USA: Homeless man rescues four-legged friends from burning shelter in Atlanta – News abroad

A homeless man risked his life to save the dogs and cats.

Keith Walker (53) rescued six dogs and ten cats from a burning shelter in Atlanta, Georgia. Gracie Hamlin, head of W-Underdogs, told CNN, “The man is my hero!”

Walker has known Hamlin for many years. The man, who has lived on the street since the age of 13, was allowed to leave his pit bull Bravo at night with Gracie, who looked after and fed him. When Walker ran to the shelter on December 18 to pick up Bravo, he saw it was on fire. When he got there, the kitchen was completely on fire.

“I was terrified of walking into that smoke, I have to be honest. But God led me there to get the animals out, ”Walker told CNN. “If you love a dog, you can love anything and everyone in the world. My dog ​​is my best friend and I would never want to be without him. So I knew what to do at that moment. ”

When the fire department arrived at W-Underdogs, Walker had long been dragging one animal after another out of the house. “He was our guardian angel,” says Hamlin. Your little animal shelter may not have burned down completely, but it can no longer be inhabited. At least they all got away with their lives!


Homeless man rescues 16 dogs and cats from burning building

In Atlanta, a homeless man risked his own life to save 16 dogs and cats from a burning shelter, TMZ reports. Keith Walker is a true hero who is now celebrated for his courage.

“God protected me to save these animals there”

The fire is said to have been triggered in the kitchen by defective electrics. Keith Walker couldn’t and apparently didn’t want to watch the animals die in the burning building. The 53-year-old from the US state of Georgia responded immediately. “I was damn nervous. I’m not going to lie. I was really scared to go in there with all that smoke. But God protected me to save these animals,” he tells TMZ.

Walker has been homeless since he was 13. He loves dogs and says, “If you love a dog, you can love anyone in this world. My dog ​​is my best friend and I wouldn’t be here without him.” His own pit bull named Bravo is apparently always allowed to stay in the home at night, the owner of “W-Underdogs” allows him. The homeless man actually wanted to pick him up there to take him for a walk when he suddenly saw the flames.

In total, Walker saved six dogs and ten cats. Even the firefighters didn’t want to go in and free the animals. “They alerted the animal welfare. Keith was already in the building at this point and pulled the cats and dogs out until they were all safe,” says the owner of the animal shelter, Gracie Hamlin. “I can’t thank him enough for saving my animals.” Keith’s heroic act will certainly not be forgotten by either the animals or the owner of the home.


USA: Why it’s all about everything again after the US election in Georgia

Joe Biden won the election against Donald Trump. But whether he will be able to implement important legislative proposals as president has yet to be decided.

Usually, the Augusta regional airport in eastern Georgia is not a place for wild dreams. Outside in front of the brick hall, depending on the direction of the wind, sometimes the foul smell from the nearby paper mill and sometimes the stench from the local meat processing factory blows over. A small plane for Atlanta or Dallas takes off from the runway twelve times a day.

On that Thursday, however, the airport looks like the vanishing point of a bizarre sect. The afternoon will be here
Donald Trumps
Deputy Mike Pence float in and the people in line expect nothing less than the announcement of a political resurrection. “I’m here to support our legally elected president,” says a man in his fifties with a baseball cap, who calls himself “Gerry” and does not want to reveal his last name: “This is America. Here, the people decide who moves into the White House. ”And that couldn’t be
Joe Biden
be: “He’s a Chinese puppet!”

Trump fan Cole fears Biden will bring socialism to the United States

The presidential election was six weeks ago. The clear victory of Biden is certified many times. But Trump’s hardcore fans do not want to accept it. “Trump has clearly won the election,” claims a slim young guy who is extremely irritated when asked. He and other Trump supporters have gone into a kind of madness – the election has been “stolen”. But the opposing Democrats are not completely satisfied either: They did much worse than expected in the congressional elections. Not only were many seats lost in the House of Representatives. Above all, the Republican majority in the important Senate could not be broken – not yet.

