Andrea Meza hits with a red dress and is compared to Teresa

As many know on May 16 of this year Andrea Meza, representative of Mexico won the 69th edition of Miss Universe, for which he received the crown from the hands of the South African Zozibini Tinzi, who obtained the victory in 2019.

Since that day Andrea has not ceased to be in the public eye, so this time she was no exception.

Through the official page of Miss Universe they shared some Photographs where you can see Andrea wearing an elegant dress in color Red, with rhinestones and feathers.

Immediately the comments from the Internet users did not wait, in which they highlight how beautiful she looks, in addition to the fact that many thought they were seeing ‘Teresa’, a character that Angelique Boyer played in a famous soap opera.

“Woow how beautiful Andrea is”, “Am I the only one who thought I was seeing Angelique Boyer”, “The red looks spectacular”, “Radiant”.

So far the images already have more than 151,197 likes.

Andrea Meza is representative of Mexico


her boyfriend, Ryan Antonio, has already met the Miss Universe family

Andrea Meza continues with her visit to Mexico, and after spending a few days in the capital, Miss Universe 2020 has arrived in Chihuahua, her home state, where she has been received in style, among flowers, mariachis and typical dances, as well as the affection for his people and his family, with whom he has been reunited after several months apart, as Andrea had not returned since winning the contest last May. For this part of her tour of Mexican lands, Andrea has been accompanied by her handsome boyfriend Ryan Antonio, who has been fascinated by the reception that his beautiful girlfriend has had and who has also had the opportunity to meet Andrea’s family, as he has revealed himself on his social networks.



Through Instagram Stories, Ryan has shared a series of publications in which he has recorded in detail each of the activities that his beautiful girlfriend has had, always being proud of her and showing his emotion at the love he has received from all his countrymen. Among those publications, he has highlighted one in particular, where Ryan has been seen in the most animated in the company of Andrea’s sisters, Mariana Y Karen, leaving in evidence the great relationship that he has formed with them, because at all times they were seen very smiling and joking among the three.

Undoubtedly, this visit to Mexico has been very exciting for Andrea, who since she began her preparation for Miss Universe had not been able to return to her native country, much less to her state, so she had not even been able to see her parents, and especially her mother, who for health reasons could not attend the coronation of her daughter in Florida, last May. “(I want to) hug them (my family), I could cry, I miss them and I haven’t seen them since the competition and my mom actually didn’t, so she hasn’t seen her for months, I miss her so much, but if I talk to them every day, we send messages or make calls or video calls, but that is not the same, I want to be with them, so I am happy that I will have quality time with them and that makes me very happy, “said the beautiful Mexican during a live that she did on her social networks.

Andrea Meza and Ryan AntonioVIEW GALLERY

Andrea Meza’s dream come true

During her time in Mexico City, Andrea had the opportunity to talk with the program Sale el Sol, where she went as a special guest. In that space, the beautiful Chihuahuan She talked about how the dream of becoming Miss Universe emerged within herself, several years ago, when she was able to witness the triumph of another Mexican in the prestigious pageant. “This dream began about ten years ago when I saw a Ximena Navarrete win, for me it was impressive to recognize that a Mexican woman had reached such a high international level and it was inspiring for me …”, He explained, visibly smiling and happy to be in Mexico.

On the other hand, Andrea spoke a little about how she has handled the matter of her courtship, before the notable doubt of the interviewers, who sought to know if the Miss Universe pageant had some kind of rule for a personal situation like this. “Boyfriend, it’s your personal life, you can have it. For a long time they hid it but I said: ‘Why am I going to hide it?‘”, He said, and then gave his opinion without further ado on how he assumes the rumors linked to his name, including the one that circulated weeks ago when it was said that she was supposedly the daughter of the singer Ana Gabriel. “I laugh, I always say: ‘If it’s true, it’s going to come from my mouth, from my family or from my organization, outside of there it’s gossip …”, he assured. On her first day, Andrea has dedicated herself to covering promotional activities, to prepare everything, and on Sunday she will fly to her native Chihuahua, according to what has been learned.



Miss Universe: Andrea Meza teaches us to wear a miniskirt this season

Andrea Meza dazzles with every post you make on your official Instagram account. Miss Universe 2020 recently returned to her native Mexico, where she assured that hers will be the shortest reign in history, since she was elected in May of this year and in December Miss Universe 2021 will be defined. Therefore, she will have the crown for only seven months instead of a full year.

Upon returning to Aztec soil, Andrea It was received by local authorities and by the president of FC Juárez, Alejandra de la Vega, who gave a welcome gift to the third Mexican Miss Universe. It is a soccer team jersey, which de la Vega called a club that, like the model, “prepares for big things.”



Even Andrea Meza reacted: Kendall Jenner teaches attributes and leaves little to the imagination

Kendall Jenner once again demonstrated why she is one of the most beautiful women on social networks and unleashed all the sighs of her almost 170 million followers on Instagram. The 25-year-old American model and businesswoman continues to stun more than one with her different multimedia content.

In the photos I hung Kendall, she can be seen wearing a patterned bikini and a colorful crop top. These photos from the socialit are a small preview of the upcoming summer season that begins the future June 21 in the northern hemisphere. A simple cream bottle emoji was the complement that the North American chose to accompany her images where she boasts her pristine beauty.


‘They will not take my title away’: Andrea Meza sends a message to those who do not accept to be Miss Universe

Andrea Meza Miss Universe. Photo: Benjamin Askinas / IMG Universe

Photo: Benjamin Askinas / Courtesy

Andrea Meza once crowned as the new Miss UniverseShe became the most beautiful woman in the world and, since her triumph, she has suffered many criticisms from ‘haters’ who do not accept that she has been the winner.

And it is that since the Mexican scored this great triumph, hundreds of users of the networks appeared who have dedicated themselves to launching strong comments where they say she did not deserve to win and that her performance has not been the best in the beauty pageant.

That is why through a video that has been shared on the program’s networks Tell me what you know, the beauty queen appears sending a forceful message that has caused hundreds of reactions.

The native of the state of Chihuahua and a software engineer by profession is seen answering a question “What would you say to all the people who don’t get over that you won?“, To which with a very good attitude he gave an overwhelming response.

Well, what do I tell you … with those comments they are not going to remove the title from me. And it’s not like it affects me or makes me sad. I send you a lot of love“, He finished.

Of course, there were many users of the Instagram social network who did not like the way in which the subject was approached, by the model and again they sent their opinions to her.

But one of the people who has shown her sincere support has been the former miss universe Alicia machadoBella and period! Live it to the fullest and never hang your head!He wrote.

She would have stayed quiet better, so it shows that she has no education“,” Look, it’s not to take away your sleep, but for everyone in the world, the miss universe should have been Miss Peru, “some users expressed.

But there were many others who have defended the position of the Mexican Miss Universe “Well answered Andrea. Do you still doubt that she is a queen? Beauty yes, but a lot of bearing and education. Congratulations!… And if it hurts that you are Miss Universe, put on a band-aid“.


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