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Markus Gisdol had made a firm resolution in case the small miracle actually became a reality. The coach of 1. FC Köln wanted to go into the dressing room immediately if his team won at Borussia Dortmund, apparently after long weeks of criticism he wanted to avoid images of triumph. In the end his own fitness had been questioned louder and louder, but when “the battle” he spoke of a little later was finally won, he forgot all resolutions and rules of distance. With a wildly contorted face, he cheered the first Cologne victory in Dortmund since 1991 and even more important: With this 2-1 victory in the Revier, the fabulous series of 18 Bundesliga games not won for his club came to an end. Finally!

So Gisdol reported full of pathos about the “self-sacrificing work” that was being done in his club. He was part of a “conspiratorial bunch”, it was finally clear “that despite this filthy virus we are not cursed, but can win games,” he blurted out. You have found the reset button and now hope to have finally arrived in this special Bundesliga season. “That must now be the direction for the next few weeks,” said Timo Horn after Ellyes Skhiri had scored twice in an almost identical way from corners. “The way the guys got involved today against an actually overpowering opponent was sensational,” said the goalkeeper. The defender Sava Cestic had played for the first time in the Bundesliga and had Erling Haaland well under control. And last but not least, the people of Cologne were lucky that BVB had caught one of those dark days that are somehow an integral part of these changeable Dortmund years under coach Lucien Favre.

“There are afternoons like that,” said Favre with fatalism. He had foreseen it, had issued warnings, but had not been heard by his team, who had recently looked so stable. The pattern of this defeat is well known to them: the opponent was well organized, ran a lot, was low, and the skills of the individualists in black and yellow, celebrated as magic on good days, remained pale. So Favre once again formulated sentences that were almost word for word even after the game at FC Augsburg. Or after the defeats at Union Berlin or in Mainz last season: “We have lost our patience a little,” said the Swiss. “We played rushed sometimes. And we should also play at a faster pace, I’m talking about passes. “

These relapses into a puzzling state of lack of energy are still an integral part of the nature of this team, although there are two promising solutions in the current season. The individual quality in the offensive, which is basically able to steer tough games in the desired direction through special individual moments. And the breadth of the squad. But that afternoon Jadon Sancho, Marco Reus, Julian Brandt and Erling Haaland all remained harmless.

However, Favre himself often falls into the same coaching pattern on these BVB lifeless days and waits a surprisingly long time before making his substitutions. When fresh attackers came into play, BVB immediately became more dangerous. Thorgan Hazard, who scored 1: 2 (74th), came after an hour, Youssoufa Moukoko and Giovanni Reyna after 67 minutes, which was clearly good for the team. But the rebellion came too late, maybe also because the energies from the audience were missing, which otherwise so often help BVB to score goals in the final minutes.

Now Dortmund were annoyed about the points they gave away, especially since the two goals conceded were similar in a bizarre way. Ondrej Duda had hit a corner from the left into the penalty area, Marius Wolf had extended both balls at the near post with his head before Skhiri completed the back post from close range (9th, 60th). Dortmund midfielder Julian Brandt was responsible for securing the short post, who played particularly weakly in a team without ideas.


BVB loses against Cologne: “I’m deeply disappointed” – sport

Patience is one of Lucien Favre’s favorite words. The coach of Borussia Dortmund encourages his footballers again and again to use the full 90 minutes with an unimpressed game. They like to do that too. They only scored 18 of 21 goals this season in the second half, including the one against 1. FC Köln on Saturday. But this time it wasn’t enough. The increase in patience is panic at the end of the gate, and it grabbed BVB when their opponent from 1. FC Köln, who had previously been winless for 18 Bundesliga games in Dortmund, took the 60th minute 2-0 lead. In the end, Borussia stormed for almost half an hour with all their child prodigies Erling Haaland, Jadon Sancho, Giovanni Reyna and Youssoufa Moukoko – but apart from the connection goal by Thorgan Hazard (74th) they didn’t succeed. After this 1: 2 (0: 1) defeat against the basement child Cologne, a new debate will begin in Dortmund about mentality, willingness to play for the title and the coach Favre. And yet they had just come back on the right track. “I am deeply disappointed,” said Favre.

