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Paula Graichen hits a threesome, Talena Fackler two free throws, then the final siren sounds and the Jahn second division basketball players run screaming towards each other. The little ones jump into the arms of the big ones. A 58: 53 victory against Don Bosco Bamberg is on the scoreboard. A success that came about with a tremendous amount of will. It is the hosts’ first success in an unusual second division season, and it comes as a surprise after three clear defeats since the beginning of the season at the end of October. The team’s weakness in attack was particularly striking recently.

That was also the case on Sunday against Bamberg. Again Jahn ran after a deficit because at the beginning of the final quarter there was no basket for several minutes. Until the Munich team suddenly marked basket after basket, not allowing a single point from the opponent and conjuring up a 58:53 success from a 48:53 deficit in the last five minutes of the game. “We made the victory clear with our fast little players,” summed up coach Markus Klusemann and passed the flowers on to his co-trainer Petra Fackler: “She came up with the tactical idea.” Fackler’s daughter Talena was the best thrower with 16 points ahead of Paula Graichen with ten. “Everyone felt more commitment and passion,” said Klusemann.

“Maybe it’s a mental problem”: The weakness in attacking puzzles the coaches

The first of two home games last weekend against Speyer-Schifferstadt had been lost 51:65 the day before. “Thrown a lot and hit little,” was Klusemann’s conclusion. This defeat was similar to the two previously in Würzburg and Bad Homburg. Immediately after the flop against Speyer-Schifferstadt, the team had a long conversation with the coaching duo. “The mood was not good,” reported Klusemann afterwards.

“They let us talk,” said Theresa Spatzier and summed it up: “We didn’t dare to do anything offensively. The rebounds didn’t work out, and 20 points at halftime were far too few.” The 18-year-old winger had at least 21 points and was once again well ahead of her teammates, who only scored single-digit points. Spatzier came from USC Heidelberg, she is doing a teaching degree in Munich with the subjects math and sports. She is a reinforcement for the almost completely new Jahn formation.

With the energetic build-up player Jella Molz and the two youth players Olivia Borsutzki and Talena Fackler, only three players from last season are in the ten-man squad. The 17-year-old Graichen is back at the club after a stay in the USA. The best scorers who scored 90 percent of the points last year, including Emily Bessoir and Anna Heise, are all no longer there. And apart from Spatzier and Leonie Kambach, who previously played for the first division club Freiburg, the newcomers have no experience in the top divisions. So Klusemann fights for small progress in training. “The defensive rebound works better,” said the coach after the Speyer game, to say something positive. And the offensive weakness? “Maybe it’s a mental problem,” speculated Klusemann. Hardly more than 50 points is not a good value. “Or are we not exercising enough?” He is convinced of the motivation of his actors: “The girls all want to get better.” The first success on the fourth attempt should give them a boost. “I’m happy for the team that we’re moving forward,” said the coach. “So the journey can go on.”

Each stage of the journey begins with a corona test. Before games, a doctor comes to the hall on Friday evenings to subject the squad and coaches to quick tests. So far there has not been a positive case at Jahn Munich, in contrast to some other second division clubs. Ludwigsburg, for example, has not yet played a game. The schedule on the weekends is currently being put together on request. Those teams in the twelve-league play against each other that have not tested positive or are in quarantine.


Hygiene concepts for the drawer (

Marco Baldi is a bit out of the ordinary. At the moment you can read about managers in top-class sport almost exclusively about their complaints, worries and warnings about bankruptcies or even the death of entire sports. Something like that can only be heard from Baldi hidden in subordinate clauses. The managing director of the German basketball champions Alba Berlin has also drawn up hygiene concepts and applied for special permits. Much of this is currently ignored in political decision-making processes. But Baldi endures it quietly. No open letter, no lobbying in back rooms. Instead: “full understanding”. And: “Everyone can and must fight to keep their shop running, but we have to keep an eye on that the really big shop continues to run. In the end we all depend on it. “

