Pedestrian zones have not proven themselves

A city like Frankfurt needs development strategies. In a series of interviews, the FAZ has had various experts have their say in the past few weeks: Among other things, the architect Stefan Forster spoke out against the eventization of inner cities. Christopüh Mäckler, also an architect, argued against the demonization of cars. Meanwhile, the city planner Torsten Becker confessed that the Zeil was boring him. In the fourth part of the series, which will be continued in the coming weeks, the architect duo Till Schneider and Michael Schumacher explain their visions for Frankfurt.

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Outsiders can hardly tell who was responsible for which design: Till Schneider and Michael Schumacher appear as a team. The two architects have been an inseparable duo since studying at the Städelschule. In 1988 they founded the Schneider + Schumacher office, which with more than a hundred employees and branches in Vienna and China is now one of the most successful architecture offices in Frankfurt. They have shaped the city with projects such as the expansion of the Städel to include the underground garden halls and the Westhafen Tower. Her office also deals with complex tasks such as project management for the new old town or the renovation of the Silver Tower. For an architecture office of this size, it is surprising at first glance that it has not developed a recognizable signature. This has to do with the approach taken by the architects: they first analyze a location and then develop the appropriate design strategy. The architectural language is modern, but also sensitive and discreet. They don’t exist, the buildings of which one would say: typically Schneider + Schumacher.

On a scale from one (not at all) to ten (excellent), how much do you like Frankfurt?

To Schneider: 8.

But that is a good value.

Schneider: I feel very comfortable in the city. Even if there are a few shortcomings that annoy me in terms of planning. For example, I am bothered by the condition of the station forecourt, for which nobody in the city feels really responsible.

And your grade?

Michael Schumacher: 6. I also feel very comfortable in Frankfurt. In terms of urban planning, the city has developed well over the past thirty years – from the museum embankment to the groups of high-rise buildings. The picture of the city from afar is beautiful. On the other hand, the city has become very dirty and, in my opinion, also more dangerous. That has less to do with politics than with the changed behavior of people. The relationship has become more uncomfortable.

You mentioned the station forecourt. The redesign competition was launched in 2008 and the renovation is to begin in 2025. Does the example show that large urban development projects always take a long time?

Schumacher: It seems to me that it is becoming more and more difficult to follow long lines and implement them. It is good to inform, involve and discuss all affected groups together, but then decisions and action should also be taken. That has become more difficult for politicians, but it is their job.

What kind of development would urban development do in the long term?

Schumacher: If we think long-term, it is clear that we have to push the car further out of the city center because it simply takes up too much space, whether while driving or parked. It’s a big object, a bicycle is a small object. The doctrine that applied in the 1970s that all destinations must be accessible by car no longer applies. Electric mobility has made cycling more attractive for many people, and the distance that can be bridged has increased significantly.


Record lap on Road Atlanta

The new Panamera Turbo S set a new record on the Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, in the home of Porsche Cars North America. Pilot Leh Keen drove the approximately four-kilometer route in 1 minute and 31.51 seconds. The record is a continuation: the Taycan Turbo S had already achieved a new record time on this route last year.

Porsche Panamera Turbo S: Record lap on Road Atlanta

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“The engineers balanced this vehicle perfectly,” explains Keen. “They managed to make it feel really compact and sporty. The high driving stability gave me enormous safety, so that I could drive the track and the curbs at the limit. But on the autobahn the car behaves completely differently, somehow more cultivated and relaxed – a great mixture. “
Panamera Turbo S: Record lap on Road Atlanta
© Porsche

Panamera with performance-oriented standard equipment

The Porsche Panamera Turbo S comes up with extensive, performance-oriented standard equipment that assists the driver in highly dynamic and demanding driving situations, including PCCB ceramic brakes (Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes), PTV Plus (Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus), rear-axle steering and roll stabilization PDCC Sport (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport).

To further increase its performance, the Panamera Turbo S was equipped with optional, newly developed Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 ND0 UHP (Ultra-High Performance) tires that are approved for road use. Your size: 275/35 ZR 21 103Y XL at the front and 325/30 ZR 21 108Y XL at the back. The tires bear the typical Porsche symbol “N” as an indication of the cooperation between the tire manufacturer and Porsche. At the Nürburgring, they were specially tailored to the Panamera and its customers.

Porsche / DW

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Better light on the car: this is how enlightenment comes

WIf you drive a modern car these days, you will usually enjoy the advances in lighting technology. Thanks to xenon, LED or laser, there is also a lot to see at night that is hidden from owners of older models and some newer ones that the development has bypassed. Because halogen lamps in the H 7 and H 4 versions are dull by comparison, so that they often do not last long is also no joy.