The Cologne team, on the other hand, experienced a relief at the final whistle after five minutes of nerve-wracking stoppage time that should have been felt as a pressure wave across Dortmund. The trainer Markus Gisdol, out of sheer joy, didn’t know what to do with his energy and simply pushed the Kingsley Ehizibue in front of him away with enthusiasm. However, the latter did not hold it against him at all. Interestingly, the two goals with which the Rhineland outsiders defeated the Westphalian favorites were completely identical: Corner: Ondrej Duda, header extension on the first post: Marius Wolf, loan from Cologne’s BVB, goal on the second post by Ellyes Skhiri – once in the 9. and then in the 60th minute.

Borussia Dortmund v 1. FC Koeln - Bundesliga

Free at the far post for the second time: Ellyes Skhiri makes it 2-0.

(Foto: Pool/Getty Images)

The Cologne team made a convincing, playful plea for the thesis that no statistics, no matter how bad, should deter you from making the greatest possible effort. After eight and a half months without a Bundesliga victory and knowing that 1. FC Köln had not won in Dortmund since 1991, they took the lead 2-0 within an hour. The Cologne team showed very good pressing and repeatedly came dangerously in front of goal when they had possession. For Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho hit the crossbar once, Haaland missed his only two chances and a header from Mats Hummels was denied because of offside, the Cologne did not need to worry. “To win in our situation with apparently overpowering Dortmunders is a sensation,” said goalkeeper Timo Horn. With a brilliant save against Mats Hummels (87th), he had contributed to the surprise.

In center forward Sebastian Andersson and central defender Jorge Meré, two regular players were injured at Cologne at short notice. The 19-year-old Sava-Arangel Cestic therefore celebrated his Bundesliga premiere in the five-man chain and was not tricked by either Haaland (23 goals in 23 Bundesliga games) or Moukoko. “He was good,” said his coach Gisdol with a grin at the press conference and asked the journalists not to burden Cestic with “superlatives”. “But when a Swabian like me says ‘good’, it sometimes means a little more,” joked Gisdol.

Gisdol is happy: “A start has been made.”

Cologne’s coach appeared touched when he reported that he had thanked each member of his team individually “for the self-sacrificing work in difficult weeks”. The end of the series of failures is “important for the minds”. With this victory “a start has been made, the team will continue to stabilize”. And then he looked back briefly: We received an enormous amount of support from the fans, from the real fans who love the club, love the team and have supported it. We always felt that, it’s also a small thank you. “

Favre, however, looked dejected at the press conference. “Two goals conceded this way – it’s hard to accept.” However, he defended his team in terms of attitude: “They had respect for Cologne, they didn’t take it too lightly – but they played too slowly, with too little movement, they just didn’t play well today.” However, Favre did not think that they might have exaggerated their often-vaunted patience this time. “We have lost our patience a little,” said the Swiss even about the phase after conceding the goal to make it 2-0. “We played too hastily.”


Bundesliga: BVB loses against Cologne – Sport

Borussia Mönchengladbach – FC Schalke 04 4: 1 (2: 1); Tore: 1:0 Neuhaus (15.), 1:1 Raman (20.), 2:1 Wendt (36.), 3:1 Thuram (52.). 4:1 Wolf (80.)

Of course, it is hard to believe if you write with this result that Schalke did not play so badly, in some places even played pretty well. Between the equalizer from Benito Raman, who scored volley after a strong submission from Mark Uth, Schalke 04 pressed on the lead. But Uth’s free kick only hit the outside post. Instead, Gladbach convinced with merciless efficiency, Florian Neuhaus put Borussia in the lead with a long-range shot into which three Royal Blues threw themselves, but none got the ball.

Oscar Wendt then took the lead in the best phase of Schalke and Marcus Thuram smothered small hopes right after the break. The longer the game lasted, the clearer the difference in quality became. Hannes Wolf finally decided the game in the 80th minute with the 4-1. The Schalke winless counter is now at 25 games, next week against Bayer Leverkusen.

VfB Stuttgart – FC Bayern 1: 3 (1: 2); Tore: 1: 0 Coulibaly (20.), 1: 1 Coman (38.), 1: 2 Lewandowski (45.), 1: 3 Costa (87.)

The “unforced errors” should be avoided by Bayern Munich coach Hansi Flick. Because said slight mistakes had recently led to the fact that in the 1-1 draw against Werder Bremen and the 3-1 draw against RB Salzburg goalkeeper Manuel Neuer had a lot more to do than should be for a goalkeeper of the record champions. If you take the demands of the coach as a yardstick, the Munich team only partially achieved the goal in Stuttgart. A Stuttgart attack after a throw-in from their own half led to Tanguy Coulibaly’s 1-0, after which, to name just one example, a bad pass by left-back Lucas Hernández almost made it 2-0. Also in the second half, Neuer had to keep a lot.

