Spartak goalkeeper will miss the start of the season due to a new injury :: Football :: RBC Sport

During the match against Rubin at the Parimatch Premier Cup, Alexander Selikhov suffered a broken finger

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Photo: Oleg Bukharev / TASS

The goalkeeper of the Russian Premier League (RPL) club “Spartak” Alexander Selikhov will miss the start of the season due to injury. The press service of the club informs about it.

It is noted that the footballer was injured during the match in the pre-season tournament Parimatch Premier Cup against Rubin (4: 0). The goalkeeper was replaced after the first half, Alexander Maksimenko entered the field instead.

“The goalkeeper was diagnosed with a complex fracture of a finger, which will require surgical treatment and subsequent rehabilitation,” the club said. It is estimated that the player will need about three months to recover.

“We wish Sasha a speedy return to duty!” – added in “Spartak”.

The new RPL season starts on July 23, Spartak will play against Rubin in the first round, the meeting will take place on July 24 in Kazan.

In May of this year Selikhov for the first time since April 2019 released on the field in an official match. He took part in the match against Arsenal in the RPL (2: 1). In that match, Selikhov conceded one goal, its author was Spartak defender Ilya Kutepov.

Kandelaki announced Match TV bringing luck to Spartak

Photo: Tina Kandelaki (Global Look Press)

In April 2019, he was also unable to finish the match due to a fractured finger. In the fall of the same year, the footballer resumed training, but was injured again, this time he injured the Achilles tendon. Earlier, due to the same injury, he missed the home World Cup, which was held in Russia in 2018.

Selikhov moved to Spartak in 2017, as part of the team, he became the champion of Russia in the 2016/17 season.


The head of the RFU called the current limit on legionnaires in football “flawed” :: Football :: RBC Sport

According to Alexander Dyukov, the issue of the limit is currently being discussed with the government

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Photo: Alexander Dyukov (Global Look Press)

RFU President Alexander Dyukov at a press conference after the executive committee of the organization expressed his attitude to a possible change in the limit for legionnaires in Russian football. His words are quoted by the correspondent of RBC.

“This system is ‘8 + 17’ – it is more effective than the limit ‘6 + 5’. We see that clubs have become more selective in the selection of foreign players. It became easier for coaches to work. The playing time of young Russians has grown. But any limit, no matter how you set it up, has its drawbacks – it is flawed. And, of course, the optimal system in which there is no limit. We are now discussing the issue of the limit with the government, ”Dyukov said.

Dyukov announced the date for the appointment of a new coach. The main thing at the executive committee of the RFU

Photo: Stanislav Cherchesov (Global Look Press)

In Tinkoff – Russian Premier League (RPL), the limit is “8 legionnaires + 17 Russians” in the application.

In early July, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko, following a meeting with the participation of Minister of Sports Oleg Matytsin, representatives of the presidential administration, as well as heads of sports federations, said that the results of the Russian national team at the European Championship were unsatisfactory, pointing out the dominance of legionnaires in clubs and an overheated salary market athletes. Until mid-July, the Ministry of Sports, together with sports federations and professional leagues, was instructed to prepare proposals for establishing a ceiling for athletes’ salaries. Also, the department will develop proposals for optimizing the number of legionnaires in Russian teams and the requirements for them.


Football players of the Russian championship were deprived of the right to annul yellow cards :: Football :: RBC Sport

All punishments will now be upheld. Previously, footballers had a chance to avoid disqualification

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Фото: Global Look Press

The RFU Control and Disciplinary Committee will no longer be able to cancel erroneously shown yellow cards, which entail automatic disqualification of players for the next match of the Russian championship. Changes have been made to the new edition of the regulations posted on the RFU website.

Now the FTC has no right to cancel the decision of the referee, who mistakenly showed a yellow card following the results of the post-match proceedings. Previously, this item was introduced in an experimental mode at the suggestion of the Krasnodar football club, initially it was supported by many teams in the league. However, it was decided not to use this on an ongoing basis, having excluded clause from Article 52 “Special Jurisdiction of the RFU Control and Disciplinary Committee.”

FTC RFU fined Spartak following the match against Lokomotiv

Photo: Lokomotiv official website

In the 2020/21 season, the FTC RFU canceled the erroneous fourth and eighth yellow cards several times. This allowed players to avoid the disqualifications that would follow if penalties remained in force.

The new season of Tinkoff – Russian Premier League starts on 23 July. The current winner of the tournament is Zenit.


