Rescue a citizen who fell while climbing a rocky mountain

Yesterday, in the afternoon, members of the “Alférez Portinari” Group and High Mountain Special Group, dependent on Squadron 28 “Tunuyán”, were alerted about the accident of a man when he was carrying out climbing activities in the sector called “Chorro de la Vieja”, in the province of Mendoza. Immediately, the officials They approached the place […]

This is how Ricardo Iorio recorded the Argentine National Anthem

After almost four years (and a pandemic in between), on September 9, the National Team would once again play in Buenos Aires a match valid for World Cup qualifiers with an audience on the field. In addition, a formal celebration was established for the Copa América obtained on July 10 at the Maracana stadium, against […]

The Argentine Air Force participates in the General Manuel Arias Exercise

From September 20 to October 6, the General Manuel Arias Exercise organized by the Army is carried out in northwestern Argentina with the collaboration of the media and personnel belonging to the Argentine Air Force (FAA). During the first day, the Institution completed the strategic air deployment of means at the Salta International Airport, an […]

Dissertation on Animal Welfare in poultry slaughter plants of Entre Ríos

Between rivers – Animal production must be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and requires a greater preparation of veterinarians, who are the main promoters of animal welfare in the different scenarios and so that the production systems are more sustainable and the products of origin animals are ethically acceptable to consumers. In this context, National […]

Last minute drop in the Argentine national team that tonight faces Bolivia

A few hours before the game against Bolivia for the South American Qualifiers heading to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the Albiceleste team suffered a last-minute loss when it was confirmed that Nicolás Tagliafico was marginalized due to injury. The left-back suffered a small muscle injury in one of his adductors, which led Lionel Scaloni […]

“Professor, you have an abusive cancer”

He was alone, lying in a hospital bed in Lima, his mind wandering through the cocktail of painkillers he was taking to give his body a break, while he waited for the results of the biopsy and at the same time tried to process the cataract that he had. it fell over overnight. At that […]