Tuning for electric cars: electrifying extremists

Sou have something of Asterix and Obelix, and if you put them next to each other, there is a certain comedy about it. Because both the Smart Brabus Ultimate E and the Mercedes EQC 4 × 42 are overdrawn like cartoon characters. And they both look like they’ve got a little too much of that magic potion that electrifies the mobility of tomorrow. Because the current has to be quite strong and blow some fuses before two such electric cars make it onto the road: Because the chubby, poisonous dwarf who defiantly wants to mess with every sports car, and here the SUV, which is even proud of it, being a bastard – this is how the two mark the current extremes in the electric EQ fleet and prove that electric mobility is slowly becoming commonplace when even the tuners and converters are interested in it.

Attract attention at all costs and prove what is possible thanks to or despite the new drive technology – the motives of the makers are similar, but the two electric extremists differ significantly in their choice of means. For example, Brabus pulled out the classic stops with the Ultimate and put the freshly relaunched Smart Convertible in a wild battle suit with massive bumpers and wide fenders, with forged 18-inch wheels and the interior with lots of hand-sewn leather on disdainful plastic finally that charm and Missed the chic that you can expect from a bonsai if a Benz is behind it.

Only in terms of the drive system did they do relatively little in Bottrop. Not that they didn’t want to. But because the electric ones are harder and, above all, more expensive to tune than gasoline engines, it was only enough for a small blob instead of a full supplement: the electric motor now has 68 instead of 60 kW, the maximum torque increases from 160 to 180 Nm. And the top speed of 130 km / h even remains unchanged. The fact that the Smart still feels as if it were on steroids is due to the sharpened course of the torque curve and the greed of the accelerator, which makes the tiny thing a real poison dwarf, so wildly scurrying through the city.

... through portal axes ...

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Tuning for electric cars

Electrifying extremists

The Mercedes developers have also kept their hands off the drive of the EQC. But to do this, they screwed two portal axles under the belly of the GLC’s electric offshoot, just like the Unimog has. Because, thanks to the additional gears on the wheel drive, the center of the axle is a good bit higher and because, on top of that, coarse-tread off-road tires turn under the striking flared fenders, the EQC 4 × 42 drives like on stilts, wallows in the mud like a wild boar and has better characteristics on the terrain than a G-Class: 29 centimeters of ground clearance, 40 centimeters of fording depth and angle of departure of 31.8 and 33 degrees turned the SUV for everyday life in the city’s suburbs into an off-road vehicle for adventures in the steppe – if only there were charging stations for the battery With an energy content of 80 kWh, which does not bring the two engines with 150 kW output in difficult terrain 150 kilometers. No wonder that the test drivers’ excursions have so far been limited to gravel pits and a few alpine gravel roads very close to the edge of civilization.

Brabus only builds 28 Ultimate E, and the price of around 57,000 euros is almost something prohibitive. But the tuner has something ahead of the manufacturer. Because the EQC 4 × 42 will not be available to buy for money and good words, the developers assure. Where they usually like to stir up at least a little hope, this time their answers don’t leave the slightest room for interpretation. And yet the Bigfoot with battery is more than just a finger exercise and at least serves one purpose internally: it paves the way for the electric G-Class, which company boss Ola Källenius has just promised again. And until that comes, there might be a couple of sockets in the steppe.


Matthias Brandt and Christian Petzold on the fear of the pandemic

You have just worked with acting students at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. How does it work with corona conditions?

Sandra Kegel

Responsible editor for the features section.

Brandt: Scenic work is difficult at the moment, so we did a classic seminar. We built a nice horseshoe in the room, watched films and talked about the special features of film acting.

Petzold: I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Teaching virtually is not possible in our work. We need the conversation, the eye contact, the physical presence.

Interesting that a film director would say that the filmed image is your medium.


AvtoVAZ defended the right to “4×4” in court – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Since summer, the advertising company “EmElGi Outdoor” has been suing CJSC “GM-AvtoVAZ”, the latter, we recall, during this time managed to change its name to LLC “Lada West Togliatti” and become a subsidiary fully subordinate to AvtoVAZ. EmLGi Outdoor is trying to ban the use of the 4×4 trademark by the automaker and collect 5 million rubles from it.

EmLG Outdoor is the owner of two trademarks: “mlg” and “4×4”. In June 2020, the company filed a lawsuit against GM-AvtoVAZ, applying to the Arbitration Court of the Samara Region. A month later, the trial court ruled against the plaintiff.

