The transfer of the forward of Cordoba will cost Krasnodar 20 million

Krasnodar will pay for the Hertha forward John Cordoba 20 million euros. About this with reference to the German edition Bild writes “Championship”.

As the Russian club wrote, Cordoba had to undergo a medical examination.

  • The market value of Cordoba is 15 million euros.
  • Last season, the forward played 21 matches for Hertha, scored 7 goals and made 2 assists.
  • The RPL season kicks off next week.


Xbox responds to toxic PlayStation fans on social media

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Although there is no longer as such a console war between PlayStation and Xbox, since competition continues in the market and managers and devs of both brands have a good relationship, the same cannot be said by some fans because for years it has been They have dedicated themselves to flooding the networks and forums with nonsensical and sometimes hostile comments. Since the arrival of PS5 and Xbox Series X, the conflict between fanboys has been accentuated and today Xbox got tired of it.

Xbox got tired of spamming their posts with the phrase “PS5 is better”

Through a publication on the official Xbox account, the brand sent a message to toxic PlayStation fans who often appear in the publications of the brand and its games with the phrase “PS5 is better.” For them, the brand of Microsoft’s games division issued the following message: “To the people in the comments who say that PS5 is better. The best console is the one you enjoy playing on. Have fun.”

Cory Barlog, director of God of War, supported Xbox

The Xbox post was supported by various industry figures, including Cory Barlog, the director of God of War, journalist Jeff Grubb from VentureBeat, as well as the official Twitch and Prime Gaming accounts and including some members of the streaming community.

In one of their responses, the official Xbox account assured that the positive discourse in favor of gaming in general will continue on their part and will adapt to changes in the discourse, so no matter how much some fans try to ignite controversy, they will not have the answer they expect from the Microsoft brand.

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How sick do you get from the delta variant if you are vaccinated? –

Now that the delta variant is rapidly spreading, you may start to fear that you will still get sick despite your vaccination. But that chance is very small, explains immunologist Marjolein van Egmond at Op1.

“In principle, the vaccines are very good,” says the immunologist. The protection is between 60 and 95 percent. “That is to ensure that you do not get sick at all. All vaccines offer around 85 to 90 percent protection against serious illness or hospitalization.”

Nevertheless, the number of hospital admissions rose in England and that increase is also expected here. “It’s not that nobody comes to the hospital who is vaccinated at all, but in general it’s really the unvaccinated people.”

Ultimately, hundreds of corona patients can end up on the IC. “That is also the reason that nightlife has been reversed at lightning speed. With these types of infection numbers, it will trickle down to older groups.”

Bron (nen): Metro

‘Don’t let people get Parkinson’s unnecessarily’ –

The authoritative neurologist Bas Bloem of Radboudumc looks at the increasing numbers of people with Parkinson’s with anger. The victims often did not need to get sick. Pesticides can cause the brain disease, yet a ban has not been forthcoming. “But it’s damn urgent! How do we explain to next generations that they got Parkinson’s because we were hesitant to take action?”

Bloem is known worldwide as an expert, he has seen for years how this ‘horrible brain disease’ destroys the lives of his patients. He is convinced that chemical (pesticides) agents are an important cause. This is also confirmed all over the world. However, farmers may continue to use the life-threatening substances. It is primarily the farmers themselves who run the risk of Parkinson’s due to their use of pesticides. “So they are victims themselves, I do not consider them as perpetrators,” Bloem tells De Stentor. “It is the government that must intervene.” But the people living in the vicinity of the spraying farmers are also at risk: “We find the pesticides on their kitchen table and in the diapers of their babies.”

And there are studies showing that people are also exposed to pesticides when they eat sprayed fruits and vegetables. The exact effect of the poison on our food is still under investigation.

Bron (nen): The Stentor

Wellness and health for employees: 3.0 is the key

By David Somoza Mosquera

Digital technology is transforming many aspects of daily life in companies and the area of ​​occupational health and safety does not escape this reality. In fact, the business environment is going through new ways of working and this is where the concept of “Health 3.0” makes its way as a source of support in the design of the work environment and its sustainability.

