Handball World Cup: After a big victory at the beginning – Germany with worries about the next game

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After a big victory at the start – Germany with worries about the next game

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Handball - 2021 IHF Handball World Championship - Preliminary Round Group A - Germany v Uruguay - Dr Hassan Moustafa Sports Hall, Giza, Egypt - January 15, 2021 Germany's Julius Kuhn in action Pool via REUTERS/Anne-Christine Poujoulat

First goalscorer for Germany at the World Cup: Julius Kühn (r.)

Source: Pool via REUTERS

The start was successful: The German selection defeated the Uruguayan team in the first game of the handball world championship in 2021. Nevertheless, the fear is great before the second encounter – which is mainly due to the opponent.

Srifle festival at the start of the World Cup: Germany’s handball players started the World Cup with an effortless 43:14 (16: 4) win over Uruguay, but still owed the hoped-for shine. In the expected significant success at the World Cup debut of national coach Alfred Gislason on Friday in Giseh Timo Kastening with nine goals and Marcel Schiller (5) were the best German throwers.

The next preliminary round opponent of the German team is Cape Verde on Sunday (6 p.m., ARD). The Africans received the green light from the world association IHF on Friday for their first participation in the World Cup, despite four positive corona cases that had been detected on arrival in Egypt on Thursday.

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The affected players are in quarantine and are out. “It is very important that we keep our focus,” said DHB Vice President Bob Hanning on ARD with a view to the further tournament events.

Wolff pauses

Especially since the German team then has to prepare for more resistance than against Uruguay. In the first duel with the fourth class opponent, Gislason surprisingly did without goalkeeper Andreas Wolff, who had delivered an outstanding performance in the World Cup dress rehearsal against Austria. Johannes Bitter started for the 29-year-old from the Polish top club Vive Kielce.

The 38-year-old oldie, who became world champion in the DHB selection in 2007, was the usual good support – even if he was not asked too often. From the beginning, Germany dominated the one-sided game without shining. After a good start (6: 1/10.), A lot of lack of concentration crept into the attack. Gislason, who watched the whole thing with crossed arms on the sideline, didn’t like a few missed throws and slight ball losses.

2021 IHF Handball World Championship - Preliminary Round Group A - Germany v Uruguay

Not always completely satisfied: Alfred Gislason (center)

Source: Pool via REUTERS

Captain Uwe Gensheimer alone missed four big chances in the first 25 minutes, including a seven-meter. Nevertheless, the left wing of the Rhein-Neckar Löwen, who scored three times in the first half and had to go to the bench after the move, is now Germany’s record scorer with a total of 174 goals.

His teammates also failed a few times because of the good Uruguayan goalkeeper Felipe Gonzales, which Gislason criticized with clear words in the first break. That made an impact.

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Düsseldorf, Germany November 05, 2020: Men EHF EM 2022 qualification, group 2, Germany vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina, the team of Germany at the anthem, from left.  Sebastian Heymann (Germany / FrischAuf Goeppingen), Tobias Reichmann (Germany / MT Melsungen), Patrick Wiencek (Germany / THW Kiel), Finn Lemke (Germany / MT Melsungen), Torhueter Silvio Heinevetter (Germany / MT Melsungen), Johannes Bitter (Germany / TVB Stuttgart), Uwe Gensheimer (Germany / Rhein-Neckar Loewen)

After the break, Silvio Heinevetter moved between the posts for Bitter and also delivered a good performance. In the attack, the DHB selection acted more concentrated and more efficient in the end. The lead grew steadily and was the first 20 hits at 27: 7 (43rd). Against the increasingly declining South Americans, the German team now had an easy time and in the end cracked the 40-goal mark.

“I really liked that we were braver and fresher after the break,” said goalkeeper Bitter after the game. With a view to the second group game against Cape Verde, he reacted with concern. “This is an uncomfortable situation that one would like to avoid. We hope that the game may not take place because we are not comfortable with it, ”he said.


