellbound – with that mixture of hope that Munich could stumble and fear that it probably won’t happen after all, or that it could happen, but won’t change anything in terms of the championship anyway.

Optimistic and courted: Mönchengladbach’s trainer Marco Rose (center)

Quelle: picture alliance/dpa

Rose feels the same way. “Despite the goals they conceded, Bayern are in a good mood. Nevertheless, we’ll do everything we can to beat them again, ”he promised, recalling his team’s home game against the industry leader.

Back then, on December 7, 2019, Gladbach was beaten for a long time, then came to a 2-1 victory after a late goal in stoppage time by Ramy Bensebaini. It was only Hansi Flick’s fourth game as Bayern coach, and it wasn’t even clear at the time whether he would be allowed to stay beyond the end of the season. After the game, Munich was in seventh place in the table, seven points behind the leader: Roses Gladbacher.

At that time it was still possible to dream. They are currently far from that in Mönchengladbach, where if they won, they could probably climb to a Europa League place overnight.

Bayer Leverkusen and RB Leipzig are doing well

It looks a little different in Leverkusen, which could catch up with a home win over Bremen and a slip by Bayern, and especially in Leipzig, where RB expects Borussia Dortmund to be just two points behind Bayern on Saturday. “If we win the game – I plan to win because we are brave and in a good mood – we will have nine points ahead of a direct competitor for the Champions League places,” said Julian Nagelsmann.

Even before the short Christmas break, he had made it clear that he was looking upwards. He was definitely “in the mood” for the title fight, so the RB coach: “And the players and the club, I think, have it too.”

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The Leipzig team has the most stable team among Bayern hunters. In addition, due to their investor structure, they are most likely economically in a position to compensate for the effects of the Corona crisis, which is causing problems for all Bundesliga clubs. They have underlined this with their transfer activities. With the Hungarian Dominik Szoboszlai (20) it was just possible to sign one of the greatest European midfield talents for 20 million euros. The Hungarian, who cannot be used in January due to adductor problems, came from Red Bull Salzburg. The friendly and business relationships with the releasing club should at least not have been a hindrance.

In the past, the Dortmund team had often taken offense at such processes as well as the patronage by the beverage multinational Dietrich Mateschitz at both RB branches. But not at the moment. On the contrary. “Even if not everyone in Dortmund likes to hear that: I am a fan of what is happening in Leipzig in terms of sport and how the club has developed,” said Mats Hummels of “Sport-Bild.” There is “good work being done”, said the BVB defense chief, and “money alone” is “no guarantee.”

These statements were gratefully received on site. The “Leipziger Volkszeitung” even suspected that Dortmund is now also recognizing “that the roots of tradition grow and flourish on fertile alluvial forest soil”.

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It seems more likely that the Dortmunders are currently resisting verbal attacks for various other reasons. BVB, the number two in Germany according to their own understanding, is currently struggling to get back on track. Complacency had crept into the team, which eventually culminated in the release of coach Lucien Favre.

But even since the takeover by Edin Terzic, there was at least no improvement immediately. It wasn’t until the 2-0 win over Wolfsburg last weekend that there was again a concentrated performance over long stretches. “We have higher expectations of ourselves, higher demands, which is why Wolfsburg was the first step in an important month,” said licensed player manager Sebastian Kehl. “It is important that we create a new performance culture on the pitch.” The performance in Leipzig will therefore be a “yardstick.” Should Dortmund win and score points in Leverkusen and Gladbach in the coming weeks, they would also be back in the race.

However, someone works in Leipzig who enjoys the greatest respect in Dortmund: Nagelsmann. “Julian has had an impressive coaching career for his age. It is undisputed that he is a proven football specialist who always incorporates innovations into his work, ”said BVB sports director Michael Zorc. Nagelsmann has always been very popular in Dortmund because of his game idea based on pressing and counter-pressing, but still varied – but it never worked with a collaboration. “There were existing contracts, so it didn’t come about,” said Zorc.

Rose is tired of the subject of change

On the other hand, Zorc doesn’t say anything about Marco Rose – because meanwhile, it’s an open secret, the Gladbacher is one of Dortmund’s preferred candidates with regard to the coming season. “My respect for Borussia Mönchengladbach and other clubs requires not to say another word about it,” Zorc told Sky last Sunday.