The clear victory of Biden is certified many times.

Photo: Patrick Semansky, AP / dpa

Because now there is a chance for some to take revenge and for others to a decisive point win in stoppage time: On January 5, a run-off election in the state of Georgia will decide on two previously Republican Senate seats in Washington; The political consequences of the dramatic showdown could hardly be greater.

If the democratic candidates prevail, there is a stalemate in the Senate and the future Vice President
Kamala Harris
will tip the scales. Then Biden would have a chance to get through important bills like his climate investment program or a corporate tax hike.

However, if the Republicans manage to defend even one of the mandates, the new president will face a blockade majority and will soon be thwarted. “It’s not just about Georgia,” said the Democratic ex-president
Barack Obama
warned in a video message: “It’s about America and the world.”

The public interest and financial commitment in this regional election are correspondingly high. No television viewer in the self-proclaimed “peach state” escapes the dramatic final battle. Republicans and Democrats have already invested a staggering 280 million dollars in TV spots. Experts estimate that the amount is likely to grow to half a billion dollars. Political celebrities roam the country non-stop to appearances. President Trump was here, and so was his successor, Biden.

Runoff election for two Senate seats has consequences that could hardly be greater

In the Republican camp, the candidates for election are on the sidelines. Neither Kelly Loeffler nor David Perdue are popular figures. Both argue strictly to the right, are extremely wealthy and are suspected of having used inside knowledge from the Senate for private stock deals. As a precaution, Perdue didn’t even show up for the televised debate. Loeffler answered the questions, but made a robotic impression with punchy answers and the permanent naming of her opponent as a “left-wing extremist”.

But that doesn’t bother the base. “We absolutely have to keep control in the Senate,” says James Cole. The 52-year-old security man stands in line for the pence rally in Augusta. He proudly wears a Trump cap and a T-shirt that reads: “With Honor I Served” (I have served with honor). Now he sees a Republican Senate as a bulwark against the enemy inside. “This is the only way we can prevent Biden from introducing socialism if they really do install it.”

Of course, the Republican base has to deal with some contradictions: For example, it should go to the polls again in the runoff election, although the presidential election in Georgia was allegedly manipulated. Trump has explicitly put the blame for his humiliating defeat in the conservative southern state on the Republican governor and the responsible state minister. Because Minister Brad Raffensperger did not want to cancel Biden’s victory after three counts, each with a 12,000-vote lead, the President insulted him as an “enemy of the people”. Since then, a real war has raged in the party. Loeffler and Perdue grotesquely supported a lawsuit against their own election results in Georgia. But even this chaos cannot shake James Cole: he simply declares the far-right governor a “Trump hater” who fights for the corrupt establishment and hides an obvious electoral fraud. Cole is determined, and it’s not just him.

Still believes in an election victory for Trump: James Cole.

Photo: Karl Doemens

The Democrats and their supporters do not want to rely on the demobilization of frustrated Republicans. Half a dozen civil rights activists, attorneys, and churchmen appear in front of the cameras on Auburn Avenue in the black heart of Atlanta on a cold, sunny December morning. They embody a colorful alliance that, true to the motto of the dead civil rights activist John Lewis, wants to ensure “good trouble”. They understand by it: the education of the Afro-American voters, their mobilization up to the establishment of transport services to the polling station as well as the fight against any electoral obstruction. “We go door to door to explain to people: You have to vote again,” says Helen Butler.