EmLGi Outdoor filed an appeal, but even then the court sided with the automaker, recognizing that the plaintiff did not use the trademark in its work.

Earlier “RG” told how a businessman from Rostov-on-Don decided to make money, who filed a lawsuit against Kia, requesting compensation from the company in the amount of 100 million rubles.


Kia does not give Russians paid Sorentos of the new generation – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Russian dealers of Kia do not issue diesel modifications of the Sorento of the new generation. Moreover, it refuses to issue even prepaid cars.

The company says the hitch is due to the fact that demand has exceeded supply, but according to an unofficial version, crossovers may have problems with the gearbox software.

Kia Sorento was launched on the Russian market on October 15, 2020. The model is offered for purchase with gasoline and diesel engines, the first is aggregated by “automatic”, the second is provided with a “robot”.

Dealers give out only cars with a gasoline engine, while the keys to diesel versions, writes “Autoreview” with reference to the story of the reader, refuse to transfer, despite the fact that the car is in the parking lot of the dealership. According to the sellers, cars with a 2.2 CRDi engine have a problem with the software of the robotic gearbox, and the control unit needs to be installed with a new one, without bugs.

Nevertheless, the Russian representative office of Kia, despite the testimony of witnesses, assures that “the situation is due to an unexpectedly high demand for this model.” In about three weeks, according to the company, dealers accepted more than 2,000 pre-orders.

The start of sales of the Kia Seltos crossover was also accompanied by problems at the initial stage: the company prohibited dealers from selling cars with a mechanical ignition switch, which had a defect in the mechanism that locks the steering wheel in the parking position.


BOLA – Spain decrees a state of emergency for six months (Spain)

The government led by Pedro Sanchez approved on Sunday morning the return of the state of emergency to Spain.

It is expected to last six months, until April, and a curfew will be in effect between 11 pm and 6 am.

The State of Emergency now enacted in Spain will be much more “mild” than that of March, and although the decree issued by the Council of Ministers is valid for the next 15 days, the need to extend it at the congress for a over a six-month period.

Other restrictions are foreseen, namely to limit social gatherings.


What did the great detective in the Russian Empire of the era of Alexander III forget?

A new series about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes has been released on the START video service. The main roles were played by Maxim Matveev, Irina Starshenbaum and Vladimir Mishukov. The eccentric director Konstantin Bogomolov also acted as an actor

Photo: frame from the movie “Sherlock in Russia”

A new fantasy based on the adventures of Sherlock. It contains nothing of the works of Conan Doyle. In the first two episodes, Sherlock hunts Jack the Ripper. Several shots from London. But then the hero moves to pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg. The main role of Sherlock is with Maxim Matveyev, the doctor Watson in Russia is the doctor Kartsev performed by Vladimir Mishukov, known for his role as an oligarch in the TV series “Kept Women”. The local blunt policeman Leistred, who bears the surname Trudny, is played by Pavel Maikov, who is remembered by many for his role as the gangster Bee from the Brigade.

There is also a Russian analogue of Sherlock’s sworn enemy – Professor Moriarty. It was Chief Chief of Police Znamensky, played by Konstantin Bogomolov in a white top hat and furs. A lot of computer graphics, riding in a carriage to an African American beat, a cover of Britney Spears’ song Toxic and at the same time the atmosphere of Tsarist Russia.

Sherlock is fluent in Russian thanks to Dostoevsky, however, he speaks with an accent and does not understand the idioms that doctor Kartsev translates to him.

– How do you know Russian?

– I read your writers – there they penetrated deeply into criminal psychology.

– Yes, and who do you read?

– Dostoevsky.

– I wonder how you would interpret the title of Dostoevsky’s story “White Nights”?

– As a metaphor: once again proves that you Russians do not say and write what you think.

– I’ll tell you a secret, we still think not what we really think.

– Thank you, I’ll hurt myself into a cake.

– In a cake? What for?

– I have an eye oh how enthusiastic.

– Thank you.

– Thank you?

Outwardly, Sherlock does not differ from the already filmed Sherlocks, who act in Victorian England. There is no visual uniqueness or semantic meaning yet, but there are very good actors and there is such a cool thing as a linguistic game, says film critic of The City project Yegor Moskvitin.

Egor Moskvitin film critic of The City project

Better to watch the British film “Enola Holmes” about the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, says the film critic “Gazeta.ru” Pavel Voronkov, describing what he saw as guilty pleasure – a shameful pleasure.

Pavel Voronkov film critic “Gazety.ru”

The scriptwriter of the series is Oleg Malovichko, who worked on “Method”, “Trotsky” and the horror “Sputnik”. The series was produced by Alexander Tsekalo with the Sreda company, known for the Gogol trilogy with Alexander Petrov.

