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The Mexican team, with some drawbacks, for the moment it is fulfilling the objective of qualifying for the next phase of the 2021 Gold Cup. On the first date drew 0-0 against Trinidad and Tobago and in the second, which was played last Wednesday, beat Guatemala 3-0 with a double by Rogelio Funes Mori and a goal from Orbelín Pineda, Cruz Azul attacker. And now?

The Tri will have to face its last match corresponding to Group A of the tournament. It will be measured against The Savior, a team that accumulates 6 points and arrives as a leader. The team directed tactically by Gerardo Martino and which has Orbelín Pineda in the squad shall, then, beat Los Cuscatlecos to secure first place. If he does not succeed, a draw would be enough to qualify for the quarterfinals of the competition (he must hope that Trinidad and Tobago does not beat Guatemala by 6).

Mexico vs. El Salvador: When and at what time do you play for the 2021 Gold Cup?

The duel will take place TODAY Sunday, July 18 from 9:00 p.m. from central Mexico, in the Dallas Cotton Bowl Stadium, Texas. Orbelín Pineda is expected to start again in the national team, since he comes from being one of the top figures of the team against Guatemala.

Hours by country

Mexico: 9:00 p.m.

Guatemala: 8:00 p.m.

El Salvador: 8:00 p.m.

Trinidad and Tobago: 10:00 p.m.

Argentina: 11:00 p.m.

Mexico vs. El Salvador: What channels broadcast the 2021 Gold Cup match?

The game can be observed LIVE and LIVE from Mexico through TUDN, Channel 5. and Azteca 7.

In the United States:, Univision, Univision NOW,, TUDN USA, TUDN App, FOX Sports App and Fox Sports 1.

Possible alignments

Mexico selection: Alfredo Talavera; Luis Rodríguez, Héctor Moreno, Carlos Salcedo, Jesús Gallardo; Héctor Herrera, Edson Álvarez, Erick Gutiérrez; Jesús Tecatito Corona, Orbelín Pineda and Rogelio Funes Mori.

El Salvador: Martínez, Larín, Gómez, Zavaleta, Tamacas, Henríquez, Pérez, Orellana, Cerén, Monterrosa, Rivas


The bet – Christian Martinoli

Let’s go easy, Funes Mori is taking advantage of his opportunities within a weak tournament and against weak rivals, including the friendly against a Nigerian team C. He is doing it like so many other generations of Mexican forwards did in the same tournament and against the same friendlies dubious provenance (some players painfully failed to get the most out of these events). So his merit is the exploitation of the chances offered to be nine of the National Team.

He has been three games in and his participation is interesting not because he can score, but is able to the extent of his possibilities to give continuity to some attacks, leaving his natural position, not much, and intelligently distribute to the closest partner. Play basic, simple, but useful.

Dr. García, a guy who played the same position, told me before the arrival of the Monterrey attacker to the National Team was confirmed, that he would get tired of scoring for his intelligence to participate in the elaboration of the game and not only for move properly within the area.

There is a long way to go and, we hope, better tests should come, not only so that the new Tricolor striker shows his potential, but so that the whole team continues to marinate the football idea of ​​Tata with a ‘9’ and light, skillful, unbalancing people around who He even has freedom of movement, such as Corona and Lozano, when he recovers.

The coach launched his bet and has it on the table, we know well that Martino, like 99 percent of the coaches in the world, will die with theirs and perhaps those who are upset with the presence of Funes Mori, will only stop being so if they It reaches the famous fifth game, in the meantime and as everything at the moment is a utopia, let’s enjoy and suffer from the games of the national team because we still have almost 500 days until the World Cup arrives and there we do blow up hatred
or sports loves left and right.



Alexis Peña changes his status in Cruz Azul

Blue Cross played his second friendly of preseason in the United States and was imposed by the minimum Austin Bold in the Bold Stadium with a goal from the Argentine Walter Montoya. With yesterday’s triumph, La Maquina confirms its good progress in this stage of preparation before the trophy dispute Champion of Champions and the start of the Apertura 2021.

The most striking thing about the meeting that took place this Saturday, July 10, was the presence in the eleventh of Alexis Pena. The Mexican defender is experiencing an ‘awakening’ with the cement producers and was once again among the headlines for the second consecutive game. Furthermore, the former Chivas he spent the 90 ‘minutes on the grass and it begins to become important for Juan Reynoso.

José de Jesús Corona; Shaggy Martínez, Juan Escobar, Pablo Aguilar, Alexis Peña; Rafael Baca, Ignacio Rivero; Guillermo Fernández, Bryan Angulo; Walter Montoya and Santiago Giménez They were the eleven chosen by the Peruvian coach for the third match of the preseason, and it is once again made clear that in this second stage at the head of the team that Reynoso will have pieces that he previously ignored.