The head of the officially non-partisan “Coalition for the Peoples’ Agenda” is a veteran fighting for the rights of African Americans, who make up more than 30 percent of the population of Georgia. In their opinion, Trump’s campaign to delegitimize postal votes has a clearly racist background: “In the past, it was not the Afro-Americans but mainly the whites who used postal votes. That was never a problem. Now that many black people use postal voting out of fear of Covid-19 infection, they suddenly want to change the rules. ”

Butler is also alarmed by recent reports that the government is reducing the number of polling stations and ballot boxes in predominantly black residential areas. “This is very worrying,” warns Methodist Bishop Reginald Jackson at the appearance of the civil rights activists: “Nothing happens by chance in this state.” In fact, the danger of obstruction of black voters in Georgia seems much more real than that of manipulation to the disadvantage of Trump- Camp. The suppression of black voices has in the south of the
a long tradition, long queues on election day are part of everyday life.

Voting is already underway, election day is January 5th

Such teasing could be ended by a modern electoral law, which is currently failing because of the Republican majority in the Washington Senate. Therefore, Jackson argues pointedly: “It is at least as important who promises us courageously: How Biden wants to fight climate change

In theory, Donald Trump considers himself a good loser in the Senate, like whoever is in charge of the White House. “

The contrast between the two Democratic candidates and the Republican incumbents could hardly be greater: Raphael Warnock worked as pastor at the traditional Ebenizer Baptist Church a few hundred meters further on Auburn Avenue, where Martin Luther King once preached. The 51-year-old would be the first African-American senator from Georgia. His colleague Jon Ossoff comes from an Australian-Russian immigrant family, graduated from the renowned London School of Economics and has worked as an investigative filmmaker.

The 33-year-old with great rhetorical talent and a personable appearance is considered a nationwide young hope of the Democrats. With his shirt sleeves rolled up, he stands on an improvised stage the next day in Macon, around an hour and a half drive south of Atlanta. “You may have wondered what you felt in the past few weeks and what you have missed over the past four years,” he calls out to his audience: “It’s called hope!” The scenery reflects the circumstances of the corona pandemic: As an event location the parking lot of the local multi-purpose arena was chosen. Many listeners stay in their cars.

Ossoff talks about an urgent relief package because of the pandemic, better health care and racial justice. He stresses that the new President Joe Biden can only implement this with the votes from Georgia: “Otherwise the Republicans will block everything.”

Gives her vote to the Democrats: Shekita Maxwell.

Photo: Karl Doemens

Shekita Maxwell no longer needs to be convinced. The 39-year-old stands in the third row next to her white Toyota and holds a poster with the slogan “Health. Jobs. Justice “(health, jobs, justice) high. “Georgia is democratic and will remain so,” the administrative employee is convinced. She has had enough of Trump and the Republicans. “We cannot allow ourselves to be further divided,” she says.

Maxwell stood in line for two hours in November to cast her vote for Joe Biden. This time too, the African American does not want to apply for a postal vote. On January 5th, she will line up again in front of her polling station. Better safe than sorry. “It’s about our democracy,” she says firmly. “You can make a small sacrifice for that.”

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Georgia, the power house in the south, decides the future of the USA

Atlanta, Denver The current young star of the Democrats doesn’t need more than a gravel parking lot in front of a provincial church in the election campaign. Jon Ossoff sprints onto a stage with his sleeves rolled up and without a jacket, although he himself admits that it is “pretty cold”. In a suburb of Atlanta he calls out to his mostly young fans: “Take a deep breath and take a look around. This is democracy in real time. “

The 33-year-old candidate from Georgia promises to fight alongside future President Joe Biden in the US Senate for trillions of covid, affordable health care and a clean climate. In 2017, Ossoff was already considered a newcomer when he applied for a seat in the House of Representatives.

He narrowly lost to his Republican competitor. Every few years the party seems to pick a new darling, which the media then call “the new Obama”. Currently that’s Jon Ossoff.

The documentary filmmaker is supposed to get the future President Biden a democratic majority in the powerful US Senate – together with the African American Raphael Warnock, who is fighting for another open Senate seat.

The runoff election, which Ossoff and Warnock will vote for on January 5, will determine the last two of the hundred seats in the Senate. Both seats will be awarded in Georgia, and so the US election campaign will be extended with the utmost intensity.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will deliver a China speech to students in Atlanta this Wednesday. And Democratic entrepreneur Andrew Yang even relocated to Georgia.