Yes, that has also been the case in the past few days and weeks: As incomplete as the Munich defense sometimes looks after simply losing the ball, the attacks look convincing when they finish. First, it was an excellent pass from Serge Gnabry that undermined the Stuttgart defense, Kingsley Coman completed inimitable. Then, for once, Robert Lewandowski met untenable from beyond the penalty area. And Douglas Costa decided the game just before the end.

Also: Tanguy Nianzou, 18, made his debut when he came on for the ailing Jérôme Boateng. Niklas Süle returned to the team as a substitute for the ailing Lucas Hernandez, after quarantine, international matches and “training deficit” attested by Flick. And Corentin Tolisso, substitute for Joshua Kimmich in defensive midfield, had to leave shortly before the end. The next wishes of coach Flick should mainly revolve around the recovery of the French.

Borussia Dortmund – 1. FC Cologne 1: 2 (0: 1); Tore: 0:1 Skhiri (9.), 0:2 Skhiri (60.), 1:2 T. Hazard (74.)

Borussia Dortmund has surprisingly lost touch with the league leaders. There was an unexpected but not undeserved 1: 2 (0: 1) against 1. FC Köln. It was BVB’s first home defeat against Cologne since April 1991 – and the first victory for Cologne this season.

The two goals of Cologne came after almost identical scenes: two amateurishly defended corners, which after head extensions by the former Dortmunders Wolf each landed at Tunisian Ellyes Skhiri (9th and 60th minute), who was twice blank on the back post. The basis of Cologne’s success was the toxic and variable cover work. Sometimes they irritated the favorite with bold pressing. Most of the time they stood close together in their own penalty area, where they got on the Dortmunders’ nerves because they physically opposed it. Opportunities like for Sancho (4th, bar) or Haaland (26th, just next to it) remained the exception. Dortmund had scored 17 of his 20 league goals after the break, and this time too hope came when Thorgan Hazard pushed the ball into the far corner after a fluid combination over Haaland, substitute Moukoko, still 16, and Reyna (already 17) (74.). Dortmund came very close to equalizing twice, but Haaland pushed a cross just wide of the goal (90. + 4), shortly after Mats Hummels failed with a direct acceptance to Timo Horn (87.).

RB Leipzig – Arminia Bielefeld 2: 1 (1: 0); Tore: 1: 0 Angelino (29.), 2: 0 Nkunku (47.), 2: 1 Klos (75.)

On this Saturday afternoon, Leipzig initially presented itself as inhibited as a middle-class club, before 18-year-old Lazar Samardzic conjured up one of the most beautiful passes of this Bundesliga season in the 29th minute: From the center circle, the ball landed predictively and precisely on the foot of the bustling Angelino, who only goalkeeper Stefan Ortega had to prance out – and to make it 1-0. The 2: 0 was not a world class, but a slapstick action: Dani Olmo stole a completely unsuccessful back pass from Amos Pieper, gave it back to the substitute Christopher Nkunku and he only had to aim for the goal. For a moment it got exciting again: After Leipzig striker Alexander Sörloth had missed a penalty, Fabian Klos immediately reduced it to 1: 2. After that, Bielefeld missed two good opportunities. But it was enough for the victory – Leipzig stays with Bayern.

Union Berlin – Eintracht Frankfurt 3: 3 (2: 2); Tore: 1: 0 Andrich (2nd), Kruse (6th / Elfmeter), 2: 1 Silva (27th), 2: 2 Silva (37th), 2: 3 Dost (79th), 3: 3 Kruse (82.)

While the game had not even kicked off in some stadiums, Kevin Trapp had already made a momentous mistake: The Eintracht goalkeeper could not take a simple shot, Robert Andrich gratefully accepted the rebound. Four minutes later, the next Union goal: Penalty specialist Max Kruse converted the penalty with confidence after he had only scored in the margin in Cologne. The matter seemed clear: Union was stormy, Eintracht perplexed. But the tide turned in the first half: First André Silva hit from close range, then he extended a free kick with the neck – 2-2. Now the unity stormy, Union perplexed. In the second half, the teams took it easy, the game was more balanced, before it got turbulent again towards the end: First, Bas Dost scored the third goal for Eintracht from close range in the 79th minute, then Kruse turned three minutes later the ball into the net with a long-range shot. Even if Union missed the fourth win in a row – the Berliners are extremely satisfied with their second season in the Bundesliga. Max Kruse makes it possible.

