Siemens Energy rises, Grenke rises

Trader at the start of the Siemens Energy share

Siemens Energy’s share price is currently eleven percent above the starting price of 22.01 euros.

(Photo: Reuters)

Frankfurt That was fast. It was only in September that Siemens went public with its power technology subsidiary Siemens Energy, and in three weeks it will be included in the MDax of the 60 largest German medium-sized companies. Deutsche Börse announced this on Thursday evening after the US market closed.

Analysts had anticipated the rise of Siemens Energy. With a market capitalization of 16 billion euros, Siemens Energy was the largest spin-off of a part of the company in Germany. After a disappointing first few weeks of trading, the share is now at EUR 24.50 – eleven percent above the starting price of EUR 22.01.

There are no changes in the leading index Dax and in the technology index TecDax this month. But there are more changes in the SDax than seldom – even though the stock exchange only exchanges those values ​​in all indices in December that are particularly good or bad in terms of market value or stock exchange turnover.

So far, the stock exchange decides on the promotion and relegation in the indices on the basis of the criteria of market capitalization of the freely traded shares and the average stock exchange turnover. It was therefore clear to analysts since the IPO that Siemens Energy would move into the MDax.

Even more: the Siemens subsidiary is a candidate for the leading index Dax next year, which Deutsche Börse will expand from 30 to 40 companies in September. In return, the MDax is reduced by ten to only 50 values.


Siemens Energy offers a wide range of energy technology, from energy generation with conventional power plants and renewable energies to energy transmission. In the past fiscal year, which ended in September, the group posted a loss of just under 1.9 billion euros due to special depreciation and the corona crisis.

However, analysts believe in the turnaround and advise the majority to buy the share – also because of the prospect of a rise in the Dax.

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The leasing provider Grenke, whose share has plummeted by 30 percent since mid-September alone, has to give way for Siemens Energy. The British financial investor Fraser Perring had accused Grenke of fraud, money laundering and balance sheet falsification – and at the same time bet on a crash of the shares.

Grenke countered with a shift in strategy and wants to integrate the franchise business that is the focus of the Fraser-Perring allegations. That helped the share only partially. That is why Grenke is the weakest MDax member and is relegated to the SDax of the 70 smaller companies.

Aareal Bank, which was also considered a relegation candidate and only barely retained its MDax place in September, managed to stay up in the most important German second-tier index.

Seven SDax relegated members, six promoted members

Seven companies from different industries have to switch from the SDax. For Grenke, the cable operator Telecolumbus has dropped out of the SDax. The auto supplier Leoni is falling, as is the financial group Wüstenrot & Württembergische (W&V), the UV specialist Dr. Hönle, the machine tool manufacturer DMG Mori, the IT security service provider Secunet and WashTex, a manufacturer of vehicle washing systems.

With the online broker Flatex Degiro, the online furniture retailer Home24 and Westwing, three companies from the online world are among the six SDax promoters. In addition, the biofuel manufacturer Verbio, the armaments electronics manufacturer Hensoldt and the automotive supplier Elring Klinger are promoted to the SDax.

These are the six SDax climbers at a glance:

SDax newcomer Flatex Degiro

Flatex Degiro benefits from the volatile stock exchanges. Because of the Flatex takeover of Degiro, the online broker was able to almost double its turnover in the first nine months of almost 165 million. Flatex was already profitable before the Degiro takeover.

Analyst Frederik Jarchow from the private bank Hauck & Aufhäuser assumes that the high price fluctuations will continue to drive customers’ trading activities. Like all the other six analysts who watch the stock, Jarchow also advises buying the stock. This year the share price has already risen 125 percent.

SDax newcomers Home 24 and Westwing

The shares of Home 24 and Westwing have gained even more as corona profiteers. Home24’s share has risen 285 percent since January, and Westwing’s even 750 percent. Both stocks have already recovered from their brief price losses at the beginning of November after the first news about successes in vaccine development against the coronavirus.

The news raised hopes of an foreseeable end to the pandemic and sent many shares of companies whose business was particularly booming in Corona times to the basement. So far, Home24 and Westwing have only been covered by a few banks, but they all recommend buying.

SDax climber Hensoldt

Analysts also see the opportunities for defense electronics manufacturer Hensoldt as positive, although the share has so far disappointed investors. Hensoldt only went public in September at an issue price of twelve euros and is now only slightly higher.