A national spectacle is raging in the economically strong southern state, where more than a thousand larger companies have their headquarters. “This is not just about Georgia,” said ex-President Barack Obama. “This is about America and the world.”

This is not an exaggeration, because the Senate is the heart of Washington. Trump was only able to cut taxes, raise the military budget and avoid impeachment because the Republicans dominated the Senate. With his two seats, Georgia will help determine whether Biden can actually keep his promise of a real change of direction.

Wealth tax and higher minimum wages, a Corona aid package, a green energy transition, investments in education, housing and infrastructure: Biden needs both chambers of congress for all of these projects.

But so far the Democrats only control the House of Representatives. If they win both seats here in Georgia, they would have 50 of the 100 seats. Vice President Kamala Harris could then outvote the Republicans with her vote. If the Republicans win even one of the seats, however, Biden faces a similar fate as Obama in his second term in office, when he shuffled from decree to decree.

Documentary filmmaker against ex-CEO, pastor against multimillionaire

Ossoff and Warnock and their Republican opponents Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue made the extreme fall of the race known overnight. Warnock is a pastor at the Ebenezer Church in Atlanta, which was once led by black civil rights activist Martin Luther King.

The Democrat greets every fan with his elbow

Would Ossoff and Warnock accept a tough lockdown? They currently prefer to remain silent.

His opponent Loeffler is a hundred-time millionaire and was a Wall Street manager, her husband Jeffrey Sprecher is the head of the New York Stock Exchange. As a farmer’s child she learned how to tame cattle herds, as a 50-year-old politician she fights against taxes, abortion and gun laws. Loeffler says of herself that she is “more conservative than Attila the Hun King”.

The 70-year-old Republican Perdue is defending his seat against the democratic young star Ossoff. He was formerly CEO of the discount chain Dollar General and Reebok, he is the cousin of Trump’s Agriculture Minister Sonny Perdue. “The damn road to socialism must never go through Georgia,” he warns.

Georgia is a largely conservative southern state with more churches than car dealerships. Biden won it by just 13,000 votes for a total of five million votes. In 1992, Bill Clinton was the last Democrat to win a majority in Georgia. Biden also owes his victory to Afro-American activist Stacey Abrams, who registered 800,000 new, mostly black, voters with a grassroots campaign.

It’s not as red as it used to be for a long time

Since the November elections, Georgia has represented a changing political landscape that is becoming more polarized and unpredictable. The southern state is huge, you can cross it without seeing much more than fast-food restaurants, hand-painted signs for pecans and cotton fields, which awaken associations with the dark past, slavery. At the same time, the metropolitan areas around Atlanta and the port city of Savannah are creating a modern job boom.

Georgia is also popular with German companies, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz have their US headquarters here. “We have had a business-friendly environment for years. It’s paying off, ”said Tom Cunningham, chief economist at the Metro Atlanta Chamber, a kind of chamber of commerce that recruits companies. The metropolitan area accounts for 70 percent of the state’s economic output. The film and entertainment industry has earned it the nickname “Hollywood of the South”. “Our economy is bigger than Norway’s,” says Cunningham.


Atlanta is increasingly synonymous with diversity. The universities of Georgia Tech and Georgia State, around which a number of innovation centers are located, also contribute. Google and Microsoft are here, as are asset managers Blackrock and Invesco. “Georgia Tech has more non-white engineering graduates than any other university. The number of female graduates is also higher than anywhere else, ”says Cunningham.

The new, diverse electorate is one reason Biden won the state. “Georgia is not as red as it used to be for a long time.”

The pressure on Ossoff and Warnock is enormous. The Democrats want to prove that they can permanently turn the once deep red state, but the conditions are tough. The election campaign is heated up with Trump’s conspiracy theories, but also shaped by the unsolved problem of racism and accompanied by doubts about the promise of prosperity.