Juan Reynoso in a match with Cruz Azul (Imago 7)

“He has many offers, but we will try to make him stay”, the celestial helmsman even said about Alexis Peña, who was the only outfield player in the entire team who did not play for a minute in the past Guardians 2021, which is why his environment began to look for a way out for this new semester that has just begun.

However, Peña seems to have the confidence that the previous tournament lacked, and already accumulates 180 minutes in a team that has rotated its entire rear during the preseason with the exception of the Mexican footballer. Cruz Azul’s next duel will be on July 18 against León for the Champion of Champions, and it will be there where you can see if Alexis really counts for Reynoso or if this series of friendlies has been just mirages.


Blue Cross | Jesús Corona does not see his ownership secure in the face of the stalking Sebastián Jurado

The renewal of Jesus Crown with Blue Cross It was one of the topics that consumed the most pages in sports newspapers in recent months. And just a week ago it was the goalkeeper himself who gave the ‘good news‘: two more years in the institution and a dream retirement with the club of his loves at 42 years old.

His great performance in the last tournament, and that ended with the achievement of a title for La Maquina after 23 years of drought, was the promoter of a negotiation that assures him to end his days as a footballer wearing the light blue shirt. However, despite his extensive experience and good level in recent months, Chuy is not clear about his ownership for the next Opening 2021.

“Jurado lived through difficult moments in his previous team and I told him that now everything must be positive, little by little he can now fight for titles. I recognize that there is great competition with Sebastián and Andrés, here no one should feel like a starter or safe in an 11, there is competition and that will make us better, individually and as a group we will become stronger “, highlighted Corona in an interview with the daily Récord.

Crown and Jury (Imago 7)

Jurado and Gudiño have been in the shadow of Chuy for the last three short tournaments, and due to the winds that blow, the situation would continue the same course during the next semester. Nevertheless, Corona is not confident and expects an arduous and sporting competition against two young goalkeepers who are called to take over in the Cruz Azul arc for the next decade.

His absence from TRI

Alfredo Talavera Y Guillermo Ochoa, two veterans of a thousand battles in Aztec football, are the owners of the arc in the Mexican national team. With them on the TRI fence, Corona’s opportunities to attend a call for Gerardo Martino They have been reduced to a minimum, something that generates disappointment in a player who has had 54 appearances – counting all competitions – with the national team.

“On that side I am calm, I would have liked to participate in one of the teams, I was not taken into account, but I know that my work throughout the season maintained a regularity and in this way one is gaining the opportunities in Selection. In this case it did not happen and not to mention, you have to respect the technician’s decisions. If at any time you need my services, I will always be prepared “, he pointed.


Jesús Corona will be coach after retirement at Cruz Azul

Jesus Crown will terminate your link with Blue Cross at 42 years old. The veteran goalkeeper has just reached a renewal agreement with the cement producers for four more tournaments in the absence of official confirmation, and Chuy is already shaping what his future will be when he leaves the fields: “you have to be prepared for any situation“, He said.

“I have a plan out there, a couple of projects. I start my coaching course next month, I’m going to start training as a coach, two years are easy, but they pass quickly and you have to be prepared for any situation. He has tried to learn from each of the coaches I have had in my career and you will always learn from someone, now we have Juan and I am very happy for him who accepted the challenge and achieved it in six months “commented the goalkeeper for the daily Récord.

Like Óscar Pérez, Christian Giménez, Francisco Palencia, Emanuel Villa or own Sebastian Abreu, Corona will join the list of footballers who wore the La Machine shirt and who seek to enter the world of coaches. The captain of the set Juan Reynoso stressed that he will begin the course to train as a technical director in a month, at which time the Opening 2021.

Vintage equipment

Cruz Azul broke a title drought after 23 years. Those captained by Jesús Corona prevailed over Santos Laguna at the end of a Guardians 2021 who dominated from end to end, and according to the opinion of the experts, this squad gives much more and continues on a triumphant path for future tournaments, an opinion that goes hand in hand with the goalkeeper’s sentiment.

Now new challenges come, new goals and we have to work to meet them, but everyone already knows the formula, what was done is history, a very beautiful one, but we want to be people who want to continue helping to obtain more degrees and try to continue living beautiful moments like those of us who lived a month ago “, he claimed.


Transfers Apertura 2021: Is it real that Cruz Azul seeks to reinforce itself with Mario Pineida?

Already renewed all the players who had contracts that expired in the middle of this year, together with signing the extension of the Juan Reynoso bond, the directive of Blue Cross He went headlong to look for the three reinforcements that they committed for the 2021 Opening tournament of Liga MX, which will begin on July 22.

Originally, the higher celestial commands stated that They would look for a central defender with a left-handed profile who could also play as a winger on the left, also a playmaker and a winger who dominated both bands. To fill this last position, Luis Ángel Mendoza arrived, who already trains in Avándaro but has not yet been made official by the club.

For that reason is that In the last hours the Ecuadorian left-back Mario Pineida began to sound, who plays in Barcelona de Guayaquil and who today is concentrated with the Ecuadorian National Team in the America’s Cup. He is 28 years old and is considered one of the wingers with the most projection in the country.

