“My players have been beaten by the heart”

Javier Clemente made a positive reading of the performance of his players in the match against Costa Rica. The coach highlighted the start of the match by the Euskal Selekzioa, because «we have had a great first big game. Later, the changes of the second part have upset us until we have recovered the thread and we have created chances at the end », he summarized.

The Tricolor coach highlighted the potential of the team that was ahead in Ipurua, because “they are very prepared, a lot has been demanded of us and the kids have responded to that demand,” said Clemnente. “Costa Rica is a great team, they have high quality players, very powerful and dangerous because they have a lot of scope. They are very prepared and I really liked it ».

For the Barakaldo coach, “the match was very tough. As a friendly I only had that here they do not give points. We agreed that we were playing as if it were an official championship, giving our best. I have to emphasize that our players have beaten each other for the heart, while Costa Rica has done it for the possibility of going to the World Cup ».

Clemente also referred to that victory in the last second, when in the second half it seemed that Costa Rica was better at those final moments of the match. “Looking from the outside, it gives the feeling that we were pissed off not winning the game and we shot up. In addition, the more defenses we have had more strength we have taken in front. We have been in six changes and the circumstances of the game have not allowed me to put Agirregabiria, I feel sorry for him.

The Basque coach, who settled the controversy over the call by recalling that “I summon those I can and then I bring the team that I consider the best”, stressed that “it is a beautiful victory for us thinking that in the future we can play more games and have more classification commitments’. And in this regard, he acknowledged that “I have nothing in perspective. For me I would play every month, but it is not easy to hire a rival and to find some free dates where the clubs can give us the players ».


Last minute … The images had a great reaction! 4 years to 6 years imprisonment request …

In the indictment prepared by the Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was stated that an application was made on November 14, 2020 and an investigation was initiated by reporting that the victim, who was only 15 years old, was beaten. It was stated that suspect Bayram S. K owned a workplace, suspect Yücel B. worked as a coating master at the same workplace, and victim Enes worked as an apprentice for the suspect Yücel for about a year. In the indictment, there was no valid reason 3 weeks before the application, suspect Yücel B slapped victim Enes many times, suspect Bayram S.K recorded the moments of the assault, although there is no image of beating Bayram in the records. Yes, Yücel brother, go on. Yücel brother, this is not the end. Yücel brother, saying, “Yücel brother,” said the suspect Yücel strengthened his determination to beat the victim.



It was emphasized that the victim Enes was only 15 years old, that he had not yet completed his physical development, that he could not respond to the act of being beaten by the victim, and took a completely protective attitude. As it was understood that the victim was unable to protect herself in terms of the act of assaulting herself in terms of body and spirit, the suspects were asked to be punished for the qualified forms of the act of “wounding”, as it was understood that the suspects beat the victim for no reason and made a laugh while beating the victim, thus performing the action with a monstrous feeling.

He cut his finger with a wood cutting machine

In the testimony of the victim, it was also included that the suspect Yücel B, 6 months before these incidents, said that he had cut his right index finger with a wood cutting machine. It was stated that the victim’s past injuries were shown in the camera footage and when asked who did it, the victim told Yücel, “You did it.” The indictment demanded that the suspect Yücel B be punished for “wounding with a gun” since it was understood that the suspect Yücel B injured the victim with a wood cutting machine about 6 months ago. It was stated that the victim Enes did not find any signs of beatings, but the act of battering was fixed with the camera recordings and the indirect confessions of the suspects.



The suspects were asked to sentence Bayram S. K from 8 months to 2 years for “injuring with a monstrous feeling against a person who is unable to defend himself in terms of body or spirit”. One of the suspects, Yücel B., was also demanded from 1 year 2 months to 3 years and 6 months in prison for “wounding with a gun against a person who is unable to defend himself in terms of body or spirit” and “wounding with a monstrous feeling against a person who is unable to defend himself in terms of body or spirit” . In the indictment, the suspects were also asked to be arrested when the indictment was accepted, considering the indignation they aroused in the society with the crime they committed, the fact that they battered the young victim for fun, and the negative impact of the crime on the future of the victim. If the indictment is accepted, the suspects will be tried at the Istanbul Criminal Court of First Instance in the coming days.