Hensoldt, however, could benefit from the federal government’s planned investments in defense technology. The Bundestag has already approved orders for 1.9 billion euros. At Hensoldt, too, the recommendations of analysts are all: Buy.

SDax climber Verbio

Analysts at the biofuel manufacturer Verbio are also unanimous and recommend buying. Verbio reported a record result in the broken financial year that has already ended. Above all, the company benefited from the fact that it quickly expanded production this year to include disinfectants. Since the beginning of the year, the share has already gained more than 130 percent.

SDax climber Elring Klinger

The auto parts supplier’s share has risen 275 percent since its low in March. The rally can be traced back to several collaborations in hydrogen technology. The majority of analysts are currently skeptical. Out of ten experts, only two recommend buying, three holding and five selling. The average target price is currently around five euros below the current rate of 13.54 euros.

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Will they stop Celaya? – Luis Castillo

The Regular Phase of the 2020 Guardians has finished and the arrangements for the Repechage duels are ready, without forgetting that in this Expansion League, the first overall place (Celaya) goes directly to the Semifinals and the second place (Atlante) goes directly to the Quarter-Finals. Final.

And it is precisely Celaya that has to be referred to as the team that dominated the tournament by adding 35 points after 15 games, after 9 wins, 5 draws and a single loss in the tournament.

The team led by Israel Hernández Pat is the rival to win in this League, although they will have to do a great job not to lose rhythm with the rest weeks that they will have until the series prior to the grand final for the title of this League begin. Expansion.

After those from Bajío and Atlante (which must also be highlighted the good work of Mario García to raise this club), there are another ten teams among which Cimarrones, Atlético de Morelia and Cancún are the marked favorites to fight, although The big surprise could come from the duel between Mineros and Tepatitlán, two institutions that gave a lot to talk about throughout the tournament.

From the outset, Cimarrones looks very favorite over Pumas Tabasco. The work of Gaby Pereyra puts them in that position, without underestimating the rival, it is expected that the Sonorans advance without problems.

The same with Morelia and Ricardo Valiño, who had a good final stage. They have an experienced technician to try to get around the Playoff against some weak-looking Deer.

The duel between Cancun and Coyotes could be more even and even present the surprise of the Tlaxcaltecas, although the Chaco Giménez team has shown that it does not weigh him down in his first experience.

And finally, Tampico Madero can pass over the Tapatío, which paid many times dearly for its lack of force and now in this instance they will have to do something magnificent in order to advance.

This is how Repechage duels are. Who to stop Celaya?

QUADRUPLE TIE in the leadership of individual scoring in the Guard1anes tournament

2020, with seven goals ended Guillermo Martínez, from Celaya; Lizandro Echavarría, from Atlante; Gustavo Adrián Ramírez, from Atlético Morelia, and Jesús Alberto Alvarado, from Correcaminos, except for the latter the other three were important to be in the Final Phase.

In the first half of the year, although he was not officially registered when the tournament was canceled due to the pandemic, Roberto Nurse finished with 7 goals playing for Mineros in eight deputy games, followed by Alvarado, from Correcaminos, and Gustavo Adrián Ramírez, with Zacatepec.

This Guard1anes 2020 is the figure of the lowest scoring leader in the last two decades in the silver category of Mexican soccer, just one goal below the scoring champions in the Apertura 2019, Víctor Mañón with Colima, and Nicolás Ibáñez and Roberto Nurse at the Apertura 2018.

Far is this category of having scoring champions like Héctor ‘Yaya’ Álvarez with 23 goals in Zacatepec or Mauro Gerk in Celaya with 18 annotations in 2004 with Celaya.

THE MOST OUTSTANDING The tournament that just ended in its Regular Phase is undoubtedly Luis Arcadio García, Atlante player, 27, after an intense pilgrimage in various categories of Mexican soccer, it seems that he finally found stability.

Garcia’s plans, like most of the Barça squad, were not within this institution, the skilled player tested himself in the summer with Mazatlán FC, the new Liga MX franchise, trained at that time by Juan Francisco Palencia.

As a product of the basic forces of Pachuca, he made his debut in the First Division 9 years ago with Pablo Marini as coach, he could barely play a couple of games.

After that, his journey led him to be in the disappeared Murcielagos, on two occasions, both in the Ascent MX and the Second Division, the same experience he had with Loros de Colima in these two categories and Alebrijes.