Lukas Weber

Lukas Weber

Editor in the “Technology and Engine” section.

So it’s no wonder that the call for more light is ringing. The easiest way is to use original light sources, but in a sophisticated design. They are available from well-known manufacturers in many variants, all of which have a slightly higher light output and instead of the yellowish glow a rather white light that appears brighter, even if it isn’t. We have tried some of them in the past few years and felt a significant improvement, but at the expense of the service life. Since the special lamps are much more expensive than standard goods and changing them is an annoying fiddling, the desire for something better soon arose.

There is something like that in the form of lamps with the same base, but LEDs as light sources, in a wide selection in electronic department stores. They all have two things in common: The end with the plugs is adorned with a knob, in which there is usually a fan that is supposed to cool the lamp, because contrary to popular belief, the strong LEDs develop heat that will not get them in the long run. Second, such retrofits are not approved for road traffic. Anyone who uses them anyway is traveling illegally, and law enforcement officers who do vehicle checks are aware of the differences. There is one exception: Osram has received approval for its Night Breaker LED H 7, admittedly only for certain vehicles – the list available online at Osram is growing, but only widespread models are on it. Individual approval is necessary because, unlike halogen lamps, LEDs do not radiate all around, which is why retrofit lamps are made up of several LEDs. It must therefore be checked individually that they do not dazzle in headlights designed for halogen lamps.

The low beam is asymmetrical, the light cone shows from above how many lux are arriving at what distance.

The low beam is asymmetrical, the light cone shows from above how many lux are arriving at what distance.

Image: Lightpartz

If it fits, the customer receives a cool white light of 6000 Kelvin (daylight has around 5500) instead of the around 3000 to 3500 K of a normal halogen lamp for a little more than a hundred euros, five times the service life according to the provider and compared to the minimum requirement of the standard (ECE R 112) up to 220 percent more light. All of this with a power requirement of 19 watts, an H 7 has 55 watts. Although the total luminous flux of 1500 lumens (lm) is not greater than that of the halogen lamp, much of it is lost as scattered light. The LEDs, on the other hand, offer a sharply defined cone of light.

If you don’t find your vehicle on the list, you may not have to despair. Many vehicles light up the oncoming vehicles at night with large, round eyes; the standard size of 7 inches is almost always the case. It can be found in old and youngtimers from the Austin Mini to the Porsche 911, many commercial vehicles, some off-road vehicles such as Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes G and Suzuki Jimny as well as quads and motorcycles. Some of them are already delivered as standard or with an extra charge with LED headlights, if not, they can be retrofitted. This is done with the blessing of the approval office, common specimens have a general operating permit and therefore do not even need to be approved by the TÜV. In most cases, the replacement is not a demanding tinkering, but the correct setting is a prerequisite for glare-free operation.


Project “Trinity”: VW names price for mysterious electric model for the first time

economy Project “Trinity”

VW names price for the first time for a mysterious electric model

| Reading time: 2 minutes

DIE WELT photo shoot 27.09.-07.10.2016

With the new “Trinity” electric car project, Volkswagen wants to outshine the market leader Tesla in the future. Now the brand boss reveals what the car will look like and how much it will cost.

Dhe head of the Volkswagen brand, Ralf Brandstätter, has announced new details on the mysterious VW project “Trinity”, with which the automobile manufacturer wants to reduce its technological deficit compared to Tesla in 2026. The planned vehicle will be “a typical car in the range of what Volkswagen customers can pay for,” Brandstätter said in an interview with WELT AM SONNTAG. He named a possible starting price “around 35,000 euros”.

“It will be a dynamic and flat car with a length of just over four meters, which is not yet available in our current model board.” Like the Audi Artemis project, Trinity is to bring new technologies for all aspects of electric, digital and highly automated driving into series production. “Although both projects are based on different technical platforms, they use the same construction kit, the new so-called group backbone,” said Brandstätter.

Before the new vehicle, a smaller electric model below the ID.3 based on the modular electrical construction kit (MEB) will come onto the market. For this, the group has “revised its plans and brought it forward from 2027 to 2025,” said the head of the VW brand board. “The price for such a car will be between 20,000 and 25,000 euros, and it will have sales potential of more than 500,000 units.”

Brandstätter announced the first software updates for the current electric models via the Internet. “The first over-the-air update for ID.3 and ID.4 will come in the first half of the year,” he said. “We are the only volume manufacturer that can do that.” When it came to the software, VW had to “pay hard to learn in some areas,” he said of the problems with the launch of the Golf 8 and ID.3. “In the meantime we have gained a huge competitive advantage.”

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You can read the entire interview in WELT AM SONNTAG. We will be happy to deliver them to your home on a regular basis.