Dziuba was recognized as the best player of the Russian national team at Euro :: Euro 2020 :: RBC Sport

The captain of the Russian national team at the tournament scored a goal, gave a pass and more often than all other players won in the fight in the air. Artem Dzyuba received 6.93 points

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Фото: Global Look Press

The captain of the Russian national team, Artem Dzyuba, was recognized as the best player of the national team at the end of the European Championship, according to the experts of the Whoscored statistical data portal. The 32-year-old striker scored one goal in three tournament games.

In total, Dziuba spent 265 minutes at Euro 2020. In addition to a goal from a penalty kick in the match with Denmark (1: 4), he gave one assist to Alexei Miranchuk in a meeting with the Finns (1: 0). Dziuba also became the best in the team in terms of the number of won single combats in the air. The experts gave the captain of the Russian team 6.93 points.

Dziuba became the most talked about player of the Russian national team at Euro

Photo: TASS

Following the Zenit forward is his teammate, midfielder Daler Kuzyaev. Experts rated his performance at Euro 2020 at 6.90 points. The third place was closed by the goalkeeper of Russians Matvey Safonov (Krasnodar) – 6.84.

The Russian national team could not reach the playoffs of the European Championship, finishing fourth in the group. The team lost to the Belgians (0: 3) and the Danes (1: 4) and beat the Finns (1: 0). At the end of the tournament, Stanislav Cherchesov was removed from his post as head coach.


Kostya Tszyu’s son knocked out his fifth opponent in a row and defended his title

Tim Tszyu defeated Australian Steve Spark and defended his WBO Global title. He has the right to fight with the world champion Argentinean Brian Castagno

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Фото: Mark Evans/Getty Images

Tim Tszyu, the son of the former undisputed world champion Kostya Tszyu, defended his WBO Global title in the weight category up to 69.9 kg. He defeated Australian Steve Spark by TKO in the third round.

The boxing evening took place in Newcastle, Australia. Initially, Tszyu was supposed to fight with Australian Michael Zerafa, but he refused the fight due to coronavirus restrictions, he was replaced by Spark.

Match TV responded to claims of “misleading viewers”

Фото:Getty Images

The first round was held in an equal fight, but already from the second Tszyu seized the initiative. In the third round, after hitting the body, Spark was knocked down. After some time, Tszyu hit the body well again, his opponent fell, and the referee stopped the fight without opening the score.

The 26-year-old Tszyu now has 19 wins (15 by knockout) and not a single defeat. He won five knockout wins in a row. Tszyu ranks first in the WBO rankings and has the right to fight the world champion, who is now Argentine Brian Castagno.

Spark, 24, suffered a second defeat with 12 wins (11 by KO).

The match was broadcast on its website “Telesport”. And “Match TV” before the fight showed a recording of Tszyu’s previous fight – against Dennis Hogan, which took place on March 31 and ended with Tszyu’s victory by knockout.

Tszyu Jr. won the 18th consecutive victory

Photo: Tim Tszyu (Photo: Getty Images)

Telesport compared this situation with the one that arose in January 2020, when Channel One broadcasted the World Youth Championship final between the national teams of Russia and Canada, and Match TV at the same time demonstrated a replay of the decisive match of the 2011 tournament. The Canadians won the 2020 championship, the Russians won the 2011 championship. Many viewers perceived the replay as a live broadcast.

In Match TV, they said that they wanted to broadcast Tszyu’s new fight live, but “the partners did not show understanding of the importance of showing the fight to a wide audience.” As for the replay of Tszyu’s old fight, his show ended before the start of the meeting with Spark.

Kostya Tszyu held world titles in all three prestigious versions in 2001-2003. In total, he has 31 wins (25 by knockout) and two defeats. Tszyu is also a world champion and two-time European champion among amateurs.


Russian football club was transferred to the lower division for match fixing :: Football :: RBC Sport

Sports director of the Chaika club Oleg Bayan and referee Sergei Kostevich were punished with lifelong suspension. The club itself was transferred to the third-strongest division of the Russian championship.

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Фото: Global Look Press

The Control and Disciplinary Committee of the RFU suspended the sports director of the Chaika club Oleg Bayan and judge Sergei Kostevich from football activities for life. This was reported on the official website of the RFU.

They were punished for organizing a fixed match in the Olympus-PFL championship (the third-strongest division in Russia). We are talking about the meeting “Chaika” – “Angusht” (5: 0), which took place on October 21, 2018. The result of this match was annulled, “The Seagull” was awarded a technical defeat with a score of 0: 3.