In none of the mentioned teams did he find consistency or was the benchmark as now in Atlante.


Obama’s memoirs: the self-portrait of the rise to the White House

Optimism about America’s future is mixed with an exercise in introspection in the first volume of the former president’s memoirs Barack Obama, a leader whose historic rise excited half the world, but also removed the tensions that would raise to power its antithesis, Donald Trump.

A promised land‘, which went on sale on Tuesday around the world and in 19 languages, including Spanish, makes clear from its title Obama’s unshakable faith in the future of the country that he ruled between 2009 and 2017, and that now stands, in your opinion, “on the brink of a democratic crisis” due to its extreme polarization.

“I am not yet ready to abandon the possibility of a (better) America, not only for the sake of future generations of Americans, but for the sake of all humanity,” Obama writes in the volume’s preface.

That confidence in the special destiny of his country, and in the exceptional character of the United States, forms the backbone of the 768 pages of the book, which covers since his childhood until the time of 2011 when he met the American special forces team that They killed the leader of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden.

Its publication has generated great expectation in the United States, where the Crown publisher has printed 3.4 million copies only for that country and Canada, in addition to another 2.5 million for the international market, including Spain and a good part of Latin America.

Those who have already been able to read it describe a much more introspective self-portrait than the usual one in the memoirs of former American presidents, motivated in part by Obama’s talent for narrative.

“What I try to achieve in this book is as much (to reflect) the story as (to tell) a story,” explained the former president in an interview published this Monday by The Atlantic magazine.

This attempt to create a tool for historians that also brought the experience of being president closer to the public was what delayed the writing of the book, which Obama wanted to complete in a year and concentrate in a single volume, but which finally did not finish until the middle of the year. 2020, with at least one more volume to be written.

He’s an outstanding writer, but no one would accuse him of being succinct“Obama editor Rachel Klayman told The New York Times.

What distinguishes him is not only the extension and detailBut what Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie described in her review of the book as “a savage interrogation of himself”; a reflection on the true motives that drive your decisions.

In addition to confessing that he is deeply sensitive “to being rejected or appearing stupid,” Obama contemplates the possibility that his initial decision to run for political office was due more to his ego than to his will to public service.

He also confesses that he ended up running for president in 2007 despite the fact that his wife, Michelle, strongly opposed the idea and snapped, “God, Barack, when is that going to be enough for you?”

His disbelief when he was announced that he had won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 is reflected in a question – “why?” – and there is also room in the book to remind those progressives disappointed by his Presidency that he was never a “dreamy idealist” but someone much more pragmatic.

That does not mean that Obama regrets not being able to do more in many areas, especially in terms of gun control and immigration, but blames that fact on the obstruction of the Republican opposition, which controlled both houses of Congress during six of his eight years in power.

People talk about the Obama administration deporting a lot of people, but that was not because of any policy that I introduced.. I inherited ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service) and the Border Patrol and many laws (…) and I was not successful in changing them, but it was not because I did not try, “Obama said in an interview with the Chilean writer Isabel Allende for Univision.

The roots of Trump’s rise

Trump’s election in 2016 was, in part, a reactionary response to the milestone brought to power by Obama, the first black president, who was attacked for years by the current president with a false and racist conspiracy theory that questioned his American origin.

His book only references Trump in the preface., when he admits that his successor represents something “diametrically” contrary to him, but argues that his populism was already present in the 2008 elections that he won, at the crowded rallies of the Republican vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin.

“Messages related to identity politics, anti-immigration, conspiracies, were gaining strength” already then and would crystallize in 2010 with the rise of the movement Tea Partywrites Obama.

That movement disrupted the political life of a country that is now marked by “deep divisions”, immersed in an existential struggle between “two opposing ideas of what the US is and what it should be,” argues the former president.

In his interviews to promote the book, which have ranged from CBS’s star program to Oprah Winfrey’s, Obama talks about the responsibility of the media and the technological giants in solving that crisis, but above all he entrusts to the wisdom of the youngest.

I have learned to put my faith in my fellow citizensespecially those of the next generation, whose conviction that all people have equal worth seems to be innate, “he explains in the preface.


Apex Legends: Ascent Patch Notes (Season 7); all the news

Apex Legends has already warmed up for the premiere tomorrow, November 4, 2020, from his seventh season baptized with the title “Ascent”. From Respawn, those responsible, we receive news about the patch notes that will be included with the launch of this new stage of the game. As most veteran Battle Royale players will know, each new season is a shot of important news as changes. In this news the we detail the most relevant.

