Over 100 arrests in a riot at the Brussels police station

Brussels on Thursday night: demonstrators in front of a police office after a demonstration. The protesters asked the authorities to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of a 23-year-old man who was arrested by police in Brussels last week and died shortly afterwards.
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After the death of a 23-year-old man, violent protests broke out in front of a police station in Brussels. The man died after a corona check by the police.

NAfter rioting at a police station in Brussels, more than 100 people have been provisionally arrested. Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne announced on Thursday night, as the Belga news agency reported. On Wednesday, around 500 people near the guard protested the death of a 23-year-old man who had died after a corona check by the police. In the evening, according to the police, demonstrators set trash cans on fire, smashed windows and damaged six police cars. One protester and four police officers were injured.

At times, King Philippe was stuck in his car during the demonstration, as several media reported. The king was on the way from the palace in downtown Brussels to Laken Castle in the north of the city, wrote “De Standaard”. But his car was not attacked. Trams temporarily blocked the journey. After a short time, the king and a car with bodyguards were able to drive on, as was shown on a video.

According to initial findings, the young man’s death is due to heart failure, as Belga further reported. The public prosecutor’s office described the case as follows on Monday: The police checked a group in Brussels on Saturday evening that had gathered despite the current Corona restrictions. The man then fled, but was quickly caught and taken to the police station for interrogation. There he lost consciousness and died a little later in the hospital.


Julie, raped behind the supermarket by a friend of her companion …

Eight years after the events, Julie (loan name) has not forgotten anything. “She no longer lives normally, she is waiting for your judgment to rebuild herself. She wants to be recognized as a victim and would have liked to hear it from the mouth of her attacker, but he did not appear before the judges ”, regrets the lawyer for the young woman who attended the hearing on Thursday. The case should have been tried by an assize court but it was ultimately the judicial court that had to judge this rape, reclassified as sexual assault with the use or threat of a weapon.

That Sunday, Julie hangs out near Place Carnot in Hirson (in Aisne, near the Belgian border) with her companion at the time, as our French colleagues from L’Union relate. “We met friends of his, we settled down with them, we drank beers”, she remembers. At one point, she can no longer hold, she has to urinate. “
I wanted to go behind Leader Price, but not on my own. My companion didn’t want to come with me, one of his friends volunteered.

While Julie is squatting, Julien would have approached her, would have taken out a knife and would have asked her to perform oral sex. “I refused, he insisted. I told him about his girlfriend but he kept asking. He put the knife to my throat then he pushed me and I fell, I hurt myself. He threatened to kill me so I decided to go his way. “

Julie confided in her companion and two friends a few hours after the fact, she never varied in her statements. The same cannot be said of Julien. If he gave several versions, he also always denied this rape.

Under an arrest warrant

The judge recognizes it, “There are no witnesses and little material evidence in this case” except for the victim’s leg and neck wounds, but also her dress, on which DNA traces involved were found. The latter assured that he could very well have deposited them when they exchanged the cans of beer.

Julien was finally sentenced to 7 years in prison, the judges having issued an arrest warrant against him. He is also prohibited from coming into contact with the victim and carrying a weapon subject to authorization for 15 years. His name will be entered in the sex offender register. Finally, he will have to compensate the young woman for her moral damage, the amount of which has been set at 8,000 euros.


Former Belgian Prime Minister Wilmès, in ICU for coronavirus

The former Prime Minister of Belgium, Sophie Wilmès (45 years old), who for less than a month has been responsible for the portfolio of Foreign Affairs in this country, is hospitalized in intensive care as a result of the coronavirus. Wilmès, who is “stable and aware”, as confirmed by a spokesperson to various media, announced last Saturday through his official Twitter account that he had tested positive and that he was beginning a period of self-isolation.

Belgian politics, of the liberal Francophone Reform Movement (MR), which became for more than three months the first woman to lead a federal government in the history of the country (hers was an emergency Executive to fight the pandemic) , attributed the contagion to his personal environment, “to family circles” given “the precautions taken” outside his home, in reference to the security protocols that are imposed for members of the Government.

Belgium, in its first week with a complete closure of bars and restaurants, and with a curfew from midnight to five in the morning, continues to witness an expansion of the pathogen in increasingly worrying numbers. In the week of October 12 to 18, an average of 9,693 daily infections were registered, which represents an increase of 75% compared to the previous period. One out of every 6 tests carried out is positive and daily hospital admissions exceed three hundred (421 in the last day).