Rose himself does not comment on the subject either – not even on the release clause that he should have in the contract. Gladbach’s manager Max Eberl, who is currently taking a one-month break, wants to continue fighting for his coach. The Bayern pursuers clear their pecking order in many fields.

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14th matchday: Union Berlin sets course for the European Cup places

NAfter the surprising cup loss against SC Paderborn, Union Berlin is back on the road to success in the Bundesliga. The mostly physically strong Köpenickers earned a deserved away win in the 2-0 (2-0) win in Bremen and jumped to fourth place in the table.

In the first quarter of an hour, the capital club was already playing the Champions League. Robin Knoche opened the first attack with a remarkable vertical pass from his own half. Addressee Taiwo Awoniyi dropped on Sheraldo Becker, who completed the eighth goal for Union in the opening quarter of an hour.

It was not even half an hour before the Köpenickers punished Bremen’s negligence a second time. Marco Friedl’s unsuccessful attempt to clear his own corner flag landed at Robert Andrich, who forwarded directly to Awoniyi in the half-right penalty area position. His weak shot rolled past Jiri Pavlenka into the net. Like his front men, Werder’s goalkeeper did not show a confident figure.

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The measure taken by Bremen’s trainer Florian Kohfeldt, who with Friedl and Ömer Toprak had set up the central defense for Niklas Moisander and Milos Vejlkovic, did not give his team any security. Defensive weaknesses that took Werder’s chance at a point, as they didn’t come together in attack either. Andreas Luthe, who had returned between the posts for Loris Karius, could hardly distinguish himself. For Bremen it was only enough for Romano Schmid’s offside goal (44th).

Eintracht Frankfurt – Bayer Leverkusen 2-1

Leverkusen said goodbye to the winter break with a shock. Ironically against Bayern and with a goal in the last second, it had set the first defeat of the season. At Eintracht Frankfurt, the aim was to get back on track as quickly as possible. This failed thoroughly. With a flattering 1: 2 (1: 1) at the Hessians, coach Peter Bosz’s team said goodbye to the title race. Frankfurt, on the other hand, is getting close to the international launch sites again.

Leverkusen’s Edmond Tapsoba makes Frankfurt 2-1 with an own goal

Source: AP / Michael Probst

Apparently impressed by Leverkusen’s attacking power, Eintracht initially positioned themselves compactly in their own half. Bayer quickly cracked the bulwark. After a rapid combination, the ball landed at Wirtz. The 17-year-old lifted up to Amiri, who completed it with a hoe (10th minute). A magic gate after which all good spirits left Leverkusen.

Frankfurt’s coach Adi Hütter changed the system and his team immediately got chances. The third was used by Younes, who scored 1: 1 after a solo run (22nd). Shortly before the break, Younes missed the chance to take the lead from 13 meters. Eintracht continued to press confidently and earned the lead: A cross from Kamada led Tapsoba unhappily into his own net (54th).

Arminia Bielefeld – Borussia Mönchengladbach 0-1

The abstinence seems a little unusual. The second transfer window of the season opens next week, and Borussia Mönchengladbach’s most important employee in terms of inflows and outflows is on vacation. Sports director Max Eberl has said goodbye to a four-week break. “He’s missing, but we’ll get it done anyway. He deserves it ”, said coach Marco Rose before the game on Saturday in Bielefeld. He is in constant contact with Eberl, who had the personal break when extending his contract until 2026 in December.

Bielefeld's Ritsu Doan (left) and Reinhold Yabo secure the ball in front of Oscar Wendt

Bielefeld’s Ritsu Doan (left) and Reinhold Yabo secure the ball in front of Oscar Wendt


It is uncertain whether the sports director will have to intervene from afar in the coming transfer window. At least his team got off to a successful start into the new year. At Arminia, Mönchengladbach won 1-0 (0-0). However, the Borussia pros had to wait for almost an hour before the visual superiority with numerous chances also brought the hoped-for profit. Breel Embolo skilfully prevailed after a long ball from Jonas Hofmann and confidently pushed into the left corner of the goal (58th). Before that, the former Schalke player was still the tragic figure because he missed a number of good opportunities. The striker hit the post in the 27th minute from a suspicious position and put the rebound almost slapstick-like next to the box.

While Gladbach made the connection to the Champions League places after three draws and a defeat in the Bundesliga through the victory, the relegation worries intensified with the Bielefelders. With ten points, the climber remains on relegation rank 16.