UEFA disqualifies Russian referee in match-fixing case

Photo: Sergey Lapochkin (Global Look Press)

The FTC also suspended the inspector of that meeting, Valery Bulygin, from football activities for five years.

In addition, the CDC transferred The Seagull, which in the 2020/21 season took 12th place in the Olymp-FNL championship (the second-strongest division), to the lower division – Olymp-PFL.

This decision is due to the fact that the club organized match fixing several times in 2018. In particular, in 2020, referee Maxim Matyunin was suspended for life for a contractual match in the 1/32 finals of the Russian Cup between Seagull and Armavir. The result of this game was annulled, the “Seagull” was awarded a forfeit defeat. Three more referees were suspended for life because of the game between Chaika and Druzhba in the PFL.


Fedun explained by delusion his signature under the agreement with Gazizov :: Football :: RBC Sport

According to the head of the board of directors of “Spartak”, he was misled on two points of the additional agreement with the ex-general director of the club. The former top manager is trying to sue compensation in 400 million rubles.

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Photo: Oleg Bukharev / TASS.

The chairman of the board of directors of Spartak Leonid Fedun sent to the Moscow Arbitration Court, which is considering the multimillion-dollar claim of Capital Assets against the club, a written appeal concerning the employment contract with the former general director Shamil Gazizov. This was reported by the RIA Novosti correspondent from the court session, at which the text of the document was announced.

Now the Moscow “Spartak” is engaged in several litigations at once. The first of them – with Gazizov (place of proceedings – Ufa, at the place of residence of the plaintiff). The former general director of the club is seeking payment of 400 million rubles. as a severance pay under a supplementary agreement to the employment contract. The second claim is being considered by the Moscow Arbitration Court. It was submitted to the football club by its shareholder Capital Assets JSC.

“Additional agreement (with Gazizov. – RBK) was signed by me as the chairman of the board of directors due to the fact that I was misled on two points of the employment contract, ”Fedun said in his appeal to the arbitration court.

To the clarifying question of the judge, who exactly misled Fedun, the representative of “Spartak” refused to answer. “I cannot explain for the third party. His right to submit written statements to the court, ”he said.

RBC turned to Leonid Fedun for clarification, but he declined to comment. “All questions are for lawyers, I have limitations,” he said.

Lawyer Tatyana Zavyalova, representing the interests of “Spartak”, in an interview with reporters suggested that Fedun could be misled by Gazizov himself. And this happened, most likely, at the signing of an additional agreement to terminate the contract, RIA Novosti notes.

Cherchesov negotiated to combine positions in “Spartak” and the national team

Фото:Wolfgang Rattay / POOL

Earlier in June, the former general director of Spartak Shamil Gazizov won a court against the club to recover the severance pay, interest and compensation for moral damage. Gazizov explained his requirements for the club by an additional agreement to the employment contract, according to which he was entitled to a severance pay of 399.2 million rubles. According to Gazizov, he was paid only the first payment in the amount of 99.8 million rubles. Spartak has filed an appeal against the court’s decision.

In March this year, one of Spartak’s shareholders – Capital Assets (the company owns 22% of Spartak’s shares) – filed a lawsuit against the club for 88.3 million rubles. According to Sport24, Capital Assets are trying to invalidate the decision of the board of directors, which delegated to Fedun the authority to determine at his own discretion the terms of termination of the employment contract with Gazizov.

During the hearing on Gazizov’s claim, Spartak representatives asked to suspend the consideration of the case pending a decision on the Capital Assets claim. However, the request was rejected.

Until the summer of 2020, Shamil Gazizov held the post of general director of Ufa, after which he moved to a similar position at Spartak. In the Moscow club, he worked only until December last year, after which he left the club. Later he returned to “Ufa”.

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Nurmagomedov spoke about dissatisfaction with his sports career

According to the fighter, he got to the “top”, but expected more impact

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Photo: Egor Aleev / TASS

Former Russian UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov did not feel “high” from his sports career. He stated this in an interview with the Youtube channel UFC Russia.

“Of course, in sports, I climbed to the top, but as such, I did not feel the buzz. I didn’t get what I expected. I thought there would be more benefits, ”Nurmagomedov said.

Nurmagomedov spoke about the proposals of the head of the UFC to resume his career

Photo: Egor Aleev / TASS

Khabib Nurmagomedov won the UFC lightweight championship belt in April 2018 by defeating American Al Iaquinta. After that, he spent three title defenses in fights against Irishman Conor McGregor, Americans Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaji. During his career, he spent 29 fights according to the rules of MMA, in which he did not suffer a single defeat.