The latest official figures place the number of people admitted to 3,272, 525 in intensive care and 272 of them receiving artificial respiration treatment. the average number of deaths stands at 33. This second wave is particularly hitting the regions of Wallonia and Brussels, where there has also been a notable delay (of more than five days in some cases) in the results of PCR tests, which which has led to limiting napping only to people around a positive who shows symptoms. Compliance with the forty ten days and imposed for all cases. On the last day, a total of 57,271 tests were carried out on Wednesday.

The different administrations will hold a new consultation committee meeting this Friday from which new restrictive measures are expected to come out to contain the advance of the pandemic. A priori, the return to the spring reconfiance is not on the agenda, although in recent days it has been considered as a short-term possibility.


Wellens wins in Sabiñánigo in the style of a Belgian classic

Roglic arrives ahead of Carapaz, Mas and Aranburu, but the judges give everyone the same time because there was a fall in the final kilometer

Tim Wellens, winner of the Sabiñánigo goal. / Efe

There was a time, not so long ago, when cyclists crossed their fingers when they had to go through a tunnel in the Pyrenees. Without light. Groping. In the darkness of the Cotefablo gallery, the German Raymund Dietzen almost died in 1989. Fernando Astorqui, then a doctor of the race, rescued him after the fall. He saw in his pupils that


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Is the new Belgian government solid?

A year and four months after the last legislative elections, Belgium has finally found a new prime minister and a coalition government. Formed by seven minority parties from the left, the center and the liberal right, the new executive will govern without the Flemish separatists, who came out first in the May 2019 poll, with respectively 16.6% and 12.3% of the votes for the NVA (right) and Vlaams Belang (far right). It turned out to be impossible to form a coalition with them, Wallonia having mainly voted on the left.

A tightrope walker prime minister

The new prime minister, Alexander De Croo, who turns 45 on November 3, is a centrist from the Open Vlaamse Liberalen en Democraten (Open VLD), who came sixth in the 2019 elections. Above all, he is a Flemish, who owes his new post to the elegant withdrawal of French-speaking Paul Magnette, leader of the largest party in the coalition, the Socialist Party (PS). The latter considered better “For the stability of the country that we have a Flemish prime minister after ten years of a French-speaking prime minister”.

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De Croo will therefore have to play a tightrope walk, along the lines of an alliance that is not in the majority in Flanders. “This coalition is, by definition, fragile, because it brings together parties with different, even antagonistic, expectations. At the same time, it could hold out, because its components have more interest in maintaining it than in bringing it down, with early elections ”, estimates Pascal Delwit, professor of political science at the Free University of Brussels.

The son of a liberal politician, Alexander De Croo was a partly United States-trained commercial engineer, a former consultant to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He began his political career at the age of 34, in 2009, after a failure at the Europeans. He nevertheless replaced Guy Verhofstadt at the head of the Open VLD, and brought down the government of Yves Leterme in 2010, which he left over a linguistic conflict, concerning the bilingual municipalities of Flanders near Brussels.

Deputy Prime Minister since 2012, he held the ministerial portfolios of pensions, then of development cooperation, the digital agenda, telecommunications and the post, before being entrusted in 2018 with that of finance.

Crash test you budget

Today, announcements are raining for a country that wants to “United, prosperous and sustainable”. It is planned to revalue pensions, to increase health spending by 2.5% per year, to grant the right to vote at 16 for European women, to launch a recovery plan of 4.7 billion euros. euros, including a billion investment to get out of the Covid-19 crisis, but also to refinance the police, justice and information, not to mention a 55% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030.

“The whole question with this program is how the Greens and the Socialists will be able to reorient public policies in the areas of health or the environment, without touching taxation, while the liberals are hostile to any creation of ‘direct tax’, comments Pascal Delwit.

The broad tax reform is coupled with an even heavier project: the reform of the State, notoriously complex in Belgium, by 2024, the date of the next legislative elections. The objective relates to a “More homogeneous and efficient distribution of skills”. This could create many bones of contention, as the N-VA and Vlaams Belang prepare to fill their voices in 2024, in a much more comfortable role of opponents.


The second Belgian cuisine establishment will open in Perm – Kommersant Perm

A Belgian gastronomic bar “Bruges” will open in Perm, the institution will be located on the street. Sovetskaya, 52. Previously, Jagerpub was located at this address, but it has closed. A new sign has already been placed on the facade of the building. The owners of “Brugge” did not disclose to “Kommersant-Prikamye” the concept of the second establishment.