The last decisions came from the Federal Chancellery on Wednesday evening and the next day from the Berlin Senate. For a month, Alba plays its home games in the arena at Ostbahnhof in front of empty stands. Another month has now been decided. There is a concept for the admission of 7000 people. The other indoor sports clubs in Germany have developed something similar, but nobody is allowed to implement the concepts. This creates costs, but income from ticketing and catering is lost. “You can be upset about a lot or feel neglected,” says Baldi, who on Thursday evening should have missed the cheers of the fans when his basketball players won 100:80 in the Euroleague against the star ensemble from Khimki Moscow. “But when you close the catering trade and limit private visits, I can understand that you are a bit more crude in sports too. The time will come when there will be a more differentiated approach. Now we need an attitude that takes the whole situation seriously. That is the order of the day. “

Eugen Benzel found it more difficult to be reluctant. The manager of SC Potsdam sat on the hygiene concept for the arena at the airship port for more than three months. It was used for a while before the lockdown: “People did a great job.” But the 833 spectators possible at the time are no longer allowed to come. “It’s very frustrating,” says Benzel.

He estimated the loss of income at up to 9,000 euros in his volleyball players’ European cup match against Hapoel Kfar Saba on Wednesday evening. A lot of money for a club like SC Potsdam. Particularly annoying: no sports event with a hygiene concept has yet been identified as a hotspot. This also applies to amateur sports. Studies confirmed that the dangers are low. But so far they have not had any influence on the politics of the federal government.

Andre Hahn is annoyed. “We finally need a sports summit,” demanded the sports policy spokesman for the left-wing parliamentary group in the Bundestag. “The Chancellor meets with the auto lobby – she obviously doesn’t find the time for organized sport with 27 million members.” Hahn finds the almost complete ban on recreational sport in particular “completely inappropriate”, especially since the clubs have “developed good hygiene concepts”.

Alba Berlin and SC Potsdam also do much more than professional sport. The capital city club carries out youth work in educational institutions through the “Alba macht Schule” program. “We have almost 120 trainers,” reports Marco Baldi. “But this is handled differently at every daycare center and school. Some do the sport normally, some only outside, others cancel it. So we organize the breaks so that the children can keep doing sports and our coaches at work. “

The SC Potsdam operates youth clubs, fitness centers for women, a swimming school and rehabilitation sports, among other things. Almost 20 hygiene concepts have been developed, but a lot is currently closed. After all, the club was financially supported by the municipality and the state, so that at least the European Cup could take place. Marco Baldi also says: “Without state aid it would be dark. And you won’t be able to keep it going for long without further help. «How long, exactly, nobody knows.


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NBA: Golden State Warriors to replace Klay Thompson

After the storm comes the calm. This occurs in Golden State Warriors, after the serious injury of the escort Klay Thompson, which will miss the 2020-2021 season of the National Basketball Association (NBA), and that he will be able to officially replace him for the next contest.

This, because, according to the insider Shams Charania, from The Athletic, the competition has decided to allow the San Francisco franchise to use the Disabled Player Exception, by $ 9.3 million, to sign a last reinforcement for the championship.

The report notes that while the NBA free agency window is about to end, The Warriors will have until April 19, 2021 to sign a player to replace Thompson, which must meet the following conditions:

– Be a Free Agent
– One year contract
– Salary for the season of up to $ 9.3 million.

Thompson begins his recovery in Warriors

But there is also good news in the Californian box, thanks to the Splash Brother, as Adrian Wojnarowski, of the chain ESPN, has confirmed that his Achilles tendon surgery was successfully performed at a Los Angeles clinic, under the supervision of the Dr. Richard Ferkel.

The information adds that Thompson has begun his rehabilitation since Thursday that will have him throughout the next NBA season out of competition, being the second in a row that he will see from the stands.

A giant loss for the Warriors, since they will not be able to count in their ranks with a player who has five appearances in the All-Star Game, three champion rings, twice was part of the All NBA First Team and once was selected for the best defensive team.


