Barcelona alludes to Cristiano Ronaldo in the dressing room to remind players of Covid-19 protocols

Inside Barcelona they remember the game that the Portuguese lost to them for throwing a positive test for Covid-19

You will be forgiven for assuming that Cristiano Ronaldo He is an unpleasant person in the Barcelona given his status as a Real Madrid legend, the club for which he is the all-time top scorer before joining Juventus in 2018.

Ronaldo scored 20 goals in 34 games against the Catalans during the nine years he defended the ‘White House’, with two LaLiga titles and four Champions League among the 15 trophies he helped them win in that time.

However, Barcelona still uses the Portuguese superstar as a kind of motivation for their players three years after their rivalry ended. year after year with Barça and Lionel Messi when they changed Spain for Italy.

On a wall of Barça’s Joan Gamper training ground there is a clipping of a headline about Cristiano Ronaldo taken from the Spanish sports newspaper AS, which says: “Cristiano positive again for COVID-19 and he will miss the Barcelona game.”

The headline is from last October, when Ronaldo was forced to miss last season’s Champions League group stage clash between Juventus and Barça in Turin after testing positive for Covid-19. and having to isolate yourself.

The Ronaldo headline has been on display to serve as a reminder to Barça players of the importance of following all guidelines and protocols to avoid contracting Covid-19 and the implications of not taking them seriously enough.

According ASBelow the cut, a statement also reminds players and staff that “the competition is at stake” and, in red letters, “the rules must be followed.”

Much was made of the possible reunion of Ronaldo and Messi when the two teams met for the first time in two years. Unfortunately, after a FIFA Date with Portugal, Ronaldo tested positive for coronavirus in the weeks leading up to the aforementioned Champions League tie, and failed to test negative prior to engagement.

Barça won the game 2-0 thanks to goals from Ousmane Dembélé and Messi, who closed the scoring in injury time.

In the return leg at the Camp Nou last December, Cristiano was available and scored two goals in a 3-0 win for Juve that sealed their place as Group G winners.


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The curfew returns to Barcelona and other tourist places to contain coronavirus outbreaks | It will not be possible to circulate between 1:00 a.m.

The Spanish justice authorized this Friday the implementation of a curfew night requested by the Catalan regional government in Barcelona and several tourist locations in order to contain the sudden increase in coronavirus infections in recent days, driven by the Delta variant.

The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia authorized the application of the curfew between 1 and 6 in the morning Until next July 23 in Barcelona and in municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants with an incidence of more than 400 cases per 10,000 inhabitants in the last seven days.

“The resolution of July 15 is authorized by which measures to restrict night mobility are established to contain the epidemic outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in the territory of Catalonia,” the Catalan court reported.

Following this line, from tonight, the citizens of the affected populations will not be able to remain in the streets without justification between 1 and 6 in the morning.

“It is a difficult measure, but necessary to stop contagion, to protect lives and the health system,” the Catalan president, Pere Aragones, tweeted after the judicial endorsement was known.

The measure mainly involves the municipalities of the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona and the province of the same name, although many towns on the coast and the cities of Girona, Tarragona and Lleida are also included.

The court opted for this decision “despite its so accentuated territorial and personal scope” and “with the aim and effect of safeguarding and preserving the rights to life and the protection of health and the stability of the health system,” he said.

“All this due to the painful result of epidemiological indices that leave us all in such a bad place, especially if the result by age ranges is taken into account,” the judges stated.

Although the duration of the night confinement was established until July 23, the measure could be extended based on epidemiological evolution.

In this way, Catalonia became the second Spanish region after Valencia to re-implement a curfew to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Cantabria, Extremadura and Navarra are pending judicial approval to apply it in parts of their territory, while the Canary Islands court refused to apply the measure in the archipelago.


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An elderly fan documents Messi’s goals “with paper and pen”… and Leo responds

In a world where smart devices and websites specialized in football statistics are available, and with the click of a button, you can watch and follow your favorite star, but some still deal with the old traditional methods, especially if they are elderly.

Don Hernan, a 100-year-old Argentine fan, has scored every goal for his favorite star Lionel Messi (with paper and pencil) since the 34-year-old began his football career.

Hernan makes sure he writes down every goal Messi scores and calls his grandson Julian Mastrangelo when he’s not watching to make sure he doesn’t miss a thing.

Hernan’s story reached Messi, for the latter to respond to it in a kind human gesture from the player crowned with the Ballon d’Or award 6 times.

Messi said during a video clip: “Hello, Hernan, your story has reached me.”

“It’s crazy that you’re scoring all my goals in this way, that’s why I wanted to send you a big hug and thank you for what you did.”

After the video reached the 100-year-old, he cried, “I’ve always been behind you and always will be, I’ll walk behind you until the end.”