Horizon: New Legend Skills

The Last week we found out that the new legend available in Apex Legends Season 7 ser Horizon, a brilliant scientist and expert in manipulating gravity.

Apex Legends: Horizon Skills

Horizon’s custom spacesuit allows him to fall from great heights and control your movements in the air. Thanks to its custom technology, you can use the gravitational lifts to give your equipment a vertical boost. You can also deploy NEWT, a little robot, to create a black micro hole that draws rivals to the center. These are his abilities revealed:

Passive: spacewalk

  • Improve control in the air and reduce impacts for each with the custom Horizon spacesuit.

Tactic: gravitational lift

Reverse the flow of gravity, throwing players up and then out when exiting.

Definitive: black hole

  • Deploy NEWT to create a micro black hole that will swallow up nearby legends.

This is the new Olympus map

The third map that Apex Legends receives will be implemented with the Season 7 launch patch. celestial city of Olympus.

  • Olympus was a utopia that floated in the clouds about Psamathe.
  • An accident in an experimental laboratory created a phase gap (a huge bubble of phase energy) and the city was abandoned.
  • Now players can use Olympus’ luxurious services to their advantage. Rotating farm towers, beautiful gardens, and elegant restaurants provide the setting for intense fights.

To travel this new map, players can use the new vehicles called Trident and what is known as the phase jump, a phase energy tunnel that cuts through the center of Olympus and allows you to cross the map in seconds. Also Respawn will add during first week a new playlist called Olympus preview to team up with 30 legends and experience the map with up to 3 deployments from the plane.

The new Trident vehicles

Apex Legends: New Vehicles

This new vehicle is exclusive of the Olympus map and is basically a floating car designed for an entire platoon.

  • With the podrs walk the roads to avoid critical points or use the booster to get up quickly.
  • It is designed to speed up rotations at the start of the game.
  • It can driving with third person camera or travel as a first person passenger with full shooting capabilities.
  • The Trident it is resistant and does not explode, but the damage it takes from enemy fire will be dispersed among the occupying players.
  • Besides the Trident interact with skills of legends in many different ways, experiment and have fun.

Quality updates

Season 7 is going to bring all the next quality updates to game systems.

  • When the electrostar is launched near you: shows a miniature electrostar, instead of a grenade.
  • It has been added: a new line of dialogue when using a Phoenix kit.
  • Added: a new line of dialogue when using a holographic spri.
  • Now you can mark: ammo in inventory to request more from your squad.
  • Modifications have been made: of the ring to reduce the amount of unplayable space in the circles.

Accessory exchange improvements

  • When you replace an accessory with another on the floor: If the old is an upgrade for your other weapon, it will transfer automatically.

Duplicator updates

  • Weapons have been removed from the Crafting Pool: and have been replaced by shield batteries. High-level accessories will be customized based on the category of the weapon.
  • Other players will no longer be able to: collect the items you made within the first 5 seconds after creating them. This can be disabled by marking the object.

Air supply clarity

  • The colors of the rays: They have been changed to differentiate between normal, Lifeline, and Duplicator air supplies. The normal ones are light brown, the Lifeline ones are blue, and the Duplicator ones are teal.
  • As air supplies fall: the landing zone visuals show the same colors.
  • When you get closer: air supply beams remain visible rather than dim. The beam disappears when the capsule is opened.

Changes in legends


  • Rumble of thunder: Explosion time reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.


  • Nox gas trap / Nox gas grenade: As you pass through the gas, the view of the legends is no longer blurred. Damage has been upgraded from 4-10 damage marks to 6-12 damage marks.


  • Unhinge / Life of the party: decoys now have 45 health.


  • Quick Repair: Healing speed has doubled (from 0.5 ps / s to 1 ps / s).


  • Security perimeter: Damage per contact increased from 10 to 15.


  • Black market: collected ammo no longer counts towards the Black Market maximum. You can get all the ammunition at your fingertips.


  • Sheila: Reduced rate of fire from 2 seconds to 1.25 seconds.
  • Wall +: instead of 4 seconds, it now takes 3 seconds to build.