15-year-old Enes Y., who worked in a factory in Kağıthane and had brain surgery 7 years ago, was battered by 30-year-old Yücel B., who worked at the same workplace. Seeing the images, Enes Y. ‘ his uncle came to work and took the boy. The images of the assault of the child, who was revealed to have been subjected to violence many times before, caused a reaction. Upon the occurrence of the incident, the police detained suspects Yücel B. and Bayram S.K, who recorded those moments on his cell phone camera, laughing. The two suspects were taken to the Istanbul Courthouse in Çağlayan yesterday. The prosecutor demanded that both suspects be arrested for “injuring a person who is unable to defend himself physically or mentally”. The two suspects, who were taken to Istanbul 7th Criminal Court of Peace on duty, were released with a judicial control order. The prosecutor’s office objected to the arrest of the suspects, but the appeal was rejected by the higher court.


Parking fight at Walmart turned wild

Read this article in Spanish in the Miami Herald.

A fight over a parking space at a Davie Walmart store escalated into “a brutal beating and robbery,” police said.

The incident, which occurred on Monday, was caught on surveillance video.

On Tuesday, police released the video in hopes of finding the woman and possibly her children who participated in the attack.

According to police, the patrollers received a call about a fight in the parking lot, and went to a Walmart store, located at 4301 S. University Drive.

“This fight started out of an argument over a parking space, but quickly turned into a savage kicking and robbery,” police said in a press release. “While the suspected woman was beating the victim, two other suspects (believed to be her children) began to beat and kick the victim when she fell to the ground.”

In the video, a woman is seen sitting on the pavement, while another woman rains her with blows everywhere. A man tries to get the attacker off the victim.

The Police added that during the attack “one of those involved took the license plate off the vehicle, possibly to prevent it from being identified”

In addition to the attack, according to the police, the suspects stole the victim’s cell phone and purse. At the moment it is unknown what the victim’s condition is.

The suspects, police said, drove off in a silver-colored Mercedes, possibly a 300 class.

Authorities ask anyone with any information about what happened to call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-764-4357 (HELP) or 954-967-4567. Similarly, you can call 954-493-TIPS (8477) or visit the portal browardcrimestoppers.org.

Translation of Jorge Posada


Judge determines that teacher who beat up his son in class in Miami was in “his right”

A Florida administrative judge ruled that a teacher who spanked his son in the middle of class for misbehaving in a Miami public school was within his rights to do so and should be reinstated.

Teacher Blucher Menelas went in February 2019 to his son’s school, the Madie Ives K-8 Preparatory Academy, due to the complaints of teacher Patricia Costa about the minor’s bad behavior.

Menelas, a chemistry teacher at Dr. Michael M. Krop High School in Miami, apologized for his son’s misbehavior in class, asked the boy for a belt, and spanked him in front of his classmates.

After the class, Costa reported the beating, and the Miami-Dade County School Board alleged that Menelas violated a district policy against corporal punishment.

The Board suspended Menelas last November and began its process to fire him, but Menelas appealed and Administrative Law Judge John Van Laningham argued that as a father he had the right to spank the boy.

The judge stressed that the school district should not treat Menelas differently than it would any other parent, who had another profession, who engaged in the same conduct.

For Van Laningham, if Menelas were an accountant, for example, rather than a teacher, the district would have no authority to impose discipline for violating the corporal punishment policy.

He specified that he was clearly in the room as “father”, not as anyone’s teacher.

He added that if Menelas had spanked his son in the same way in a store aisle, the district would also “not have jurisdiction to discipline him for such conduct.”

As an administrative judge, Van Laningham’s decision is a recommendation that the School Board will consider for the final decision.


Biden shows at the Democratic convention that he has what to defeat Trump – US and Canada – International

For four days, Democrats in the United States launched a devastating attack on Donald Trump’s presidency during the party’s national convention, culminating on Thursday with the coronation of Joe Biden as his rival for the next November elections and the stellar launch of Kamala Harris, African-American and daughter of immigrants, to the vice presidency.

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And although it is still not clear how much weight it will have the beating that Trump took when defining the name of the next occupant of the White House, There is no doubt that the convention helped clear many of the questions that existed before the former vice president and his vision for the future.

Since Biden emerged as the current president’s most likely opponent, the Republicans took it upon themselves to paint him as an octogenarian (he is 77 years old and would be the oldest president) whose mental faculties have been abandoned.

In what is already seen as the most important speech of his careerThe former vice president not only demonstrated that he is ready to lead the country, but that he is a viable alternative to the chaos that has plagued Trump in these four years.