Hoffenheim – SC Freiburg 1: 3

Hoffenheim has never played to zero under Sebastian Hoeneß in the Bundesliga. In the 1: 3 (0: 3) against Freiburg, it quickly became clear that this series would last. After seven minutes, Freiburg’s Baptiste Santamaria slipped the ball into the corner. After Hoffenheim had replaced two injured people after a quarter of an hour, Vincenzo Grifo increased the penalty to 2-0 (34th). An own goal by Kasim Adams (42nd) rounded off the TSG disaster in half one.

Freiburg's Vincenzo Grifo converts his seventh penalty in a row

Freiburg’s Vincenzo Grifo converts his seventh penalty in a row

Source: dpa / Uwe Anspach

At least after the break, the Hoeneß-Elf did not concede, Ihlas Bebou even scored to 1: 3 (58.)

1.FC Cologne – FC Augsburg 0-1

Cologne remains the favorite opponent for FC Augsburg. The team of coach Heiko Herrlich won 1-0 (0-0) at Cologne with a goal from Iago in the 77th minute. It was not a spectacle what the two teams delivered. Nobody could expect that in this game – but hard work, commitment and duels.

And there was. The teams didn’t indulge themselves. With a better ending for the guests. Augsburg keeps its streak, last losing to Cologne in October 2011. Since then there have now been six wins and six draws. The FCA has not remained undefeated for so long against any other team in the Bundesliga.

Stuttgart – Leipzig 0: 1

RB Leipzig has shown no nakedness in the race for the title. The Saxons won 1-0 (0-0) at VfB Stuttgart and put Bayern under pressure. With the win, Julian Nagelsmann’s team built a remarkable series – Leipzig has never lost to a newcomer.

RB was the game-determining team, but did not use its many chances. Emil Forsberg missed the greatest opportunity in the first half in the 23rd minute. The Leipziger stepped on a penalty he had caused and chased the ball into the middle of the goal. Gregor Kobel directed him to the bar with an overwhelming reflex.

Even after the break, the Stuttgart goalkeeper was initially insurmountable. In the 67th minute, however, the goalkeeper was powerless: After a cross Dani Olmo appeared free and shot the ball into the goal for the lead. On the other side, Peter Gulasci only had to intervene once. The Leipziger was there when Waldemar Anton came free to the shot (86.). He captured the victory with a strong save. ws


DFB sets penalty for Gladbach’s Marcus Thuram after spitting

DLaconic punishment for Marcus Thuram: The French national player from the Bundesliga club Borussia Mönchengladbach was banned for six competitive games last Saturday after his disgusting spit attack. The attacker also has to pay a fine of 40,000 euros. Five games are to be served directly from the suspension that applies to Bundesliga and cup games. The sixth game will be suspended until December 21, 2021.

Thuram had spat in the face of Hoffenheim’s Stefan Posch and saw the red card in the 78th minute. This was announced by the German Football Association (DFB) after a decision by its sports court. The five-time German champions had also asked the striker to pay, Thuram has to pay a monthly salary that will benefit a social cause. Thuram apologized for his affectative act on social media on Saturday.

Gladbach’s sporting director Max Eberl had stated after a conversation with the professional that Thuram “again apologized to me and thus to the club for his behavior. Marcus is devastated and he has credibly assured me that he did not deliberately spat on Stefan Posch. Marcus remains the person we know and we will not let him down ”.

Thuram is therefore not available for the cup game on Tuesday at SV Elversberg (8.45 p.m. in the FAZ live ticker for the DFB Cup and on Sky). The club would have done without him anyway. “It is clear that we will not have him with us regardless of the suspension,” said coach Marco Rose on Monday. The club didn’t want to wait to see if the striker might just be banned for championship games. “We accept everything and we know that it went more than stupid,” said Borussia’s coach.

Rose also made it clear that the player will not be left alone now. “He’s a part of us and we will support him in anything that comes down on him,” said Rose. In the cup, Gladbach also has to do without Tony Jantschke, who becomes a father. Jonas Hofmann is returning to the team after tearing a muscle bundle in his thigh. “He has now trained three times and will be there. It’s also an option for a mission, ”said Rose.

For players and coaches, the winter break will practically be canceled afterwards, whereas sports director Eberl is looking forward to an unusually long break. The 47-year-old agreed on a four-week break in January as part of his contract extension until mid-2026. After 16 years of intensive work in the club, he wanted to “get some rest and do something for me,” said Eberl.