FC Augsburg – SC Freiburg 1:1 (0:0); Tor: 0: 1 Grifo (64.), 1: 1 Vargas (80.)

SC Freiburg hadn’t won a win in seven games, but Christian Streich’s team wanted to know again in Augsburg. The players ran, they fought, they shot on goal. In the 64th minute, Vincenzo Grifo found himself alone in the penalty area, stopped Nicolas Höfler’s cross – and scored. But that was not enough for the first SC victory since September 19. The Augsburg team equalized with their first shot on goal: Ruben Vargas fired on goal in the 80th minute, the ball was deflected and was actually in.

Debut of the day: After referee Benjamin Brand injured himself while warming up in Dortmund, Arne Aarnink, originally intended as the fourth official, made his Bundesliga debut. The 35-year-old economist has already whistled 54 second division games, his first first division game between BVB and Cologne was not an uncomplicated one, but he kept the overview: He rightly dismissed a Hummels goal because of offside. An unexpected debut, but a successful one. However, BVB will not keep it in good memory.


This BVB star has a share in Jadon Sancho’s rise in form

Jadon Sancho is slowly but surely getting back to his old form at Borussia Dortmund. His good performance in the Champions League duel with Club Brugge, crowned by a free-kick goal, was a first exclamation point for all critics. One who had a share in the BVB attacker’s performance improvement was Mats Hummels, as it turned out afterwards.

“I always try to convey the message to the guys that they can radiate a lot”, Hummels is quoted in the “kicker”. “It’s a sign to everyone when an artist works. Then the spark jumps over to everyone else,” added the defender, who had apparently made sure with his words that Sancho worked a lot against the ball and in the game seemed even more committed than usual.

“This time Jadon was rewarded for the effort he showed. That was very important for the guys who are so good,” said Hummels. Sancho received a grade of 1.5 from

Sancho himself showed his gratitude after the 3-0 win over the Belgians. “I’m happy to have a coach and a team who believe in me. I’ve had a tough time lately. But it’s about how I get back from it.”

Kehl praises the courage of BVB star Sancho

It was no coincidence that he laid the foundation for success with his free kick that made it 2-0 shortly before the break. “I’ve been practicing my free kicks recently and I’m happy that it paid off against Bruges,” said Sancho after his artful shot into the corner.

Sebastian Kehl, head of the licensed player department at BVB, was pleased with the courage of the highly talented Briton. “We have some good free-kickers,” he told the kicker, but Sancho “took the ball with confidence”.

An important goal for the black and yellow, which at the same time equalized a brand from 2019/2020: After 14 competitive games, Dortmund now have twelve standard goals on the credit side. This means that every third of the total of 36 goals was created from a ball at rest.


Striker joys and a bad joke (

Party mood at Borussia Dortmund, hangover mood at RB Leipzig: The mood among the Bundesliga clubs after a groundbreaking evening in the Champions League was very different. While BVB is only one point short of getting into the round of 16 after the renewed Erling-Haaland show in 3-0 (2-0) against FC Brugge, the Leipzig team were at Paris after the unfortunate 0-1 (0-1) St. Germain frustrated by a controversial Neymar penalty. And despite the victory, there was also trouble for PSG coach Thomas Tuchel.

Sad level

“The penalty was a joke,” said Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann after the final whistle: “The video assistant was probably watching another game. Something like that at the Champions League level, that’s really sad. «Nagelsmann’s frustration was understandable, Leipzig’s chances of reaching the round of 16 have fallen sharply due to the lost direct comparison with the Parisians who are now equal on points. With two wins at Basaksehir Istanbul and against Manchester United, the Bundesliga third could still progress, but Nagelsmann knows: “We now have the worse cards.” That was due to the controversial penalty. In the questionable duel in Marcel Sabitzer’s penalty area against Angel di Maria, the television images could not prove any contact. Neymar accepted the gift and converted the eleventh-minute penalty into an early winner for the hosts.

