Indonesia locates the black boxes of the crashed plane with 62 people

A pink shorts and a tire gave the warning this Sunday to the Rescue teams that had been combing the waters of the Java Sea since the night before in search of the plane that crashed on Saturday with 62 people inside. Hours later, the Indonesian authorities confirmed the location of the two black boxes, thanks to the signals emitted by the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. The finding is essential since will allow experts to know why the Boeing 737 of the low-cost airline Sriwijaya plunged into the void.

“We have located the black boxes, both of them,” Soerjanto Tjahjanto, head of the security committee of the Ministry of Transport, told the media. While, at the airport scenes of anguish were repeated for the relatives of the 50 passengers, including ten children, and the twelve crew members that were on board. All Indonesians, according to the Government. “I have four members of my family on the plane: my wife and my three children,” Yaman Zai, who was waiting at the Pontianak airfield, was crying.

Flight SJ182, which covered the route between Jakarta and Pontianak, in the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo, it lost contact with air traffic controllers on Saturday shortly after 2:40 p.m. local time, four minutes after takeoff. The Minister of Transport, Budi Karya Sumadi, declared this Sunday that the device seemed to be deviating from its trajectory just before disappearing from the radars. Data from the FlightRadar24 portal also revealed that the Boeing 737 reached a height of 11,000 feet before plummeting to about 250.

Identification of victims

In the absence of the black boxes shedding light on what happened, the work to recover the bodies continued without rest. Helicopters, Army divers, as well as several Navy ships are involved in the operation. “This morning (Sunday) we received two bags, one with the passengers’ belongings and the other with body parts,” Jakarta Police spokesman Yusri Yunus told Metro TV, while indicating that agents “work to identify them.” Although the task will not be easy, local authorities are already in contact with the families of the victims to expedite the process by obtaining DNA samples.

He crash plane de Sriwijaya does not belong to the controversial new generation of Boeing 737 MAX that was banned worldwide after suffering two fatal accidents in October 2018 and March 2019 that cost the lives of 414 people. This machine, by contrast, is a “classic” Boeing 737, manufactured 26 years ago. The air transport sector in Indonesia is known to have experienced numerous tragedies in recent years. For this reason, several companies have been banned by the EU for more than a decade, until the veto was lifted three years ago.


The false myth that an English Queen was black

Cesar CerveraCesar Cervera



The Netflix series “The Bridgertons” reconstructs, from a fantasy and dystopian point of view, the British period known as the Regency, which spanned from 1811 to 1820. This fiction introduces Charlotte of Mecklenburg as Queen and entertainer of the palatial parties -Strelitz, wife of the maddened George III, who is played by Golda Rosheuvel, a Guyanese-British actress and singer. That the actress has black features should be indifferent, since the series does not seek historical rigor at any time, except for the fact that some have wanted to justify this choice in the controversial theory that Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz supposedly had black ancestors .

Sofia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1744-1818) was a German duchess who became


The forgotten assault on the Capitol with rifles, pistols and shotguns that surprised “racist” Ronald Reagan

Israel VianaIsrael Viana




Since the assault on the Capitol took place last Thursday night, with four deaths, no media has remembered this violent, surprising and similar episode that occurred in Sacramento 53 years ago. It is likely that the United States did not want to remove ghosts from the past in the face of the serious alarm situation that the country is experiencing, after President Donald Trump harangued the masses not to surrender to the alleged “fraud” in the elections. «We love you. You are special, “he even told the assailants, without denouncing their actions.

But what happened last week in Washington had already occurred on May 2, 1967 in the Capitol of


Alas Negras last ‘DéraciNés’ during his residency at Topic

The company Black wings has been the last to carry out a creative residency at Topic during 2020. This company was founded in 2014 by Daniel Blander and Elsa Gire Péchayre in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and in 2016 it moved to Occitania (France). His shows are, mainly, puppet visual works in which different performing arts such as dance, theater, juggling or masks merge.

«At the Topic where we were between December 15 and 23, we advanced in the creative process of our work ‘DéraciNés’ (Uprooted). In this residence we have polished some scenes that we mounted in the last stage of our work in Avignon and we have advanced pausing the bases of other very different scenes ”, explains one of the participants in the residence.

The tolosarra center regularly welcomes companies that finalize the premiere of new works

‘DéraciNés’ is a visual work of table puppets and shadows. «A story that reveals certain consequences of the uprooting of indigenous peoples, mainly the impact it can have on adolescents. The tables, which are part of the scenography, are transformed and moved in the scenic space of the work in order to serve the dramaturgy. The shadows take the viewer to the subconscious of the characters, to their memories and emotions ”, explain the same sources.

Chess Productions, with Iñigo Aranbarri, Ane Gabarian and Kepa Errasti, rehearsed ‘The man who heard fados’ in summer

Last month the company participated in the launch platform of the Pendientes de un Hilo Festival, organized by the Tartana Teatro, in Madrid. The show “DéraciNés” was chosen to be scheduled in 2021 and the play will premiere at said festival. He will also act in the Topic, co-producer of the work, although the date is yet to be determined.

