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Tribune. On October 30, his 60th birthday, Diego Maradona was filmed at the headquarters of Gimnasia y Esgrima in La Plata, the club he coached. Obese, having the greatest difficulty in walking without being supported, Maradona stammered a few inaudible words in front of the cameras. The exhibition of Golden Boy (the golden kid) that amazed the football world in the 1980s was an unbearable spectacle, a heart-breaking obscene staging.

A lover of funny aphorisms, Maradona once explained that when you have made the return trip from Earth to the Moon several times, it is difficult to come back down to Earth. When you’ve climbed to the heights of football, carved your name, your face and your actions into the hearts of so many, it is unthinkable to regain your foothold in the mortal world. When you come back down, it’s a vertiginous and destructive fall, like that of Diego Maradona.

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Embodying an ideal-typical “argentinity” in the eyes of the nation and representing unparalleled football purity, Maradona was a human god in the eyes of many. The famous number 10 was a football legend because of his outstanding footballing qualities. Professional football has great, talented and efficient players on the pitch. The supporters admire them. Football fans did not admire Maradona; they worshiped him as one venerates a deity.

Players with extraordinary talents are able to create a spectacle that is literally mesmerizing. Diego Maradona belonged to this elite of football extraterrestrials. Like an exceptional painting or a sublime piece of music, Maradona’s football choreography was in the realm of art.

A football god no longer belongs. Maradona attracted the underworld of politics, showbiz and the Camorra. He was revered, but he was also hoped to enjoy his fortune, which he squandered. From his brief stint in Barcelona, ​​Diego Maradona had become addicted to alcohol and cocaine, two addictions that shattered his career. At the 1990 World Cup, Italy were eliminated in Naples by Maradona’s Argentina. The Italians did not forgive him. The country allied itself against him, police, the political world and supporters. Diego the saint became Maradona the devil. An anti-doping test was positive for the first time. Listened to by the police, he was heard conversing with prostitution circles. The taxman got involved. The whole of Italy wanted to destroy the one it still adored yesterday. Frightened, Maradona hurriedly fled the city.

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Born in 1960, Diego grew up in the slum of Villa Fiorito, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. This district has the reputation of being the most dangerous in the city. His father, a native Guarani, worked in a slaughterhouse. Her mother was the daughter of immigrants from southern Italy. As a child, he sold odds and ends in the street. Maradona described herself as “Little black head” (small black head); the expression used by Eva Perón to designate the Native American working classes and of Italian origin. His parents were also infallible supporters of the Peronist regime.

An uncle brought Diego out of poverty by giving him a soccer ball at the age of 3. At 8, the first division club Argentinos Juniors recruited him. At the age of 11, the national press predicted the fate of a football star for him. At 16, he made his professional debut.

Before the fall of the military dictatorship in Argentina, young Diego was already a national hero. In 1979 he led Argentina to victory over the USSR at the U20 World Championship. This team consisted of kids partly from the favelas and who had learned to play football on vacant lots; a technical game of short passes, feints and lightning acceleration to compensate for small sizes.

Maradona met Fidel Castro in 1987. A close friendship developed between the two men. He later became acquainted with Hugo Chávez and Evo Morales, with whom he also bonded. Supporting radical left regimes in Latin America, he declared in 2007 that “Everything Fidel does is excellent” and assured that he “Hates with all his might anything that comes from the United States”. It is in Cuba that Maradona chooses to seek treatment for her drug addiction. Realizing his immense popularity and his ability to mesmerize crowds, Castro suggested that Maradona enter politics. By a disturbing coincidence, Maradona died on November 25, like her political idol four years earlier.

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Maradona was, in his own way, a political animal. From the 1980s on, his statements were listened to with deference. Peronist orator, he bewitched the crowds. He was given the job of coach of the national team at the 2010 World Cup when he had never coached any team. It ended badly. In glory or failure, Diego Maradona was a god and everything was passed to him. A cult in Argentina was named after him and a replica of his plastic penis was exhibited in a museum in Buenos Aires. Maradona filled this fake penis with urine other than his own during doping controls.

