At least 4 Palestinians killed by the Israeli – Middle East army

At least 4 Palestinians were killed this morning in a series of firefights with Israeli security forces during arrests of elements of a Hamas cell in various parts of the West Bank. The same security forces cited by the media made it known. The latter fear a greater budget. The clashes took place in Burqin, […]

China “sent” Biden: what does it mean for Russia

China’s Supreme Leader Xi Jinping refused to meet with US President Joe Biden. Or didn’t refuse. It all depends on who you believe: the reputable British newspaper Financial Times, usually not inclined to launch ducks into the information space, or Biden himself, a politician who, after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, least of all […]

Afghanistan: the US army destroyed its planes and tanks before leaving Kabul

The US military also left behind its C-RAM missile defense system, which on Monday stopped five rocket attacks by the Islamic State group against the airport. LThe US military rendered airplanes, armored vehicles and an anti-missile defense system unusable before leaving Kabul airport on the night of Monday to Tuesday, a senior US military official […]