Freedom of choice in times of Covid: packed restaurants

The candidate Ossoff is therefore trying to create proximity in an election campaign full of distance, masks and Clorox scarves. He greets every fan with his elbow. “What you feel in your heart is hope. Trump has to go soon, you made sure of that, ”he says. “We don’t have to endure him anymore.”

Supporters like the student Daniel Blackman hope the Democrat will bring more justice in the pandemic. “There are children who go online in the McDonald’s parking lot to take part in digital classes,” he says.


The Republican Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, has issued minimal Covid restrictions. Kemp was one of Trump’s allies before the election campaign, side by side they condemned the lockdown as an enemy of the economy.

But since election night that Biden Georgia won, the friendship has ended. Kemp asserts that the elections went off correctly, while Trump ignored the result despite three recounts and insulted election minister Brad Raffensberger as “public enemy number one”. Kemp was not seen at the Trump rally in Georgia last weekend.

Kemp’s Covid policy shapes life in the state. The highway restaurant “Marietta Diner”, half an hour north of Atlanta, is packed. The family business is an institution in the region. You can see it from afar because the entire facade is clad with neon tubes.

The owner, Gus Tselios, was one of the first to close his shop when the pandemic broke out. “We have to be careful and listen to scientists,” he emphasized at the time. But now about 200 people eat steaks and fries here on a normal evening, only the staff wears masks, the windows are closed. With 200,000 new infections every day in the US.

For Tselios this is not carelessness, but freedom of choice. If crowds are too sensitive for you, you can stay in the car or order the menu online. The doors are open to everyone else.

It’s going to be difficult for the Democrats to win the Senate races

Would Ossoff and Warnock accept a tough lockdown? Or higher energy prices? They prefer to keep quiet about it. You know that despite Joe Biden’s historic victory, which garnered more than 80 million votes, the Democratic Party has lost many parliamentary seats. Trump’s “Law and Order” course worked.

For this reason, too, Ossoff and Warnock reject many of the demands of the left wing or remain vague. Only Warnock sometimes suggests that he sympathizes with left-wing politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Washington is helping “the richest of the rich, while those who need it most are left behind,” he denounced.

Republican supporters in Savannah

Fight against the “left mob in Washington”

Ossoff is more moderate. Its campaign manager Jake Best stands on the sidelines of the event on the gravel yard and watches every step. “We know it will be running out,” he admits. Indeed, it will be difficult for the Democrats to repeat their Senate race victory.

“There are commercials shooting at voters everywhere, but many are simply exhausted and switch off,” says Brendan Fischer of the Campaign Legal Center, an organization that advocates stricter regulation of campaign donations.

But the Republican candidates also have to struggle with a voting-weary base – and the credibility of their party. The fact that Trump is still spreading lies a month after the presidential election makes a fresh start almost impossible. “Trump damages the party,” raged the republican major donor Dan Eberhart. Multi-millionaire Loeffler does not hide the dilemma very cleverly. When asked about Trump in a television debate, she evades three times.

“It has to stop, otherwise someone will die”

The party does not seem to want to do without Trump as a great motivator who inspires the masses – and accepts that he will continue to open the rifts in the USA in the last few meters. Anyone who has hoped for a new start in political culture will start pondering in Georgia.

Trump’s supporters shouted “Four more years” into the night at his rally, as well as “Stop the steal”. This is nothing less than a call for a coup against democracy. Gabriel Sterling, campaign controller in Georgia, heavily criticized Trump’s agitation. “It has to stop or someone will be killed,” he warned at an emotional press conference that made headlines.

Attending a pence event

The mother of five associates Joe Biden with “socialism, boycott culture and the decline of Christianity.”