More than twenty-five years after his hasty departure from Naples, the memory of Maradona is still vivid in people’s minds. Two years ago, while I was walking in Forcella, a district of the city center under the influence of the Camorra, I saw on the wall of a building an inscription in still fresh paint: “Diego, make us dream again.” (“Diego, make us dream again”). A football god never dies. It lives in our memories of amazed children.

Philippe Marlière professor of political science at University College London


Surprise: Barcelona and the star it has offered Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus – Diez

Barcelona This Saturday dawned with the news that the culé team would be offering one of its stars to Juventus in Turin.

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According to Calciomercato, Philippe Coutinho would be being put on the table for a possible transfer in the January 2021 market.

Coutinho was offered to Juventus, Barcelona wants to sell it to raise funds.

Let us remember that Barcelona and Juventus have a good relationship, the result of which the exchange was made in the last transfer window between Pjanic – Arthur.

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The information from the Italian portal reveals that Barca has the need to sell Coutinho to be able to sign other types of players it needs.

It should be remembered that Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus has financial problems and the signing of the Brazilian would not be considered.

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Both Paratici, the technical director, and Pirlo, the coach, currently trust Dejan Kulusevski and do not want him to have a competitor with the arrival of Coutinho.


They present “Mirror ustori” in Barcelona

the journalist and professor lluís busquets i grabulosa presented his latest book, entitled Burning mirror, which covers his experiences from 1981 to 1987 in Olot, Rome and Barcelona. In addition to the same author, who is a contributor to Diari de Girona, Carles Duarte, poet, linguist and former president of the Conca; Congresswoman Laura Borràs and the second vice-president of the Ateneu Barcelonès, Carles Llorens.


Griezmann: «Messi told me that when I rejected Barça he screwed up»

Antoine Griezmann, Barcelona forward, revealed this Monday that when he signed for the Barça club and spoke with Lionel Messi, the Argentine player acknowledged that he was “screwed” that he had rejected his team for the first time when he publicly bet on him.

It is one of the excerpts from the interview broadcast by Movistar Plus in the program ‘Universo Valdano’, in which Griezmann broke his silence to try to clarify some controversies and asked all those who have spoken ill of him to leave him “alone” and calm to be able to adapt to Barcelona.

Griezmann arrived at Barcelona two summers ago to start the 2019/20 season. After three coaches (Ernesto Valverde, Quique Setién and Ronald Koeman), he has been the subject of much criticism. The first, to say no to Barcelona the previous summer through a documentary (‘The decision’) that upset sectors of both clubs.

“I wanted you to see how you experience the fact of a signing, a possible change of team. It is what I wanted to show, which is not going to a candy store and choosing between blue and pink. It was complicated for me, I wanted to teach it. Many people thought it was a game, that I laughed at the fans and it was not like that, “he said.

«Your wife, your parents, your friends speak to you, they give you an opinion and you choose. A comment from anyone can affect you and raise doubts. But yes, my wife helped me in those moments. It was difficult. After the documentary my parents were very angry. Because of the decision, they wanted me to go to Barcelona, ​​because of the documentary that they didn’t like. But it is what I wanted to do and demonstrate, “he added.

So, when he finally signed for Barcelona, ​​he had a conversation with Messi, who a year earlier supported the signing of the one who is now his partner: «I spoke with Leo after when he arrived. He told me that when I turned down the first time it screwed him up and hurt him because he had made public comments. The same would have happened to me. But he told me that since he was on his team he was going to be with me to death. It’s what I notice, “he said.

Griezmann decided to change clubs because, he assured, he noticed that he needed to change of scene and learn “something else” after several seasons at Atlético. He also reported that the exits of colleagues such as the Uruguayan Diego Godín and the French Lucas Hernández were key.

Regarding his lower performance at Barcelona, ​​he said that one of the causes may be that he has had three coaches and, therefore, it has been difficult for him.

“It’s complicated when you come from a team with their style of play and you arrive at Barcelona, ​​which is the opposite and you have three coaches and a pandemic without four months playing. I still need time to adapt to my colleagues and they to me, “he said.

