the first images of Jean Dujardin dressed as Nicolas Sarkozy

Oscar winner for The Artist interpreter, in the film of Anne Fontaine, the former president forced to team up with his enemy of 2012, François Hollande.

Filming for the film began in October.  No release date has been announced yet.
Filming for the film began in October. No release date has been announced yet. AFP

«More than a biopic, a fable“. The shooting of Presidents , Anne Fontaine’s next film with Jean Dujardin and Nicolas Gadebois has just started. On his Instagram account, the interpreter of the next OSS 117 published in the night a photo of the first scenes of the feature film, in which he plays Nicolas, a character very largely inspired by the former head of state of the same name.

Ray-Ban screwed on the nose or open shirt with shiny chain, Jean Dujardin plays a former president on the return, eager to reconquer France, reports Allocine . To carry out his plan, he tries to convince his former political opponent François – played by a Nicolas Gadebois, bluffing in François Hollande – who lives a quiet retirement in Corrèze. “It’s about the comedy of power and the difficulty of no longer being in charge. It is the meeting of two political opponents who will live a kind of adventure», Explained Anne Fontaine to The New Republic . Doria Tillier, Pascale Arbillot and Jean-Michel Lahmi complete the cast of the film, whose release date is still unknown.

In 2011, Denis Podalydès had already played Nicolas Sarkozy in The conquest by Xavier Durringer, who reviewed the rise of the political animal to the head of state. TV movie The Last Campaign meanwhile dealt with the Hollande-Sarkozy duel in 2012, with Thierry Frémont and Patrick Braoudé in the title roles. Presidents would it arise as the final part of a saga that does not speak its name, dedicated to the sixth leader of the Vth Republic ?


“Enorme”, “Police”, “Ema” … The films to see (or not) this week

Cinema outings.

What should you see at the movies this Wednesday? Here is a summary of the reviews of our culture department. Click on the links to read the articles.

Huge, by Sophie Letourneur. “Letourneur stages this duality by systematizing a use of the reverse shot which gives it material for a formal research, as much as a burlesque, cash and biting comedy on the desire for a child.”

Police, by Anne Fontaine. “Thus the good feelings of bad theater invite themselves despite the central locking of the doors on this narrow stage which stretches out in time and the darkness of doubt, and the restraint of its good actors (Virginie Efira, Omar Sy , Grégory Gadebois) can’t do much about it. “

Fishsexe, d’Olivier Babinet. “Fable of anticipation with a feather budget and romance without libido, the film describes a near present decked out in robotic gadgets, whose axis is essentially poetic. “

Antigone, by Sophie Desrape. “With this overplayed veracity, the film shouts out with reductive personifications, theatrical naturalists, where the idea disappears under the game (actor, coarse). “

Mom, from Pablo Larrain. “Seeking to tick the box” breathtaking “both at the plastic and narrative level, the film tries the piece of bravery in each sequence and loads the boat with everything that undoubtedly provokes a” cinema effect “- complicated shots, reactions disproportionate. “

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“Police”, concern of conscience

Around the moral dilemma of a trio of cops responsible for escorting an asylum seeker to the border, Anne Fontaine’s film gets bogged down in a heavy narrative and prisoner from the point of view of the uniform. .