Salud 3.0 arises from digitization and, in this context, it is recommended that the representatives of the Human Resources departments implement the tools of this new modality that helps in the well-being of workers in the areas of prevention and treatment of diseases.

In this sense, wearable (wearable) devices and apps can incorporate planning techniques that make everything related to health care and accident prevention more fun for employees. In this area, technologies such as virtual reality are proving very useful.

The actions of companies to join the Health 3.0 initiative are simple to apply and, most significantly, is the beneficial impact for both employees and businesses.

One of the steps to adopt is to design a specific portal on the company’s Intranet to offer health-related content. Another mechanism is to incorporate platforms that facilitate access to wellness services such as spa, massages and sports activities, among others.

There is also the development of health programs aimed at improving indicators such as the weight or stress of workers; in addition to seeking emotional well-being.

The most relevant aspect of Salud 3.0 is its comprehensive vision of the needs of workers within the new approach to well-being marked by the digital transformation of companies.

Another revolution that companies must have pending to attend the area of ​​health and medical assistance for personnel are the accelerated changes in the health sector in general and that by 2025 will be at its peak.

This route advances through innovative solutions carried out by traditional and new companies related to telemedicine, digital monitoring and diagnosis of patients and personalized medicine, among other modalities.

This scenario implies a new approach to primary care and diseases thanks to digital technologies and to which companies should not be oblivious. And in Health 3.0 is the key.


“Pazzi”, this robot who prepares pizzas all by himself in Paris

From preparation to service, in this new pizzeria nestled in the heart of the capital, the machines do all the work.

Robots are now real cooks. In the “Pazzi” restaurant which opens this Monday in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, a machine prepares, bakes and serves pizzas in total autonomy.

Over the orders, the device installed behind a large window makes its show without interruption. Three articulated arms move and prepare up to a pizza every 45 seconds. The automaton is alone, but can juggle making several pizzas at the same time. “The parallelization of the tasks makes it possible to produce up to 10, and to cook 6 of them both ”, proudly details Sébastien Roverso, co-founder of“ Pazzi ”who is also one of the creators of the machine. The software recreates a “artisanal“By placing the ingredients”randomly».

The robot also knows how to overcome a technical constraint: the foods used are organic materials. ” We have endowed the robot with artificial intelligence that allows it to adapt to organic elements such as dough. It identifies the specificities of the products and adapts to them. In the event of an error, such as a dough that is too heavy, it knows how to correct itself in the next test.», Explains Sébastien Roverso. Humans are never far away. Like many robots, this one is not foolproof. In 97% of cases, everything goes well. In the remaining 3%, if the machine derails, a team reboots the system remotely.

A pizza maker for € 500,000

The development of this robot took a lot of time from its two creators. Cyril Hamon and Sébastien Roverso had been studying the issue since the beginning of the 2010s. Their project culminated in 2019, with the opening of a first “Pazzi” restaurant in the Val d’Europe shopping center in Seine-et-Marne. They installed their robot there, the cost of which is € 500,000. ” We raised funds in 2019 for an amount of 10 million euros», Recalls the CEO of Pazzi, Philippe Goldman. Money that has made it possible to finance research and development. For example, ovens adapt to each pizza for cooking. A total of five patents have been filed.

The company thinks quickly of amortizing its investments. “This restaurant should be profitable within 3 years, assuming our turnover reaches 900,000 €“. An amount that they have “not yet”Reached in their first premises in Val d’Europe, penalized by the health situation and the long closure of shopping centers.

This time, Pazzi moved to a very lively neighborhood. If the success is with go, the concept could be reproduced in the rest of France and in the bordering countries.

In terms of recipes, the great chefs do not yet have too much to worry about. These were designed by Thierry Graggagnino, the three-time pizza world champion. The skills of robots in creation remain limited. Tests were carried out on Google’s AI, which had to create a sweet recipe from scratch. She ended up devising a dubious recipe, a Maltesers cake topped with Marmite, a spread made from yeast extract. Enjoy your meal.


Wappies and believers are a danger to us all –

Whoever refuses to be vaccinated puts not only his own health at risk, but also that of others. That’s because variants can only develop in the body of infected people, a risk that obviously increases if you don’t get vaccinated. “Unvaccinated people are potential variant factories,” William Schaffner, professor of infectious diseases, told CNN

“The more unvaccinated people, the more chance for the virus to multiply.” And when that happens, the virus mutates and can deliver a more serious variant somewhere along the way.”