In October last year, after defeating Gatji, the Russian announced his retirement. In March, he was stripped of his lightweight championship and the title of best fighter in the UFC, regardless of weight class.

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There will be no race in Sochi. What you need to know about moving the Russian Grand Prix :: Formula 1 :: RBC Sport

On Saturday, June 26, it became known that from 2023 the Russian Grand Prix of the Formula 1 World Championship will be held near St. Petersburg on the Igora Drive track. About the emergence of “F1” in Russia and the new highway – in the material of RBC

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Photo: Russian Grand Prix in Sochi in September 2020 (Photo by Bryn Lennon / Getty Images)

What happened

From 2023, the Russian Grand Prix of the Formula 1 World Championship will move from Sochi to St. Petersburg. Stefano Domenicali, President and CEO of Formula 1, said that the car races will now be held on the Igora Drive track in the Leningrad Region.

“This was the result of intensive work with our Russian partners and a detailed study of this delightful track. I am impressed with St. Petersburg and I am sure that the Russian Grand Prix at Igora Drive will be an amazing event, ”Domenicali told the Igora Drive press service.

After the announcement of the postponement of the races, the general director of Rosgonki, the promoter of the Russian stage of Formula 1, Alexei Titov said that a draft roadmap for organizing the stage near St. Petersburg was already being drawn up. “Today, together with the administration of St. Petersburg and the leadership of the Leningrad Region, we are planning the transport accessibility of the Igora Drive autodrome; Automobile Federation (FIA), – he told TASS. – A draft roadmap is being drawn up to meet the requirements of the FIA ​​and Formula 1.

The head of VTB, the title sponsor of the Russian Grand Prix since 2017, Andrei Kostin, noted that the appearance in Russia of another autodrome, which has a license to host motorsport events of the highest level, will only add interest to motorsport in the country. “But in any case, it takes time to prepare for such an event, so the next two years the Formula 1 stage will continue to be held in Sochi,” the press service of ANO Rosgonka quotes Kostin.

Igora Drive. What is this track?

Igora Drive Autodrome is located 54 km from St. Petersburg. It was designed by the German architect Hermann Tilke, the creator of almost all new tracks in the Formula 1 calendar, including Sochi Autodrom. The construction, which lasted from 2017 to 2019, took just over 11 billion rubles.

The complex in the Leningrad Region with an area of ​​100 hectares consists of 10 professional tracks for rallycross, motocross, drift, enduro, karting, off-road vehicles, supermoto and pair races, as well as a counter-emergency training center. The length of the Formula 1 track is 4086m. Especially for the Grand Prix, a permanent stand for 5000 spectators was built there, and the total capacity of the circuit is 50 thousand people.

In November 2020, Igora Drive received an FIA Grade 1 license, which allows the track to host all international racing series, including Formula 1. At the same time, it became known that VTB Bank acquired 15% in Igora Drive LLC for 2.8 billion rubles. Based on the price of the acquired share, the value of the entire company can be estimated at 18.7 billion rubles.

According to SPARK, the owners of Igora Drive are co-owner of JSB Rossiya and SOGAZ insurance company, cousin of the President of Russia Mikhail Shelomov (50% of shares), another co-owner of JSB Rossiya Yuri Kovalchuk (25% through Arkonn) , as well as the owner of the construction holding “Rus” race car driver Vladimir Vasiliev (10% of shares).

Where was the Russian Grand Prix held earlier?

The first competition in cars in Russia was held in 1898 near St. Petersburg, and the Grand Prix in the Russian Empire was held twice – in 1913 and 1914. During the Soviet era, the country created its own analogue of Formula 1 – with the same engine capacity, but less powerful cars. In the 1980s, the first projects for the Formula 1 Grand Prix appeared in the USSR – in 1983 the Moscow stage was included in the preliminary calendar of the World Championship. The route was planned to be organized on the Sparrow Hills in Moscow, but the race did not take place. The Formula 1 pilots came to the Russian Grand Prix more than 30 years later.

On October 12, 2014, the first Formula 1 race in Russia took place in the village of Sirius on the Sochi Autodrom track in the Olympic Park. Englishman Lewis Hamilton became the winner. Subsequently, he won three more races in Sochi and tops the list of winners on this track.

One of the possible reasons for moving the Russian Grand Prix from Sochi to St. Petersburg is the desire to attract new tourist flows.

The head of the Committee for the Development of Tourism of St. Petersburg in an interview with “Delovoy Petersburg” expressed hope for an increase in the number of tourists due to races. “As a rule, fans come, of course, to cheer,” says the head of the committee. “But, firstly, they attend other events, and secondly, more and more often they bring their families, who at this time are classic tourists”

Also, according to Korneev, “Formula-1” will make good advertising for the city.