The Topic of Toulouse periodically carries out creative residencies. Last year the first residency was held during the month of August with the participation of the theater company Xake Produkzioak, whose actors Iñigo Aranbarri, Ane Gabarian and Kepa Errasti, under the direction of Getari Etxegarai, finalized the play ‘Fadoak entzuten zituen gizona’ .


The big lies about Zorro, the «Spanish hero» deformed by the Black Legend

Cesar CerveraCesar Cervera



Since the American writer Johnston McCulley introduced for the first time in his serialized novel “The Curse of Capistrano” the character of El Zorro, considered one of the first fictional heroes of modern culture, has not lacked a generation without his Z. Only one year after his birth, the story was brought to the big screen in the film «The Mark of Zorro », directed by Fred niblo and with Douglas Fairbanks in the role of Diego de la Vega, a wealthy Californian farmer who fights against local corruption.

The popularity of that black mask, with fifty productions and reinventions behind it, skyrocketed from then on and made El Zorro


Luca D’Andrea: «The crime novel raises eternal questions under contemporary dresses»

The young journalist Luca D’Andrea, aged 19, had to cover a murder that marked him forever. The image that remained on his retina was that of the victim’s hair protruding from the edges of the sheet that covered the corpse. From a similar image starts ‘The death of Erika Knapp’ (Alfaguara), the new work by D’Andrea (Bolzano, 1979), one of the most prominent black novel writers in Europe and author, among other books, of ‘The substance of evil’, a publishing phenomenon translated into 35 languages.

“When I was in that scene, the dark part of me said: ‘This is reality. Everything I’ve seen, heard, experienced so far is a lie, ‘”says D’Andrea. And there he explains his disappointment with journalism and his approach to literature: «The journalist writes a chronicle and seeks the public’s attention. The reporter tries to tell, more or less faithfully, the reality. The writer seeks to understand it. And I wanted, and still want, to understand.

As in most of his works, D’Andrea locates the plot of ‘The death of Erika Knapp’ between the mountains of his native region, Alto Adige, also called South Tyrol, an Italian land bordering Germany, of great beauty and “Apparently enviable,” says the writer, “but appearance is only part of the whole.” «Alto Adige is a microcosm in which all conflicts are possible and in which all are active: ethnic, personal, economic. It is a land full of contrasts and conflicts and contrasts is what we use to tell stories ».

D’Andrea believes that the success of the crime novel because it traps the reader in “reality.” «What we call a ‘thriller’ is the persecution of tragedy by other means. And the ancient tragedy wondered if we have fate in our hands, if there is justice, if good people can commit horrible acts. That’s why we love crime novels, because they ask us eternal questions under contemporary dresses.

An activist against climate change as well as a writer, D’Andrea believes that the health emergency of covid-19 questions humanity about its relationship with nature. «Can we find new ways of understanding the world without destroying it? Will we know how to resist our innate greed? I hope so because it would be really sad if that small mammal without claws, without fangs, without physical strength and endurance, harassed for thousands of years by predators who were superior in everything, endowed only with an opposable thumb and an inordinate ambition, who has created antibiotics, sculpted Piety, invented democracy and sent ships into space, for the first time in his very long history of bravery he was deprived of the courage to answer the big questions because on television they put on a funny movie », He concludes.


Students deepens their black streak and reaches worrying records

Where to start? For some data that paint the whole body the serious sports crisis that Students are going through. After yesterday’s defeat at the hands of Newell’s, who beat him 1 to 0, Pincha was on the verge of two truly dramatic records: that of the worst winless streak in all of his professional history and that of the maximum scoring drought taking the same reference.

The worst numerical record of unsuccessful matches taking only the local competition is thirteen matches, in 1956. El Pincha reached twelve in the same category the day before in Rosario and equaled the mark if the fall against Deportivo Laferrere in the penalty shootout (after 1 to 1 in regular time).

The Lion was 8 minutes away from the worst drought in its history: in 1992 he was 640 ‘without scoring goals

And the worst mark without converting goals dates from the year 1992, when he spent 640 minutes without converting between the 16th, date of the Clausura of that year and the second of the Apertura. After Coloso Marcelo Bielsa’s match, Pincha reached 632 minutes without shouts of goal, a dramatic sum that even the most ominous of tipsters would not have imagined.

With these pure and hard data as a spearhead, it is necessary to delve into the reasons that lead this Students to such records. It is evident that Leandro Desábato and his technical team cannot find the return to the team, but exclusively whipping the coaching staff would be a short, unfair and selective look. It is that Estudiantes comes without finding the path that their fans have been waiting for since the departure of Nelson Vivas. That loss to Pacifico broke much more than team pride. It ended with the departure of the best coach in recent years. The club decided to annul the draft that it had already prepared so that Cholo Simeone’s now main field assistant at Atlético de Madrid continues at the club. It was a tantrum that, seen as seen, cost too expensive, since none of his successors came close to the effectiveness of the coach who started his playing career in Quilmes.

