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Bird Bike: the new Bird electric bike will be soon in your closest corner – News – Hybrids and Electric

Bird is one of the most popular shared mobility providers in the world, as its electric scooters serve people from all over the world, and can be seen from any street in Seville, Malaga or Madrid to places like Los Angeles. . Now the Californian company announces that its fleet of electric scooters will gradually add the Bird Bike, your particular electric bike.

Da Bird unveils their new electric bike after unveiling what they themselves billed as the industry’s largest battery-powered electric scooter, the Bird Three. With this battery, according to those responsible, it is ensured that their electric scooters reach the end of their useful life without needing to replace it, since its effectiveness is guaranteed throughout 32,000 kilometers, a greater distance than any electric scooter in your fleet can travel.

Now, with the Bird Bike, the shared mobility company takes a leap forward in its range of products. Like all its electric scooters, the new Bird Bike sports a strong technological component that is presented in the format of a practical electric urban bike. In addition, this is a new electric bike that will belong to a potential new series of models that will find their outlet through a new platform called Smart Bike Share.

Bird Bike.

Bird has not gone into too many technical details about the Bird Bike, since they have only revealed that it has a total weight of 34 kilos. A pronounced weight, without a doubt, but logical if one takes into account that it must be reinforced to withstand the demanding use to which they will be subjected, in addition to that it will surely have a large battery, although there are no details about the same.

The electric motor is mounted on the rear wheel hub (type wheel hub) and define it as a “high power” electric motor, but given the legislation on this side of the pond Units arriving in our continent may not exceed 250 W of maximum power.

It enjoys a four of a kind low step, which facilitates the recurring task of getting on and off the electric bicycle by dispensing with the upper tube in its structure. The practical aspect is reinforced by a front basket to transport objects and both easel and goat. The technological aspect is evident in its LCD screen and lighting completely with LED technology.


Bird Bike.

On the launch of the new Bird Bike, Bird’s CEO, Travis VanderZanden, commented: “Shared electric scooters catapulted shared micromobility to the center of the stage of ecological transport in cities by provide more than 150 million zero-emission trips worldwide. We are launching our shared Bird Bike and Smart Bikeshare platform to meet growing demand from cities and users for more sustainable transportation options while expanding our accessible and accessible market by five billion trips per year. “

The company has confirmed that the new Bird Bike will gradually be incorporated, as the year progresses, to its shared mobility fleets in all the cities where it is present in the countries of United States, France, Italy, Spain and Germany.