He had words for each one and thanked Valverde for trusting him to play for Barcelona while pointing out that the coach asked him to play on the left, creating spaces with Jordi Alba.

De Setién pointed out that he learned a lot about getting the ball and some unchecking, while saying that his relationship with him was “normal.” He also referred to the words he had with the former Barça coach when he took him out in a game in the last five minutes.

«My parents sometimes told me to ask him why I didn’t play or why I changed. But if he didn’t ask when he played, he wasn’t going to ask when not. On Athletic day he wanted to talk to me. I told him it was not necessary, he told me it was only two minutes and he asked me what I wanted to know until when I was going to be angry. I told him that I was calm and that I was going to work without problems, “he said.

“They can create problems for me”

In addition, he referred to the words of Eric Olhats, who was his advisor and who spoke ill of Lionel Messi, causing the Argentine’s response. Griezmann reported that he has no relationship with Olhats for a long time.

With Erik, since the day I got married, I have no relationship with him. He was invited to my wedding at the table of honor with me and he did not come. I got really pissed off and from there I have no relationship with him. In the end it can do a lot of damage, it can create doubts in the locker room and it can create problems with Leo. But Messi knows that he is a very great example for me, I learn from him and he knows it ».

He also spoke about other statements made by his uncle, Emmanuel Lopes, with whom he also has no relationship and who also spoke about Messi: “It hurts a lot and then my uncle doesn’t know what football is about. A journalist speaks to you, the first hour you are more attentive to what you are going to say, but in the end the journalist wants the headline to get a minimum sentence and create controversy ».

Finally, he was annoyed by the comments made about his figure by the candidates for the Barcelona elections and said that he has enough with “his” for others to think if he was a good or bad signing.

“In general, sometimes they go a bit overboard. I accept the criticism, I am not the best Griezmann, but I need help from everyone. Since I don’t speak, I’m an easy target.

«It’s like a non-stop. Since I don’t speak, I give people their opinion. Always a bad thing. If it is not because of Leo, it is because of the future president, or because I want to leave the club … there is always something new and in the end I do not finish being calm and getting up in the morning without something. I want to answer. There is no problem with anyone. May everyone be calm and everyone leave me alone, “he concluded.


Gignac competes for the Puskás Award with Luis Suárez and Son Heung-min

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon /

At 34 André-Pierre Gignac, Tigres forward, He does not stop stealing the spotlight for what he achieves on the pitch. Now he was nominated for Premio Puskás de FIFA, in which you compete with players like Luis Suarez O Son Heung-min.

The chosen goal was the one who did Pumas in the Matchday 8 Closing 2020, where he caught an air ball and hit it with a scissors to beat the rival goalkeeper. One of the three goals that they made that night to the capital.

The annotation was given on February 29 at University Stadium. Although curiously FIFA what marks it was March 1.

Also on the list is Luis Suarez for a goal he scored wearing the shirt of the Barcelona before him Mallorca December 7, 2019.

It also appears Son, player of the Tottenham who also scored a great goal against Burnley in the Premier League, Maradonian style, curiously the same day as the Gunman.

Complete list of nominees for Puskás

  • Shirley Cruz (CRC): Costa Rica – Panama [Clasificatorios olímpicos femeninos de la Concacaf] (January 28, 2020)
  • Giorgian de Arrascaeta (URU): Ceará SC – CR Flamengo [Brasileirão. Brasil] (August 25, 2019)
  • Jordan Flores (ENG): Shamrock Rovers FC – Dundalk FC [Liga de Irlanda] (February 28, 2020)
  • Andre Pierre Gignac (FRA): Tigres UANL – Pumas UNAM [Liga MX. México] (March 1, 2020)
  • Sophie Ingle (WAL): Arsenal WFC – Chelsea FC Women [1.ª División femenina. Inglaterra] (January 19, 2020)
  • Zlatko Junuzovic (AUT): SK Rapid Vienna – FC Red Bull Salzburg [Bundesliga. Austria] (June 24, 2020)
  • Honorable Kekana (RSA): Mamelodi Sundowns FC – Cape Town City FC [1.ª División. Sudáfrica] (August 20, 2019)
  • Son Heung-min (KOR): Tottenham Hotspur FC – Burnley FC [Premier League. Inglaterra] (December 7, 2019)
  • Leonel Quinonez (ECU): Catholic University – CSD Macará [Serie A. Ecuador] (August 19, 2019)
  • Luis Suarez (URU) – FC Barcelona – RCD Mallorca [LaLiga. España] (December 7, 2019)
  • Caroline Weir (SCO): Manchester City WFC – Manchester United WFC [1.ª División femenina. Inglaterra] (September 7, 2019)