Marc Gasol says it was difficult to leave the Raptors for the Lakers

Marc Gasol admits that leaving the Toronto Raptors, the franchise that handed him the first and only championship of his 12-year career two seasons ago, was painful, even though it meant he was joining the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers.

“It was difficult,” Gasol said Wednesday, during his introductory press conference with the Lakers via video conference from Spain. “It was very difficult. The first days [de agencia libre] were a bit difficult for me, but once you decide, ‘OK, what [quieres] do next? Where? How [quieres] face your next challenge? I thought the right thing to do was go with the Lakers. “

Gasol signed a two-year, $ 5.3 million deal to come to Los Angeles, league sources told ESPN. The 35-year-old center was selected by the Lakers with the No. 48 pick in 2007 and was later traded to the Memphis Grizzlies as part of a trade for his older brother, Pau, in 2008.

Gasol went on to play 10 1/2 seasons at Memphis before being traded to Toronto, where he teamed up with Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Lowry and company to win a 2019 ring over an injury-plagued Golden State Warriors team at the end of its historic stretch. .

“How am I going to remember the Raptors? First, I’m going to miss Toronto,” Gasol said. “Toronto has been a great place, my family was very settled there, very comfortable, they really enjoyed their time there …

“And that’s the way this business unfortunately works. I thought my career in Toronto couldn’t get any better and that we would always be chasing the ring, that I wasn’t sure I could be the player they needed to be there to win. So I thought the best thing I could do was join the Lakers and contribute to what they are doing. “

Further complicating his decision on whether to stay with the Raptors was the news that they would be playing their home games in Tampa, Florida this season, at least to begin with.

“I told my teammates who stayed there – Kyle, Freddy (VanVleet), Pascal (Siakam), Norm (Powell) and the rest of the guys and even the coach (Nick Nurse) – how much they meant to me. How much they helped me, “said Gasol.” And I’m going to miss them a lot, I can’t lie, because we went through something together that is very unique, it is very special and creates a bond forever and no one can take that away from us. “

Gasol, a three-time All-Star and former Defensive Player of the Year, averaged 7.5 points on 42.7% shooting (38.5% of 3), 6.3 rebounds and 3.3 assists per game last season, a significant drop from his career averages of 14.6 points in 48.1% of shots.

With Toronto, he could have been asked to play a bigger role after the LA Clippers signed Serge Ibaka. With the Lakers, he will complete a large rotation around All-NBA player Anthony Davis along with Montrezl Harrell and Markieff Morris.

“To have the opportunity to be part of a great team and see how the coach [Frank Vogel] and the general manager [Rob Pelinka] and everyone felt that I could contribute to that, it told me a lot, “said Gasol.” A team that just won a championship offering you those ideas and that for me was incredible.

While considering his decision between Los Angeles and Toronto, Gasol said he never seriously considered returning to Spain to play for FC Barcelona, ​​despite a report to the contrary.

While Pau Gasol helped Kobe Bryant hang two championship banners at the Staples Center from 2009 and 2010 (Marc says he was in Game 7 of the 2010 Finals when LA fought their way against the Boston Celtics), it hasn’t been insistent on showing the way to his younger brother.

“He hasn’t given me any advice,” Marc Gasol said of Pau. “It’s a completely different team than it is now. I don’t think there will be any player left from then, and a completely different coaching staff, more than anything it’s up to me to make it work.”


Waiting for the big goal (

Basketball coach Henrik Rödl (r) during training

Photo: Swen Pförtner / dpa

The corona crisis has put national coach Henrik Rödl a thick line through the bill. The big goal Olympic qualification? Failed. The trip to the NBA pros? Aborted prematurely. International matches? Nothing. The 51-year-old had to wait a long time before he could bring his basketball players back together. And because opportunities are rare, the negligible European Championship qualification in Pau, France, will also become an early Olympic casting.