The official announcement of Messi’s renewal with Barcelona will still take time

BARCELONA – Barcelona and Lionel Messi, their advisers with his father Jorge at the helm, are working to close the agreement between the two parties that will confirm the continuity of the Argentine star in the Barça club with a contract for the next five seasons and that from Barça it is considered settled since Monday night, although sources close to the player warned ESPN Digital that “there are still things to be done.”

The information, which was repeated in the last hours, gave account of an imminent official announcement, this same week, that from the surroundings of Messi they rushed to quarantine. “Talking about an announcement this week is hasty right now because there is nothing planned,” revealed the same sources, taking into account that all the details of a very laborious contract between the lawyers of the player and the Barça club in which it is It has been working since the main lines of the new agreement were established at the beginning of June, as ESPN Digital advanced at the time.

The new agreement between the Argentine footballer and Barça will establish a very tight record in his first season, about 20 million euros, which will increase ostensibly in his second year to gradually reduce in the next three, either as a club player. Barça until 2026 or as an ambassador if he maintains his intention to end his MLS career. At the moment at the Camp Nou the contract to be presented in LaLiga has already been drawn up, with the confidence of obtaining the approval of the employer, weeks after its president Javier Tebas clarified that there would be no deal in favor of the club.

The delay in the official announcement of Messi’s continuity could be due, in addition to waiting for the final agreement between the lawyers of both parties, to this need that Barcelona has to dramatically reduce its salary mass and in which the club continues to work, a Once the exits of several players have been consummated.

The Barça entity must register, in addition to Messi, Memphis Depay, Eric García, Emerson and Sergio Agüero and before that it must solve this reduction with the names of Samuel Umtiti, Miralem Pjanic and Philippe Coutinho in the foreground, in addition to Martin Braithwaite and who could be joined, and even overtaken, Antoine Griezmann, who, as ESPN reported, could return to Atlético de Madrid in an exchange operation that has yet to be finalized.

Within Barcelona, ​​the tranquility regarding Leo’s future, which Ronald Koeman repeated last week is “providential”, has remained intact since the arrival of Joan Laporta to the presidency. The leader insisted in all his public statements that the Argentine “wants to continue”, supported by the message that the footballer himself transmitted to him in the first person more than a month ago.

Messi, understanding the difficult economic situation that the club is going through, agreed from the first moment to reduce his salary, leaving in the hands of his advisers, with his father at the helm, and those of Barcelona himself the preparation of a long-term contract ( five years) with, always, the option of being able to reduce it if it was considered so from the second season but ensuring the full payment of the agreed upon.

At Barça it is argued that Leo continues to be without discussion the differential footballer, as he has shown without going any further during the recent Copa América dispute and the palpable option is contemplated that, supported by the medium-term sports project in which Joan Laporta’s board of directors continues to work and decides to remain in the team for the entire duration of his contract to retire dressed as a Barça player at the age of 39.



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Griezmann opens the door to a possible exit from Barcelona

BARCELONA – Antoine Griezmann plans to join Barcelona’s preseason on July 20 at the expense of how his future is resolved, which is clear about his intention to fulfill the contract that binds him to the club until 2024 but in which he will not the door is closed to a possible exit.

Sources close to the French footballer warned ESPN Deportes that Barça has not contacted him and that any variation in his status should be studied, without ruling out any scenario.

Signed in the summer of 2019 to Atlético de Madrid for 120 million euros (to which Barça added another 15 in a marginal concept), Griezmann has been placed in recent months on a hypothetical list of transfers to catapult to the fore. in recent weeks, taking for granted that his departure would mean an obvious economic relief for Barça in terms of salary savings, even if a transfer below 70 million euros would mean losses in the club’s balance sheet.

“They have not told us anything from the club,” says one of the sources consulted, stating that any approach would be studied from an official communication by the Barça leaders and warning that Griezmann “has always prioritized the sporting aspect and happiness of his people above money “, ensuring that at the time he” lost money “for signing for Barça and that he maintains his desire to continue at the Camp Nou.

Denying any contact with Atlético for an exchange with Saúl, “no one has spoken with us”, a possible return to the mattress club would not be ruled out by the French player, who knowing that Simeone would receive him with open arms, he does have evidence of the Interest that arouses in Europe, with a certain one from Manchester City, revealed last week by French media and not rejected by the Barça footballer’s environment.

Barcelona, ​​which on Sunday made official the final transfer of Sergio Akieme to Almería (where he played on loan last year) for 3.5 million euros and is close to closing the departure of Monchu to Granada (without economic benefit), needs to reduce his salary mass is considerable (there is talk of about 200 million euros) to be able to register Leo Messi without risk, considered indisputable “by Ronald Koeman and with whom the club has a pending agreement to balance its numbers to obtain the approval of LaLiga.