Government plans to make reusable coffee to go

Band Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) wants to tighten the requirements for plastic packaging in order to avoid waste. Anyone who sells coffee or food outside the home should therefore also have to offer a reusable variant from January 2023. Schulze wanted to introduce a corresponding draft law in the federal cabinet on Wednesday, reported the ARD capital studio and “Bild am Sonntag”. The reusable alternative should not cost any more, should not entail any loss of quality and should be clearly advertised. However, disposable cups or containers should still be possible.

According to this, all restaurateurs, caterers and delivery services would be included, with the exception of businesses with less than 80 square meters of space and a maximum of five employees. According to ARD information, however, this exception does not apply to branches of large chains.

“Disposable plastic is still the rule in many restaurants, snack bars and cafes,” said Schulze. “My goal is for reusable to go to become the new standard. Therefore, I want to oblige the catering industry to offer reusable packaging in addition to one-way packaging. “

Restaurateurs against reform

The general manager of the hotel and restaurant association, Ingrid Hartges, criticized the timing of the advance. “The discussion about a reusable obligation comes at an absolutely inopportune time,” she told “Bild am Sonntag” with a view to the restrictions due to the Corona crisis. The last thing the gastronomy needs now is the prospect of additional costs and documentation requirements.

In addition, according to ARD, the deposit requirement should also be extended to non-carbonated fruit juices. According to an EU directive, Schulze’s draft law still provides that at least a quarter of plastic bottles must be made of recycled plastic from 2025, the broadcaster reported. Online retailers who place plastic as packaging on the market will therefore have to participate financially in a take-back system in the future.

The Vice-Prime Minister of the Saarland, Anke Rehlinger (SPD), meanwhile spoke out in favor of extending the VAT reduction on food in restaurants until the end of the year. As things stand, the tax cut from 19 to 7 percent should end on June 30th.

“The VAT cut becomes a farce the longer the shutdown lasts,” said Rehlinger of “Bild am Sonntag”. “After all, nobody can eat in closed restaurants.”


Handball World Cup: Uruguay is becoming a big surprise bag for Germans

Sport World Cup kick-off

“Uruguay is a team that plays handball a little differently than we are used to”

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World Cup squad with strangers – the faces of the DHB team

The German handball players start the controversial World Cup in Egypt. Due to the corona, there are some prominent cancellations, so that national coach Alfred Gislason has to rely on partly unknown faces at his first major tournament in the DHB dress.

Before the start of the World Cup, normal attunement to the opponent is difficult. The German players and their coach know little about the tournament debutant. A win over Uruguay is still a must.

Dhe preparation for the duel with the newcomer to the World Cup brought some problems. Because handball games play a subordinate role in South America, the otherwise due television viewing of the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses was particularly difficult. “We are playing against an opponent that we only know from videos that are almost a year old,” reported national coach Alfred Gislason on Thursday from the German national team’s headquarters in Giza.

“Uruguay is a team that plays handball a little differently than we are used to. You have a very robust defense and a good goalkeeper and try to play off the attacks for an extremely long time. I’ve only seen the games from the South American Championship. They play a flexible 6-0 defense that grabs a lot. We have to organize our game accordingly. It’s up to us how we deal with it. “

Clear specification

Before the eagerly awaited start, the Uruguayan team is like a big surprise bag. Third place in the 2020 South American Championship is the team’s greatest achievement.

Gislason underlined that only one win counts against the tournament debutants in the first appearance of the German selection at the global test of strength in Egypt this Friday (6 p.m., ARD): The game as well as the second group game on Sunday against Cap Verde (6 p.m., ARD) “We have to win,” said the 61-year-old Icelander. “You can turn it around as you like. We also have to use these games to improve our skills and develop tactical variants in attack and defense. ”The participation of the second opponent in the tournament is still on the brink due to some corona cases.