“We have a lot of young people with us,” says Rödl. “It’s always a good measure to see who will follow and who might have a chance on the final squad in the summer.” Of course, the stars from overseas around playmaker Dennis Schröder did not come due to scheduling reasons, as did the professionals from Alba Berlin and Bayern Munich, who play in the Euroleague. Above all, Rödl wants to see the talents. They have a chance to prove themselves on Friday against Montenegro and on Sunday against hosts France. The question is which of them could really be considered for the squad places at the Olympic qualifying tournament in Split in June, which is postponed to 2021.

Many young players are dying for it. Kenneth Ogbe from Bamberg, Len Schoormann from Frankfurt and Lukas Meisner from Braunschweig are about to make their debut. The youngsters’ hunger impressed Rödl when they arrived on Sunday and Monday. But the team doesn’t really have any pressure because, as one of the organizers of the EM 2022, they automatically have the ticket in their pocket. The last games for which Germany has applied with the venue Hamburg will take place next February.

In Pau these days the virus remains the most stubborn opponent, forcing the national team into a bubble. “We’re in the hotel, then training, the game and back to the hotel – done,” reports Rödl. Tests were carried out twice before arrival, followed by further test rounds before the games and the return journey. Concerns about the international match window in times of the second wave had been raised by clubs, but they were allayed. “The DBB, the world association and the BBL communicated a lot to make it possible at all,” said the coach.

Rödl had planned the year very differently. Before Germany went into lockdown a month later, he called the team together for the start of the European Championship qualification in February. There they surprisingly lost to Underdog Great Britain, but before that they defeated the French. In March Rödl had to return prematurely from America, where he actually wanted to sound out the readiness of the NBA professionals to participate in the Olympic qualification. And then at some point Olympia itself fell victim to Corona. The national coach continued to work. “During the time when the corona cases were very low, we trained with the U-teams in Germany,” said Rödl: “And before the lockdown, when it was still possible, I did some tours to meet players.” The days in Pau will feel a bit like normal again for Rödl. SID/nd


Basketball compulsory tests in the Pro A Sport

The second basketball Bundesliga Pro A reacted to the large number of corona infections and expanded the hygiene concept. From now on, all players, coaches, referees and commissioners involved must be tested for the virus “mandatory” before the games. Even a positive test result would lead to the game being canceled, according to a press release on Tuesday. “The health of everyone involved in gaming is our top priority,” said managing director Christian Krings. “In order to minimize the risk of infection, we also want to use the additional tests to identify asymptomatic infection processes before a game and to be able to react for the safety of everyone.” At the beginning of November, discussions arose about how the league should deal with the corona pandemic. After a game against Hagen, ten out of 14 players tested positive for the Nürnberg Falcons.

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Miami Heat and Bam Adebayo agree to a maximum 5-year extension

The Miami Heat and Bam Adebayo have agreed to a maximum five-year extension, Adebayo’s agent Alex Saratsis told ESPN’s Zach Lowe.

The deal includes clauses that can bring its total value to $ 195 million over five years, Saratsis told ESPN.

The Heat had until December 21 to agree with Adebayo on an extension this season, or else they would have had to postpone the matter until next summer. Miami has said the team’s intention was to give Adebayo a new deal; the question was only when. By waiting until next summer, the Heat would have had more flexibility in the salary cap.

Adebayo is coming off what was by far the best season of his career. He was an All-Star for the first time, won the skills competition at All-Star Weekend, had the block to save the game on a dunk attempt by Jayson Tatum in the final seconds of Miami’s Game 1 win over Boston in the Eastern Conference finals and made the NBA All-Defensive team.

When the deal is made official, Adebayo will become the fourth member of the 2017 NBA draft class to secure a maximum extension; the others are De’Aaron Fox from Sacramento, Donovan Mitchell from Utah and Tatum.