The exchange with coach Rose, whose contract the club is trying to extend, remains close: “The cell phone is my most loyal companion.” Borussia is challenged six times in the league in January. After the turn of the year, the eighth of the table will visit Arminia Bielefeld on January 2nd.


PK to extend the management’s contract and before the game: SV Elversberg – Borussia – Borussia Mönchengladbach

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Gladbach’s Marcus Thuram: Pretty wet pronunciation – sport

First of all, three famous examples of wet humiliation on the soccer field: The Dutchman Frank Rijkaard spat in the hair of the German striker Rudi Völler from behind in 1990. Stuttgart’s Santiago Ascacibar spat in April 2019 from a distance of two meters in the direction of Leverkusen’s Kai Havertz. Schalke Ozan Kabak spat on the back of Ludwig Augustinsson from Bremen, who was lying on the ground, as he passed by. You don’t even get your hands dirty when you spit on. This also makes it an extreme act of defamation in terms of cultural history.

Spitting in someone’s face at close range is the most drastic form of humiliation. This is what happened on Saturday afternoon in Mönchengladbach. Borussia’s 23-year-old Frenchman Marcus Thuram spat in the 77th minute of his Hoffenheim opponent Stefan Posch during a verbal dispute from a few centimeters head-on in the face. The question now might be whether that was intentional or accidental. Thuram and the club claim in a statement published on Sunday that it happened unintentionally while uttering swear words. But: For an allegedly just wet pronunciation, there is obviously too much spit flying in too concentrated a form. In addition, there was no sorry apology from the opponent immediately after the alleged mishap. After the game, there was also no in-depth TV interview and from Thuram initially no personal word of remorse. Only in the course of the evening did the player publish a carefully worded admission of guilt on his Twitter channel.

Ascacibar was suspended for six games at the time, and Kabak for five in the fall. In view of the circumstances of his assault, Thuram threatens an even tougher sanction in the hygiene-sensitive Corona times. The club has already fined him a month’s salary. The sum should go to a social cause. Thuram volunteered to get involved socially.

Thuram apologizes via Twitter

An hour after the end of the game, the coach Marco Rose had formulated a plea for the defense, which at least fully acknowledged the seriousness of the act: “That went well beyond the limit,” said Rose in the press conference and apologized to the Hoffenheim coach Sebastian Hoeneß “on behalf of the club”. Rose then immediately began to put his player morally in the right light: “Basically, Marcus Thuram is a well-bred and reflective person who comes from a good family. He’s a smart boy and knows that it’s just not human. I know he has been with him for a year and a half, he’s basically a very fine boy. But today his fuses have blown, I can’t explain it to myself any other way. “

Nobody knows what exactly blew the fuses on the son of the soccer world champion Lilian Thuram. From Mönchengladbach there was no evidence of an explicit, cross-border provocation by the Hoffenheimer Posch on Sunday either.

On Saturday evening Thuram tweeted in white letters on a black background: “Something happened today that doesn’t match my character and that should never have happened. I behaved wrongly towards an opponent. Accidentally, not on purpose. I apologize to Stefan Posch , the opponents, my teammates, my family and everyone who saw it. “

Max Eberl says: “He didn’t do it on purpose”

Accidentally? The TV images do not support this claim. In the club’s statement, the sports director Max Eberl was quoted the next day as follows: “Marcus told me that he cursed in French several times during the dispute and involuntarily spat in the course of a torrent of words and in great excitement. I believe him, because I do got to know him as a reflective person with impeccable demeanor. He didn’t do it on purpose. “

Until then, Thuram had been the innocent face of joy at Borussia. He was mostly known mischievously in a positive way. After victories, in pre-Corona times, he stretched the winning player’s jersey on the corner flag and waved it in front of the fan stand. He liked to joke. Such a person, it was thought, is good for the climate. But Thuram lost this image on Saturday, an action like this will stick. The 1: 2 defeat with two goals against shortly before and shortly after the spitting attack also meant that Gladbach lagged behind the minimal goal of fourth place. So what was actually an outstanding year for Borussia Mönchengladbach ended painfully.