So far, it has released about 24 million in this concept with the departures of Todibo, Junior Firpo, Aleñá, Matheus Fernandes, Trincao and Konrad de la Fuente, as well as the Miranda, Akieme and Monchu, but still has pending to solve those considered Higher staff contracts.

In this sense, the names of Umtiti, Pjanic and Coutinho appear in the foreground, which together exceed 65 million euros in salary cost. The exits of Neto and Braithwaite would mean no less than 15 million more, understanding much more difficult due to his injury a sale of Dembélé, whose gross salary is close to 20 million.

Griezmann’s cost also exceeds 20 million for Barcelona and a transfer, still losing money, does not rule out the club for more than last week Ronald Koeman specified that he maintains firm confidence in the Frenchman, whose performance he praised last course.

Another option would be, as in the case of the Piqué, Busquets or Jordi Alba, to request an adjustment, a reduction in his salary, something that Koeman himself publicly demanded from the entire squad and that is something in which the club’s managers, with Mateu Alemany at the head, they work especially.

And it is that even though Messi has given his approval to a substantial reduction of his own contract, willing as he is to sign for half of the previous one, between 50 and 60 million euros, Barça needs to continue applying cuts urgently. And Griezmann, on vacation and waiting for events, is no stranger to this delicate situation at the club.


Marc Cucurella, the left-handed winger of Getafe concentrated with the Spanish Olympic team and for whom Barcelona maintains a transfer right of 10 percent, is in the sights of Brighton of England, whose offer of 15 million euros was rejected by the azulón club , referring to the player’s termination clause, of 18 million, according to sources close to the operation revealed to ESPN Deportes.

The Catalan footballer, who will turn 23 this July, was signed by Getafe in the summer of 2020 for 10 million euros and Barça reserving 10 percent of what the Madrid club could enter in a future sale until the end of his contract, in 2024. Although various speculations estimated the value of this termination clause above 25 million, the footballer himself clarified the reality of it in an interview with Radio Marca.

“I have received many rumors that my clause is 30 million and it is a lie. I want to make it clear that my termination clause is 18 million, not 30 as they have been saying out there. It comes out in many places … It is not No message for anyone, is to clarify things, “confirmed Cucurella in the first person, who knows the interest of Brighton and left any type of negotiation in the hands of his representative.

Directed by Graham Potter and classified in 16th place in the Premier last season, Brighton seeks to reinforce its left wing, in which this season Dan Burn has played as winger and that with the addition of Cucurella would allow the coach to recover a system of three Centrals turned the Catalan into a lane for that band, a position in which, after making his debut during his time at Eibar, he has catapulted to the fore during these last two seasons with Getafe.


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Spain and Mallorca again risk area: This next step is imminent

The corona numbers in Spain are increasing sharply. Germany is now classifying the entire country with the holiday island of Mallorca as a risk area again. Above all, the possible next consequence is worrisome.

All of Spain with Mallorca as the Germans’ favorite holiday island is again a corona risk area. The federal government reacted with this classification, which will apply from Sunday, to the sharp increase in the number of new corona infections.

Travel is in fact not made more difficult because holidaymakers returning by plane have already had to submit a negative test. But for Spain, which is heavily dependent on tourism, it could turn out to be damaging to the image that the Foreign Office advises against tourist trips to the country again in the middle of the summer holidays. This raises concerns in the tourism industry, which, however, creates a far worse scenario for sleepless nights.

Seven-day incidence over 50

Should the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants rise to over 200 within seven days (seven-day incidence) for a longer period of time, Spain faces the same fate as Cyprus. The also very popular holiday island was classified as a high incidence area because of its particularly high number of infections. Anyone who is on vacation there and has not been vaccinated or recovered will have to be in quarantine for five to ten days when they return – even if the test is negative. Should the same happen to Spain, where the seven-day incidence is now at 199, it would be a hard blow to the tourism industry.

But for now it stays with the risk area, to which countries and regions are declared, in which the seven-day incidence is over 50. In the Balearic Islands, which in addition to Mallorca also includes Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, the incidence is already three times as high at 153. There were only a few major national restrictions on public life.

Tourism minister questions orientation based on infection numbers

The corona hotspot Barcelona, ​​for example, initially severely restricted nightlife over the weekend. At the same time, however, a music festival with up to 18,000 spectators took place in the tourist metropolis – with test and mask, but without any distance. German vacationers in Mallorca said they would feel at least as safe as at home on the island.

Spain’s Minister of Tourism María Reyes Maroto, meanwhile, raised the question of whether orientation based on the number of infections was still the right way to go. The incidence as a measure of risk is becoming less important in view of the high vaccination rate and the low number of corona patients in hospitals, the minister said. The high numbers of infections are registered primarily in young people who either developed no or only mild symptoms of the disease. The authorities are closely monitoring the situation. Holidays in Spain are definitely safe.