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Source: Welt am Sonntag


Climate offensive: Wien Energie electrifies company fleet

Wien Energie upgrades its fleet with 48 Kia e-Niro electric cars in a climate-friendly way – changing the fleet saves 50,000 kilograms of CO2 every year

Vienna (OTS) Wien Energie is electrifying the company fleet and converting its entire sales team to climate-neutral drive. 48 Kia e-Niro electric cars are now available for customer appointments and business trips. With an average of 350,000 kilometers per year, Wien Energie is now saving over 50,000 kilograms of CO2 annually in this area by switching to electromobility.

“Electromobility is an important building block for more climate protection in the city. Wien Energie is committed to expanding the e-charging infrastructure and now operates the densest charging network in Vienna. The conversion of our own fleet is therefore a logical step “, explains Michael Strebl, Managing Director of Wien Energie. “I am pleased that together with Kia we can electrify the entire sales department in one fell swoop – our customer visits are now climate-neutral!”

“With a practical range, clear and logical operation, as well as the characteristic Kia quality, represented by a 7-year guarantee, the Kia e-Niro has convinced our customers, explains Alexander Struckl, Managing Director of Kia Austria. The conversion of the Wien Energie fleet to the Kia e-Niro shows that the new Kia model is attractive to both private and commercial customers.

With the new acquisition, a total of around 70 Wien Energie e-cars are now on the road, making the majority of the around 100 car fleet. For the new electric fleet, almost 70 additional charging stations were built in the company garage. It is charged with 100 percent green electricity. Step by step, the proportion of electric vehicles in the vehicle fleet is to be increased further. The goal is a complete switch to climate-friendly electric drive wherever possible.

Over 400 kilometers per charge

There are repeated arguments in connection with electric cars with a supposedly short range. In reality, this problem is negligible in most cases. Well over 90% of car journeys are shorter than 50 kilometers. An average electric car easily manages this distance five to six times per full charge “, explains Strebl. He also wants to send a signal to other companies to switch in the interests of climate protection: “This means that longer official routes can be covered without any problems. And when you come back to the company headquarters, you simply plug the e-car back in. “

Wien Energie offers the right charging infrastructure. There are tailor-made concepts and charging solutions especially for companies – whether in semi-public areas or on company premises. With green electricity filling stations in-house, the company fleet can always count on full tanks.

More information about the mobility offers from Wien Energie


Inquiries & contact:

Lisa Grohs
Company spokeswoman Wien Energie
Phone: +43 (0) 664 623 2005

Gilbert Haake
Press & Public Relations Kia Austria
Tel: +43 (0) 1 7342900-43


the price of the maximum configuration is known – Russian newspaper

Information about the price for the maximum configuration of Lada Niva Travel has appeared. The full price list will be published in the coming days.

A subscriber of the AvtoVAZ News group said that he had issued an application for the purchase of Lada Niva Travel with the Off-Road package in the maximum version of the Luxe performance in black. The price for the model was 905,000 rubles. For comparison: Lada Niva Off-Road (ex-Chevrolet Niva) in the same version with a surcharge for black metallic costs 887,000 rubles.

It is also noted that dealers have opened the acceptance of orders for Lada Niva Travel, price lists are in stock, the cost of the model should be officially announced on Monday, January 25, 2021.

Lada Niva Travel is a deep restyling of the Niva model, during which the SUV received new bumpers, head optics and lights, a hood, fenders and a radiator grill. There are no changes in the cabin.

The production of Niva Travel was launched in December 2020 at the enterprise of Lada Zapad Togliatti JSC.


Chinese export share of German automakers rises to a record high

Emden harbor

Last year VW, Daimler and the BMW Group exported 5.4 million vehicles to China.

(Photo: dpa)

Berlin The importance of the Chinese market for the German automotive industry has risen to a new record level. Four out of ten new cars are exported to China, reported the “Augsburger Allgemeine” on Saturday with reference to a study by the Center Automotive Research by the car expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer.

In 2020, the German car groups Volkswagen, Daimler and the BMW Group exported 5.4 million vehicles to China. That was 38.2 percent of the total of 14.16 million new vehicles sold worldwide.

“The Chinese share of German car manufacturers has never been so high and it will continue to rise,” Dudenhöffer told the newspaper. Accordingly, the export share rose, although the actual sales figures for German vehicles on the Chinese market fell slightly by 250,000 new vehicles.

While BMW and Mercedes increased their sales, the VW group sold 383,600 fewer cars in China. BMW increased its Chinese export share in 2020 compared to the previous year from 28.5 to 33.4 percent, Daimler from 25.3 percent to 30.6 percent and among the car brands of the Volkswagen Group, the share of the Chinese business is now 41.4 Percent, after 38.6 percent in the previous year.