  • Pathfinder no longer needs: be on the ground so that grapple use is considered to have ended.
  • The speed at which Pathfinder: must fall for us to consider that the use of the grapple has ended has been increased from 300 to 500 units / second.
  • The maximum waiting time: to which the grapple can be set has been lowered from 35 to 30 seconds. The maximum amount of travel time before a new timeout is 5 seconds, rather than unlimited. This means that there cannot be a timeout of more than 35 seconds.
  • The amount of distance: that you can go through before reaching the maximum wait time has doubled (approximately).

This season we will also start with two weeks on the Olympus map. Then there will be a rotation between this and the End of the World (at the moment Can de los Reyes will take a break). In addition, the launch of the game on Steam will be added, the implementation of the clubs for players to create squads with other legends of the same level, a new battle pass with dozens of awards and adjustments to different weapons. You can read the full patch notes in this official link.

Apex Legends es un Battle Royale free to play available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Do not hesitate to visit our complete guide of tips and tricks or take a look at our review to learn more about it.


Apex Legends – Season 7 Promotion: New Horizon Legend; date and details

Respawn Entertainment Battle Royale Lovers, Apex Legends, they can already write down on their calendars the premiere date of the new Season 7: Promotion. Reach Spain and the rest of the world on next November 4 2020, this is what the company has made known after presenting great news for the game along with a emotional thriller of Stories from the Wild Lands that anticipates the arrival of Horizon, the new legend, as well as a new map and much more.

Horizon, the new legend of Season 7

A brilliant astrophysicist who escaped a black hole and aims to use her new mastery of gravity to fulfill a promise.

Apex Legends - Horizon, the new legend of Season 7

In the new four-minute video shared by EA and Respawn, we can get to know a little more in-depth history of Horizon, the new legend that will be available in the Apex Games for Season 7. The animated cut has many similarities to the movie Interstellarby director Christopher Nolan, as Horizon originally lived on your home planet Olympus, which was going through an energy crisis.

She, in an attempt to save the situation, will embark on an adventure leaving her loved ones behind, heading through the Savage Lands. accompanied by a small companion named NEWT, a nice robot.

New Olympus map and more news

Precisely the birthplace of Horizon be the new map available This upcoming season in Apex Legends: “Ascend to a beautiful, lush city in the clouds. Look where you are standing: the planet below is far away.”. Olympus Its about third original map featuring the Battle Royale, a floating city which players can reach with the Trident.

On the other hand, do not forget that this Season 7 will arrive just in time with the release of Apex Legends on Steam (not on Switch, whose version has been delayed). The progress of our accounts can be transferred from OriginIn addition, special Valve inspired charms have been confirmed.

On the other hand, Season 7 also include a new Ascent Battle Pass with more than 100 exclusive objects as has been tradition. It will start a new ranked season with rewards and also the clubs will implement, a way to meet with more players and create community to fight together and win games.

All this and much more we can enjoy from next November 4. Apex Legends es un Battle Royale free to play available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Do not hesitate to visit our complete guide of tips and tricks or take a look at our review to learn more about it.


The Ogre Fabbiani announced his retirement to be a coach: Russo and Gallardo, his role models

Cristian Fabbiani decided to hang up his boots at 37 years old. El Ogro, last step by Deportivo Merlo in the First C, announced his retirement, after an 18-year career as a professional footballer, to be a coach.

“Today I want to announce that the player is finished. I RETREAT. Final point. With a smile, because I fulfilled many dreams that I had as a child. Play professionally. Jgo with River’s shirt, the one I love. And buy my mom’s house. That is what I proposed to myself when we were left without my dad, at 8 years old. There may be a bit of sadness when announcing the end but they were months in which I matured the decision “, he expressed in an extensive letter through his Instagram account.

