Gänswein denies Pope Benedict’s longing for death

In a letter of condolence for a friend, Benedict XVI. wrote that his former colleague has arrived in the afterlife and he hopes “that I can join him soon”. Photo: Sven Hoppe / dpa-Pool / dpa. (Source: dpa) Rome (dpa) – According to his private secretary Georg Gänswein, the retired Pope Benedict has no longing […]

Sabotage at Sergio: the FCA disappointed against Bielefeld – "Back four" The FCA Podcast – Augsburger Allgemeine

Sabotage at Sergio: The FCA disappoints against Bielefeld – “chain of four” The FCA PodcastAugsburg General Tactical check: At least Arminia has to be more courageous against BVBNew Westphalian Even the otherwise safe FCA goalkeeper Gikiewicz make mistakesAugsburg General That’s why Arminia swapped strikers for AugsburgNew Westphalian Even the otherwise safe FCA goalkeeper make mistakesAugsburg […]

Missing eleven-year-olds in Bavaria apparently with biological parents

The religious community of the “Twelve Tribes” lived in monastery rooms near Deiningen (Bavaria). In 2013, the police took almost 30 children from the controversial “Twelve Tribes” religious community in the town. Image: dpa The missing girl in Bavaria is said to have turned up again. A police spokesman confirmed that, according to an email, […]

Holetschek: We are headed for a “humanitarian catastrophe” in care

Updated on October 16, 2021, 2:08 pm Due to the corona pandemic, the grievances in the care sector have become more of a public focus. But employees still complain of a lack of staff and poor working conditions. Bavaria’s Minister of Health Holetschek sees the potential for disaster in care problems. You can find more […]

Robert Lewandowski has a PREFERENCE for his FUTURE | Press review – Foot Mercato

Robert Lewandowski has a PREFERENCE for his FUTURE | NewspaperFoot Market Robert Lewandowski opens the door to a transfer to PSGVIPSG.fr Mercato – PSG: The way is clear for Lewandowski, but …The 10 Sport PSG: Lewandowski replacing Mbappé next season?Sport.fr Mercato: Robert Lewandowski wants to go to Real Madrid90min See full coverage on Google News […]

“Markus Lanz”: Elke Heidenreich against everyone

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