Watch: Hala Shiha’s husband threatens Tamer Hosni because of her… Details

Producer and Islamic preacher Moez Masoud came out of his silence, to respond to the crisis that occurred between his wife, artist Hala Shiha, and Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni, to express his wife’s anger at the latter’s release of a clip that they combined in scenes from the movie “Mesh Ana”, which she said she […]

Nelly Karim attacks Zina, “It is not her morals.” What is the story?

The Egyptian actress Zina was angry at what her fellow artist, Nelly Karim, said about her during a television interview with her during the month of Ramadan this year. Nelly Karim said: “Zina is a lover and not an enemy for her, but she blamed her for the delay and failure to adhere to the […]

This is the secret of the issue of female artists’ sexual orientation.

A warning about the fraud, published by the Egyptian artist Mohamed Attia, caused an uproar among some Lebanese artists, noting that a person impersonated his identity and identity, and contacted some artists with the aim of participating in a new artwork of his starring, and asked them to interview him via a video call. And […]