That’s what viruses do: mutate. A virus wants – if everything living, survives as a species. So when one way is closed by vaccines, the virus finds other ways. If the mutation can spread, a new virus variant emerges, which may be more contagious, replicate more efficiently, or infect a greater diversity of hosts. Such a variant can then become dominant, as is now fully underway in many countries with the Delta variant.

For the time being, the vaccines still hold up against the current variants, but that is not a certainty for any new variants. That is why high vaccination coverage is so important now. And wappies and believers are therefore a danger to all of us


Man breaks penis ‘vertically’ during sex –

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The latter was the case with the man who was just a little too enthusiastic and as a result broke his penis vertically (see image). The 40-year-old man He is the very first patient in the world who has broken his penis vertically. That reports the business magazine Forbes

Because it has never happened before, the treating physicians described about condition and recovery in the British Medical Journal. A vertical fracture is different from a horizontal one, they write. The man didn’t feel like anything ‘popped’ – which is common with a horizontal fracture.

The man was operated on and after six months was completely ‘the old one’. Even his erections “are of the same quality as those from before the injury.”


Why holidays are often bad for your relationship –

Gradually the holiday begins hesitantly. To the south or carefully in the Netherlands. There at the campsite you should enjoy the environment, but especially the family and each other. And it is precisely with the latter that it often goes wrong. It is not without reason that there is a peak in divorce after the summer holidays.

High expectations
Relationship expert Rika Ponnet explains in Knack magazine why this is. “Whether people leave for a campsite or a boutique hotel, they have one thing in common: expectations are high. The month of June is very busy in many families: deadlines have to be met, there are parent meetings, farewell parties and so on. Everyone is tired and has People are saving for this and are looking forward to time for their partner and family. They can already see it all: enjoying that holiday home, while the children play in the pool and they read a book with a cocktail in hand Unfortunately, the reality is usually different. Many people already get stressed when they pack their bags, and then the long car or plane journey has yet to start. There is always something disappointing on site: the breakfast, the view or the mattresses. people have a feeling of decompression They step from a very hectic life into total idleness That seems great, but it can lead to restlessness, headaches and even withdrawal differences. jnselen: they keep scrolling through their smartphone, out of habit. This often leads to frustration and quarrels. I regularly hear couples say that they had a clattering argument in the first week of vacation, often about something small. Fortunately, they usually make up for it afterwards, so that they can still enjoy it.’

But that doesn’t always work. September is a busy month in her practice, says Ponnet. “Many couples sign up for couples therapy after the big holidays. And you can also see this trend in the divorce statistics. That is not illogical. Many couples who are having difficulties start living side by side. They both work hard, and keep a They have a family running. So they spend little time really together. On vacation they suddenly sit on each other’s lips 24 hours a day. That can be very confronting, because they notice that they actually have nothing to say to each other anymore.”

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go on vacation. “Vacation is important precisely because it is a way to slow down and view your life from a distance. One decides he wants to put his career on the back burner, the other wants to end his relationship. And that is fine, otherwise that would have happened.”

Bron (nen): Knack

Losing weight with this ‘torture tool’ is peanuts –

The idea is simple: if you can’t open your mouth properly, you’ll eat less. From that simple thought, scientists in New Zealand developed the DentalSlim Diet Control.

The device can be mounted by dentists and uses magnetic components with locking bolts.

Thanks to the device, you can only open your mouth a few millimeters. So you can only consume liquid food.

And it worked fine for a group of test subjects. They lost an average of 6 kilos in a few weeks.

At least: the participants who persevered and did not cheat. Because some were mad about it and left the DentalSlim Diet Control prematurely. And at least one contestant cheated: he ‘drunk’ melted chocolate

Online there is a lot of criticism, as people compare the device to a medieval torture device. And participants complained that the device was difficult to use, causing discomfort with their speech. They said they felt tense and that “life in general was less satisfying”.

But for those who lose weight is a must, for example in morbid obesity, and who do not want or cannot have a stomach reduction, it seems to be a solution.