That’s why I’m “sad” from Choice 2

4 different faces presented by the great artist Salah Abdullah during the Ramadan season this year, and each character has its own character in every work he presented. These characters and faces made him in a state of extraordinary artistic activity, including the series “Qasr El Nil”, “Bint Al Sultan” and ” Fares without permissibility “and” counterattack “, although the latter carries a special pride in his heart for his long relationship with Ahmed Ezz, the hero of work and his lack of work that brings them together, and during his dialogue with, Abdullah revealed a lot about the scenes of his Ramadan works, which he collected with singer Ali Al-Hajjar and national series Successful competition concept in the unprecedented Ramadan season.

What motivated you to participate in the series “Counter Attack” even though the role was honorary?

Indeed in the beginning I was a guest of honor on the work, then with the writing of the events and filming, the matter turned into an “important guest”, and there were many factors encouraging my acceptance of the series that any work addresses the national spirit and increases the youth’s belonging to the homeland and informs them about the status of Egypt, its army and its police, I do not hesitate to Participating in it, regardless of the area of ​​the role. I participated, last year, as a guest of honor in the series “The Choice”, and I wished to participate in the second part as well.

Secondly, the work team as a whole, starting with the author, director and heroes, I have been missing Ahmed Ezz a lot since the interest film that we presented in 2012, no work brought us together, and I was also pleased with the presence of Hind Sabry, although I only met her in the series once, and also Magda Zaki and the family that included Both Khaled Anwar and Mayan Al-Sayed, and I have lived in this situation for two years because we started filming the work and then stopped last year with the spread of the Corona pandemic, then we came back with a counterattack as a name on its name and we attacked this year.

Missing you to work with Ahmed Ezz, the audience sees your charisma on screen

When I see Ezz these days, far from the idea that he is a star, I feel that he is my little brother, and I love to work with him because there is understanding between us, in addition to our relationship in the location like a cat and mouse in laughter and grinning, and this is what makes the atmosphere of work fun and happy, and the biggest is the presence of a worker A participant brought us together from the beginning, who is the producer Wael Abdullah, through the movie “The Hostage”. He is the one who loves my heart because I played a role in which I was not expected to play, and after that the works between us followed.

Do you think that the job offer after two years was in his interest, especially with the presence of another national job?

From my point of view, this choice was correct, and he returned to the team in a more positive way, as we got a space of time to rewrite some scenes, and time helped us to finish filming scenes outside Egypt, and we were stopped due to the Corona virus as the team was unable to Travel due to the closure of airports and the embargo around the world, and therefore we had to wait for the work to appear convincingly.

What do you think of the return of national drama to the screen, whether large or small, after many years of hiatus?

A very promising thing. Work is required to develop the return of belonging to the new generation of young people and link them to the reality and the history of their country and its present, but the most important thing is the value diversity. The return began with the film “The Corridor” in a strong way, and the reactions that it caused, especially with young people who do not know what a setback is 67 No War 73, so the film achieved an important part for them in this historical period and knew them and were very affected by it.

And then “The Choice”, which presented the army’s heroics and its fight against terrorism, especially in Sinai in the period before the January 25 revolution, then what happened on June 30 after the departure of the regime, and therefore the national drama is very important and must be presented in the context of interesting drama and strong production, and what I liked about “Choice 2” Director Peter Mimi mixed realistic scenes so that no one would say there is exaggeration or bias.

From “counterattack” to the series “Qasr El Nil”, another time and various details, what is the reason for accepting the role of Izzat the lawyer?