“That was a clear swallow, there was zero contact,” Nagelsmann ranted. And what did the video assistant actually do? “That’s what we have this authority for. If we don’t use them, then we can get rid of them. Then we’ll just leave the referees alone again, “said the RB coach. After that, despite all the dominance, the Leipzigers lacked punch. Paris curled up and built a victory, which turned the group off for the time being and was supposed to bring Tuchel out of the line of fire. But on Tuesday evening he was again confronted with critical questions about the weak level of play and the relationship of trust – and then his collar burst. “You can ask the question in the locker room, if you have the balls,” the 47-year-old ruled a media representative: “Because the players are dead! They gave everything! «Tuchel was tired of pointing out that many injured people like the German internationals Julian Draxler and Thilo Kehrer were missing and that returnees like Neymar and Kylian Mbappe are still far from their top form.

Fun and joy

This does not apply to Erling Haaland. The record man, wrapped in a warming BVB blanket, laughed and joked exuberantly with his teammates after the final whistle. The Norwegian’s built-in goal guarantee also put those in charge in Dortmund in a good mood. “The fun and the joy can be felt in spite of the dreary conditions,” said licensed player boss Sebastian Kehl after the 20-year-old’s double against the Belgian champions. In severe Corona times, there is absolutely no sign of an autumn depression at BVB – on the contrary. In the Champions League, the runner-up would already achieve a draw in the home game against Lazio Rome for the round of 16, in the Bundesliga the second in the table is in close contact with the leaders FC Bayern Munich.

The light-footed Dortmunders do not see the maddening schedule in the coming weeks as a burden, but as an incentive. “We get good results and play good games. Then the ease is there too, “said Kehl, and followed up with a small declaration of war:” We want to start a real run by Christmas. We can achieve a lot. “

Especially with a gem like Haaland. In twelve games in the premier class, the striker has scored a remarkable 16 goals. Not even Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo achieved this historic record. Haaland has already scored 17 goals in his 13 competitive appearances this season. “He’s worth gold for us because he can sweep the team away. Every minute he shows that he wants to be successful «, praised sports director Michael Zorc. SID/nd


Champions League: Borussia Dortmund clearly beats Bruges – video

Borussia Dortmund is as good as in the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League. BVB leaves Club Bruges no chance. In addition to striker Haaland, another offensive player towers with a sensational free kick goal.

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Rennes eliminated, Juventus and Barça qualified

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At a cruel end to the match, Stade Rennais were eliminated from the Champions League on Tuesday after their home loss to Chelsea. In group G, FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin won and qualified for the round of 16.

• Group E: Rennes eliminated, Chelsea and Sevilla in the round of 16

Cruel scenario for Rennes, eliminated from the European queen event after only four days and who have only the third place synonymous with the Europa League to run for. After Chelsea opened the scoring by Callum Hudson-Odoi (22nd), the Bretons showed good intentions on the ground. At the end of the match, they went in six minutes from deliverance to dejection, between the equalizer of Serhou Guirassy (85th) and the victorious goal of Giroud (90th + 1). A nice revenge for the French center-forward Chelsea, who demands more playing time.

For Rennes, next week’s trip to Russia will be crucial: a victory against Krasnodar, another neophyte eliminated Tuesday by Sevilla (2-1), and the Bretons will ensure they are transferred to the Europa League.

• Group F: Double for Haaland, easy Lazio Roma

After the quadruple on Saturday in the Bundesliga, the double on Tuesday in the Champions League for Erling Haaland: the Norwegian prodigy from Dortmund struck twice against Club Brugge (3-0), taking the lead in the scorers standings with his 5th and 6th goals in C1 this season … or his 15th and 16th goals in this event in just 12 matches!

Jadon Sancho had meanwhile scored a nice direct free kick in the skylight (45th + 1) and Borussia keeps the lead of group F (9 pts) with a head start on Lazio Rome (8 pts) who beat 3 -1 the Zenit Saint-Petersburg.

This promises a good pass between Dortmund and Lazio next week in Germany.

• Group G: Barça qualify without Messi, Juventus laborious but qualified

In great difficulty in La Liga, the Catalan club sealed their qualification for the round of 16 thanks to a 4-0 victory against Dynamo Kiev, without their captain Lionel Messi, spared, and without shaking too much.

In Ukraine, coach Ronald Koeman launched an encore team and the bet worked: it was the young full-back Sergiño Dest who opened the scoring, his very first goal with Barça, served by Danish striker Martin Braithwaite ( 52nd). Then the latter scored a double (57th, 70th from the penalty spot) and Antoine Griezmann emerged from the bench to score as a pivot (90th + 2) and seal the success of the Blaugrana club, first in the group with four successes in four matches (12 pts ).