However, officially there are no offers or proposals by Cruz Azul for the player. Yes it is true that the celestial directive asked about him and the value of his pass to the Guayaquil team, after Pineida’s representative offered it to the Machine and three other Mexican clubs during the last week to reinforce the post-Copa América team.

As the journalist Carlos Córdova explained, from Barcelona SC they rule out that the player may be loaned to the cement team for the next few weeks. “The answer from Barcelona is that this market does not come out. They would have to put up to 3 million dollars for the Ecuadorian team. No loans”, he stressed. Discarded.


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Preseason: Cruz Azul changes its rivals in friendlies | Toluca leaves, FC Juárez enters

The Cruz Azul coaching staff is on the verge of finishing the second week of the preseason of the first celestial team, facing the 2021 Apertura tournament Liga MX, which already has a start date. In the city of Avándaro, in Edomex, the players of the Machine continue with the training sessions while the future of several of them is defined.

Guillermo Allison, for example, completed only eight training sessions with his teammates of the cement table, since this Tuesday he left the concentration in the Valle de Bravo and traveled to neighboring Celaya to become a new player for Los Toros. At the same time, Shaggy Martínez, Jesús Corona, Pablo Aguilar and Juan Reynoso sign their renewals with the club.

But There is still no definition about the future of Ignacio Rivero, after Lucas Passerini ruled out signing with Xolos de Tijuana, a club to which he would arrive in part payment for the Uruguayan. However, the board continues to work so that the preseason continues on the right track and they have enough preparation games before next semester.

The first of them would be against Toluca Sub-20 in Metepec, this Friday, July 2; however, the match was suspended and the leadership had to look for a new rival. Thus, on Saturday 3 they will face FC Juárez on court 1 of La Noria, just a few hours after their return to Mexico City after seven days in Avándaro.

The sky blue preseason friendlies. (Blue Cross)

The rest of the games continue as they were originally scheduled. On Wednesday July 7 against Pachuca in California, on Saturday July 10 against Austin Bold in Texas, and on Sunday 18 of the same month they will play the Champion of Champions against Club León, again in Los Angeles. How will Cruz Azul do this preseason?


Orbelin Pineda closer to staying in Cruz Azul after the scare of Rayados de Monterrey

The of Orbelin Pineda is being the novel in this sale of passes. The Mexican midfielder still does not renew with Blue Cross and your situation is reaching the limit: contract with the cement club ends next December and from the celestial noble zone they debate about selling it now or letting it go free in six months.

And it is that according to the latest information from the sports press, El Maguito is refusing to sign his signature with La Máquina until his salary expectations are met, which, according to some hints from Álvaro Dávila, are not adapted to the current financial situation in La Noria.

This ‘impasse’ between both parties has led to other groups getting into the equation and testing the possibility of getting Orbelin for this same semester. UANL Tigers Y Rayados from Monterrey They are the two teams that have had the most interest in the figure of Pineda during the opening of the transfer window.

Joel Campbell with the Lion (Imago 7)

However, the latter seem to withdraw from the bid after the last movements on the sides of BBVA. According to information from the Récord newspaper, Joel Campbell would be very close to closing his pass to the team of Javier Aguirre for the next one Opening 2021 in the absence of the last fringes between the club and the player’s representative.

If the signing of the Costa Rican for Monterrey is confirmed, Cruz Azul would have one less contender in the fight for Orbelin Pineda. However, Tigres UANL are still on the prowl after Miguel Herrera affirm that the footballer of La Maquina is to his total liking and would be willing to hire him to take the feline team to the top in the MX League.


Jesús Corona, willing to sacrifice money to sign for two years with Cruz Azul

Jesús Corona is willing to sacrifice the economic part of his renewal contract with Cruz Azul, if the club assures him two more years of relationship

MEXICO.- Jesús Corona intends to play two more years professionally and then retire; as Jaime Ordiales already anticipated at the time, Chuy wants to hang the boots in Blue Cross and to achieve this, he would be willing to sacrifice the financial part.

A close friend of Cruz Azul said that the board offers a one-year contract to Jesus Crown, today turned into the emblematic player of the club, and the possibility of one more; however, the goalkeeper wants the two years guaranteed (four tournaments).

Jesus Crown feels in his prime at 40, so he has no doubt that he could give two more years to Blue Cross at a very good level. That is why Chuy would sacrifice financially for the second year.

The truth is that the contractual situation of the celestial captain is not resolved, although everything indicates that it is a matter of days before a happy agreement is reached, but the conditions are still unknown.

The high command of Blue Cross knows what Chuy Corona means at the moment in the institution and for the fans, after being a key piece in obtaining the ninth title of the Machine in its history in the Guard1anes 2021 tournament, after almost 24 years of drought. If at some point prior to the championship, the man from Guadalajara was harshly criticized, today he is a very loved and respected player, and the board wants to give him his place.