So much so that even many Republicans had to remove their hats to recognize it.

“It was an extremely effective speech. It must be remembered that Trump has been saying for months that Biden is mentally lost and that he is a hostage of the left. Even though I was reading a teleprompter, I think it blew a huge hole in that characterization, ”said Chris Wallace, one of the star anchors on Fox, where the president’s defense is fierce.

Unlike the first president, who has based his government on ‘divide to reign’, Biden opted for unity, directing his words to the center of the political spectrum.

“This is not partisan time. It is an American moment, ”said the candidate, insisting that there are many more things that Americans share than those that divide them.

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It was an extremely effective speech. Trump has been saying for months that Biden is mentally lost and that he is a hostage of the left (…). I think it blew a huge hole in that characterization.

Of course, Biden’s attack on Trump went to the jugular. He accused him of being the cause why hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from the coronavirus and millions have lost their jobs. And the reason why US foreign policy is a “laughingstock” that has left them alone on the international board.

But he did so by pointing to Trump, and his incompetence, as solely responsible.
“This president has cloaked America in darkness for far too long. Too much anger, too much fear, too much division, “said the former vice president before presenting himself as a response to that world beyond the grave.

Biden, of course, was not alone. Throughout the four days, party luminaries and common people added their voices to condemn Trump and his policies. And there were several memorable moments.

African-American lawyer Kamala Harris accepted her party’s nomination as a runner-up for Joe Biden’s vice presidency.



This president has cloaked America in a cloak of darkness for far too long. Too much anger, too much fear, too much division.

Former President Barack Obama, who during all this time had avoided coming into conflict with his eventr (a tradition in US politics), was launched at the ready against the president, whom he accused of destroying American democracy.

His wife, Michelle, also gave an emotional speech in which she suggested that Trump intended to steal the election. through a series of maneuvers to suppress the minority vote.

Another shocking moment was the testimony of Kristin Urquiza, a Latin American who recently lost her father as a result of covid-19: “My father was a healthy 65-year-old man. Her only pre-existence was trusting Donald Trump. And for that she paid with her life ”.

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Michelle Obama at the Democratic convention

First lady Michelle Obama said Trump threatens American democracy.

Republicans turning around

But perhaps the most forceful blow against the president It was given to him by some Republicans who supported him in 2016, but now they have turned their backs on him.

“This is not about Democrats or Republicans. This is about one person: a decent, stable person capable enough to recover our economy, a person who can work with everyone. That person is not Donald Trump. He’s Joe Biden, ”said former New Jersey Republican Gov. Christine Todd Whitman.

“The convention had many moments to highlight. But the most important of all was Biden’s. We can finally rest because he showed not only the Democrats but the country and the world that he is intact and is the polar opposite of Trump, ”he told this newspaper Jennifer Rubin, columnista de ‘The Washington Post’.

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With all that, the million dollar question is whether Biden’s speech and the four-day Democratic convention will influence the voters’ decision.

Historically, experts say, the conventions carried more weight, as the sector of the undecided in the electorate was larger. Up to 20 percent at this point in the contest.

But the polarization into which US politics has fallen in recent decades has closed that margin and limited the ‘springboard effect’ that candidates enjoy after the conventions. Today, according to studies by the Center for Elections at the University of Virginia, it is less than 10 percent.

To give an example, in the 2016 election between Trump and Hillary Clinton, 13 percent of the population had not yet favored one or the other candidate by the time of the conventions. On this occasion, according to more recent polls, only 6 percent say they have not decided.

Likewise, the explosion of social networks to replace traditional media has limited the ability of campaigns to reach the opposition.

That is, everyone listens to what they want and the percentage of those who are open to change is very small.


Influential media have announced a series of publications to explain the damage that Trump has already caused to the country and in the future if he gets another term in the White House.

According to Kyle Kondik of the University of Virginia, this time 95 percent of Democrats have already said they will vote for Biden, while 93 of the Republicans have played for Trump.

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In 2016, says the expert, neither of the two candidates exceeded 88 percent of support in their own party. “In that sense, Biden’s rebound after the convention will be minimal,” he notes.

The other important element is that fewer and fewer people are watching the conventions. Even more so this year, as a result of the restrictions caused by the coronavirus, which turned them into virtual events and without the pomp and emotion that face-to-face events brought with them.

