Effects of Instagram on teens, the Facebook investigation: mental health risks

Negative feelings about your body, anxiety or even depression. These are the effects that Instagram, one of the most popular social networks in the world, would have on adolescents registered on the platform, especially girls. And Facebook would be aware of it, so much so that in the last three years it has conducted internal […]

Covid, Rezza: ‘Quadro relieves us, cautious optimism but monitor’

“We are faced with an epidemiological situation that relieves us because we have a decrease in incidence and RT. What can be a doubt is the European situation because the other countries are in a different situation. So we ask ourselves if we will be able to keep this situation different from other countries but […]

Covid, the stay in intensive care costs 9 thousand euros per patient: tilt risk for NHS

Each patient admitted to intensive care costs, based on the complexity of care, from 9 to 22 thousand euros to the National Health Service (NHS). This was revealed by a scientific investigation conducted by the Healthcare Datascience Lab (HD-LAB) of the Carlo Cattaneo-Liuc University. In addition to the high costs, the saturation of intensive care […]

Record of Italians on vacation, 23 million in July and August – Escapes

Between July and August, the Italians who chose to spend their holidays in our country broke all records: according to a survey by Cna Tourism and Commerce, which ANSA publishes in preview, they reached 23 million in total against 17 in the 2020 and 18 in 2019, the year before the pandemic. A result that […]

Covid vaccines, WHO: ‘No to the third dose, priority is to protect everyone’

“At the moment the data do not indicate the need for a third dose” of the anti-Covid vaccine. Soumya Swaminathan, chief scientist of WHO (World Health Organization) said at a press conference, underlining that at the moment the priority must be to increase coverage in countries that have not yet had access to vaccines. The […]

Sedentary lifestyle, moving every 30 minutes can help your overall health

Taking a break from a sedentary lifestyle, getting up from your chair every half hour and moving around for about three minutes, can help improve blood sugar levels and overall health. This was suggested, in particular, by a Swedish study conducted by researchers from the Karolinska Institutet on a small sample of participants and published […]

Metabolism, study: slows down after age 60 and is stable in adults

Metabolism does not increase during puberty and does not slow down with middle age or even with menopause. But after a peak in the first year of life, it remains stable until middle age and begins to slow down for everyone only after age 60. This is what emerged from a new study conducted by […]

Heat, greater risks for the elderly and frail subjects. Tips to follow

The forecasts speak for themselves: over the next few days, temperatures will rise, leading the thermometers to exceed 35 degrees throughout Italy. This heat wave will be accompanied by several pitfalls, especially for the elderly and frail. To help the population deal with it in the best possible way, the Ministry of Health has published […]

Aesthetic medicine, ‘Rich girl face’: boom in requests from teenagers

It is called “Rich girl face” and it is the new phenomenon that is popular among the very young. More and more teenagers are going to aesthetic medicine studies, asking the doctor to transform their image to look like “rich and famous girls” they see on social networks, with swollen lips and pronounced cheekbones. And […]