How will the winner be chosen?

The winner of the award will be chosen by an international jury that will include FIFA Legends and fans in the world who are registered on the site of FIFA, where they must vote and have until next December 9.

When will the finalists be known?

The finalists will be announced on December 11, two days after the fan voting ends and The Best 2020 gala will be on December 17.


” I thought Cristiano Ronaldo was the strongest in the world, but when I saw Messi train I thought about retiring ” – Ten

Kevin-Prince Boateng He was one of the footballers who only spent half a season in the FC Barcelona and then returned to Serie A without pain or glory. The player spoke with DAZN on his arrival at the Barça team and his current status in the Monza, Italian Serie B club.

Prince Boateng reveals who his soccer idol is

Boateng He landed at the Camp Nou in the winter market of the 2018-19 season to reinforce the lead; He only played four games, he never knew what it is to score as a Barça player, but there was something that marked him in his career: seeing Messi in training.

” Training with Messi left me speechless. He had always said that Cristiano Ronaldo was the strongest in the world, but Messi is something else, he is not normal. I was training with him and, for the first time in my career, I felt short. I thought, ‘I give up, I stop playing.’ He did incredible things, ” says the Ghanaian in the interview.

Boateng He was the protagonist of some scandals off the pitch. ” I would change that part of my past. Many times I have entrusted myself only to my talent and, with the talent that I have, without being arrogant, I could have done much more. Even if he still had a good career. ”

Prince Boaten claims he would have played for Real Madrid

When talking about that part of his past, the footballer refers to his stage in the Tottenham where he played three seasons, but had no chances. His motivation was off the field. So much so that in one day he bought three luxury cars.

” There was a lot of pain behind. I was trying to buy happiness. He was not happy, he did not play, he was not well and he was looking for something else, ” he admits.

The talk also served to Boateng send a message against racism and not only in football, but globally. ” In 2013 I said: ‘I hope the children in a few years will not know what racism means.’ But unfortunately we hear more about it today than yesterday, ” he laments.

Dream of promotion

Now 33, Boateng He is another kind of athlete and he is only mentalized in seeking promotion with his new club and in the process invent a new dance.

” At Monza I respect my teammates and they respect me. I bring experience and that helps them grow. Having champions in the locker room helped me as a kid too. ” “If I get promoted, I will invent a new dance to celebrate it,” he closed with laughter.


Barcelona beat Dynamo and qualify for the second round

The Champions League, where three months ago, in Lisbon, it probably signed the blackest episode in its history, has curiously become the particular oasis of Barcelona in this journey through the desert that is being the start of the new season.

This Tuesday, in Ukraine, his second unit thrashed Dynamo Kiev (0-4) to chain the fourth victory in the competition and certify his pass to the round of 16. And it is that, in Europe, the penalties are less penalties for the Barcelona.

With Piqué, Sergio Busquets and Ansu Fati injured, with Messi and De Jong resting in Barcelona, and Griezmann, Jordi Alba and Dembélé on the bench, Koeman put a practically unrecognizable eleven on the pitch of NSK Olimpiyskiy in Kiev in which the presence of the subsidiary central Oscar Mingueza stood out.

The 9 of 9 in the ‘Champions’ gave the Dutch coach the perfect alibi for get a good bunch of young footballers out of soda thinking about what is coming to a team that is not for many excesses.