Behind, Juventus snatched the victory against the modest Hungarian Ferencvaros 2-1: the team of Andrea Pirlo found themselves led by a goal of Myrto Uzuni (19th) but she managed to validate her qualification thanks to the inevitable Cristiano Ronaldo (35th) then a late header from Alvaro Morata (90th + 2).

• Group H: Manchester almost qualified, PSG revived

Manchester United did the job against Istanbul Basaksehir (4-1), including a brace from Bruno Fernandes, and took a big step towards the round of 16. In the other match, PSG relaunched laboriously against RB Leipzig, taking an option on their evening opponent in the race for qualification.

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Champions League – Haaland leads BVB to victory against Bruges – Leipzig loses in Paris – Sport

Borussia Dortmund celebrated thanks to goal machine Erling Haaland and art shooter Jadon Sancho, RB Leipzig took a damper despite their great superiority: While BVB was close to making it into the round of 16 after a sovereign 3-0 (2-0) against Belgian champions FC Bruges, they lost Leipzig its game at Paris St. Germain, which was called for the group “final”, was unhappy with 0: 1 (0: 1).

In the table, RB had to let the French series champions overtake them in second place, and the lost direct comparison (first leg: 2: 1) speaks against Leipzig. Neymar (11th) decided the game with a penalty kick.

Haaland (18th, 60th) with his Champions League goals 15 and 16 in the twelfth game and Sancho (45th) with a remarkable free kick scored in Dortmund’s fifth home win in a row at the highest European level. The table runner-up in the Bundesliga is therefore right on track in all competitions.

BVB coach Lucien Favre consistently implemented the announced rotation and changed his starting eleven to five positions in contrast to the 5: 2 at Hertha BSC. That didn’t change the flow of the game. Haaland missed the early chance to take the lead (2nd). The Norwegian did better 16 minutes later after a nice pass from Sancho. It was the 200th BVB goal in the premier class.

The German runner-up pushed for the second goal. Manuel Akanji (32nd), Giovanni Reyna (41st) and Thomas Delaney (43rd) gave good opportunities. Seconds before the half-time whistle, Sancho circled a free kick from around 20 meters into the corner.

In view of the reassuring two-goal lead and the mad rush of appointments until Christmas, the hosts took it easy in some phases, but Haaland still didn’t have enough. He took advantage of a mistake in Bruges defense for the third goal of the evening.

Leipzig must hope that the competition will slip up

The Leipzig team mostly had Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, who was also injured for a long time, under control, but the win was especially important for PSG coach Thomas Tuchel. In the event of a defeat, the star ensemble would have threatened to leave the group and thus Tuchel’s dismissal. In his personal “endgame”, Tuchel coached on the sidelines with a lot of gestures and words.

Leipzig could not use the uncertainty of the semi-final opponent of the previous season for itself, although the team was dominant after the early deficit. In the two remaining group matches at Basaksehir Istanbul and against Manchester United, the Bundesliga third must now win as much as possible and hope for the competition to slip up.

Leipzig built the troubled Parisians themselves at the beginning of the game. After a catastrophic bad pass by defender Dayot Upamecano in the build-up game, Marcel Sabitzer went too impetuously into the duel against Angel di Maria in the penalty area – penalty kick. Neymar did not miss the chance, even if RB goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi was still on the ball with his fingertips.

Mbappé and Neymar hardly dangerous at first

RB was by no means shocked, but wanted to strike back immediately. Paris, which had to do without the injured German internationals Julian Draxler and Thilo Kehrer, among others, left the ball to the guests and withdrew more into their own half in order to counter attacking Neymar and Mbappe when they won the ball.

But Leipzig managed as a collective that the two top strikers were initially hardly dangerous from the game. Both Neymar and Mbappe were left with a long injury break. Perhaps out of frustration, Neymar got his second yellow card after a foul on Sabitzer (40th). The Brazilian will have to watch the next game at Manchester United.

After the break, RB increased the pressure again, but there were hardly any gaps against the PSG defensive. Paris stuck to his tactics and was very low, the counterattacks became less and less.


Borussia Dortmund, Champions League: Lucien Favre warns of Bruges – video

Despite the clear success in Borussia Dortmund’s first leg in the UEFA Champions League in Bruges, coach Lucien Favre also demands maximum concentration in the second leg. He refers to the Belgians’ goal danger.

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