National coach Alfred Gislason (front)

Quelle: Getty Images

The national coach, who replaced Christian Prokop eleven months ago, of course knows all too well that the real opponents at this World Cup will follow later. After the final group game against Hungary on Tuesday you can only assess where you stand, he said.

He didn’t feel particularly nervous before his first major tournament as coach: “I’m always tense before every game. Above all, I’m happy that it’s finally getting started. That’s what we’re here for, that’s what we all enjoy the most, ”said Gislason. For his team, which was newly formed due to the lack of ten players, it is now important to “just play our game. That means, first of all, we have to be patient enough in the attack that we don’t get angry. “

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Bob Hanning also sees the German team clearly as favorites. “Now we’re going to win the game against Uruguay with a cup of tea in hand and concentrate on the sport,” said the Vice President of the German Handball Federation.


Thomas Müller answers after a frustration interview

Nafter a tense exchange of words during the TV interview after the cup was canceled, Bayern star Thomas Müller set a conciliatory tone. “Phew, the last minute shock is still in our limbs. Nevertheless, congratulations at this point to @holsteinkiel on getting ahead, that went a little under all the frustration in the interview earlier, “wrote Müller in social media and also turned to the ARD reporter Valeska Homburg, who conducted the interview that was popularly clicked on the Internet would have.

“@Homburg_valeska, we could both have done that a little better – no offense.” In addition, Müller expressed his mood with the hashtags “# Losmussmankönnen”, “# istaberhauptnichtmeins” and “# undauchnixzumgewhnen”.

After the penalty shoot-out in the second round at Holstein Kiel, the pissed-off Müller hadn’t liked the question of the mood in the dressing room at all. “You are laughing here now,” he said to the ARD reporter. To which Homburg replied: “No, I’m not laughing.” Müller persisted and said: “Of course you laughed!”

The interview only continued after one more question from the reporter. The mood was appropriate, said Müller. “We are of course served.” The conversation had already ended in a conciliatory manner on TV. Homburg had thanked for coming out and wished them a nice evening, Müller had commented on this with “Thank you”.

Homburg declared her laugh the next day. “It was full of adrenaline and so was I. It wasn’t a laugh, it was a reflex to ease the mood. Sorry for that, Thomas Müller “, she quotes the” Bild “. There she also explained how the question had come about. “In his first answer, Thomas Müller analyzed all the sporting details. It was an attempt to elicit something more atmospheric from him: Whether Hansi Flick had already said something to classify in the dressing room, etc. That is definitely better. No offense, Thomas Müller. We are fine with each other. I think his reaction to yesterday’s interview is very nice. “

Coach Hansi Flick recognized the performance of the second division club in the evening. “Congratulations to Kiel, they fought, it was a cup fight, we have a lot to do,” said the coach. Flick admitted: “Of course it is a shock, we are of course enormously disappointed.” For the first time in 17 years Bayern lost to a lower-class team in the cup.

Serge Gnabry (14th minute) and Leroy Sané (48th) scored in regular time for the guests from Munich. The outsider from the north showed a strong performance and was equalized by Fin Bartels (37th) and Hauke ​​Wahl (90th + 5). There were no more hits in extra time, so the penalty shoot-out brought the decision. After the first five shooters from both teams had hit everyone, Kiel’s goalkeeper Ioannis Gelios stopped Marc Rocca’s shot – and Bartels confidently converted against national goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

“They did very well, it wasn’t a cup sensation that emerged from the start,” said Müller, but admitted: “Kiel punished that relatively callously.” The end of the favorite was “disappointing and extreme bitter. We are of course served. One can imagine that the mood is not good ”.


Union increases significantly in the Corona year


The survey shows that German citizens are currently more optimistic than a year ago. At the beginning of 2021, 28 percent expect the economic conditions in Germany to improve in the coming years.

