Rescue a citizen who fell while climbing a rocky mountain

Yesterday, in the afternoon, members of the “Alférez Portinari” Group and High Mountain Special Group, dependent on Squadron 28 “Tunuyán”, were alerted about the accident of a man when he was carrying out climbing activities in the sector called “Chorro de la Vieja”, in the province of Mendoza. Immediately, the officials They approached the place […]

The list with the 7 essentials according to the WHO

Superfoods: the 7 essential foods according to the WHO. Pexels/Jill Wellington The superfoods they are the new fashion in nutrition and dietetics. Many are the influencers and cooking recipes that have long talked about superfoods, while numerous food experts insist that no product should be considered superfood because they all have healthy properties and are […]

the health benefits of the most popular nut

It is associated more with the picada than with a healthy snack, but like walnuts, almonds and other dried fruits, the peanut has benefits to bring within the framework of a healthy diet. Now a recent study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition adds new insights into the association between peanut consumption and positive effects […]

Keys to recovering fitness after a break

Getting back into shape after a hiatus takes longer than it took to lose it. When you resume physical exercise after a period of inactivity, it is key to follow a series of tips to consolidate the habit, on the one hand, and to make the effort profitable and that it translates into benefits for […]

The Argentine Air Force participates in the General Manuel Arias Exercise

From September 20 to October 6, the General Manuel Arias Exercise organized by the Army is carried out in northwestern Argentina with the collaboration of the media and personnel belonging to the Argentine Air Force (FAA). During the first day, the Institution completed the strategic air deployment of means at the Salta International Airport, an […]

How many cups of coffee a day are associated with health benefits

For many years, the link between coffee consumption and health was covered by a cloak of doubts and suspicions that began to cum thanks to scientific evidence that began to show a positive association. In July, an article published in JAMA magazine reassured coffee lovers concerned about cardiovascular health, showing that their regular consumption was […]

Dissertation on Animal Welfare in poultry slaughter plants of Entre Ríos

Between rivers – Animal production must be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and requires a greater preparation of veterinarians, who are the main promoters of animal welfare in the different scenarios and so that the production systems are more sustainable and the products of origin animals are ethically acceptable to consumers. In this context, National […]

How much companies pay employees to use the Internet, electricity and food

In large firms, these expenses are paid even to those who are not 100% remote and the trend is expected to continue at the end of the pandemic Historically, and even more so in Argentina where salaries “go up the ladder” and slower than prices that go “by elevator”, the corporate benefits Most valued by […]