A Dynamo depleted by the covid gave, despite the defeat, a very good image at the Camp Nou a few days ago, and Barça, who had been warned, started getting into the game.

Well positioned behind and dominating the game, the azulgrana set set the pace from the start, although without bragging or clear scoring chances.

In fact, it was the Ukrainian team that first notified at twenty minutes, in a shot bitten by De Pena, after a commotion inside the visiting area, which Ter Stegen saved without problems.

Barcelona replied with two shots from the front of Countinho and Trincao. The Brazilian thread could not find a door and the Portuguese attempt was too focused on the Bushchan domain.

Barça had too much attitude but it lacked quality to resolve in the final meters, and Dinamo, without breaking down, scored the goal on the last play before the break, again through Uruguayan De Pena, this time with a center-kick that Ter Stegen deflected.

The home team came out a bit more spirited after the restart, but found themselves quickly 0-1, which Dest defined with a cross shot after entering the right lane and taking advantage of a failed driving by Braithwaite.

Braithwaite himself would make it 0-2 five minutes later, when he finished off a corner thrown by Aleñá and that Mingueza prolonged by heading the ball to the far post for the Danish to catch.

De Pena, on his third occasion, was about to close the gap, but ended up finishing off with his left foot an assist from Buyalskiy in a local counter.

There was almost half an hour left in the game, Barça was already classified as first in the group for the round of 16, Dinamo out and Koeman decided it was time to move the bench.

Thus came the debut in the Champions League for Riqui Puig and Konrad, and Matheus Fernández’s debut as a Barça player. Riqui, Dest and even Matheus tried their luck against Bushchan before the end. But it was Braithwaite, from a penalty, and Griezmann, in added time, who closed the win.


0 – Dynamo Kiev: Bushchan; Kedziora, Zabarnyi, Mykolenko, Karavev; Sphepliev (Baluta, min.83), Buyalskiy, Garmash; Shaparenko (Lednev, min.71), Verbic y De Pena (Supryaha, min.70).

4 – Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Sergiño Dest, Mingueza, Lenglet (Jordi Alba, min.65), Junior; Pjanic (Riqui Pugi, min.65), Aleñá; Coutinho (Griezmann, min.65), Trincao (Konrad, min.83), Pedri (Matheus, min.73); y Braithwaite.

Goals: 0-1: Dest, min.53. 0-2: Braithwaite, min.57. 0-3: Braithwaite (p.), Min.70. 0-4: Griezmann, min.92.

Referee: Matej Jug (SLO). He showed a yellow card to Pjanic (min.5) and Popov (min.69).

Incidents: Match of the fourth day of Group G of the Champions League played at the NSK Olimpiyskiy-Kiev stadium (Ukraine).


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In Messi’s absence … “young feet” shining with Barcelona

After a sluggish start in the first half, the Catalan giants advanced at the start of the second half after the American international, Sergio Dest, completed a smooth move to finish the ball in the net, scoring his first goal with the club since joining from Ajax Amsterdam.

Danish striker Martin Braithwaite doubled the score, scoring his first goal in Europe’s highest club competition at the age of 29 from close range.

Braithwaite netted again in the 70th minute with a penalty kick, while substitute Antoine Griezmann completed the quartet in stoppage time to lift Group G leaders Barcelona to 12 points from 4 matches and book their place in the round of 16.


Champions League: review the minute by minute of Barcelona’s triumph against Dinamo Kiev – Diez

THERE IS NO TIME FOR MORE! Barcelona get a ticket to the second round after beating Dinamo in Kiev by the score of 0-4.

90+2′ GOOOOOOOLLLLL OF BARCELONA! Yes now. Griezmann scores 0-4 after a good assist from Alba and the Catalan club flies towards the second round.

90 & # 39; UUUFFFFF! Griezmann’s shot that manages to save the archer and after the rebound was left to Braithwaiter, but the Dane could not control.

89 ‘Two more minutes are added.

88′ SEARCH FOR! Sergiño Dest’s right hand from outside the area that passes just above the goal.