(Photo: dpa)

Berlin According to a recent survey, the Union won the most approval and trust in a party comparison within the Corona year. 40 percent of the respondents are currently of the opinion that the CDU / CSU can best cope with the problems in Germany, as the RTL / ntv “trend barometer” published on Saturday by Forsa shows.

That is 21 percentage points more than about a year ago. Even then, citizens were most likely to trust the Union to do this. The coalition partner SPD only gained two percentage points (six percent) over the previous year. The other parties lost five and the Greens even seven percentage points.

In the Sunday question, the CDU / CSU added eight percentage points to 36 percent within around twelve months. The Social Democrats gained two percentage points (14 percent) during the year. All others have lost according to the information: the Greens two percentage points, the Left, FDP and other smaller parties minus one percentage point. The AfD has lost the most with a minus of five percentage points.

Infratest Dimap comes to similar results for the ARD Germany trend: If the Bundestag election were next Sunday, 35 percent (minus one percent compared to the beginning of December) of those eligible to vote in Germany would vote for the Union.

The SPD reaches 14 percent (minus one percentage point); the AfD remains unchanged at ten percent. The FDP would win one point and land at seven percent; the left unchanged at seven percent. The Greens also remained unchanged at 21 percent.

Spahn loses support

The Forsa survey also shows that German citizens are currently more optimistic than a year ago: At the beginning of 2021, 28 percent expect the economic conditions in Germany to improve in the coming years. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, 12 percent of those surveyed had expected an improvement in economic conditions.

However, according to Infratest Dimap, popular support for the work of the black-red coalition has decreased slightly compared to the previous month: At 60 percent (minus two percentage points), however, a majority is still satisfied.

Four out of ten respondents (39 percent) criticize the work of the federal government. Clear approval for the current government work comes from the supporters of the Union (87 percent) and SPD (79 percent), but also from the ranks of the Greens (81 percent). The opposite pole to this are the AfD supporters, who virtually unanimously criticize the work of the federal government (99 percent). In the ranks of the FDP, approval and criticism are balanced.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is also viewed positively at the beginning of the year: 72 percent are very satisfied or satisfied with their work. That is one percentage point more than in December. CDU Health Minister Jens Spahn is losing support in the population judgment. With a popularity of 56 percent (minus eight percentage points) at the beginning of the year, it fell to the lowest level of satisfaction since May 2020.

In the evaluation of the federal politicians, in addition to the CDU Health Minister, SPD Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz (55 percent; +/- 0), SPD Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (45 percent; minus five percentage points) and CSU Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (42 percent; + / -0).

With the work of the Bavarian CSU Prime Minister Markus Söder, 57 percent of the respondents nationwide are satisfied. NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (+/- 0) is currently receiving 31 percent approval (minus five percentage points).

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After the outbreak of violence, senators distance themselves from Trump

Mitch McConnell

The Republican majority leader in the Senate condemned what happened in his speech to the Senate.

(Photo: AP)

Washington The events at the US Capitol also appear to have damaged Donald Trump’s backing in his own party. More and more high-ranking Republicans distance themselves from him and sharply criticize the US president.

Many politicians also seem to be abandoning their plans to block certification of the US election result. The Senate rejected an objection to the election results in the state of Arizona and recognized Joe Biden’s victory there with 93 to six votes. After midnight (local time), the House of Representatives then handled an appeal against the result in Pennsylvania, which was also dismissed.

Half of the senators who originally supported the appeal against the result in Arizona eventually withdrew. In the House of Representatives, however, the majority of Republicans voted for the objection. Thanks to the votes of the Democrats, however, he was also dismissed in this chamber.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney has blamed the elected US President Donald Trump for the violent assault on the US Capitol. “What happened here today was an uproar, instigated by the President of the United States,” said Romney on Wednesday (local time). Romney described Trump as a selfish man with hurt pride.