Adebayo averaged 15.2 points, 10.2 rebounds and 5.1 assists last season. Only one other player in the league had those numbers: two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks. And until Adebayo, no player in Heat history had finished a season with those averages in all three categories.

Adebayo had told The Associated Press during the NBA reboot earlier this summer at Walt Disney World that his only financial goal was to take care of his mother, Marilyn Blount. She raised him alone in North Carolina, earning about $ 15,000 a year from her multiple jobs and with the family living in a trailer.

“That competitive nature manifests itself when I feel like I’m playing badly and when things aren’t going well,” Adebayo said in the September interview with AP. “I think about how he struggled through the hardships … You watch it for 18 years in a row, you take that burden and you feel that responsibility. And my responsibility is to support my mom, and the best way to make sure she can do that is to help us. to win “.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.


Pelicans agree to 5-year maximum extension with Brandon Ingram

New Orleans Pelicans forward Brandon Ingram has agreed to a maximum five-year, $ 158 million contract extension, his agents Jeff Schwartz and Jordan Gertler of Excel Sports told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Ingram had a very good season in New Orleans after arriving as part of the trade that sent Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Ingram, 23, set new personal records by averaging 23.8 points, 6.1 rebounds and 4.2 assists in the 2019-20 season. Additionally, he became an All-Star for the first time and was also named the Most Improved Player in the NBA.

A key to his development was the improvement in his three-point shots. In three seasons with the Lakers, Ingram shot 32.9 percent from deep, hitting 127 3s while attempting two per game. During his first season with the Pelicans, Ingram had 6.2 3-point attempts per game, with an ERA of 39.1%. He had 150 in 62 games, eclipsing his previous career total.

Ingram was eligible to sign an extension with the Pelicans before the start of last season, but the two parties were unable to reach an agreement. At the time, Ingram hadn’t played a game since a deep vein thrombosis in his arm prematurely ended his 2018-19 season.

“They wanted to see me recover,” Ingram told ESPN in January. “That’s the message I got. I couldn’t do anything but respect it.”

When Ingram last spoke to reporters in August after the Pelicans were eliminated from playoff contention in the Orlando bubble, he said New Orleans was a “better option” ahead of their free agency.

“This is definitely a special place with a lot of really good people and a lot of genuine people, so I’m enjoying where I am,” Ingram said.

New Orleans is set to host point guard Eric Bledsoe and George Hill in a 4-team trade and also selected Alabama point guard Kira Lewis in 13th place in the NBA draft. Subsequently, executive vice president of basketball operations David Griffin said the team hasn’t finished making moves.

“Generally speaking, I would tell you there is a lot to do,” Griffin said Wednesday night. “Obviously, with free agency starting as fast as it does, we have some goals in mind and we have other conversations as well. So there is a lot going on at the same time.”


Heat close to agreeing to contract extension with Adebayo

Bam Adebayo and the Miami Heat are close to completing a contract extension, the team confirmed Tuesday.

Once the deal is finalized, Adebayo – taking into consideration his current salary – will be guaranteed at least $ 168 million for the next six seasons, an amount that could rise to $ 200 million.

The power forward will earn 5.1 million this season, the last year of his rookie contract. Its extension will begin later, with a starting salary of 28.1 million in the 2021-22 campaign. If he is selected to an “All-NBA” team next season, after this year was close, his annual salary would increase.

The Heat had until Dec. 21 to agree to an extension with Adebayo this season, or they would have had to wait until next summer. Miami had indicated that the team’s goal was to give Adebayo a new contract, but the question was when.

Adebayo is coming off the best season of his career. He was selected to the All-Star Game for the first time and won that weekend’s skills competition. His stopper preserved the win on a dunk attempt by Jayson Tatum in the final seconds of the opener against Boston in the Eastern Conference final series and he was named the best defensive team of the year.

When the contract is ready, Adebayo will become the fourth player in the 2017 draft to secure a maximum extension, alongside De’Aaron Fox (Sacramento), Donovan Mitchell (Utah) and Tatum.