86 & # 39; I was looking for the one on one Konrad, but loses the duel and ends up committing a foul.

84 & # 39; Another change in Barcelona: Trincao leaves and Konrad enters.

80 & # 39; Good debut for Mingueza. Somewhat more hesitant with the ball at his feet, but impeccable in his defensive tasks.

77 & # 39; Great center of Dest and Riqui Puig misses it without marks from the penalty spot. His shot went over the top.

74 & # 39; The Brazilian midfielder received his first call-up at Barcelona and is making his Champions League debut.

73 & # 39; Fourth Barca change: Pedri leaves … and Matheus Fernandes enters!

70′ GOOOOOOOOLLL OF BARCELONA! Martin Braithwaite does not forgive from the penalty spot and scores his double. 0-3 in Kiev.

69′ PENALTY FOR BARCELONA! Alba center, Braithwaite header and Bushchan save, but there is a penalty on the Dane.

65 ‘Three changes in Barcelona: Pjanic, Lenglet and Coutinho leave for Riqui Puig, Jordi Alba and Griezmann.

57 & # 39; Aleñá’s corner shot that Mingueza manages to comb and Martin Braithwaite reaches the far post only to close and score the 0-2.


53 & # 39; Great collective move that ends in Sergiño Dest’s boots so that the North American crosses the goalkeeper from the right and scores the 0-1.


45′ START THE SECOND TIME! No modifications to both teams.

– In the other key of the group, the Juventus is drawing against him Ferencváros 1-1. Uzuni opened the dial to 19 and Cristiano Ronaldo at 35 he drew the scoreboard.

END OF THE FIRST TIME! We go to rest with a boring 0-0.

44 ‘Just one more minute is added.

42 & # 39; We are approaching the end of the first half and Barcelona have only had two shots on goal. We continue without goals.

36 & # 39; Trincao’s distant shot that reaches Bushchan’s gloves without problems.

35 & # 39; Coutinho fails to reach a loose ball at the far post. Barça insists.

32 & # 39; Trincao falls and the Portuguese asks for a penalty. It was between two players but it seems that the Portuguese is doing a lot on his part.

28′ ¡UUUFFFF! Brazilian Coutinho’s shot in the front that goes near the left post of the Ukrainian goal.

25 & # 39; Little by little, Barça is taking control of the ball and is getting closer and closer to Dinamo’s goal.

21 & # 39; Pedri appears a lot, who is the one who is managing the times with the ball of Koeman’s.

18 & # 39; Try to cool the game a bit the local team, which is not going through great difficulties at the moment.

16 & # 39; First yellow of the match for Pjanic for cutting a transition from Dynamo Kiev.

11 & # 39; Barça squeezes well when he does not have the ball but he is lacking some finesse to generate in the last meters.

9 & # 39; Verbic tried from the front, but Mingueza closed the blow by going to the ground. Perfect the youth squad so far.

5 & ​​# 39; The ball is left by Koeman’s at this start. Dinamo puts the lines too far back.

3 & # 39; Barça has started with rhythm. The layout is clear: Coutinho and Trincao on the sides and Pedri as a hitch behind Braithwaite.

1′ START THE PARTY! Barcelona moves the ball in Kiev.

The Barcelona, hampered by casualties and doubts, visit this Tuesday to Dynamo Kiev in the fourth day of the Champions League (2:00 PM) in search of a victory that ties the pass to the round of 16.

In the face of great absences, Koeman will put the youth squad in the center Mingueza to pair with Lenglet. On the left will go Junepr Firpo and the ‘9’ will not be Griezmann, since the DT bets on Braithwaite.


Dinamo: Bushchan, Karavaev, Zabarnyi, Mykolenko, Kadziora, Shaparenko, Garmash, Shepeliev, Buyalskiy, De Pena y Verbic.

Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Dest, Lenglet, Mingueza, Junior; Pjanic, Aleñá; Pedri, Coutinho, Trincao y Braithwaite.

Schedule: 2:00 PM from Honduras.

Transmission: ESPN 2.