The Utah Republican, known as a Trump critic, called on his colleagues in Congress not to appeal. “Those who choose to further support his dangerous move by challenging the results of a legitimate, democratic election will forever be seen as accomplices in an unprecedented attack on our democracy,” Romney said. “You will be remembered for your role in this shameful episode of American history. That will be her legacy. “

Mike Pence after Capitol storm: “violence never wins”

Unusually serious references to the Constitution were heard in the debate that preceded the Senate vote. “We’re not going to be kept out of this boardroom by thugs, mobs or threats,” said Republican leader Mitch McConnell. Vice President Mike Pence also distanced himself from Trump after the tumult. “Violence never wins,” said his deputy.

The governing body of the US Republicans has also clearly condemned the unrest at the Capitol. The scenes of violence did not represent “acts of patriotism, but an attack on our country and its founding ideals,” said the Republican National Committee on Wednesday.

The association’s communications director, Michael Ahrens, became even clearer. “What happened today was domestic terrorism.” Seeing the American flag being used in “unsubstantiated conspiracy theories” “is a disgrace to the nation and every decent American should be disgusted by it.” The National Committee is for development and promotion the Republicans’ political agenda.

US President Trump made a video message on Twitter on Wednesday evening. In it he called on his followers to go home and be peaceful. However, he also repeated that the election had been stolen and said to his followers: “We love you and we are by your side”. Twitter has blocked Donald Trumps’ private account for 12 hours.

More on the subject:

The call for the republicans to distance themselves from Trump is also loud from Germany. The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Bundestag, Norbert Röttgen, said in the ARD that the responsibility for the incidents in the Capitol clearly lies with Trump. He called on the Republicans to “separate now here”.

“The scenes from the Capitol are a scandal. But they do not primarily reflect the state of the USA, but the state of its president. (…) A clear distancing from Trump will be difficult for the party for fear of alienation and separation of some of its voters.

But the latest spectacle at the Capitol, which points to a terrifying brief loss of control by the democratic, constitutional forces, and the bitter defeat in the Senate election in Georgia that was sealed on Wednesday should make it easier for Republicans to make a sober assessment of their situation. (…)

The trick of the Republicans as well as the Democrats in the next few years will be to distance themselves from Trump’s sphere of influence and the extremist elements of his supporters, but to retain the majority of his electorate, millions of completely normal American citizens. It is by no means certain that this feat will succeed. “

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Angela Merkel supports Jens Spahn

Jens Spahn

Social Democrats are violently attacking the Federal Minister of Health.

(Foto: imago images/photothek)

Berlin Jens Spahn has had to listen to some criticism of the German vaccination strategy against Corona in the past few days, including from the coalition partner. The Chancellor therefore felt compelled to face her Minister of Health. “Jens Spahn is doing a great job now throughout the days,” said Angela Merkel on Tuesday in Berlin after video consultations with the Prime Minister on the Corona situation. The question of whether he still enjoys her trust does not arise. She is glad that he is so active.

The latest arrow that was shot from the SPD camp was clearly too much for Spahn. “In this really difficult phase of the pandemic, I think the citizens rightly expect unity and determination from their government,” said the CDU politician on Tuesday in the ARD “Morgenmagazin”.

The SPD-governed federal states had sent Spahn and the Chancellery a four-page catalog of questions about the sluggish vaccination start, which could also have been formulated by an opposition party. A total of 24 questions on three topics: procurement, production expansion, inoculation. The paper is available to the Handelsblatt.

Accusations shine through in the questions. “Other industrialized countries have ordered significantly higher vaccine doses in relation to the population,” it says at one point. “Why did the European Commission pre-order so few cans overall and not secure larger quantities of options?”

The SPD states want to find out when the federal government knew what about the status of vaccine research and the procurement plans. What has been done to expand orders for the promising vaccines from Biontech and Moderna in the EU. And what is currently being done to speed up vaccinations in the Federal Republic.