The development of “Bruges” will be carried out by an LLC of the same name. According to kartoteka.ru, the head of the company is Anna Plotnikova, the founders of Bruges LLC on an equal footing are Andrey and Olga Subbotina. Andrey and Olga Subbotin also own companies for the production and serving of beer and drinks – LLC PPK, LLC KraftPerm, LLC Pivo Perm and others.

Note that “Bruges” will be the second institution in the city, which will serve Belgian cuisine. The first Blanche de Bruxelles restaurant is located at st. Ekaterininskaya, 34.


new rules at the Belgian border, the consequences of Bridgestone, TNT cuts

Belgium: we are “strictly advised against” but no longer allowed to cross the border. After the decision of the Belgian Foreign Minister to lift the ban on Belgians traveling in the red zone, there are many questions. Here is what we know.

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Bridgestone Béthune: Xavier Bertrand denounces “an arm of honor” of European management. After the announcement of the closure of the Bethune site, the president of the Hauts-de-France region Xavier Bertrand calls on the Prime Minister to try to open a dialogue with the Japanese management of Bridgestone.

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Why has the reception of TNT channels been disrupted? Several inhabitants of the region have informed us of TNT channels being cut in recent days. From Tourcoing, Denain, Valenciennes and Wasquehal in particular. A transmitter failure in the Valenciennois as well as a wave propagation phenomenon are involved.

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Chinese hackers spied on Belgian high-tech company

On July 7, an American Grand Jury indicted two Chinese pirates. They are accused of having spied on companies, NGOs and laboratories around the world for ten years.

The case is a reason for escalating diplomatic tensions between the United States and China. The culmination of an evacuation order within 72 hours of the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas. China has promised “retaliation” after this dramatic move.

The alleged cybercriminals would have targeted a whole battery of strategic or commercial interests: high-tech industries in the civilian and health sectors, the business sector, education and video games, solar energy, defense The trade secrets stolen would be worth “hundreds of millions of dollars” according to the Department of Justice. In recent times, web crooks have focused their efforts on scientific and pharmaceutical research against the spread of the coronavirus. In particular labs looking for a vaccine.

And in the list of the various victims of the pirate duo included in the indictment, a Belgian company is cited, writes Le Soir. The American justice describes the fraud in these terms: a “Belgian software manufacturing company” was the target in March-April 2018 of a theft of “approximately 142 gigabytes of documents”, on “digital imaging and algorithms related to fluid mechanics ”.

The Brussels public prosecutor’s office confirms that an “investigation is underway”, but does not wish to make any other comments.


a Belgian volunteer who tested a vaccine against Covid-19 recounts her experience

It’s a journalist from L’Echo who volunteered to test a vaccine candidate from CureVac, a German biotech company. She participated in the selection, which is very strict, before undergoing a first injection. In these experiments, you may actually only be given a placebo. Some people are given the product, others a placebo to see how the body responds.

“The research carried out by CureVac is still only in phase 1, that of toxicity tests on healthy volunteers”, explains the journalist from L’Echo before recounting her experience.

Once selected, she went to UZ Gent where the injection took place. For 4 hours, she remained on site in the event of a negative reaction. “An allergic reaction is exceptional, one chance in a million, but potentially lethal,” she explains. A defibrillator is on site if necessary. Once the 4 hours had passed, after a final check of the temperature and the voltage, she returned home. It was then that his body reacted.

” I burn. At least that’s my impression ”, says the“ guinea pig ”. “My legs seem to be white hot, my forehead is sweating. My heart is racing, my throat and my head are pounding, and I have lost all feeling in my fingers. My temperature reached 39ºC. It’s like someone is sitting on my rib cage ”.

In fact, it’s a pretty good sign, the contact person to whom she should report her experience will explain to her. “It shows that you have a very good immune response,” he told her. The next day, all these unpleasant effects were gone. For the journalist from L’Echo, the second injection will take place in a few weeks.


a pedestrian crosses the highway and is hit head on, his life threatening committed

This Saturday, around 2:30 p.m., on the A23 motorway (direction Valenciennes-Lille) at the level of the town of Orchies, a woman crossed the motorway on foot, as explained by our colleagues from the VDN. She was hit head-on by a car. Seriously injured, she was transported to the Lille CHR by the fire brigade. His vital prognosis is on.

We do not know the reasons that pushed this woman to cross the highway. An investigation is underway. Two vehicles were injured. Traffic is currently very limited on the A23.