As I said time, the series “Qasr El Nil” is one of the works whose events are moving in the period of the 1950s and 1960s, and that is one of the first factors that motivated me to participate in it, because I did not present works dealing with this period except in the series “King Farouk” and “Nasser”, and the two works were revolving Their events are in the forties and fifties, in addition to the presence of director Khaled Marei, and I liked to cooperate with him because I follow his work and liked it a lot, and the author Muhammad Suleiman Abdul-Malik, he is my friend for a long time, but we have not worked together before, so when they offered me to participate in this work was I got ready and increased my enthusiasm when I knew the details of the role that I will appear in

You presented the character “Ezzat” with great professionalism, and appeared to the audience in the details of your performance?
Since reading the script, I began to enter into the character’s details. “Ezzat”, although it is a character from an old period of time, I was keen to present it away from the exaggeration that may turn into and the work does not need that. There are some words that we used that we think are It is appropriate for the period of time, but the language of dialogue in the end is due to the author, as it is the lantern that lights the way for us.

She also showed up to the audience through the comedy “Faris Balboas”, in which she was a guest of honor, so what is your viewpoint in choosing works with small spaces?

First, for me, small spaces are the best way to the main roles, and the beginning of my knowledge in the artistic community was through those small roles, so when one gains experience, he will realize that the effect of the role is much more important than his area, there are scenes that parallel in their effect a complete work, and there are written roles that he does not remember. The scenes, and there are characters who die in the first episodes of the work, but they remain influential in the course of events until the last episode, and remain stuck in the mind of the viewer, so the importance of what I present and the message I send to my audience through the role and the extent of its impact on the work.

And the series “Faris Balajwaz” is one of the types of works with separate connected episodes, and I appeared in it as a guest of honor in the first episode only, but the rest of the series’ events are based on my simple personality, which appears in a few scenes.

Was your appearance in “The Sultan’s daughter” in support of Rogina?

I am happy to participate with her even if it is a small scene, and I hope that this exciting dramatic plot will be a gateway to install her feet on the window of the dramatic table throughout the whole season, because of the diverse and professionally distinguished roles praised by all the stars and stars of art in the Hollywood of the Middle East, Indeed, I appeared as a guest of honor during the events in an interesting and different role, due to its hidden features and secrets, and I am also happy to cooperate with the screenwriter Ayman Salama and director Ahmed Shafiq, and I have the respect and appreciation of them with all my heart on the professional and personal level.

Did you present a surprise to your audience with a musical cooperation with the singer Ali Al-Hajjar and his brother Ahmed?

I was very happy with this cooperation. I have a friend who is very close to my heart, in addition to being ten years old, and I love him very much, as I loved his brother Ahmed Al-Hajjar, and I consider them part of my family. Ali found a great welcome from Ali, and he assured me that the song is distinctive, new, and may be different, with some creativity, and will be a surprise to the audience. He added, β€œI think it will impress our fans and our followers in the Arab world,” which is what really happened, and Ahmed his brother Compose it.

After Ramadan, you will return to the studio of filming the series “Flat 6”, which is set in the context of horror and suspense .. What do you think of this theme that began to spread, and are we able to create horror series that simulate international business?

There are already many works that belong to horror and have succeeded, and you feel as if the viewers “love to be terrified” .. and the events of “Apartment 6” are of the same quality and all are suspenseful, and it is one of the 15 episodes of the series, and it co-stars with me Ruby, Ahmed Hatem, Mahmoud Al-Bazawi, Rehab El-Gamal, Hani Adel, Saudi actress Haya Fayyad, Hamza Al-Eili, King of Koura, and it is from the script and dialogue of Rafiq Al-Qadi, Suad Al-Qadi, Mahmoud Wahid, Nabil Shuaib, and directed by Mahmoud Kamel.

What are the scenes behind the exit of the series “Ward” from the Ramadan race? … And what do you think of cooperation with Hanan Mutawa?

It was a productive decision for some circumstances, on the basis that it would be completed after Ramadan, and I did not catch up with it, as I photographed in it only one day a group of scenes related to a specific situation, and I learned that it stopped and resumed after Ramadan, and I see that the artist Hanan Mutawa is a wonderful actress, but more than Wonderful, and I have known her for a long time despite not meeting with her in any previous work, and I embodied in Ward the role of her father.