Federal SPD politicians are also targeting Spahn. General Secretary Lars Klingbeil spoke of “chaotic conditions” and called on Chancellor Merkel (CDU) to get involved in the vaccination organization. Party leader Saskia Esken said on Tuesday on RBB-Inforadio that there had been serious questions about vaccination and the procurement of vaccines in recent days.

Essen city vaccination center

The criticism of the federal government’s vaccination strategy is growing. This also creates tension within the grand coalition.

(Photo: Caro / Lueger)

It is true that one is firmly convinced that participating in the European procurement strategy was the right thing to do. The questions regarding the procurement and also the prioritization for vaccination now have to be answered, demanded Esken. “The minister is already responsible for the implementation.” In this case Spahn, who then has to answer the questions.

The health minister warned the coalition partner on Tuesday that in a pandemic it doesn’t work well to want to be “government and opposition at the same time”. “Somehow it has not worked well for the SPD for 20 years,” he said on ARD. “I don’t think things are going any better now in election year.”

Spahn, who is likely to play a prominent role in the Union’s election campaign, suspects a party-politically motivated attack. CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer also accused the SPD of “campaigning in the midst of the pandemic”. And CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak spoke of the criticism of Spahn of a “cheap maneuver in the super election year”.

The SPD member of the Bundestag, Florian Post, went particularly far, calling for an investigative committee to deal with problems with vaccine procurement. “Ms. Merkel and Mr. Spahn swore in their oath of office to avert harm to the German people,” he told the “Bild” newspaper. “But both have entrusted the procurement of vaccines to the dilettantes around EU Commission President (Ursula) von der Leyen.”

Doctors fight for human lives in intensive care units. At the cabinet table, the Union and the SPD are fighting each other for the best press. Parliamentary Secretary Marco Buschmann

The question is whether the Social Democrats are doing themselves a favor by making such statements. As part of the federal government, they are at least partly responsible for inadequacies in the national vaccination strategy. A meeting of several cabinet members is planned on Wednesday, who, under the leadership of Merkel, are to discuss an expansion of vaccine production. According to reports, the Federal Finance Minister and SPD candidate for Chancellor Olaf Scholz is also in the group.

On Tuesday, Merkel asked for understanding that the government is sticking to its vaccination strategy. It is right that Germany should organize the vaccinations together with the other EU countries in the European Union. First of all, the vaccine is scarce. “We will only be able to vaccinate prioritized groups in the first quarter.” However, the new production facility of the manufacturer Biontech in Marburg, which is in preparation, justifies hope.

Green leader Robert Habeck accused the Union and SPD of damaging the population’s trust in the corona vaccination with the coalition bickering. “Reciprocal accusations, retrospective better knowledge and election campaign preludes are not what we need,” said Habeck of the German press agency.

Instead, the full force must be used to solve the problems. “It is crucial that Germany has enough vaccine available and that the vaccinations are coordinated, run quickly and consistently,” said the Greens chairman.

The FDP also showed little understanding for the coalition dispute. Parliamentary executive Marco Buschmann tweeted: “In the intensive care units, doctors are fighting for lives. At the cabinet table, the Union and the SPD are fighting each other for the best press. “

More: The calls for faster vaccinations for more people are getting louder. The Ministry of Health is examining various measures.


ARD – “The love of Hans Albers”

Hamburg “The love of Hans Albers”

The film star of the Nazis and his love for a Jewish woman

| Reading time: 3 minutes

Hans Albers on a recording around 1950 Hans Albers on a recording around 1950

Hans Albers on a recording around 1950

Quelle: pa/Keystone/Röhnert

Hans Albers was one of the celebrated stars of Ufa. The Hamburger was considered a daredevil and a heartthrob. The focus of a documentary drama on NDR is now the love for the Jew Hansi Burg, which did not end with Burg’s flight from the Nazis.