According to Nielsen tuning measurements, of the 25 million people who tuned in in 2016 to watch the Democrats’ show, it dropped to less than 19. this time. For Biden, however, it is not a bad scenario.

In that sense, Biden’s rebound after the convention will be minimal.

The candidate entered the convention with a comfortable margin of advantage over Trump of about 7.5 percent, according to the average of Real Clear Politics polls.

Difference that has been reduced in recent weeks (it was more than 10 percent until recently), but which is still relevant.

Clinton, in the last election campaign, was leading Trump by less than 5 percent at this point in the race.

Given the small number of undecided voters, Biden’s strategy was to expand his potential among African-American voters and other minorities who did not back Hillary as decisively four years ago and widen their lead among so-called independents, who supported Trump in about the same proportion as Clinton.

“With such small margins of difference and in an environment as polarized as the current one, even small movements in these sectors could be key to define the winner ”, says Larry Sabato, also with the electoral project of the University of Virginia.

But both experts note that even so, the contest is far from being sentenced. Biden’s little regrowth will likely be nullified during the republican convention, which starts this Monday, and in which the president will reap in his favor. And with several advantages.

Trump, on the one hand, already knows all the cards played by the Democrats and has four days to counter them. His ‘rebound’, in addition, could be more durable since it is after the convention of the Democrats.

With such small margins of difference and in an environment as polarized as the current one, even small movements in these sectors could be key to define the winner.

Likewise, Republicans have had time to observe the successes and failures of their rivals when it comes to putting together eminently digital programming. Trump, a master at managing television, has been known to push for a convention with more face-to-face events.

For Sabato and Kondik, the president has more room to grow in the polls as the percentage of Republicans who are turning their back on him is higher than that of Democrats under Biden.

And a good convention could attract them again. Even so, the elections are still more than two months away and anything could happen. And in that period the three debates between the presidential candidates – and one between vice presidents – are pending, where they will face each other for the first time in clashes that can be definitive in this battle of the titans.

EL TIEMPO correspondent


Colectivero was beaten because he did not want to carry passengers without a chinstrap: he has a brain death | Chronicle

A bus driver in France he was fighting for his life after being a victim of savage hitting attack of five young people who they wanted to get into their vehicle without a ticket or a chinstrap.

The dramatic case shocked the French Basque commune of Bayonne, where the Chronoplus transport unions called a strike for the violent assault on the 58-year-old driver, who remains hospitalized with brain death. His attackers, meanwhile, were detained hours after the fact, reported the local radio station France Bleu.

It all started on Sunday at noon when the victim, identified as Philippe, was beaten by several individuals at the Balinchon stop because He refused to let them get on the bus without a ticket or wearing a face mask. Also, they had a dog.

Philippe he got out of the vehicle to prevent them from passing and, at that moment, one of the young men hit him on the head from behind. Minutes later, the bus driver entered a hospital in the area with a terrible diagnosis: brain death.

From the union they said that Philippe had been in the company for years, she was one year from retirement and has three children. “I don’t want to face the facts, I feel like I’m having a nightmare. You can’t go like this, I was going to be 59 years old. No, we don’t do that for a ticket, We don’t kill for free like that!she noted indignantly Véronique Monguillot, the driver’s wife.

“We thought we were going to buy a motorhome in September. We still wanted to save a little more. They destroyed everything in secondsshe related in shock.

The assaulted bus driver was about to retire.

After the attack, the mayor of Anglet and president of the French Basque Country mobility union Adour, Claude Olive, held a meeting with the mayor of Bayonne, Jean-René Etchegaray, the Chronoplus management and the three main unions. On departure, the participants promised to take quick action.

The mayor of Bayona denounced that the attack is a “act of barbarism”. “If the employees want to stop the transport to the funeral of Philippe (the attacked driver), we can understand it and associate ourselves with this legitimate claim”he added.

They also set up a psychological support cell at the Bayonne hospital to help the companions of the assaulted driver.

According to a press release from the interim Bayonne prosecutor, Marc Bride, published Monday night, “five people are still in police custody and their hearings continue. “” Witnesses have already been heard and a call to witnesses was also launched to determine the origin of the altercation and the course of it. “, indicates the statement.

As for the profiles of the attackers involved, “They are people who live on the fringes of society, who regularly drink alcohol and take drugs.”