See this post on Instagram

One prepares to play in First. It is the dream in every goal in the neighborhood club. Or in the Lower. More difficult is being ready for the last day. Today I want to announce that the player is finished. I RETIRE. Final point. With a smile, because I fulfilled many dreams that I had as a child. Play professionally. Play with River’s shirt, the one I love. And buy my mom’s house. That was what I set out to do when we ran out of my dad, at 8 years old. There may be a bit of sadness when announcing the end but it was months in which I matured the decision. I want to say thanks to Deportivo Merlo, my last club. As well as every place that I passed. To Lanús, where Cai Aimar made me debut playing 10. To Newellâ ??? s, where I still dream of that play in the classic. To All Boys, with whom we returned to First. To … To those who received me outside my country … (makes the list). I got over my torn ligaments. I beat a cancer. I’m done. I always put the best energy into it, regardless of what was said. I had fun on a court, as I once did outside. There are many kids judges to whom some things do not come quickly and we handle them as best we can, sometimes without much guidance. Never mind. I am not a guy who walks with a grudge x Now I feel older, mature. I have been preparing to be a coach for months. I have my technical body with first-class people in the professional and human. Being a good person leads you to be a better professional. For that reason I also want to say thanks to all the friends that soccer gave me, to all those who let me learn with zoom meetings in the last few months. Now I want to put the mask of the Ogre player aside -those festivities were good- and continue learning outside the field looking at Zubeldia pipo gorosito Rodrigo Bilbao Miguel Russo Gallardo people I want to follow these steps and several more that mark a mark for the youngest. Thanks for so much love. Thank you so much for supporting my family. To my old woman and sisters, to my wife, to my children. I wish you all happy. I was as a professional soccer player. And I want to be in this stage that I begin today. Pd I love you â ?? ½ï¸ ?? praiseâ ?? ¤

A post shared by Cristian gaston Fabbiani (@fabbianiok) on

On the other hand, he mentioned Miguel Ángel Russo and Marcelo Gallardo, Boca and River coaches, as some of his examples to follow in this new stage: “Now I want to leave the mask of the Ogre player aside -those celebrations were good- and continue learning outside the field looking at Zubeldia, Pipo Gorosito, Rodrigo Bilbao, Miguel Russo, Gallardo, people who want to follow those steps and several others that make a mark for the youngest “.

In addition, Fabbiani thanked several Argentine soccer institutions in which he played: Lanús, Newell’s, Deportivo Merlo and All Boys. Abroad, he had his experience in Palestino (Chile), Beitar Jerusalem (Israel), CFR Cluj (Romania) and Sport Boys (Bolivia).

“I overcame the torn ligaments. I beat cancer. I’m done. I always put the best energy into it, regardless of what was said. I had fun on a court, as I once did outside. There are many kids judges to whom some things do not come quickly and we handle them as best we can, sometimes without much guidance. Never mind. I’m not a guy to hold a grudge. Now I feel bigger, mature, “he added.

“Thank you for so much love. Thank you for so much support to my family. To my old woman and sisters, to my wife, to my children. I wish you all to be happy. I was as a professional soccer player. And I want to be in this stage that I begin today “, sentenced the Ogre.


When the parents haven’t studied

FAZ series Smarter faster

When the parents haven’t studied



Camping in the trekking camp in the Franconian Forest

Matt I drag myself the last ascent to the Rehwiese campground. The backpack tugs with the tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag. It’s also a very hot day, in the last settlement I asked a man in the garden for three liters of tap water. Who will be the others who have reserved for tonight on the Rehwiese? I stumble out of the forest, it’s after 6 p.m., the clearing is empty.

Is it going to be like it was then, in the United States in Zion National Park? When I was the first to arrive at the campground in the wilderness, I happily chose the levelest spot. When it dawned, it became clear: nobody is coming. Sitting on the ground, leaning against a tree, I watched the dark. Just before I started to shudder, I crawled into the tent. Outside, bats, toads, and porcupines woke up. And then: Although the call reached my ear for the first time in my life, I recognized it immediately – a coyote howled. What will I hear today in the meadow in the Franconian Forest? Deer, wild boar? It turns out differently. Little by little, the place fills up and other trekkers come to spend the night in tents in the forest. But is that actually allowed?

Does everyone’s right apply?

Contradicting information is circulating about this, the easiest way to summarize it is: yes and no. Outdoor fans are demanding that wild tents should be legalized with everyone’s right like in Scandinavia. Unfortunately it’s not that easy. A few figures: In Norway there are 14 inhabitants per square kilometer (all figures from 2018), in Germany there are 237. Even in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania there are 69, five times as many as between the North Cape and Oslo. In Brandenburg there are 85 inhabitants per square kilometer. Almost all of them have a garden, so there is less urge to go into the forest. If it weren’t for near Berlin, the most densely populated part of Germany with 4090 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Big city dwellers want to get out, and because of overcrowded campsites, forests and meadows beckon. In theory, you can camp one night outside if you get permission from the landowner, e.g. the forestry authority. Most of them save that.