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VW and Audi are no longer imaginable without the China business, said Dudenhöffer. The importance of BMW is also growing. “The success and growth of the German auto industry, like economic growth in Germany, is shaped by China.”

More: BMW achieves CO2 targets – but the EU is already working on even stricter rules


Polestar 2 in the test: can this e-car manage what BMW and Mercedes fail?

Dthe name makes an impression. Translated, it means “Pole Star”. And optically, the Polestar 2 also delivers what many have promised it. Finally a European car that was electric from the start. A vehicle that starts without all the burner ballast. But can this car end Tesla’s technological dominance? Is there finally an actor on an equal footing? Can he do what BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen have failed to do so far? WELT knows the answer.


With the houseboat on the Saône in deepest France

Fearlier, in the distant time that we call “before the children”, we usually went to France for three or four weeks a year, or more often to the British Isles, hardly anywhere else. When we had children, we didn’t go anywhere at first. Later a couple of friends encouraged us to travel with them to Italy by the sea, with the tent. We had our three dwarfs with us. She her. The adventure lasted a week and was so successful that we dared to do it again without outside help the following year and for a few more years after that. When we thought we had camped enough, we started looking around Europe and went on extensive trips – and when we thought in 2019 that it could be the last one with the whole family, that had nothing to do with Corona, because hardly anyone knew even the vocabulary, and nobody suspected that it would be the last year of the epoch that we can now call the good old days: when you could go where you wanted and when. And yet we opted for some kind of isolation. With this idea: “Let’s rent a houseboat!”

Acquaintances had tried it and described it as funny. The men are busy. The ladies would be free. Incidentally, there is nothing wrong with navigating a boat – which we can confirm in retrospect. Nevertheless, we weren’t unhappy at first that the boat rental company had rented us a, let’s say, aged copy of the Pénichette. This is the name of the type of ship, which is modeled on an old type of barge. The upper deck has been added to the original design, from which one controls.


Infotainment in the Mercedes GLS in the test

Dhe Mercedes-Benz GLS wants to be the S-Class among SUVs, and that is at least true for the 5.20 meter vehicle length. It remains to be seen whether the interior fittings and the Mbux infotainment that we have tested are also at the level of the luxury class. You will be pampered when you order the Energizing Package Plus for 850 to 3500 euros. This not only heats the seats in cold times or ventilates them in summer, but also the surrounding side surfaces, such as the armrest. The price includes a massage function for the driver and front passenger, and the air is scented and cleaned.

Michael Spehr

One of the advantages of the Mbux system is that, with its modular structure, it integrates such extras almost seamlessly into the menu and displays the functions on both screens. In addition to the on-board monitor, this is the digital cockpit with a lush 12.3-inch display in front of the steering wheel. Mbux is largely part of the standard equipment of the GLS. The navigation, the cellular LTE module with two antennas and a SIM card are included, as well as Android Auto and Apple Carplay. However, augmented reality is subject to a surcharge for navigation, in which graphical navigation instructions are displayed over the real image of the environment.

The recommended head-up display with a huge display also costs 1260 euros extra. We have already described the advantages of Mbux several times here: There are always many ways to get to your destination, you can tap the display with your finger or use the same to select menus and functions on a touchpad in the center console. Or you can use the excellent voice control.

The massive GLS from Mercedes-Benz

The massive GLS from Mercedes-Benz

Image: Daimler AG

It was further developed for the GLS, so there is now seat-related recognition so that the assistant answers the commands of the person who activated the system with “Hey Mercedes”. The complexity of the questions that Mbux is now supposed to answer is unique: in addition to operating the vehicle, you can also ask questions about stock market prices, sporting events and knowledge, which, however, hardly worked in our practical tests. The trend is clear, however. Mercedes wants to follow a similar path as Amazon and is expanding the functionality of its voice assistant. You will probably soon be able to have complex conversations with the virtual lady and incorporate other external content.

The GLS also brings more than 40 new Mbux functions. This includes support for off-road driving programs and the option of showing information such as the vehicle’s longitudinal and lateral inclination and the vehicle level in the head-up display or on the on-board monitor. As in the Range Rover Evoque, there is a virtual view through the bonnet. At low speeds, the corresponding camera can be switched on in order to detect stones or bumps in front of the car.

The ride through the car wash is another shot.

The ride through the car wash is another shot.

Image: Daimler AG

Another new feature is the driver’s seat adjustment, which automatically moves the seat to a suitable position when the size is specified. The online services also include “office functions in the car”. This allows you to display appointments and use them as a navigation destination, automatically dial into conference calls and display tasks. However, some of these services were already available in the C-Class and GLC.