But some voters in Georgia feel they understand Trump. A mother of five, for example, who came to Mike Pence’s rally on the runway at Savannah Airport. “Save the babies” is written on the woman’s T-shirt. Should Biden be able to rule through forcefully, there is a threat of “socialism, boycott culture and the fall of Christianity,” she says. She closes her eyes as Pence and Perdue pray, and nods when both warn of a “left overthrow”.

Republicans hope that the story of the “left mob” taking over Washington will pull again in this crucial Georgia election. “The price of socialism is freedom, we have to fight for it,” cries Perdue. The Senate is “the last line of defense,” conjures Pence, framed by US flags that blow in the mild Georgian wind.

More: Even after his defeat, Trump collects donations – and benefits personally from it.


This is how emotionally a Republican Donald Trump takes on: “This has to stop!”

“Someone will be killed”: In an angry appearance, a Republican official makes heavy accusations against Donald Trump – because of the consequences of his campaign against the election results.

It’s one of the harshest rebukes of Donald Trump since the election, and it comes from a fellow party member. A Republican official, of all people, ventured into an angry appearance and made serious accusations against the US president: His actions are causing numerous death threats against people involved in the presidential election.

Gabriel Sterling, who is in charge of the election process at the State Department of Georgia, stepped in front of the cameras in Atlanta on Tuesday lunchtime (local time) and extensively reproached Trump for saying nothing against the numerous threats made by his supporters against officials and their relatives, as well as against employees of I.T companies, which would also have had to do with the choice.

“This has to stop!” Said Sterling over and over again during his four-minute emotional performance. “Mr. President, you have not condemned these events and this language.”

Sterling expresses what others shy away from

Towards the end of his short speech, Sterling said what many party friends are shirking from fear of Trump: “Mr. President,” he said, “it looks like they have probably lost the state of Georgia.”

Trump now has to face his responsibility. “Stop inspiring people to cause possible acts of violence. Otherwise someone will be injured. Otherwise someone will be shot. Otherwise someone will be killed.” Sterling himself is under police protection, he said.

Here see the performance in the video.

In fact, Trump recently raised the mood against those responsible in the states with a narrow election result and personally attacked them violently, including Sterling’s superior, the state minister in Georgia, Brad Raffensperger. The president also shot himself at Arizona Governor Doug Ducey this week. This had certified the result in the state on Monday. Both politicians, like Trump, are Republicans.

Death threats, obscene innuendos

Raffensperger reported that he had received death threats. Sterling said even Raffensperger’s wife was receiving sexual threats on her cell phone. Sterling also reported agitation against an employee of the I.T company Dominion, who runs voting computers in Georgia. Trump himself and those around him accuse her of manipulating the election without any evidence.

Trump’s opponent Joe Biden narrowly won the Georgia election. Trump had pushed for two recounts. The first did not change the result, the result of the second is awaited.

As in other states, Trump was unable to provide any evidence of electoral fraud, but continues his campaign against the election results – with the active assistance of his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani (Read more about its role here.) In court Giuliani failed time and again with his challenges.

On Tuesday, the otherwise so loyal Justice Minister William Barr contradicted the president. His prosecutors and investigators could not have found any cases of large-scale election fraud, he told the AP news agency.

Are you interested in US politics? Washington correspondent Fabian Reinbold writes a newsletter about his work in the White House and his impressions from the US under Donald Trump. Here you can subscribe to the “Post from Washington” free of charge, which then lands directly in your mailbox once a week.

Previously, Chris Krebs, head of an I.T security agency for in the US Department of Homeland Security, talked about the presidential election from I.T-view the safest vote of all time. As a result, Krebs was fired from Trump.

Official Sterling also referred to statements made by a Trump attorney about cancer. Joe DiGenova said on television that he should be “taken out at dawn and shot” for his comments. It was only after Sterling’s furious appearance in Atlanta that DiGenova spoke up and said he was just joking.


US elections 2020: Political fate will be decided in Georgia

IIn no country was the presidential election tighter than in Georgia, where Joe Biden is ahead of President Donald Trump with 14,122 votes after the first round of the count. Since Friday, at the request of the Republicans, a recount of all five million ballots has taken place, and this by hand.