29 June 1960, Hamburg: Thousands of people have come to the Ohlsdorf cemetery to say goodbye to their idol, Hans Albers. “Hans is going on his last trip, and everyone has come,” says a woman’s voice from the off. “A rush as if a king had died. But he was. ”The voice belongs to Hansi Burg, his great love. A Jew whom he betrayed for his career under the National Socialists. Hans Albers was an addict and his own drug, she says. And she is also addicted, “addicted to him” – even if she had to pay a high price for it.

Thousands crowd at the funeral of Hans Albers in the Ohlsdorf cemetery in Hamburg

Thousands crowd at the funeral of Hans Albers in the Ohlsdorf cemetery in Hamburg

Quelle: pa/Keystone/kb

Who was this woman who loved the great Ufa star so much that she returned to him anyway after the end of World War II? The NDR docu-drama “Die Liebe des Hans Albers”, which will be broadcast on Wednesday at 9.45pm on Das Erste, wants to answer this question. The film tells, supplemented by original recordings and excerpts from Albers’ films, of the great love of two people who could not live without the other – even if they definitely suffered more from this love than he did.

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She takes care of him: Hansi Burg with Hans Albers (and their Cadillac and their lifelong chauffeur Paul Schraml)

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Götz George (left) and Heinrich George (photomontage) 10/12 thg photomontage: Götz George (left) in June 1984 on the verge of filming "crime scene" and his father Heinrich George in "The great shadow", Germany 1942 Montage Collage mounted Germany German German German man men actors drama film TV television cinema UFA father son family german actor actors son father quer Portrait sw

Götz and Heinrich George

In the spring of 1946, Hansi Burg (Picco von Groote) suddenly stands at the door of Hans Albers (Ken Duken) on Lake Starnberg. She lived in exile for eight years and is now a radio reporter for the British Army. First she throws out the woman who lives with him in the villa. Then she asks her lover uncomfortable questions: Why did you help so little? Why didn’t you save your Jewish friends? Why not my parents? “You were a star! You had completely different options, ”she accuses him.

In flashbacks, the haunting docudrama (director: Carsten Gutschmidt) tells the unprecedented career of “blond Hans”: Grew up as the son of a butcher in Hamburg-St. Georg, Albers wanted to go to the theater early on – but his parents were against it. He secretly took acting lessons and later moved to Berlin to seek his fortune. There he meets his childhood friend Hansi Burg again. The two are the perfect symbiosis: he is the actor with the “irresistible charm”, with a weakness for women, alcohol and gambling. She the disciplined one who managed him and skillfully selected his roles.

Picco von Groote (r.) As Hansi Burg and Ken Duken as Hans Albers in the ARD docu-drama "The love of Hans Albers"

Picco von Groote (r.) As Hansi Burg and Ken Duken as Hans Albers in the ARD docu-drama “Die Liebe des Hans Albers”

Source: dpa / Michael Ihle

After his great theatrical success with “Liliom” by Franz Molnar and more than 100 silent film roles, Albers played in the first German sound film “The Night Belongs to Us” in 1929 and shortly afterwards in “The Blue Angel” alongside Marlene Dietrich. This is followed by films such as “Bombs on Monte Carlo” (1931) and “FP1 does not answer” (1932) with the famous aviator song “Aviators, greet me the sun”.

When the National Socialists come to power, he uses sentences like “I just don’t care about politics” and “The whole brown ghost could stay stolen from me”. In fact, Albers despised the Nazis and never appeared on the side of high-ranking Nazi officials – who saw in him the blond model Aryan. Nevertheless, he made one propaganda film after the other – and simply ignored the devastating consequences of the regime.

When the Nazis asked him to break up with his Jewish girlfriend, he officially separated from Hansi Burg, but continued to meet with her in secret. He later arranged a marriage with a Norwegian so that she could leave Germany. He never came up with the idea of ​​coming along – he couldn’t give up fame for that. “I’m not a political person. I play heroes. But I am not. I want to please people, ”he states at the end.

The docu-drama will run on Wednesday, January 6th at 9.45 p.m. on ARD.