So far, viewers have only been able to watch two episodes. We saw nothing new in these two episodes, says film critic Olga Shakina.

Olga Shakina film critic

The audience, as usual, was divided. Some are ready to watch the series only for Matveyev’s sake, others believe that those ideas that did not fit into “Gogol” were pushed here. Still others say: “As if in the Christmas episode of” Sherlock “from the BBC Holmes did not let go, and now we are in his narcotic delirium, where Mantises reign in white feathers.” And my colleague joked that with the same success it was possible to shoot how Sherlock hunts for the Black Cat gang, and it would be fresh.

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Letter from Istanbul: Erdogan’s deadly taxes

Dhe economic situation in Turkey continues to deteriorate. The palace regime always takes the same measure. In practiced helplessness, it quickly reaches into the pockets of the people. The already exorbitant taxes will be raised.

On the Turkish version of the column
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The government increased taxes on cars and alcoholic beverages several times. If we buy a car, we pay so much taxes that we can use it to finance two cars for the state. We are even more generous when it comes to buying alcohol. For every glass we drink, there are three for Erdogan’s household.

The fact that alcoholic beverages are particularly drastic is no coincidence, because that doesn’t affect Erdogan’s base very much and fits the Islamist character of the government. So in Turkey, alcoholic beverage consumers pay the highest taxes. In the past decade, taxes on alcohol have increased by nearly 500 percent. In Germany you could buy 3,158 bottles of beer with a monthly minimum wage, in contrast to only 186 in Turkey.

Bulent Mumay

Bulent Mumay

Photo: private

Taxes are driving up the prices of spirits. Instead of spending a fortune on a bottle of raki, citizens are now making their own alcoholic beverages at home if there is a lack of hygiene. Some have turned their apartment into a small schnapps distillery and produce whiskey and vodka while they are already there. Erdogan has stated that our national drink is Ayran, but thanks to taxes, raki is his favorite drink. Citizens see it the same way, but for different reasons. Blogs with recipes for making raki are springing up like mushrooms. Online shops have even been set up offering raw materials for raki production such as ethanol and aniseed oil.

Permanent damage

The rulers were not at all happy that the citizens now consume homemade raki, which costs them only a fifth of the retail price. As soon as the state noticed a decrease in the income from alcohol sales in the total tax revenue, it banned the sale of the most important raw material for raki production: Ethanol from agricultural production is no longer allowed to be traded in supermarkets and on the Internet. But people found ways to overturn the ban. If you didn’t get any ethanol, you added methanol to the raki. Some resorted to even more dangerous substances. They mixed cleaning products such as alcohol-based disinfectants with alcohol aromas and sold them as raki.

The accident happened. In the past two weeks, at least 70 people have died after consuming illegal alcohol. Far more are struggling with death in intensive care units in hospitals. Even if they survive, they will suffer permanent damage, such as loss of vision. The rulers care little. On the contrary, one or the other even laughed up their sleeves. A member of the youth organization of Erdogan’s AKP said: “Laicists, if you want to get rid of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, only drink plenty of adulterated alcohol!”

They preach to others to share the want

The economic crisis, however, affects all citizens. According to the latest figures, forty percent of citizens are no longer able to pay their electricity, water and gas bills. One in four people in the country is unemployed and there is no prospect of investment in job creation. But we are breaking one record: that of foreign debt. We are eighteenth in the world’s largest economies, but sixth in terms of external debt.


Mother dies in the car that overturns, serious 5-year-old son – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – CHIVASSO (TURIN), OCTOBER 23 – A woman dead and two injured, including a child of just five years now on a reserved prognosis. This is the balance sheet of a road accident that occurred around midnight on state road 26 in Caluso (Turin), at the height of the new roundabout under construction near the Carolina hamlet. The three, residing in Ivrea in the Cascine Forneris street, were on board a Fiat Stilo which finished its wheel run in the air.

The driver, Antonio Udorovich, 26, lost control of it near the construction site. At his side was his wife, Silvia Riviera, 31, who was thrown from the passenger compartment and died instantly. The five-year-old son was instead rescued by medical staff and transported to Regina Margherita in Turin where, during the night, he underwent a delicate surgery. Admitted to the intensive care unit he is still in danger of life.

The conditions of the driver of the car hospitalized at Giovanni Bosco in Turin were less serious. He was denounced by the Chivasso carabinieri for road murder. (HANDLE).