According to state secretary and election officer Brad Raffensperger, the recount must be completed by November 20, the day Georgia must officially certify the result.

But after the election is before the election. Because on January 5th there will be a runoff election for the two Senate seats. And this time it’s about more than just a seat. It’s about control of the Senate, about how powerful Joe Biden will be as US President.


“King Von” dead: rapper shot in front of a club in Atlanta – he was only 26 years old – music

According to US media reports, the American rapper “King Von” was shot dead in front of a club in Atlanta (US state Georgia). A total of three people, including the rapper, were killed in an armed conflict, writes “TMZ“. “King Von” was only 26 years old.

According to police, the fatal shooting happened on Friday morning (local time) in front of the Monaco Hookah Lounge in downtown Atlanta. The trigger is said to have been a dispute between two armed groups. Initial rumors that the rapper had been shot dead by police officers turned out to be false, according to the Atlanta Police Department.

A total of six people are said to have been hit in the incident. Three were taken to a hospital, three are said to have fled initially, but were then also treated in the hospital.

It is still unclear how the dispute came about. According to the police, “King Von” is said to have moved away from the crime scene. A little later he was delivered by a car in front of the hospital.

BILD vouchers: Discover the latest coupons and discounts for all major online shops!

“No Jumper”, the self-proclaimed “coolest podcast in the world”, speculated shortly after the shooting on Twitter that there had been an argument between the group of “King Von” and the entourage of the rapper “Quando Rondo”.

By the time he died, King Von had released three studio albums. However, the Chicago-born rapper came into conflict with the law from a young age.

He was already in jail for the first time when he was 16. He was subsequently arrested again and again, including for illegal possession of weapons and alleged involvement in fatal shootings.


Pro-Trump protest in Michigan: “This election is theft”

A sign inviting the outgoing president to “Clear”, smartphones unsheathed, two democratic voters, “Celebrate Biden’s victory” announced a few minutes earlier by the American media, observe the rally of supporters of Donald Trump, Saturday noon in front of the State Capitol in Lansing, capital of Michigan. The invectives start immediately, when a supporter of the President, draped in a blue “Trump 2020” banner, sees them. “Look at social networks! Look at the frauds that are happening, the ballots thrown in the trash! ” he accuses, reproaching them for not “Not wanting to look the truth in the face”.

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After a wait of almost four days, the announcement of Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential victory was celebrated with jubilation across the country, from Los Angeles to Washington DC, from Atlanta to New York. But in Lansing, at the call of the hashtag «

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Isabelle Hanne Special Envoy in Lansing (Michigan)


They denounce abuse of Mexican women in Atlanta

The government of Mexico lists complaints of abuse and malpractice against Mexican women in detention centers in Atlanta.

These are nine women who received gynecological care at the Immigration Detention Center in Irwin County, Atlanta.

The nationals were treated by Dr. Mahendra Amin, who is accused of abuse.

The Foreign Ministry reported that the Consulate General of Mexico in Atlanta is in communication with those affected. Also, he indicated, there is dialogue and collaboration with civil organizations and lawyers who have supported the follow-up of the cases.

Of the nine women, three underwent surgery, five are still detained in the United States and four are already in Mexico.

“The group of lawyers and the consulate have traced a route to file complaints for two main acts of abuse and malpractice: surgical procedures without full informed consent and the performance of unnecessary surgical procedures,” detailed the SRE.

In the first case, he added, the complaint will emphasize the need to investigate the work of Dr. Mahendra.

“Although signed surgical consent forms have been located for the three women operated on, this does not rule out the presence of coercion on the part of medical service providers.”

He added that in the second case, the independent medical specialists consulted consider that the interventions were unnecessary, as well as that irregularities and anomalies persist.

Both the organizations and allied lawyers and the consulate agree on the need to file a complaint in this regard.