Gladbach: Thuram spits at Posch and sees red – sport

Borussia Mönchengladbach’s Marcus Thuram didn’t hit that much in his role as a striker on Saturday against TSG Hoffenheim – at least with the ball Posch spat in the face from around ten centimeters during a verbal dispute. Thuram received the red card in the 78th minute, had to leave the field and should be suspended for at least four games.

The final phase against Hoffenheim also turned into a Gladbach nightmare, because three minutes before the suspension Andrej Kramaric equalized for Hoffenheim to make it 1-1 (75th) and eight minutes after the red card Ryan Sessegnon even scored the 2-1 (0 : 1) winner (86th). “A very bitter defeat and a spitting action that is very difficult to explain,” said Gladbach midfielder Christoph Kramer, who successfully acquitted himself of the unjustified accusation of a spitting attack at the previous 3: 3 in Frankfurt. “You should always get used to this spitting on the pitch anyway,” said Kramer now.

With Thuram’s action, however, there was no doubt that it could have been a mistake or a misunderstanding. It was a disgusting act and a stupid one in times of video evidence. The referee Frank Willenborg had to watch the scene on the monitor, but everything was clearly visible there. Thuram’s behavior and the first home defeat this Bundesliga season annoyed the Gladbach coach Marco Rose. “With the lead, we managed too much and didn’t go for the second goal consistently enough.” Thuram’s action, he said, “went far beyond the border”. Rose apologized to the Hoffenheim team “on behalf of the club” and wondered what had ridden his player: “Marcus Thuram is basically a well-behaved, also a clever and reflective person – but today his fuses have obviously blown.”

Thuram spoke up on Twitter late in the evening. “Today something happened that is not in my character and must never happen again,” wrote the Frenchman: “I behaved wrongly towards an opponent. It was a mistake and not intended. I apologize to everyone. To Stefan Posch , my opponents, my teammates, my family and everyone who saw my reaction. Of course, I accept all the consequences of my actions. “

Hoffenheim’s violinist fouls Thuram – Stindl hits

It was noticeable to both teams that they were a bit worn out by the latest mammoth program. Initially little was offensive. And what dream goals had the Gladbachers scored this season: there was the so-called Scorpion kick from Valentino Lazaro (to the 3: 4 final in Leverkusen) or the overhead kick from Breel Embolo (to the 3: 0 intermediate result against Donetsk) . With down-to-earth hits in the sense of a rich flat game, they had a hard time against Hoffenheim. Embolo missed two good chances in the 21st and 32nd minutes, with the latter running over 40 meters towards Hoffenheim’s goalkeeper Oliver Baumann to push the ball relatively far past the goal.

The first half would have ended goalless if Hoffenheim’s Dennis Geiger hadn’t done something stupid in the 33rd minute. He stepped on the foot of Thuram, who was running out of the penalty area, in the corner of his own 16-meter area and caused a penalty that Lars Stindl scored in the 34th minute to make it 1-0 at half-time. A 20-meter long-range shot by Hoffenheim’s Kramaric crashed into the inner post near the crossbar in the 36th minute. It would have been a dream goal.

Hoffenheim, like Gladbach, have now played nine games since November 21, they play in the Europa League. For the tenth game they will receive the second division team SpVgg Greuther Fürth in the DFB Cup on Tuesday. Gladbach will be a guest at the fourth division club SV Elversberg on the same evening. “It will be another very, very important game,” said Kramer, “after that we look forward to a few peaceful days.”

Hoeneß accepts Rose’s apology

At first, the Hoffenheim team struggled to equalize in the second half, but with increasing playing time and fresh staff, they increased the pressure. Substitute Munas Dabbur sent substitute Ihlas Bebou on the journey to the Gladbach half in the 75th minute. Bebou crossed from the right into the penalty area and hit the completely free Kramaric with the ball, who scored to make it 1-1.

After Thuram was sent off with red in the 78th minute, the Gladbachers played outnumbered, and when the Hoffenheim team launched their attack for the second goal in the 86th minute, Gladbach’s Hannes Wolf was injured in midfield. In this scene they were already missing two players to defend, which explains a little why after substitute Kevin Akpoguma’s cross at the second post this time Ryan Sessegnon was free and was able to score 2-1. TSG coach Sebastian Hoeneß was happy “about a second half in which we played more grippy and courageous, we gradually pulled the game over to our side, and the win feels deserved to me”. Hoeneß gladly accepted Rose’s offensive apology and called it “worthy of all honor”.