“Now in the global market there is such aggressive competition for recovery from the pandemic that any event adds to our piggy bank both the reputation and image effect is very serious,” added the head of the committee.

A similar opinion was expressed to RBC by the master of sports of international class, the famous pilot Daniil Move.

“On the one hand, this [переезд] Sad news – the Sochi races have been developing all this for several years. But the presence of the track and the holding of Formula 1 in St. Petersburg sounds extremely logical. I have met many racers and people from other countries who are delighted with visiting St. Petersburg. Many people dream of going there. I think, thanks to Formula, the number of those who wish will only increase. This is a great destination for tourism, even profitability. And of course this will contribute to the development of sports. The track itself is a little closer to the main part of Russia, which means it will be easier to get there. Plus, at a stationary circuit it will be possible for someone to drive, it will be easier for other cool racers to switch to Formula-1, ”Move is sure.

Where in Russia are there licensed routes besides Sochi and St. Petersburg?

In Russia there is another track of the highest category FIA Grade 1 – Moscow Raceway, which opened in 2012. Hermann Tilke was also the architect of the track, the length of which in the maximum configuration is 4070 meters. The track is located in the Volokolamsk district of the Moscow region, at the 95th kilometer of the Novorizhskoe highway. Over the decade, Moscow Raceway has hosted many international racing series – World Superbike, World Series by Renault, DTM, FIA GT and WTCC. Moscow Raceway is also the base circuit for driving schools BMW, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche, and Ferrari and Lamborghini annually hold their client track days here.


All eyes are on Hawaii

Not a single race in 2020: The Corona crisis put Hanno Nüßlein in a bad position last year. But now the TSV Chieming triathlete is back in the thick of the action – and how!


At the Apple Country Triathlon in Stubenberg am See, the 52-year-old athlete, who now lives in Grassau, won the middle distance (1.9 kilometers swimming, 88 kilometers cycling, 21.1 kilometers running) in 4:42:12 hours Age group M 50-54. In the overall classification he finished 42nd at the end of the heat race. Overall victory went to the Austrian Thomas Steger (3:47:49 hours) ahead of Paul Schuster from Darmstadt (3:54:04) and Julian Erhardt from overseas (3: 57: 32 / we already reported).

“It was nice to finally have another race. It was a great event, «says Hanno Nüßlein in an interview with our sports editorial team. “But I struggle a little with my race,” he admits.

He was super satisfied with the swim. Especially because the corona-related swim training has hardly been possible in the past few months. “But when cycling and running, I fell short of my expectations,” he emphasizes. “I wanted to be significantly faster.” In view of his age group victory, however, that is “whining at a high level,” he admits himself. Nevertheless, there is now a maneuver criticism together with his coach Christian Jais.

And then? “Let’s continue with the preparation for Hawaii,” says the ambitious athlete, who has geared everything towards what is probably the world’s most demanding endurance competition. He already qualified for the Ironman World Cup at Ironman Barcelona in October 2019, but due to the corona pandemic, the traditional event in Hawaii over 3.86 kilometers of swimming, 180.2 kilometers of cycling and 41.195 kilometers of running was canceled last year.

Nüßlein retained his right to start and now wants to return to the island on October 9th. “Thanks to Corona, exactly 20 years after my first start in Hawaii,” he emphasizes. He wants to “sell well” in Kona over the long distance. The competition is considered to be extremely demanding – both cycling and running, the athletes are exposed to considerable temperatures of over 30 degrees and high humidity.

“I’m still starting out ambitiously, even if the conditions there are not ideal for me,” says the mechanical engineer, who expressly emphasizes the good training conditions in and around Grassau. Incidentally, there he often trains with Dr. Nicole Fahrngruber. The Austrian, who competes for the Omni Biotic Powerteam, also took part in the Apple Country Triathlon – and celebrated a strong performance. She was fifth in the overall classification (5:12:15 hours) and thus also won her age group W 40-44.

As the next intermediate step, Hanno Nüßlein now has August 29th in his calendar. Then he wants to test his form again – at the Ironman 70.3 Zell am See / Kaprun. At his Hawaii dress rehearsal in Austria, the Bochum native will go over the middle distance again.

Hanno Nüßlein already has his goal clearly in mind. “I also want to win my age group there,” he says confidently. And already at the Apple Country Triathlon, he impressively demonstrated that he can be expected at any time. SB