The truncated cycle of Lucas Nardi arrived, who did not even get to lead the first team because of those old tweets that turned people against before even assuming, then Matosas, a DT that was never accepted by the fans’ palate albirrojo, who demands as a first measure contraction to work, something to which the oriental was quite elusive, Lucas Bernardi, perhaps the most resisted of all and the cycle of Chino Benítez, who had popular banking for being a man of the house, but he could not clearly display his football idea and left without achieving the desired results.

The internship of Pablo Quatrocchi arrived – one of the professionals most valued indoors for his ability and conduct – who despite winning a classic quickly returned to his duties and then a new bet on Gabriel Milito. The Marshal had them all against from the beginning because his first cycle had not finished well and not a few believed that a second bet on his services was, at least, risky. The idea also found no echo in performance and the results were not as expected, despite the virtues that stood out for him as a group leader and player trainer from his remarkable career in Europe and the concepts he learned alongside a DT TOP worldwide like Pep Guardiola.

The work guidelines and ideas only result in a context and a specific reality. Milito could not transmit all that baggage in the last cycle in Students.


This is how Estudiantes came to this cycle that does not take off and that worries. El Pincha cannot cut his scoring drought and, therefore, cannot find the way to victory. In many matches he was deservedly defeated, left feelings of indolence and boredom. Unlike this, in Rosario he gave a sample close to a football reaction. After a lazy first half, without ideas, without weight, without creativity and without solidity, he tried to give a blow of authority on the table for the complement.

Although he did not achieve his mission, he was much closer than in previous games to achieve it. Without a polished plan, but with sporting shame, he dominated Newell’s as best he could and was on the verge of a tie.

That reaction, too, exposed some wrong decisions by DT: the boy Sarmiento cannot be absent from this team. With his soccer moments, he gave the team the power of imbalance that until his entrance he had not had.

El Pincha sold the defeat dearly, advanced his lines and, to the strikeouts and with limitations, anyway he was close to tying it.

The Desábato cycle continues, for the moment, on its feet. Of course, it can only be sustained if it breaks the worrying records.


The Black Music Festival will extend the 2021 edition throughout the year

The Black Music Festival will celebrate in 2021 an edition that will extend far beyond the usual. Faced with a year that is expected to be “uncertain and complicated for festivals”, the organization has decided to expand its activity to “guarantee” a program similar to previous editions and that all concerts follow the relevant security measures. The event will start in March, as always, and will schedule concerts and activities until the end of the year. For example, the American Snarky Puppy, prominent headliners, will perform at the Girona Auditorium in August. Other artists that the Black Music Festival Special Edition confirmed yesterday are the Frenchman Ben L’Oncle Soul and also the Catalans Lágrimas de Sangre and Las Karamba.

In fact, these are the artists who were already performing at the festival this year, who a few days after the start was forced to cancel the performances planned as a result of the confinement and the state of alarm decreed. For this reason, the Girona festival has set out to “guarantee a program as similar as possible” to previous editions, in other words, to be able to present international and local artists whose presence is not compromised by the pandemic.

Among the artists already confirmed are also the vocalist Koko-Jean with The Tonics and Dani Nel·lo, Mrs. Tomasa and Aiala and Mònica Green. Tickets for the first artists announced went on sale yesterday through the festival’s web portal.

The festival management remarks that this is an “exceptional” situation and that, therefore, in future editions the Black Music Festival will return to its usual dates and programming.


Amazon Black Friday week: The top deals on Sunday

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Axios calls African American possible new head of the Pentagon :: Politics :: RBC

Retired General Lloyd Austin may become the first black secretary of defense in American history. Experience and comfort for Biden speak in his favor. Prior to that, the favorite for this post was considered the ex-deputy head of the Pentagon Flurna

General Lloyd Austin

(Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images)

US presidential candidate Joe Biden, who is called the winner in the November 3 elections by the American media, is considering the candidacy of the black retired General Lloyd Austin as the future Secretary of Defense. This is reported by Axios with reference to two sources familiar with the situation.

The publication notes that on November 23, during the presentation of his team, Biden did not name the future head of the Pentagon. There were three initially candidates for the post: ex-Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, Senator from Illinois and retired Lieutenant Colonel Tammy Duckworth, and former deputy head of the Pentagon under Barack Obama Michelle Flournoy.

Flurnoy was called the favorite for the post of head of the Ministry of Defense. But sources of the publication said that Austin’s experience, convenience for Biden and skin color spoke in favor of Austin.

Who claims key positions in the Joe Biden administration

Joseph Biden

If approved, Austin will become the first African American to serve as head of the Pentagon in US history. Since he retired in 2016, the four-star general will need special congressional approval to take up the civilian office of minister.