In outdoor forums you can find stories about these so-called micro adventures. One raves about the Fichtelgebirge, “Wild camping was a mega experience”. From the first time, another user wrote, “The night was restless at first because deer still had to make their way, but I quickly got used to it. I’m very proud of myself! ”One of them wants to go to the Black Forest“ with a hammock and tarp ”. A comment warns that the rangers there are “quite behind when it comes to wild camping”. She should pitch her tent far away. When I was told that the national park was under protection, I got the succinct answer that everything was fully booked, including pensions, “but I have to take my vacation sometime …”. And nobody points out that this is also quite legal in so-called trekking camps in the Black Forest.


Postponement of the promotion playoff between Girona and Almería

The first leg of the playoff for promotion to the First Division between the Girona and Almería, scheduled for this Thursday, will not be played at the moment. This has been made official this Wednesday by La Liga, which has communicated to both clubs that the match is postponed in the absence of a new date.

Although still It remains to be confirmed if Elche or Fuenlabrada occupy sixth place and are a rival to Zaragoza, the tie between fourth and fifth was going to be played normally. However, finally the League has decided to suspend it pending the development of the ‘Fuenlabrada case’, which can be settled in court.

In this way, the usual wait of each season is further extended to know which team completes the shortlist of those promoted to First. With Huesca and Cádiz already with their place in the elite next year, it remains to know who will be the third to achieve it.

Meanwhile, rumors and news continue to be produced regarding the suspension of the Deportivo-Fuenlabrada match due to the positive cases of Covid-19 among the Madrid club’s squad of players. If the people of A Coruña, descended without playing their game, have proposed a solution that would go through a Second with 24 teams next season, the Rayo Vallecano has gone off the hook with a proposal that includes increasing from four to six the teams that would compete for the place that remains to be known from promoted to First.

While, the eyes of affected clubs and institutions are directed towards LaLiga, chaired by Javier Tebas. Although the FEF and CSD They agreed with the club management to suspend only one match and dispute the rest of the day, and they did so within the framework of the Follow-up Commission on the protocol for returning to the new normality of football, privately complain about having found out about the mess in Fuenlabrada late. Besides, the Board from Galicia, the A Coruña City Council and the Madrid’s community have opened investigations to try to clarify what happened.

He CSD, who supported the soccer bodies at a time of maximum pressure, has requested a comprehensive report from LaLiga so that I explain to him everything that happened and his way of proceeding. Meanwhile, the Fuenlabrada expedition has already passed the tests in A Coruña to see if it improves the situation of those affected and soon they can leave the NH Finisterre hotel where they stayed for the game that was not played.

As reported by the Ser, Fuenlabrada requested the A Coruña airport to return the same Monday at 10:30 p.m. -the match against Deportivo began at 9:00 pm- in a call that took place at six in the afternoon. The plane, from the Iberia company, was currently in Madrid.

According to this version, The Madrid team already knew the results of the PCR performed on players and coaches that same morning. in Madrid, before embarking on a trip to Galicia. However, the Xunta assures that it was not informed of the case until after eight in the afternoon, less than an hour from the time set for the start of the Dépor-Fuenla clash.

The mayor of A Coruña, Inés Rey, he assured This same station that LaLiga already knew the positives of the six members of the Fuenlabrada expedition at four in the afternoon but that the Galician authorities were not informed until four hours later. He City Council will take the case to the Prosecutor’s Office this Thursday for investigation.

The Xunta asks to review the protocol of the League and considers that “it was breached”

The Minister of Health of the Xunta de Galicia, Jesús Vázquez Almuiña, has asked this Wednesday to review the protocol before the Covid19 of LaLiga, since the Fuenlabrada case, confined with several positives in A Coruña, «has shown that it has gaps »As well as« there are conditions that have not been met «.

This was detailed by Almuiña in a press conference in which he recalled that a total of 46 PCR tests have been carried out on players, club workers and other contacts, and that the number of positives remains at six, although it has been sampling was carried out at higher levels to resolve the discrepancy with the initial data that pointed to eight positives.

The trackers also expanded their search to four people who reportedly had contact with the Fuenlabrada expedition – three bus drivers and one fan – and who now remain isolated in their homes in the A Coruña area “waiting to be practiced. the corresponding PCR tests to have all the data ».

On the possibility of initiating legal actions in the event of a serious breach, the minister has indicated that “the channels established by law” will be followed, after which he has indicated that any private laboratory -such as the one that carried out the PCR on the players at their origin- “It has the obligation to communicate it to Public Health, in this case of the Community of Madrid”.